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  2. Mark O'Connell L.C.S.W.- R. Quite Queerly Straight Life Cycle/ Queer Life A psychotherapy vignette about navigating traditional milestones as a gay man. Posted May 26, 2017 >>> In fact, my parenting fantasies went well beyond taking home a delicious little baby to make us three. My mind flashed forward eighteen years to having a happy healthy young adult we could visit, share a meal with, hear stories about college, or simply sit on the couch and watch a good movie with. I could think of nothing more rewarding between parent and child than that. What I wouldn’t give to have such a moment with my dad today! I longed for the past and for the future. >>> Miles knew none of this, and only perceived what was available to him about me in the present. He had read about my book and thought I could offer guidance on his impending nuptials with his male fiancé. He was excited about his wedding but could not envision the next step, repeatedly thinking to himself, “Then comes….what?” <<< First day of Muslim Ramadan. Something is really, really wrong here. ... We need to call the cops (or the fire department) and break this party up. Too many gay men together are like crabs in a pot. The water keeps getting hotter and hotter toward the inevitable boil, and when or if one of the gay men leaves the "gay scene" or goes straight and finds a girlfriend, the others pull him back in the pot and shoo his girlfriend away. Then they have him marked as a gay man who tried to leave the "gay scene" and he will never be allowed to associate with women or girls again....
  3. The Russia investigation: Everything you need to know By Zachary Cohen, CNN Viktor Yanukovych is reviled in the Main-Stream Media for rejecting an agreement with the EU and pursuing closer ties with Russia. Neither Yanukovych nor his 2010 opponent Yulia Tymoshenko seem to have escaped unscathed by criminal charges for the discharge of their duties. The litigiously aggressive and politically motivated criminal charges are a characteristic modus operandi of Russian "thieves in law." The EU agreement for a country of Ukraine's economy, on the other hand, I'm sad to say, amounts to little more than a total submission to Germany's trifecta of industrialism, trade protectionism, and mercantilism, and I cannot really blame Yanukovych for rejecting it. There does not appear to be any clear path to victory for Ukraine or NATO or even the U.S. here. The Germans especially highly resent suggestions that they are not paying their full dues to NATO or willing to support Ukraine militarily under the terms of the treaty -- as they liken this to the reparations demanded of them after the First World War.
  4. FYI: Fedora magazine article: Secure your webserver with improved Certbot by James Hogarth
  5. >>> Britain is in lockdown. Three thousand eight hundred troops are being deployed to protect sites across the UK and armed police have begun roaming patrols around train stations, shopping malls and other easy targets. One thousand soldiers have been posted to guard Buckingham Palace. >>> The way things are going, I can imagine tanks rolling down the Mall before too long. >>> More stand guard at Number 10. Parliament is closed to the public. The Changing of the Guard is cancelled. <<< The conclusion that many would make of this is that such a law-making body is near to a declaration of war. But the question remains, "Against whom and against what, exactly?"
  6. I was born and raised in the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of America. There have been too many suspicious deaths and too many suspicious fires, and the evidence is accumulating to murder and arson, committed by members of the church. I have been forced to leave the church and stay away for fear of life and limb. The church maintains large communities, which they call "localities" in Brush Prairie, Washington and Spearfish, South Dakota. Having mentioned the murder and arson, I must proceed to the really nasty stuff. In the articles of faith as originally set forth in the articles of incorporation of the church body, a belief in the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments, is confessed. Now one might think, that such an article serves to distinguish the church from so-called "New-Testament-only Christians" of which there are some confessors who entirely reject the Scriptures of the Old Testament. These are difficult to research online, but I leave a few links. (mostly a tirade against Jimmy Carter and "liberals'" tolerance for homosexuality) (this one is very telling) In any case, the belief in the Old Testament seems to be very strict in one particular point, namely that the circumcision of the Old Testament is required as well as the baptism of the New Testament. It seems that those who object in any way to the mandatory circumcision are secretly punished by death. This is not traditional but a new requirement that has been imposed on the baby boomers' children and supposedly all following generations. There is not to my knowledge (yet) any imposition of kashrut or keeping kosher, but foods such as sushi are forbidden delicacies, and alcohol is openly forbidden, though secretly drunk in large quantities. Members of the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church are known in the Urban Dictionary as "bunners" because of the requirement that women wear their hair long and up in a bun. (Men get a very short California haircut.) In fact there is such a strict and harshly enforced separation between the sexes, that most of them (of either sex) are either homosexual or bisexual. This is not unlike prison homosexuality (with conjugal visits allowed for purposes of reproduction only.) Secretly the church is a cult of drugs, sex, alcohol, and lies. Shortly before I left for good, I saw members of the church worshipping a eclipse of the moon on a mountaintop in a sexual orgy of boys and girls "making out" together in groups.
  7. Just yesterday morning, I was just crossing the street by a sports arena, and a youngish-middle-aged medium-set, medium-height man with light-brown-blond hair and blue eyes shot at me with a tiny 5-shot rimfire .22" caliber revolver. He had been swinging it like some kind of tool or keychain to avoid notice on the street, and he just swung it up, pointed it in my direction, and fired. The bullet whizzed by my left ear. Had he stood in a shooter's stance and aimed before firing, a greater number of witnesses would have noticed. I ducked behind a minivan that had stopped at the traffic light, and kept that minivan between me and the shooter until I had crossed the street. When I complained to the guard at the sports arena, he locked the doors with me outside and ordered me to stay where I was. Since I didn't have time to hang around for a coroner's investigation, I left, and I spoke to a guard at the life insurance company the next block down the street. I stayed on the move, and some time later a police officer on patrol stopped me and spoke to me about the incident. I do not believe that the guards or operators of the sports arena had any interest whatsoever in saving my life. Yes, I agree with you 100% on this particular point of the law. The way I put it into words, at some point in time, civilian armchair jurisdiction ceases, and martial law takes over, every man for himself.
  9. For the said topic, i have my own theory that why the humans are not included in the life cycle. if we will talk about the smallest creatures that are honey bees, if it would be not there it would badly effect the earth's environment, but what if there will be no human beings. It's a big ? (Question mark) Maybe the interaction with all the other people on the earth could satisfy my hunger for the few questions about the evolution of human beings. Evolution ........... Monkeys to Man But are the monkeys now-a-days different from the monkeys that are converted into men? can anybody please show me some light of thoughts in the darkness?
  10. the ninth month of the lunar calendar, beginning with the sighting of the new moon. The fourth pillar of Islam is fasting. Allah prescribes daily fasting for all able, adult Muslims during the whole of the month of Ramadan, Exempted from the fast are the very old and the insane. On the physical side, fasting is from first light of dawn until sundown, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. On the moral, behavioral side, one must abstain from lying, malicious gossip, quarrelling and trivial nonsense. Those who are sick, elderly, or on a journey, and women who are menstruating, pregnant, or nursing are permitted to break the fast, but must make up an equal number of days later in the year. If physically unable to do so, they must feed a needy person for each day missed. Children begin to fast (and to observe the prayers) from puberty, although many start earlier. In addition to the fast proper, one is encouraged to read the entire Quran. In addition, special prayers, called Tarawih, are held in the mosque every night of the month, during which a whole section of the Quran (Juz') is recited, so that by the end of the month the entire Quran has been completed. These are done in remembrance of the fact that the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was begun during Ramadan. (Laylat al-Qadr). To spend that night in worship is better than a thousand months of worship, i.e. Allah's reward for it is very great. Some Tips for A Blessed month of Ramadan (Dr Zakir naik)! ... ‪ Why is Ramadan called the month of forgiveness - Zakir ... ‪
  11. They put an innocent man into the sex offender registry and started the frame up witchhunt since he was 22 years old. He went after a corrupt State senator of North Carolina. He is forced to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to get his own discovery packet from his traitorous lawyer John Scott Coalter, just to try to prove his own innocence in Court.
  12. Righthaven lawsuit victim, wrongfully convicted, and forced to sue under FOIA to prove innocence Brian D. Hill was formerly a Righthaven, LLC lawsuit victim in 2010 as reported by the Las Vegas Sun and New York Times. He fought back by going to the media and writing unfavorable things about Righthaven on different blogs and places. Then he had a lawyer fight for him to have his case dismissed with prejudice. I needed to post this here, since DU was formerly a Righthaven lawsuit victim but prevailed. You and Brian both fought back against Righthaven instead of just settling the case. Brian is now a victim of a rogue and wrongful criminal prosecution. He was framed and not allowed to prove his innocence. You can feel that what he was accused of was wrong, but he still has a right to prove his innocence otherwise American courts will continue convicting innocent people as well as guilty people. In 2012-2014, Brian became a victim of political corruption by some messed up people within the U.S. Department of Justice. Brian was indicted, kangaroo courted into a guilty plea by the Federal Public Defender of Greensboro, NC, and then wrongfully convicted and forced to serve a sentence of Federal Probation. The whole purpose of convicting Brian D. Hill was to shut down USWGO Alternative News, similar tactic as Righthaven, LLC, that having a Federal Court convict him places the Defendant under conditions such as he cannot use the internet without permission, and even if he got permission if he posts anything against the Government then he can go to prison and have his Probation revoked. Brian got sick and tired of being convicted for a crime that he was framed on, so he started filing a Freedom of Information Act request from the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro via the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, and got some various documents from the agency. However other documents and records were allegedly covered up so Brian filed Affidavits and other documentation, and files a FOIA lawsuit with DVD video attachment, yes he actually filed a Video DVD with the Clerk's Office on a Pro Se basis. It is currently being served by the U.S. Marshals service to the Government. It will be interesting to see if he does prove a "cover up" by the U.S. Attorney Office. This can actually give him the right to a new trial and further evidence that can demonstrate that he is factually innocent of the crime, as federal prosecutors have absolutely no need to cover up evidence in cases of guilt aka open and shut criminal cases. He even cited in his federal lawsuit that it is a felony to cover up, conceal, or destroy certain records to influence a federal investigation or case. If this has merit then the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC, may go under investigation which could lead up to 20 years in federal prison for any offenders in that office. You can also check out his lawsuit and complaint from FOIA Project: Note: The Federal Judge, that is very strict against Pro Se filers that don't have an Attorney, has granted Brian's requests in his complaint and seems to be working towards Brian possibly being able to prove in Federal Court that the U.S. Attorney Office has engaged in possibly criminal behavior of obstruction of justice. If this lawsuit prevails then Brian may be able to use this as well as other evidence elements to attempt to overturn his conviction on affirmative defense of frame up, aka actual innocence. WASHINGTON - April 27, 2017 - PRLog -- Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, has decided to sue the U.S. Department of Justice and the Executive Office for United States Attorneys earlier than anticipated. I had just received an email with the Docket filing and documents, from Brian's mother. It is exactly what I had expected would come from Mr. Hill. He is suing the Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) accusing them of blatant misconduct, and is asking for "Declaratory and Injunctive Relief". It is claimed under Declaration, as well as other relevant evidence, shows a major possibility that the former U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand of Greensboro, North Carolina, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, may have covered up case records that would help to prove the innocence of Mr. Hill. Without access to the criminal case discovery evidence, which Mr. Hill has a Constitutional due process right to under U.S. Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, he cannot prove a factual claim of innocence to his criminal conviction. In effect, the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC, and AUSA Ramaswamy is preventing Brian from proving his actual innocence, and they want to keep him wrongfully convicted as a felon for as long as possible. The purpose of the FOIA lawsuit is to compel discovery and get his lost Brady rights to be restored to him, that his court appointed lawyers denied him until he falsely took the guilty plea agreement. Those two lawyers were Assistant Federal Public Defender Eric David Placke, and Attorney John Scott Coalter. Brian brought up allegations alleging that Mr. Coalter threatened or made a veiled threat to destroy or dispose of Brian's criminal case discovery evidence and has worked against him in every aspect of trying to prove his Innocence. It will be interesting to see what the Department of Justice will do to try to prevent Brian from proving his actual innocence. Will they do far worse to him than with Amanda Knox, Ryan Ferguson, Howard Dudley, and others. New activity (as of May 6, to May 8): The Federal Judge granted plaintiff's MOTION to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. Now that means that the U.S. Marshals have to serve the Government with Brian's complaint. Also Brian has done another filing asking to subpoena his ex court appointed lawyer from his criminal case since his own freaking lawyer is refusing to give the discovery evidence of his case to his own client, and has threatened to destroy the discovery papers. This is all on Affidavit and other exculpatory evidence. Brian pushed for the Judge to ask the Clerk to sign the subpoena and serve with that lawyer. - ORDER from Federal Judge granting Plaintiff's IFP motion - Motion under Rule 45 to subpoena Attorney John Scott Coalter Motion.pdf - Declaration of Exhibits in attachment to this Motion Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Exhibit 3: Exhibit 4: Exhibit 5: Exhibit 6: Unsigned Subpoena: Envelope Motion contained within: 2017-05-08: Summons Issued as to Executive Office for United States Attorneys, United States Department Of Justice and U.S. Attorney. (Attachments: # 1 USM-285 Forms)(Original Summons, original USM-285 Forms, copies of Complaint with Attachments, three copies of DVDs identified on Docket Sheet as Exhibit 10 to Document 2 and copy of Order to Proceed Without Prepaying Fees or Costs were overnighted using two-day delivery to USMS for service.)(mlh) Here is the proof that he was a victim of Righthaven: Docket Sheet for May 19, 2017: Summons to be served: U.S. Deputy Marshals successfully did their duty and served the summons and evidence with the U.S. Department of Justice people: Docket-May-19-2017.pdf
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  14. Self defence is legal but excessive force is not. So killing someone when your (or a family members) life is in imminent danger is legal. Shooting someone in the back when they are leaving your property (whether they were there legally or not) is illegal. And being arrested for something is very different to being charged or convicted.
  15. Another great article from KatIe. KATIE HOPKINS: The politicians now have hundreds of troops protecting them while telling the rest of us to Keep Calm, Stay 'United' and Carry On. But who is going to protect OUR kids from the terror THEY let in? I think just this headline summarises the situation. The people didnt want these immigrants, and were vilified as racists when they tried to raise the issue. And those who did want them, and actually made it happen are protected from the consequences. Is this the UK's "Let them eat cake" moment? When we start to look a little deeper into the situation,. we see a government that has stripped the right to privacy from its citizens to 'protect them from the terror they "let in"'. But then have actually ignored warnings from the terrorist's neighbours. So what was the point??
  16. To own a gun *legally*. If the state puts so many "illegal" hurdles in your way, a point comes where you just ignore the law. Would you rather follow the law and be killed in a violent robbery, or ignore it and live? in the UK many people have been arrested for hurting someone who has broken into their home. Apparently its illegal to defend yourself or your home. It reminds me of the scene from Demolition Man, where the police officer has to tell the criminal in a strict voice, "stop what you are doing." and if that doesnt work, use a more strict tone.
  17. A bus driver on break gave me a flyer with some URLs near a mosque. [-->] (apparently a dead link) The above YouTube video.
  18. Oh, I know. The entire agricultural economy in the United States is dependent on illegal migrant farm labor. That's why the "Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System" (Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, whoever ...) is always blathering on about non-farm payrolls. I saw some Hispanic/Latino workers doing the gardening right on the property of the Federal Reserve building here in Kansas City, Missouri, who were probably illegal immigrants. They spoke no English, only Spanish.
  19. There is a pimp, usually another man, taking a cut. This brings me to a third manifestation of the same problem: the frivolous and barratrous service of various sorts of no-contact, anti-harassment, and restraining orders at civil law against a man involved in divorce or common-law break-up proceedings. Such allegations are as a rule never contested by the man's lawyer in court, because that would violate courtly standards of chivalry, even though such orders automatically result in a denial of the man's right to possess a firearm, under threat of felony charges, fines, and imprisonment. Any alleged violations of these orders which would actually endanger or harm the woman are already crimes under other statutes: why should the man be punished more harshly just because a woman is more vindictive or has more access to juridical and litigious resources? It is high time for those pimps to stop holding the courthouse door open for the "ladies." This exaggerated display of male chivalry in the courthouse, and the male chauvinism which the feminists complained so bitterly about in the 1970s, are two sides of the same coin, which is minted in the strip clubs and brothels along Main Street and Broadway downtown Vancouver, Washington, and which, I am adamant, shall have no currency in any courthouse of the United States. So put the feds on notice: If there is no gun in my hand as I walk out of the courthouse, there is no "deal." Don't kid yourselves. This isn't about men's rights vs. women's rights. This is about the rights of law-abiding men and women vs. the rights of pimps and whores. And it's all a ploy to take away the guns from law-abiding citizens. Whores don't need guns: they have pimps to "protect" them, and the pimps themselves are usually above the law. So, to own a gun, one must clear the mental illness hurdle, the felony hurdle, the domestic violence hurdle, the no-contact order hurdle, the restraining order hurdle, the protective order hurdle, the anti-harassment hurdle, and the sex offense hurdle, and so on an so forth.... And not even proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a sufficient standard to clear your name, even when you have borne the burden of that proof yourself to show that you are innocent and not a harm or danger to yourself or others.
  20. By placing military personnel to guard Buckingham Palace, Downing Street etc they free up the police that would normally be guarding those places to do other duties (i.e. guarding places that previously had no or limited protection).
  21. Interesting scientific test performed on Falun Dafa practitioners:
  22. Army sends 3,800 military troops to guard Buckingham Palace and key UK locations as PM warms ANOTHER terror attack is 'imminent' Armed troops will guard key locations in London including Downing street, Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard Yet, no one attacked these places. They already have significant protection. Its the innocent people who they attack, who will still have no protection. Perhaps it is the parents of the victims they are seeking to protect themselves from?
  23. Instigate selective breeding programs. It is ludicrous that people who cannot afford children have them anyway, and usually these are the lowest intelligence people, who cannot support themselves, and will create more lives that equally cannot. When does this stop?
  24. I read this thought a few days ago: "No one should be forced by law to labour to support another, this is the definition of slavery" I dont think that's an exact quote, but that was the sentiment. It does amaze me how women have equality when it suits them, but have managed to retain in law that men must pay them alimony because they are not equal and cannot be expected to pay for themselves. How can this be? And often these are not small amounts. I believe if someone decides they do not want another person in their life, that should be the end of the matter, no money. Child support should be a small nominal amount, and certainty not keeping the woman in the style in which she is accustomed. It should be the same amount for every child. This would help society by keep parents together which is very important for children - a lot of our problems can be linked back to the single mothers dragging children up.
  25. Two more manifestations of the same problem: The aggressive collection of child support and alimony payments from ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends. It is definitely worse than loan-sharking, and often enough the woman is already in another relationship with a pimp who acts as an additional, extra-legal "enforcer" -- a couple actually confessed committing such extortion to me just before committing suicide right in front of my eyes. The harshly enforced sex segregation of social services for food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, especially those of a purported religious nature. Men are strictly separated from women and families on the assumption that all men are "potentially" dangerous to women and children. Men are called "Sir!" in a demeaning tone (as "Cur!") by such organizations. The implication is that men are not or should not be part of a "family" and that single men are somehow morally inferior to married men. The Salvation Army is probably the worst at enforcing such Nazi-like separation of men from woman and children, but every city has some sort of generic "Union" or "Gospel" mission with similar policies. MtF transgender are treated as men per this inviolable policy. Yes, I know "registered sex offender" sounds scary -- that's the intent. (A) I'm not one. (B) It's surprising how little it actually takes to get on that list, and how quickly an entire family, community, and even religion would abandon a man so accused even on the slightest suspicion, never mind probable cause and due process of law. I hope it gets better, because the feds finally started cracking down on pimps in my hometown in the Pacific Northwest. It's like the loggers would say, >>> TIMBER !!! <<< So I'll have to stay away when such exceedingly tall trees with trunks of such great circumference start falling down. This is old growth timber, and it dates back to the formation of the State of Washington in the 1800s in defiance of the supremacy of the United States Constitution and its requirement, enumerated in the Fifth Amendment, of the indictment of a Grand Jury to charge a felony or other infamous crime. I just hope they fully realize just how deeply corrupted and horribly perverted the civil and criminal justice system can become, and in fact has become, in such a red-light district: >>> [Isaiah 59:14-15] And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment. <<<
  26. Ban religion and reproduction for a more civil peaceful planet. :-) To many wild critters hissing and spitting at each other on our shrinking planet.
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