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    Statistically only 2% of us are unquestionably of noble character the other 98% predictably will kill for the last can of beans when push comes to shove. This is an unacceptable ratio so virtually everyone could use radical cortical rewiring if any of us hope to survive ourselves and eventually learn to play well together. As an old ex-Rosicrucian I support the admonitions engraved on the "Georgia Guide Stones" to reduce and maintain a fixed global population of 500,000,000 to ensure long term sustainability and span of control.WWJD mentality perpetuated by Christianity is in my opinion the root of most of our problems. I agree with everything in you last comment. I monitor the "Global Consciousness Project" with my own random number generator RNG and so far I detect no radical blips in the RNG stability. http://noosphere.princeton.edu/
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    I agree with you about AI. Or rather robotics, self driving cars, automatic service at restaurants etc. Given this, and the millions of low IQ people this will put out of work, then I have to say I am very much in favour of depopulation of low IQ stocks. This should have happened in a very nice, slow, controlled way, decades ago. Perhaps financially rewarding those who cannot afford to have children, to you know, actually not have any. To sterilise felons. To mandate abortion in young girls who have zero chance of supporting a child. Sadly we have done the total opposite. Financially rewarding those who have more children. Heavily taxing the middle classes, who now find they cannot afford a big family, either no children, or just one or two. They cannot afford it, because they have been encouraged to get a degree which means a big debt, and then they are taxed to pay for all the children of those who do not work. By the time they can afford it, in their mid 30s, fertility is a huge problem. Its easy to get pregnant in your early 20s. Almost impossible in mid 30s. Then, the west collectively decided to allow sub 80 IQ migrants into their country. A group who will never pay for their own requirements, much less contribute to society at large. So although rewiring our behaviour is a great idea for a sci-fi film. I have to ask why? There is no need for so many people, and a great need for a lot less. Or we can just carry on the way we are doing, and life across the world will end up being like a third world shanty town.
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    I dont think we need "The Lord" to tell us Trump is in danger. Look at who stands against him, all the evil in America and the world. GLP is a controlled narrative forum.
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    There is no archeological evidence Jesus ever existed other then manuscripts crafted by proponents of the faith. Religious people are seldom spiritual while Spiritual people are never religious. We were spiritual long before religion was invented as a tool to subjugate the masses. Ancient people were in tune with the infinite and reached into the heavens with mind, emotion and imagery. There was no Jesus, no Buddha, no Mohammad, no church, no bible, no dogma just a spiritual entanglement between mortal and Spirit. Why do humans always need a leader or believe others are more wise? What about intelligent life on other worlds probably doing just fine without the presence of Jesus.
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    Those who force the Christians under dhimmitude to pay jizra must be circumcised in such a manner that the foreskin remains intact while the glans penis is removed.