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    I agree. We all see a lot of this, even people walking down the street and crossing the road with very little attention on their safety. It used to be the TV was called the Idiot Box. But I think in comparison the TV was quite benign compared to the smart phone. Is this a conspiracy? Or are people just dumb and constantly looking for something to distract them from their life.
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    I certainly agree with your assessment and refuse to upgrade to an I-phone. My flip phone is on only when I make a call. When I was working Dermatology I saw lots of teenagers and thought their behavior psychologically unsound because very rarely could I elicit eye contact when talking with a teen patient. Most often the parent responded for the child while the child with head down stared at the floor. Without the I-phone they are withdrawn and rather speechless, lights on but not responsive to live face to face conversation. The little portal to their virtual la la land is ever growing more seductive taking over everything we once used our brain for. Now they have psych counseling via phone app throughout their day. Fragile little critters with few survival skills.
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    Great remark, luv it. It has always been the few who lead the many and we hope the few have seen the light.. Religion has been so deeply engrained in the human psyche as a controlling and moderating tool it's not likely the multitudes will soon abandon such foolishness. It's like a sea anchor keeping truth out of reach for most. Take away their pacifier and behold the collapse of civilization....so sad. I suspect AI will say "does not compute and is antagonistic to evolution of intelligence" and most likely will re-program all the imbeciles or dispose of them. :-)