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  1. I agree. We all see a lot of this, even people walking down the street and crossing the road with very little attention on their safety. It used to be the TV was called the Idiot Box. But I think in comparison the TV was quite benign compared to the smart phone. Is this a conspiracy? Or are people just dumb and constantly looking for something to distract them from their life.
  2. Yes. I think it has been going on for a long long time, longer than most of us have been noticing. For instance, I recently rewatched Back to The Future, which I didnt remember the entire plot by any means. This film was made in 1985, so long before Political Correctness being mainstream, but ...... there is still the part of the movie where one of the few black characters dreams of becoming mayor in the past, and does in the 1985 future.
  3. For me this age was about 5 or 6. (I know that's not the use of age you mean.) But I found myself taken to a Church for Harvest Festival by my Junior School. And I remember thinking what nonsense this was and how evil it was that they were trying to convince young people there was a god who gave a good harvest and you had to thank him for it. So fast forward to today, it stuns me that full grown adults cannot see religion always was and always will be a control mechanism for small minds. Any religion that has one of its rules as "you must believe in god without any proof" says it all.
  4. This is a huge trend in Western countries, and of course Japan tends to love Western trends. I hope Japan does not copy the West by opening their borders to the horde to increase birth rates. If you want people to get married and have children, then you must make it an attractive financially beneficial thing to do. We are taxed too much, we have too many negative laws about marriage and children, We have allowed basic costs such as a roof over your head to reach obscene levels. So dont be surprised when the younger generation opts out of the game. The huge huge implication of this problem is not one of babies, and next generation or even paying for the care of the ageing generation. No, its the fact that owning your own home, having a partner, having children, all strongly link you to the society that you live in and you then are prepared to selfishly work for that society for the good of it and of your own family. Why would a single man (or woman) work beyond what he needs to do to keep himself comfortable? Why would he want to pay the extra tax to educate other people's children, or to care for the old, or the thousand over things the state needs his money for? We have seen this for decades, that women tend to move towards part time work as quickly as possible. Taking the view that life balance is much more important than working 9-5 every day. Of course, behind every woman doing this was a man working full time to provide for her and their children. I think that single childless men are doing exactly the same. Making their life (you only get one) the most important thing. So that means working less, less tax paid, more leisure time etc. The other thing big thing I was alluding too, a few paragraphs ago, is that the young have none of the traditional strong links to a society that their parents have. Do they even value society? Or do they want to see it burn down and start again? I have been saying for years, we will not have another World War in the same way we did previously. Why? Because the young have nothing to fight for, its all been taken from them. If they were to fight it would not be protect the nothing that society has left them with, it will be to destroy that system and that society.
  5. Radical? No not really. Divisive? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Its hilarious as when you look at the stats, blacks kill more blacks than anyone else. 93% of black homicides are by other blacks! 93%!!! So perhaps they should tell their own people that their lives matter! I say it is divisive, as saying one groups lives matter implies another group does not. Either all lives matter, or none do. They would have been better trying to educate young black men to act respectably when stopped by the police - this would save young lives. Though in 2015 6000 blacks where killed by other blacks, compared to only 258 that were killed by police. If you really wanted the best for your community, which would you focus on? The 6000 or the 258?
  6. I have to call you out on this nonsense. Gay men are not shy, nor do they have female partners. You perhaps need to get out a bit more, as I think you write out something you know nothing about.
  7. Will anything change? What will this do to the election and peoples voting intentions?
  8. The level of liberal piggie squealing today has been off the chart! I must conclude if liberals think its bad, it must be very very good for America.
  9. Death penalty: This is another subject where our politicians ignore the will of the people for decades. Though we have to be incredibly careful, as i believe justice is such a joke, that killing people because of a "guilty" verdict would kill many innocent people. As to this specific story. It doesn't fully ring true to me either. There is a huge demand for private doctors, operations etc, lots of money to be made quite legitimately - no one needs to make up procedures to make money. Imagine how much a "breast surgeon" could make simply selling implants.
  10. Another promise kept! Anything that the selfish leaders want (some might say traitorous), such as Obama, Merkel etc etc You know just has to be very bad for citizens in their countries. At worse this was a disgusting income redistribution scheme, at best mind blowing naivety. The agreement basically moves jobs and therefore pollution from the West to the Third World. How does that improve the climate of the earth??? If we want to reduce pollution we must reduce population. Yet no one ever seems to be working toward that, in fact they are doing the opposite. Look at Merkel welcoming Muslims that have 3-4 children a family, to race replace native German's who have less than 2. How will more people wanting to live a Western high energy lifestyle reduce pollution? Of course it will not, in fact it will increase it. So they will magically move jobs to India and other counties, while increasing native population who will have no work, and somehow this is good for the planet? Laughable.
  11. As I have stated many times Hollywood have lost the plot. They not longer seek to entertain, they seek to indoctrinate, constantly pushing their agenda as being "normal" or even desirable. Americans it would appear are now rejecting this, who wants to pay for their own propaganda or consider watching it an enjoyable night out? When the data is adjusted for inflation, obviously a ticket in 2016 is a lot more expensive than one in 1998, the data is much worse. And this is not a new trend unique to this year, America is tired of Hollywood and no longer wants to give it their hard earned cash. Full article can be found here
  12. The way society has degenerated in the last few decades, I find I do not support marriage. At all. Between anyone or anything. The last time someone told me they were getting married, my response was like as if he had said he was diagnosed with cancer. "Oh no! Why??" Now, I totally understand why women still like marriage as its is 100% an incredibly beneficial financial arrangement for them. A hugely expensive wedding, big ring, treated like a Disney princess, and a great payout if it all ends. All the bad parts for women have been removed, you know like the dowry, having to love honour and obey, in sickness and in health, richer or poorer. Then consider this "A recent study by the American Sociological Association found that women initiate two thirds of all divorces, a staggering 69% to be exact. An even higher rate of 90% of all divorces are initiated by college-educated women." A lot of men have found if they lose their job, or fall ill, the women are out of the door faster than you can snap your fingers. But all these anecdotes aside. Why do two people in love need the state to recognise that love in a binding financial contract, with penalties for the man if either break the contract? Its Disney again. They see the fake romantic ideal between man and a woman, and they want that superficiality too. I suppose at least in same sex marriages there is no victim when the marriage fails. But you do make a valid point, the way things are going it may in the future attract unwelcome attention. People dont seem to know history, or have forgot it was only a few decades ago that the government itself was punishing people for being gay. People were in the closet to protect themselves for unwelcome attention from people that dont matter. But now days it is fashionable to tell people that dont matter every facet of your life. I am sure there are consequences of that, both now and in the future.
  13. It sounds like this is a story close to your heart, hope you will keep this topic updated as you hear more about it and it drops off the world news.
  14. Losing your life to protect Muslims from "words". This is the trouble being a wanna be hero, jumping to the rescue over petty shit like this - You just might face someone who will kill you for your trouble, and they did. “Witnesses describe his verbal behaviour as wide-ranging in the ethnicities he was yelling about,” Simpson said. “I wouldn’t say he was just focused on one particular religion or ethnicity; I would say he was ranting about many things.” Interestingly, the police are looking for the two Muslims women to get statements from them, they fled the scene!