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  1. The ten commandments were plagiarized from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead written before the time of Moses.
  2. Religion talks about the Gods interfacing with and helping or hurting humans thousands of years ago when humans had no ability to be much of a problem to themselves or the planet. Today "we have become planet killers" and where are the Gods? Either they don't exist or they don't give a damn. Most likely we and other life forms across the universe are on our own to do as we will, few survive themselves most self destruct and the stars shed no tears. The commandments attributed to the Gods are all fabricated by men who would rule the multitudes with fear and intimidation. The only true commandment is "An ye harm none, Do as ye will".
  3. Been researching Lite Beer vs real Beer, here is what I found: Although variable with brand, Lite (Light) beer has reduced alcohol, reduced sugar (carbs) and less taste and is essentially dilute watered down beer. It is less satisfying stimulating a demand to drink more. It's popularity is not due to being a better product but to massive advertising targeting young people especially females who don't really like the taste of beer. For the industry the profit margin is enormous: less beer, more carbonated water, the drinker needs to consume more for the same effect and the price is the same. DUH
  4. What to hell does simple circumcision have to do with anything? Some females joke that a man's brain is in his penis and for sure teenagers with raging hormones go through a period of mental instability leading to poor judgment but circumcision has nothing to do with any political or government conspiracies . It's only removing forskin to prevent phemosis and UTI's.
  5. Weather scientists are concerned about Irma presenting as an entirely different animal with sustained longevity, speed and wind strength. This suggests ocean warming is ahead of predictions and we may be setting up for year long endless streams of cyclonic activity. This would cause mass migration to northern climes and extreme restrictions on air commerce in the near future. If filling containers with water for emergency use remember that Clorox is now concentrated and some is scented. The company recommends the following: 12 drops unscented concentrated Clorox for one gallon of water. 1/8 teaspoon for 2 gallons of water.
  6. All mortal animals and plants die guess we are all sinners. Hell even stars die are they also sinners?
  7. Changing the clock is stupid just adjust the day's schedule. Like an old Indian once said changing the clock is like cutting the top off of a blanket and sewing it on the bottom. DUH
  8. Legal end of life do-it-yourself kits would be welcomed by many old people endlessly suffering medical intervention. A retirement income is certainly welcome to those who have planned and endured the stresses of the work a day world. We need some personal time to attend to our bucket list. As long as a person is financially solvent let him/her enjoy what remains of life. Those who by virtue of poor planning have become wards of the State perhaps should be subject to a cap on services rendered. This might encourage more people to not waste life languishing in limbo situations.
  9. Spent 5 years in Alaska out-back remote medical service. The State offers substantial stipends to natives from oil profits to include free medical and college benefits. There are many natives doing nothing other then drinking and doing drugs, there is no need to work for a living (boredom and cabin fever rules). Genetically they have a low tolerance for alcohol consequently the State attempts to inforce alcohol free villages especially in remote areas where social/medical services are non-existent or limited. An alcoholic is going to get booze even if bootleg rat gut. Spouse, child, drug and alcohol abuse are the top medical problems second to depression, murder and psych issues in remote areas of Alaska .
  10. Military personnel are subject to endure extreme adversity beyond the reach of high level medical services on a moments notice if called to combat. Not good judgement to induct individuals with complex mental or physical issues. Transgender individuals are subject to complex social/mental/medical issues counterproductive on the killing fields. Anyone in uniform is subject to combat duty regardless of primary non-combat assignment.
  11. They are more tolerant of Christianity then am I. Religion in general is the root of most of human tragedy, war, evil and ignorance. We may one day destroy the planet in the name of Jesus and Mohammed duh!
  12. The world at large has become a quagmire of deceit and corruption and no nation is guiltless. Span of control has been lost as the human footprint increases exponentially. Natural resources are being destroyed and global warming is setting us up for a dismal future. Two percent of the global population are of noble mettle the remaining 98% will kill for the last can of beans when sufficiently stressed. Our choices are few, endless war and destruction and perhaps the demise of our species or a radical reduction in population and a new world order in which reason rules and not antiquated and powerful beliefs and establishments. President Trump is just stirring the pot to move forward out of our self made chaos and to see what kind of vermin scamper out of ivory towers .
  13. Practicing Witchcraft much of my life I have become very sensitive to geo and bio fields and can feel the variations in such energy systems. Interestingly the plant and animal kingdom also seek out positive energy fields. In forested areas we see exceptionally lush vegetation clustered along lay lines along with abundant little critters nesting. In Circle casting rituals used for opening dimensional portals we do so along energy vortices.
  14. Not at all concerned about a few old Confederate statues they have a deep ugly agenda to replace history with special interest designs.