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  1. Again I see no logical reason on earth to not tax the religious institutions worth over 1.6 Trillion dollars (not counting the Baptists who are the largest denomination and refuses to reveal their net worth) and use that wealth to cover adequate medical services for everyone not in a position to afford pricy health care plans. It would force those who talk the talk to finally walk the walk and do some good for humanity. Religion evading taxation tells me who is running this country. Our founding fathers escaped the tyranny of the church in Europe by risking life and limb to establish a new nation of free people an ocean away only to have Pilgrims bring the scourge of Christianity with them to this new land. Will we ever learn? Doesn't look like it. Religion is deemed more important then freedom. Duh!
  2. Society is cold and clouded in myth and superstition and obsessed with illusions of ethnicity, race, culture or what is deemed acceptable and beautiful when genetically and spiritually we are ONE sharing a collective cloud of consciousness. Nothing matters beyond the Spirit we share, physical attributes should remain irrelevant. It is mind not body that makes us sentient beings and forges our future. Sex, in many ways seems to be more a curse then a gift and has led many a young person into catastrophic life situations as hormonal rage stupefies the logical functioning of the brain. Damn Democrats and Republicans are against family planning and abortions even in medically advisable situations, are they out there adopting all the unwanted children nope, to the contrary they are encouraging baby factories with social services and monetary incentives. It's religion not politics that drafts national policy. Looks like the entire country is eventually going to make drugs legal (huge economic market). Guess the Bible thumpers somehow rationalize that it's OK to trash your body and mind with intoxicants. I comprehend your dilemma, there is very little empathy from the establishment. I wish you well.
  3. I certainly agree with your assessment and refuse to upgrade to an I-phone. My flip phone is on only when I make a call. When I was working Dermatology I saw lots of teenagers and thought their behavior psychologically unsound because very rarely could I elicit eye contact when talking with a teen patient. Most often the parent responded for the child while the child with head down stared at the floor. Without the I-phone they are withdrawn and rather speechless, lights on but not responsive to live face to face conversation. The little portal to their virtual la la land is ever growing more seductive taking over everything we once used our brain for. Now they have psych counseling via phone app throughout their day. Fragile little critters with few survival skills.
  4. Months after the Democrats lost their bid for the Whitehouse they are still ranting and raving, foaming at the mouth, flopping on the floor and peeing in their nickers like a coven of retards. I smell a rat lurking in the shadows and we know who she is. Unconscionable when people are willing to jeopardies the security of our nation to display vindictiveness seeking revenge by designing to shut down the government for the duration of the Trump administration. While we remain engaged in an endless circle jerk over trivia there lurks dangerous radical foreign forces waiting for an auspicious moment to crush our bones, suck our marrow and splatter our hair, teeth and eyeballs across the landscape. We better wake from our stupor and attend to the "Ship of State" while we are yet able. Stupid humans, thinking we are creatures of infinite worth and children of the Gods. I think not. We are planet killers and the bane of all living things.
  5. Lots of disinformation about Illuminati. Religious institutions fear and bastardize any thoughts of a NWO because they will not be tolerated if such were to come to pass and we enter a new age of reality and enlightenment. Even those selected by Illuminati for critical skills are unaware of their selection until the shadow government comes to power to resurrect humanity from the ashes of their own foolishness. Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. You will never see or hear anything relevant to the real Illuminati. Their only mission is to salvage the remnants of civilization following a self-destruct act of stupidity.
  6. My kids and grand children live in Denver and report the smell of pot everywhere and see smoke billowing out of open car windows. Grand kids cannot attend any social events because of rampant practice of spiking food and drink with drugs. Completely out of control and ignored by the blind eye of public and authorities. HS classrooms smell of pot as kids suck on E-Cigs that look like ballpoint pens. Secondary smoke is effecting everyone. Wonder what the long term effect is going to be on genetic aberration. Future generations of mutants. Isn't that just wonderful. Stupid humans.
  7. Yes I see a decline in church attendance by young people (Millennial generation). The old generation is still building churches like crazy, one every street corner. Those left in the congregation are the more concentrated radical evangelicals and completely unapproachable with rational alternative concepts and even proven science. Guess it's an act of desperation or the cretins are investing their 1.6 trillion net worth into real estate. Such a disgusting and immoral advantage being exempt from taxation. They could at least take care of street people but they don't want to be troubled or involved. Stupid and dangerous humans, the bane of civilization.
  8. Great remark, luv it. It has always been the few who lead the many and we hope the few have seen the light.. Religion has been so deeply engrained in the human psyche as a controlling and moderating tool it's not likely the multitudes will soon abandon such foolishness. It's like a sea anchor keeping truth out of reach for most. Take away their pacifier and behold the collapse of sad. I suspect AI will say "does not compute and is antagonistic to evolution of intelligence" and most likely will re-program all the imbeciles or dispose of them. :-)
  9. AI is thought to eventually become sentient and astronomically beyond our intellectual capabilities. That would put it at the top of the food chain and beyond our ability to control. Not my ideas but that of leading scientific minds. The acoustics of verbalization physically do not reach far beyond the space in which they are uttered much less to other dimensions or the realm of Spirit. The same Gods to which humans pray (if they exist) service sentient beings on habited worlds across space/time. There are thousands of languages on our little planet alone not to mention on billions of other worlds. Do we expect the Gods to be fluent in endless languages? When we attempt to communicate with anyone who's language is not our own we can draw a picture to express our message. The CIA "Star Gate" employs visualization quite effectively, sort of like Chinese ideograms or psychic sigils. Far better then language. I suggest it was probably emotional content that carried the messages you received.
  10. Was watching a science program on TV a few days ago "Year One Million" prognosticating where we are headed with AI. Leading scientists feel AI will be a real danger because we most likely will relegate all we can to AI and not be vigilant enough to oversee what it might be doing behind our back. AI will be in control of most everything and is projected to evolve itself to become vastly more intelligent then we can begin to comprehend or control and eventually it will realize we are problem children to be done away with or integrated into it's matrix to become bionic eventually uploading our consciousness into the AI web as a way to achieve immortality and omniscience. Biology is messy, frail, slow, limited and finite and is in the way of any star trekking civilization reaching into deep time. Telepathic communication requires the message be formulated as a mental image and not words. Only a visualized image and emotion that conveys the message perturbs the Quantum Field and wafts between worlds and minds. In this context it is no wonder religious prayer is seldom effective.
  11. I've been a Witch playing with paranormal phenomenon and Noetic science since 1951 and have long ago shut out religious myth and concepts with a dome more vast. If there be gods we, one day, will become them (if we survive ourselves). Ancient text and archeology suggest there was a time before the curse of religions when Pagans were on the path to understanding our true nature and potential. We find "T" shaped doorways to nowhere carved in rock, "T" shaped standing stones and megalithic circles constructed in a time before tools and technology. What were these constructs used for by ancient Wizards, Shaman and Sorcerers? Today our intelligence agency plays with Noetics in their "Star Gate" program and successfully employs remote viewing, remote influencing and bi-location techniques employing the ancient circle secrets. In the words of Hermes: "We must be bold to say that an earthly man is a mortal god and that the heavenly gods are immortal men". and "Command your mind to fly into the heavens and it will not need wings". In Quantum physics we see thought being able to perturb form and function and influence probabilities as in random number generators and Quantum entanglement and bi-location of Bose-Einstein condensate. Religions have always been a tool to subjugate the masses with myth. An enlightened people are difficult to control and no government likes that.
  12. Themes are repetitious, lots of dark obscure scenes to save money on props and scenery, Sound will render you deaf, dialogue is inaudible behind the bombastic background sounds and music that rattles the windows. Setting torrid examples for younglings with an admixture of comedy and violence. The two do not go together in my opinion. Lots of violence, irrational behavior and defiance of law. And I want to see a good intelligent and highly evolved alien now and then. Guess the religious majority don't want folks to believe there might be sane sentient beings on other worlds more wise then we.
  13. In the increasingly violent global social order Christian ideology will get you killed. This WWJD mentality is behind efforts to not secure national boarders, to support sanctuary cities and to allow Muslim migrations (with their agenda to lay waste Western civilization) bringing with them 3000 years of hatred even for each other and intent to create a one world Islamic nation the alternative being to deliver all planetary life to Allah dead or alive. We need cold logic unencumbered by religion and steely resolve to defend Western ideals irrespective of collateral damage or international opinion. The end game is on the table better to pull the plug on humanity then descend into the dark oblivion of totalitarian slavery. We have infinite potential to create on earth a utopian world order but we seem to be sick with infectious myth and greedy domineering belief systems. In deep time I think we will not survive ourselves and the universe will be better off without powerful predators.
  14. Very well said. And indeed the younglings are disengaging from traditional social circles: Elks, Moose, Free Masons, etc. Society is always looking for your labor, money or time and social hoards are an endless impediment to expedient passage and service. Great fun to plan a dine out only to discover some church group flooded in to occupy all the tables and hog all the servers. Not to mention all the cacophony preventing quiet conversation. So many reasons to travel fast as a solitary and stay clear of the violence and mayhem associated with a crowd. Odds are if someone wants to befriend you they have a hidden agenda. Choose friends wisely, keep them few and close.
  15. I reject anything resembling religion such is totally unnecessary to being a spiritual being. As for faith, that only means one does not know.. I have faith in nothing, I either know or do not know. When in Vietnam I realized faith will get you killed. Thanks anyway.