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  1. Ban religion and reproduction for a more civil peaceful planet. :-) To many wild critters hissing and spitting at each other on our shrinking planet.
  2. Well said Neo. I did see a small anomaly on my RNG yesterday and today. Anxiety in the human bio-field somewhere?
  3. Yesterday and today I see a small anomaly on my RNG usually means collective anxiety in the bio-field. (Trump's trip?)
  4. Reply from Senator Bill Nelson about taxing the religious institutions: It concerns the Johnson Amendment preventing churches from engaging in political campaigns in order to maintain their tax exempt status. Essentially no taxation without representation. I think this is simply a bunch of bull because the churches do have fingers everywhere in politics. We have a Senate prayer group, prayer recitation in Senate and Congressional gatherings, churches are vote polling centers, (rats guarding the cheese, real smart), the bible used in oath administration and courts of law, "In God We Trust" on currency, our military funding a chaplain corps and faith based organizations working with USAID and other Govt. foreign aid programs to distribute aid (only to those who attend religious indoctrination classes) I personally saw this in Vietnam 67-72. Our Constitution forbids church influencing affairs of State it says not much about exemption from taxation. I suspect the real reason can be traced back to the biblical tale of Jesus casting the tax collectors and money changers out of the temple. Our brain washed Christians are so fearful of offending their Lord they dare not even speak of taxing the churches. I have an evangelical sister and when I poised this thought to her she almost fainted. I could see her eyes quiver and glassing over and a dumb blank expression come over her face she was for a while speechless totally not believing the thought I expressed. Wow! talk about cult programming.
  5. Statistically only 2% of us are unquestionably of noble character the other 98% predictably will kill for the last can of beans when push comes to shove. This is an unacceptable ratio so virtually everyone could use radical cortical rewiring if any of us hope to survive ourselves and eventually learn to play well together. As an old ex-Rosicrucian I support the admonitions engraved on the "Georgia Guide Stones" to reduce and maintain a fixed global population of 500,000,000 to ensure long term sustainability and span of control.WWJD mentality perpetuated by Christianity is in my opinion the root of most of our problems. I agree with everything in you last comment. I monitor the "Global Consciousness Project" with my own random number generator RNG and so far I detect no radical blips in the RNG stability.
  6. This is just a test run in an area already plagued with crime and economic decay with environmental pollution thought to be causing health problems. Could be any of our depressed industrial cities. Trying not to be blatantly obvious and attempting to minimize collateral infestation when there are lots of unknowns. Disturbing to see such research continues and is thought to be an essential tool in our future. (Just my conjecture of one possible scenario) In the new series "Year One Million" there was discussion concerning the problems AI is going to generate. Enormous investment in that technology now for military purposes so we should expect quantum leaps in this field. AI that learns and evolves any degree of sentience would soon move to the top of the food chain and take command of all that we now do rendering humans obsolete and of questionable value. What will happen when even an Ivy league PhD physicist becomes unemployable because AI is thousands of times more efficient and productive? AI could easily take over every aspect of human labor from farming, medicine, manufacturing, construction, mining, distribution, research and development, political and jurisprudence functions. AI could eventually re-engineer itself (contemplating that we might want to pull it's plug) and reproduce as a rapidly evolving species far beyond our ability to understand or terminate. No work=no pay and billions of humans in the way stirring the flames of anarchy and the demise of biological intelligence unless we become more acceptable to and compatible with the new world order. We would need to REWIRE OUR BEHAVIOR in a rapid and radical way.This is the prognostication of men like Dr. Kaku and Stephen Hawking.
  7. Remember the lyrics in the song "Year 2525" or folks joking "must be something in the water"? Many years ago I was involved in a case happening on a psych ward in a Humana hospital in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Local police brought in a gentleman who had been Baker Acted for bizarre behavior. During the intake interview this patient claimed to be a chemist working with a biological warfare lab in the area. Following the interview we allowed him to call his work place to inform them he would not be able to report to work in the morning. Within the hour an entourage of security personnel flashing credentials and a court order took custody of this patient, retrieved all documentation and debriefed the hospital staff. Prior to his being abducted he told us of two projects he was working on, one he called a fractured pheromone that elicited an obligatory effect on any specifically targeted ethnic/racial profiled lifestyle. The other was a tertiary chemical also targeting any profiled lifestyle to be delivered in three doses laced on consumable products used by a specified group of people. Exposure to any two was harmless but use of all three elicited some malicious effects. Decades have now passed and we know not how advanced such research has evolved. There is whisperings in the wind that a test Nano particle has been released to target a specified fraction of the population. These molecule sized particles lay dormant until activated by a cue mechanism such as an auditory signal or key word. (Manchurian bug) You may have noticed a recent flood of pharmaceutical commercials educating us of various diseases especially cancers and treatment modalities and centers. Might be a good idea to press the "Mute" button during such commercials. Population thinning might be on someone's mind.
  8. Taking down Gen. Lee would be an attempt by minorities to re-write history. The ol General is hurting no one standing there minding his own business. He is a notorious figure in American history like him or not. Next folks will be re-writing history books. Most likely already are. Maybe we should remove all commemorative statues MLK included. Bet that would put a cockle bur under folks saddle.
  9. Me thinks the lights are on but nobody be home. What a lost soul to blindly believe in a religion clearly perpetrated to keep the multitudes steeped in darkness. Pathological.
  10. A devil cannot exist. There can be no evil Divinity because evil has always been self destructive. Long before any life form that harbors evil intent achieves any degree of Spirituality it destroys itself. Religions today are well on their way to self destruction. Internal greed of religious empires is mind boggling. 320,000 churches in America with assets valued at 1.6 Trillion dollars (that is 1.6 thousand Billion, that's a huge number, enough to corrupt the best of them) Why are they not walking the walk to use such wealth to bolster social services, college grants, medical care for indigents. Religion is the harbinger of evil leaving a bloody trail across history.
  11. Imbecile trying to re-write history. Seems to me that's what ISIS has been doing in the Middle East. We have statues of Confederate soldiers that are under attack. Idiots with nothing to do but make waves. Wonder how many history books in our class rooms have been adulterated. Sick society wandering about with lights on and nobody home.
  12. Very good post Neo. Hope those in leadership positions look at this and take note. So sick of starry eyed liberals endangering America extending friendship to those seeking our demise.
  13. Religion is a difficult nut to crack. Those profoundly infected with religiosity become irrationally and terminally unapproachable. A collective consensus looms as a cloud of authority that few dare challenge and to which most will kneel in blind submission. This smacks of cult conditioning on a global scale and locks our species in a death spiral towards a prophesied Armageddon as opposing ideologies wage furious conflict in the name of their various unsubstantiated religious concepts. It behooves all interested in evolution of our spiritual nature to engage in serious research in light of scientific principles, intuition, logic and common sense. Deeply programmed fear of truth and reality and a life-long admonition to not challenge the faith of past generations dissuades the preponderance of humanity from engaging in such research. Even a superficial purview of religious texts should elicit suspicions concerning probabilities of them being truthful documentation. Many claims are so wildly ridiculous that such claims should appear unbelievable to even an uneducated small child. These unbelievable myths being so universally accepted as fact by so many is troubling and does not speak well of collective intellect.. "When confronted with scientific fact that significantly differs from a long held belief a religious person will predictably choose belief over fact."
  14. There is no archeological evidence Jesus ever existed other then manuscripts crafted by proponents of the faith. Religious people are seldom spiritual while Spiritual people are never religious. We were spiritual long before religion was invented as a tool to subjugate the masses. Ancient people were in tune with the infinite and reached into the heavens with mind, emotion and imagery. There was no Jesus, no Buddha, no Mohammad, no church, no bible, no dogma just a spiritual entanglement between mortal and Spirit. Why do humans always need a leader or believe others are more wise? What about intelligent life on other worlds probably doing just fine without the presence of Jesus.
  15. Had I realized President Trump was evangelically inclined I would never have cast my vote. A religious mindset will not be beneficial for America or for the world. Traditionally religionists stifle the advancement of science for fear that the discovery of truth will be the demise of religion. Belief in Divine intervention or we being Gods favored nation is deadly foolish. A few things that bother me are: 1. Withholding funds from Family Planning, to stifle birth control and impede abortions. With 7+ billion humans we have no need for more irresponsible or unwanted births. Human labor is becoming obsolete as AI takes over. What do we think we are going to do with a nation of unemployed humans? Social service are overflowing with abandoned and unwanted children. 2. Backing away from green technology and perpetuating the coal and oil industries to save a few doomed jobs suggests Mr. Trump either does not believe in global warming caused by fossil fuel, hydrocarbons and the human footprint or fails to understand the implications. As warming continues oceans heat up, polar ice melts, agriculture belts move farther north and south of the equator, sea levels rise flooding populated coastal areas, tropical diseases and insects spread into warming areas, drought and severe weather patterns increase damage to our infrastructure and homes eventually grounding commercial air travel. We currently teeter on the brink of no return beyond which our world might well become a second Venus in geological time. 3 .Encouraging religious intervention in affairs of State is a violation of our Constitution and is a one way trip back into the Dark Ages of religious tyranny threatening freedom of thought, expression and behavior. Evangelical's boarder on radical mental instability and irresponsibility. In future wars, that surely awaits us, the WWJD mindset is bad news. There is no humane way to wage war and if concerned about collateral damage, limited engagement and hoping to put emotion before logic we cannot win against savages who design to scatter our hair, teeth and eyeball across the landscape. The preponderance of our citizenry is not guiltless by demonstrating and blocking every effort President Trump has made to move forward with priorities. Stupid not to want to secure our boarders or to want to provide sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. Stupid to not stop the influx of non-vested Muslims from radical Islamic nations. Stupid to not round up and deport all illegal interlopers taxing our job markets, social services and criminal and drug interdiction efforts. No other country allows such activity. Stupid to not demand the return of our industries to the homeland and to not make "Made in America" products better, more durable, of higher quality, more technologically advanced and more desirable and affordable. Stupid to spend our National treasure helping those who hate us and those who will grow to kill our children.