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  1. I see your mind set and have no civil comment to such idiocy. Regards DL
  2. Yet Republicans are the ones who put most of those horrid laws into place, including the ones that deny proper health care to the U.S. population. Note how the GOP cannot even be bright enough to upgrade Obamacare. Regards DL
  3. I think it might just be people without a voice in how we do thinks hopping for an actual voice in how we do things. We all want to be relevant to the whole and this may seem to some like the only way to actually have a voice in a world where a voice can no longer be heard. A cell phone might be a placebo but it does keep some engaged in reality. Regards DL So much for anonymity. Regards DL
  4. Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive living natures. Cell phones are killing our social skills. The cell phone is one of the rudest pieces of technology ever developed in our modern times. To see a family of four sitting at a dinner table and all four members are texting and avoiding the bonding that should be taking place, instead of the silence that occurs; is one of society’s greatest failures. Friends are out for a night on the town and everyone has their phone out, texting and not having meaningful conversations that would be more rewarding. We cannot speak in complete sentences without the use of acronyms and do not look at others directly in their eyes while speaking to them. This society is losing the art of pure communication. We are mammals, but we are making ourselves into that less favorable condition of hive living creatures. Are cell phones controlling our way of life? I say yes. Regards DL
  5. Yes. I do not see churches being built. I see a lot of them in real estate adds. Why build when you can buy cheap. Regards DL
  6. Shekinah Have faith my friend. Trends show the tipping point of belief to non-belief to be 2050. We are educating our young enough that they know the difference between supernatural and fantasy and reality in spite of the insanity that theist try to indoctrinate their children into. Regards DL
  7. I agree that emotion is a factor. Desire as well which is a part of emotion as it would be used to grow or reduce the emotion. "AI is thought to eventually become sentient and astronomically beyond our intellectual capabilities" That is the thinking but remember that our intellectual capabilities not all that hot. If they were hot, the vast majority of us would not be believing that the supernatural was real or that we should bow to invisible absentee genocidal Gods. Regards DL
  8. Having experience telepathy, I disagree as words were what I got and sent the second time. The first time, when my girlfriend, now wife was touched by my mind, it was pure emotion with nothing spoken. As to your view of the future. I think computers will be trained to always respond with --- Regards DL
  9. I know for sure that reality is stranger than what we think, I have experienced telepathy twice, but I am not ready to think of what you say as real without more evidence. I am a Gnostic Christian and many see us as almost believing in a matrix type of reality but I see no evidence of that. I hope you are correct though as I am getting quite fed up with the sheer mass of stupidity I see around us. Cast a spell to bring my telepathy to a higher level if you can. No joke, no guff. Regards DL
  10. I agree. That happens though because the electorate allows it. In a sense, they are getting what they elect. Regards DL
  11. Why are U.S. citizens ignoring the 6% gain on GDP, by not nationalizing health care? Statistics show that the average U.S. citizen pays considerably more for their, --- bankruptcy creating inhumane medical system, --- than other countries who have nationalized health care. The gain in GDP is around 3%. It follows economies of scale gains are likely to be about 3%. If a penny saved is a penny earned, I am justified in saying that there would be a 6% saving to the average U.S. citizen. Why are Americans wasting such a huge amount of gains, when going single payer could bring such a huge gain to each American? I ask all my Yankee friends; what the hell? Recognize that single payer, pays great dividends. Regards DL
  12. What is scary is how many sheeple can be conned and how few free thinking goats we are. Mind you, we are about 1/4 of the population who admit to not being believers, and when we add in all the theists that do not really believe, we are likely the majority. Now if only the liars would stop lying and openly denounce their immoral Gods, the world and civil law would and could repeal the Noble Lie that supernatural based religions are worthy of respect. Nice to see you around buddy. It has been a long time. Regards DL
  13. + 1 Regards DL
  14. When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatural religion? Or will you seek a moral religion to replace the immoral one you now follow, if you happen to be Christian or Muslim? Or will you let your faith hide the truth of the immorality of your God? Martin Luther. “Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.” “Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.” Regards DL
  15. Me thinks you are correct and I see that my last question will not be answered as I think he ran away. They do that when they cannot justify their beliefs. Regards DL