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  1. I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2. I enjoyed a good chuckle the other day when a friend of mine, with a Southern drawl spoke to me. Thars gonna be some nuken on this cheer earth. King of the terrorist Trump gonna see to thatun thare chore. He be itching for a fight don’tcha know. He gonna tell everyone to fight or shut up real soon. Trust me now when I say this. Listen good ifin you can. I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2. We gotta do something. Our leaders are incompetent to beat the band. Terrorism is a puny thang as compared to what’s to come from the likes of Trump, Kim Jung –Un et all leaders in the U.N. The U.N is not , perhaps cannot, do it’s job of brokering peace. All because everyone thinks themselves right about something or other. Insane right? Trump, terrorist and other vigilantes are a puny problem, as compared killing machines like the forces at hand in the U.S.A. Trump will show then tell. As usual, the U.S.A. will use war to quiet the fracturing of society that is presently happening in the world. God has truly abandoned us. All of the political and spiritual Gods and all their minions will flee, that is all people, if Trump gets peeved. I am nuke proof. Are you? Regards DL
  2. If you have ever had negative thoughts about Yahweh, you are close to a Gnostic Christian. You have shown that you can think freely and have a decent moral sense as compared to Christians and their less than moral sense that allows them to adore a genocidal God. John Lennon, “It seems to me that the only true Christians were the Gnostics,” In fact, many think that the best Christians are Gnostic Christians. Even if you are an atheist, you are likely a better Christian than most Christians as their morals have been corrupted by their beliefs enough to have them adore a vile genocidal God that Gnostic Christians call demiurge. In a sense, not that she exists, but demiurge is equivalent to Satan. Please remember that Gnostic Christians so not hold any supernatural beliefs and religiously speaking, create much more peaceful people than Christians. The Cathars were a good example of this truth. Are you close to a Gnostic Christian in how you can think freely and morally? Regards DL
  3. Which commandments do you think are superior; Yahweh’s or Gnostic Christianity’s? You may use whatever set of commandments you think Yahweh gave. There are a number of renditions. As for the Gnostic commandments, I offer the following. You shall place no commandments above these unless proven to be morally superior. You shall value all people as equal before the law. The inequality of outcome is punishment enough of itself. You shall live by the golden rule and respond with reciprocity of harm or care to what is done to you. Use Gnosis and put logic and reason and their proofs above faith, which by its nature has no proofs, logic or reason. You shall leave the environment in a better condition than what is given to you as an inheritance to your next generation. You shall not impoverish the next generation and live according to the means you produce as their labor and wealth is theirs and not yours to squander. Gnostic Christianity and free thinking lost the God wars when the Orthodox Church decimated us and burned most of our scriptures. I think that Gnostic Christians had a superior set of commandments then as well as now. Those commandments were not only meant for seekers after a God but also a guide to secular law. Both secular law and Christianity seemed to ignore the second commandment of equality till our modern era. As a Gnostic Christian, I ask (rhetorically), what took the world so long to catch up to Gnostic Christian thinking and what is Islam and other backwards thinking people waiting for. Many have a problem with the 10 commandments given by Yahweh so I thought I would see if there is a consensus of thought on the Gnostic Christian ideology as compared to the Christian ideology. The main complaints I see are that Yahweh’s commandments have created a Christian ideology that denies gays and women equality. I think all souls to be created equal and thus deserving of equal human statue and citizenship. Others as seen in these two link have their own views and I would add that I think Yahweh’s no divorce policy, --- which Jesus confirms. --- and Yahweh’s policy of accepting bribes, ransoms or sacrifices (these are all analogue) to alter his usual and moral policy punishing the guilty and not the innocent, --- to the immoral policy of punishing the innocent instead of the guilty, as exemplified by his accepting Jesus as a sacrifice to save sinners whom God himself created to be sinners. Thanks in advance for your reply. Regards DL
  4. What does these tell you about our sins and who is responsible for them? Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. Deuteronomy 24:16 (ESV) "Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. Ezekiel 18:20 (ESV) The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself. Having another innocent person suffer for the wrongs you have done, --- so that you might escape responsibility for having done them, --- is immoral. Stop promoting immoral actions. Regards DL Stars do not know sin. Only thinking entities can sin. The secular law calls it mens rea. Regards DL
  5. Circumcision is not castration. Only the less astute will read scriptures literally. Rabbi Hillel, the older contemporary of Jesus, said that when asked to sum up the whole of Jewish teaching, while he stood on one leg, said, "The Golden Rule. That which is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the Torah. And everything else is only commentary. Now, go and study it." Please listen as to what is said about literal reading. "Origen, the great second or third century Greek commentator on the Bible said that it is absolutely impossible to take these texts literally. You simply cannot do so. And he said, "God has put these sort of conundrums and paradoxes in so that we are forced to seek a deeper meaning." Regards DL
  6. B-52 Being a eunuch has nothing to do with circumcision. It represents castration. Only the biggest fool will want to be castrated and think God would care about a few cut body parts. Regards DL
  7. If the wages of sin is death, and Jesus died, does that make Jesus a sinner? To sin is to do something immoral and thus create a victim to that sin. I cannot see all sins as something that would condemn us to eternal suffering and death in hell or the lake of fire as that goes against the biblical notion of justice being an eye for an eye or that the penalty should fit the crime/sin. What sin did Jesus do to earn his death? I see Jesus’ death as more of suicide than sacrifice as he initiated his own suicide by getting Judas to betray him. Could Jesus’ sin have been suicide? If not, what do you think his sin was? Regards DL
  8. I see your mind set and have no civil comment to such idiocy. Regards DL
  9. Yet Republicans are the ones who put most of those horrid laws into place, including the ones that deny proper health care to the U.S. population. Note how the GOP cannot even be bright enough to upgrade Obamacare. Regards DL
  10. I think it might just be people without a voice in how we do thinks hopping for an actual voice in how we do things. We all want to be relevant to the whole and this may seem to some like the only way to actually have a voice in a world where a voice can no longer be heard. A cell phone might be a placebo but it does keep some engaged in reality. Regards DL So much for anonymity. Regards DL
  11. Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive living natures. Cell phones are killing our social skills. The cell phone is one of the rudest pieces of technology ever developed in our modern times. To see a family of four sitting at a dinner table and all four members are texting and avoiding the bonding that should be taking place, instead of the silence that occurs; is one of society’s greatest failures. Friends are out for a night on the town and everyone has their phone out, texting and not having meaningful conversations that would be more rewarding. We cannot speak in complete sentences without the use of acronyms and do not look at others directly in their eyes while speaking to them. This society is losing the art of pure communication. We are mammals, but we are making ourselves into that less favorable condition of hive living creatures. Are cell phones controlling our way of life? I say yes. Regards DL
  12. Yes. I do not see churches being built. I see a lot of them in real estate adds. Why build when you can buy cheap. Regards DL
  13. Shekinah Have faith my friend. Trends show the tipping point of belief to non-belief to be 2050. We are educating our young enough that they know the difference between supernatural and fantasy and reality in spite of the insanity that theist try to indoctrinate their children into. Regards DL
  14. I agree that emotion is a factor. Desire as well which is a part of emotion as it would be used to grow or reduce the emotion. "AI is thought to eventually become sentient and astronomically beyond our intellectual capabilities" That is the thinking but remember that our intellectual capabilities not all that hot. If they were hot, the vast majority of us would not be believing that the supernatural was real or that we should bow to invisible absentee genocidal Gods. Regards DL
  15. Having experience telepathy, I disagree as words were what I got and sent the second time. The first time, when my girlfriend, now wife was touched by my mind, it was pure emotion with nothing spoken. As to your view of the future. I think computers will be trained to always respond with --- Regards DL