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'I’m suffering': woman who confronted May tells of disability cuts ordeal

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Kathy Moban (pictured) is the lady who challenged the PM on her election walk about to tell her she couldnt cope since the gov stopped giving as much free money to people like her.



Now Kathy managed to challenge the PM on the street and seemed reasonably articulate.   No mean feat, I would have felt quite nervous and tongue tied myself, as I am sure many would. 

But the reason Kathy thinks she is deserving of tax payers money to do nothing, is because she has "mild learning difficulties."   So do many people.  They work.   They clean.  They cook.  They garden.  They deliver food.

We dont need you to program a computer Kathy, or learn how to speak fluent French.   There are many many jobs for the low IQ, look at immigrants.  They can barely speak English, often come from areas where sub 80 IQ is the standard and yet many still manage to get jobs and at least contribute to society in some fashion.

Listen to this woman.   Does she seem "disabled"  or angry and demanding?

She also wants a carer.  What for exactly?   Carers are people who come to the disabled, or the very old's homes and cook them a meal, or clean their house.   Does this woman seem like she cannot cook a meal?    "I cant live on £100 a month!!!"    Hmmm strange how you are grossly obese.  Have you thought about about getting a job?

I know old people in wheelchairs who find it desperately hard to get the care they need.   We cannot waste it on perfectly healthy people.

Apparently some years ago she was granted 6 hours a week of care.  Not very much you might say.   She then "saved" one hour a week, to have a 4 hour shopping spree accompanied by the carer.  No doubt with taxi paid for out of disability living allowance, as is quite usual.  

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of why everything is so expensive.  We have to pay huge taxes because a sizeable proportion of our people refuse to support themselves.  We have then flooded the country with immigrants who do the jobs these same people have refused - creating a demographic time bomb. What an absolute disaster.

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A medical Doctor's legal allegation of "learning disability" -- however mild -- does not bode well for employment prospects in a competitive job market.  What the Doctor needs to do in this case is to get her off the doggy downer drugs and on an aerobic exercise program and a healthy diet, which I am sure would benefit both her body and her mind enough to empower her to overcome her disability.

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