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MainStreamMedia out of their minds

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CNN correspondent fired for giving "Nazi" salute on Twitter. Namely,

“Sieg Heil!”

Translated directly and literally into English, word-for-word except that English uses a slightly different word order than German:

"Hail Victory!"

Somehow I find that completely unobjectionable.  Does CNN find it offensive just because the language happens to be German?  Because the language is German and one hopes for victory, is this necessarily a "Nazi" salute or a salute to Adolf Hitler?

How did a generic victory salute come to be so offensive just because it happens to be in the German language?

Just because one speaks German, one is not necessarily politically or militarily aligned with other German-speaking people.

I have to admit, though, the German language is getting rather messed up.

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" --> "Do They speak German?"

Excuse me if you speak German.  I refuse to learn a language of guilt and defeat.  I do not deign to eavesdrop on you or intercept your telephone line.  Try to take your eyes off your own shoes and look me in the eye.  If you are addressing me, looking at a table of pronouns, you may address me in the subject of your sentence using a second person pronoun: "du," or if you wish to be more formal and/or inclusive of others, "ihr."

Any questions?  The other day a teenage girl addressed me as "one" in German: "Das ist eines eigen," meaning, "That is your own," (literally, "That is one's own.")

Such a manner of speaking does not inure to victory, not to mention that the Germans have difficulty distinguishing property from peculiarity.


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