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  2. And Elon Musk is a tweaker. What else the fuck did they tweak on their test tube baby in the womb? Does the baby have normal eyes, ears, and all other members? Was there some genetic editing going on? Did they get with the CRISPR baby docs while they were in China? >>> A few weeks after Elon Musk and Grimes revealed their baby's confusing name, the couple has apparently altered the unique moniker. In an Instagram comment, a fan asked Grimes if the couple changed the name of their newborn son due to California laws that require only alphabetical letters. The singer replied, confirming they did make a tweak to X Æ A-12. >>> "Did you change the baby name because of Californian laws ? What is the baby's new name?" the fan wrote on Grime's latest Instagram photo.<<<
  3. >>> Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Apr 22, 2020 / 01:30 pm MT (CNA).- The Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled on Tuesday, April 21, that it is lawful for doctors to euthanize patients with severe dementia, provided that the patient had expressed a desire to be euthanized while still legally capable of doing so.<<< >>> 41-year-old Sean Tagert was euthanized on Friday after the Canadian government cut funding for his in-home medical care. >>> Tagert, who suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), was killed by assisted suicide despite appealing to the Vancouver Coastal Health patient care quality department.<<< ???
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    Who is Jair Bolsonaro?

    President of Brazil, that is. We think he's a good guy and an asset to the right. Bolsonaro and his army have been fighting our enemies for us: * The mainstream media: Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, Laura Poitras, etc. * The Democrats, the Brazilian Mafia, the Communist Party drug cartels, Julian Assange, the Wikileaks scam, and Ecuadorean statecraft It would be a shame for Trump to ignore a potential ally from South America, at a time when we really need to be distancing ourselves from Europe for a number of other serious reasons.
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    PictoFile - Adolf Hitler Was a Jew, Four Sources

    Nobody disputes Adolf Hitler's Jewish ancestry. It's well known.
  6. Hitler Deserted the Reich in 1945 & Lit Out for Argentina - Paintings Horseplay ;)
  7. People wonder what drag is. I remember some old preachers many, many years ago would have called it drag simply because the dress is dragging on the floor. By that they meant it's an insupportable burden: faggotry in other words: a faggot is a bundle of firewood, and a person gets tired or "fagged out" from carrying it. Fatigued, perhaps. And it all comes back to the recently named Coronavirus® // COVID-19® and the newly discovered "social distancing" measures. The lady is wearing a fancy dress, such as it becomes fashionable to wear, and she's pressing civil and criminal charges in a court of law against any and all men who dare to come within six feet of her. So are all the other ladies, because it's fashionable to be a "lady of the court" and to have pressed charges against some man or another for some vain reason or another. So all the men in the district are faggots because of one woman's dress. They are permitted to relate to other men, but they are not allowed to have any contact with such vain women. That's what was meant by the "insupportable burden" of faggotry.
  8. The Khazar Plan by David Holden - Contributed by John Churchilly. Acknowledgment: To the authors and researchers on the internet who do all the hard work. Source: – All There is to Know About Zionism, Powered by Joomla! Generated: 6 September, 2007, 16:34.
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    More Ritual Jewish Killing - Jack the Ripper

    That's more than enough right there to fuck up boys and young men worse that any Jews have ever done. Are Catholics blaming the Jews for castrating their choirboys, or are the bishops playing with the pope's balls on the Holy See? Because there was that female Pope Agnes (who took the name Joanna as pope) in the ninth century, might have cut her hair too short or took confession a little too intimately and got pregnant died in childbirth in the middle of a papal procession on a route now known as Via Dolorosa in memory of her pains.
  11. Jewish Ritual Murder. Prince Albert Victor Was Jack The Ripper. Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Prince Albert Victor. Prince Albert Victor Was Jack The Ripper. Letters suggest Prince Albert Victor was Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper Most Certainly Was Prince Albert Edward Victor.
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  13. Her facial features look Vietnamese to me, if not Thai or Cambodian. They're hard-line communists, the old Vietcong. What are they doing in New Zealand? She's got that "Ho Chi Minh" stiff upper lip, pencilled eyebrows, heavy make-up, dyed hair, and theatrical dress straight out of a Harry Potter movie. There's something going on too serious for a young lady. If she's got "beauty" she's not letting us see it here. The make-up and dress are 100% theatrical. Communist Party. It's "girl next door." Theoretically (and in practice as well) anybody who wants to can dress and look like that — even a guy — and Southeast Asia has plenty of cross-dressers, transgender, transsexuals doing "drag" like that whether they're male or female. These are rich guys fronting big money for the beauty pageants, and they're going to pay her money just to dress up and stand there looking beautiful? No! She's expected to perform, for monied adult males. This ain't no school assembly to entertain the kids. In related news, Fox News, probably the last remaining "conservative" news outlet, went swimsuit edition. ht tps:// ht tps:// I'm not linking to fox news anymore. The beer-drinking gun-banning football fans are not "conservative" in my opinion. Sex-for-money and sex-on-demand for the guys leads to abortion-on-demand for the ladies and all sorts of restraining orders, no-contact orders, child support and alimony judgments, anti-harassment orders, civil protective orders, sexual harassment claims, domestic violence court, rape kits for criminal court, paternity test in civil court. Is that what these guys really want?
  15. Note: Illuminati , templars , skull and bones , masons , etc etc . they are all Satanists , they worship Lucifer or Iblis . they are common in this and they work hard to take control over the world. They do all kinds of things that God or Allah or the Creator hates (I don't mean by God Jesus , i mean the king of this world, the creator of the Heaven and Earth). They arrange orgys , Homosexual parties , drugs , children and human sacrifices. Anything that gods hates and pleases satan , they do it. This includes Rothchilds , Rockfellers and all the elite bankers and lots of leaders in the world. In return they get money , power and blessings from Lucifer. This sounds crazy , but do you own research and see the resources down in this post. Ronald Bernard, an elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry of Satanists in a series of TV interviews. Banned videos here Adam Green David Ike Victor exposes masons Not everything these poeple say in right , your job is to filter and search and use your mind not your heart.
  16. So what happened here? What is the conspiracy?
  17. >>> Amber-Lee Friis, a 2018 Miss Universe New Zealand finalist, has died, her talent agency confirmed. She was 23. >>> "Our sincere aroha and condolences to Amber-Lee's family and friends. R.I.P beautiful lady." >>> "Our sincerest condolences to the friends and whānau of Amber-lee Friis, whom we have just learned from The Talent Tree has passed away.<<< Too many "whoms" and people are full of shit on all that service of process.
  18. It's a strange phenomenon. People get into government or politics, and then all of a sudden they discover a "Jewish" connection by bloodlines or similarity of family name. There's money involved, big money, They start reading the Bible, what the Christians call the Old Testament, and then they get together in a social, communal or Communist city hall "district" with a hick-town local-yokel health authority, and they circumcise their own children and others in the flesh, even as Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon required of the ancient Jews. The ancient Jews were slaves, abhorred slavery, required rest on the Sabbath day, etc., but then "Rabbis" arose as masters or a slave-drivers. The Finns called the Rabbis "Egyptian taskmasters" because they imposed the unnecessary circumcision and denied the necessary rest on the Sabbath.
  19. The Nazis were Jews.. Hitler Was a Rothschild. Eisenhower's Death Camps. Adolf Hitler, the Mass Murdering Jew. Pink Police Gazette, Hitler Was a Jew. Hitler and All of the Top Nazis were Jews. Adolf Hitler, Frankist Jew & Founder of Israel. 11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII. Chancellor Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Adolf Hitler. Ppl should get it well understood the Holocaust was an inside job, that the non Jewish Nazis Ernst Röhm and the SA hierarchy were slaughtered in the Night of the Long Knives Massacres of June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor Jan. 31, 1933. In the video Danger Zone for Trucks in Czech Republic, driver Harry Stam takes us thru deserted towns and villages we say the former inhabitants of which were the Sudetenland Germans, whose ancestors had been sent there by usurper Catherine the Great in the 18th Century. Who were with the Volga Germans, other pockets of relocated Germans in Poland and the Gypsy ppl the principle victims of the H'caust. Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 PDF then established the bogus War on Terror, like they infiltrated Turkish politics then perpetrated the Armenian Genocide. Hitler arbitrarily declared war on the United States Dec. 11, 1941, following President Roosevelt's Declaration of War on Japan three days earlier in response to the False Flag Pearl Harbor attacks. After having declared war on France and England June 10, 1940 Benito Mussolini declared war on America on behalf of Italy on the same day as Hitler, thus between the two of them they provided the impetus for massive US and British bombing, thence ground warfare which guaranteed Germany and Italy would be the losers in WW2. Jews perpetrated genocide upon the German ppl not the other way around. This model does not deny Jews were gassed, it relies on the testimony of former WW2 RAAF Bomber Pilot Moshe Dyan Kaplan who claims to be a Pharisee, who says his Amsterdam family emerged unscathed and that the Jews who were gassed were called "Cheesies," as well he gave to understand that as far as he was concerned they were neither missed nor mourned.
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    The Free Burma Rangers >>>an army of volunteers who seek to serve in the world's most dangerous places — not by killing an enemy, but by rescuing the innocent. >>>They go where most humanitarian aid organizations will not, from the jungles of civil war-torn Myanmar to the desert killing fields of Mosul, Iraq. >>>They are the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) and their leader is a Green Beret veteran and Christian missionary. >>>"Ask anyone who follows him, they'll tell you Dave Eubank is a soldier of God," said veteran correspondent Lara Logan in the first episode of the new season of her Fox Nation series "Lara Logan Has No Agenda."<<< They're nothing but a bunch of marijuana-addled peacenik rebels and traitors who clearly would have active enemy combatants on the side of the Vietcong. These hard line militant Communists are passing themselves off as modest conservative war heroes to us in the mainstream media, now that guns are banned in the U.S. since the Act of 1968, and these left-wing militants have left the U.S. to bear arms against us, the disarmed citizenry of a once free country. The Free Burma Rangers are certainly allied with South and Central American drug lords and cartels (including Ecuador which harbored Julian Assange so many years at the embassy) in their continued violent assault on the southern border of the United States. Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and others from The Intercept make out their leftist mainstream media propaganda wing. They cannot take our firearms away and leave the country to bear arms against us, and then expect us to accolade them as heroes in the mainstream media. It's an horrific insult to the intelligence of every free man in a free nation.
  21. I don't disagree with that characterization of the Vietnam War, but that whole marijuana-addled Communist Party song and dance still does not qualify as a victory to me. The Russian Revolutionaries were on "our" [U.S.] side in WWI, because the French-speaking Russian royalty were on the side of Austria-Hungary. After the Russian royals were deposed in the Revolution, (for carrying out the Protocols of Zion,) the Russian commoners came into power with mob bosses and an official Communist Party with a powerful dictatorship of the proletariat, Khrushchev, Stalin, etc. A devastating economic Depression and Holocaust ensued, and the dictatorship of the proletariat once again saved the day by joining WWII to rescue us from the German Nazis. Who were the Nazis anyways? Were they so evil, or were they only trying to save their own skin and that of others from City Hall and the Jewish shtetls? It gets to the point I start thinking everything I ever learned in school about history was a bald faced lie.
  22. You've got it all wrong mate .. the Vietnam War was as choreographed as the First and Second World Wars, the American Civil War, the activities of Napoleon Bonaparte & Oliver Cromwell and the ongoing War on Terror. Jews did 911. History records Zionists started those conflicts to serve their own ends, Zionist atrocity perped against the Palestinian, Egyptian and Lebanese people at the height of the VN war in 1967 & 1968 went unreported while VN war news hogged the headlines. Ho Chi Minh was a willing player in the near elimination of VC infrastructure in the Southern provinces of Annam and Cochin in the 1968 Tet Offensive, while the Northerners from Tonkin hereinafter the NVA or North Vietnamese Army, refused to deploy the forces they had at their disposal.. Who later claimed to have won the war .. only used their main combat tank and infantry units at the end against the ARVN, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam conscripts who were left holding the kitty after the Yankees had gone home. If the NVA had deployed their forces when the Australian battalions were being changed over.. And HMAS Sydney was anchored in Vung Tau Harbor like it was up to three times per year for seven yrs, they would have sunk the ship and inflicted thousands of casualties which would have spelled the end of Australia's commitment to the war .. they never lifted a finger or fired a shot. The Australian base at Nui Dat was over looked by a jungle covered hill with a number of summits and saddles called Nui Dinh, It would have been small beer to locate mortar tubes and artillery to give the Australians the full Dien Ben Phu treatment, the year I was there from November 1969 not one enemy round came over the wire! NVA units failed to intercept Australian platoons that sallied forth from Nui Dat from 1965 until 1972, while the kill ratio of approximately 1,000 "enemy" per battalion per year meant the three infantry battalions in situ accounted for a total of around 24,000 Vietnamese dead. Australia's Defense Minister had in 1967 spurned the advice of a Sandhurst trained Colonel with the Australian Engineers, and allowed some twenty thousand M16 Jumping Jack Land Mines to be laid across an eleven kilometer swathe of some of the best farming and grazing land in Phuoc Tuy province. The mines were laid in daylight by the Australians allegedly there after to be located and removed by the Viet Cong after nightfall, who allegedly relaid them to cause 57% of Australia's 508 fatalities in Vietnam. The Colonel was removed from his post in Vietnam who there after took his case directly to the Australian Parliament, and was left standing alone in the rain outside of Parliament House in Canberra. Edit: The story the mines were being dug up and replanted by VC units is bullsh*t .. an Australian private from the Engineers who was sent home from Vietnam under arrest in 1969, asserted his unit was continuing to lay mines. Even after the Government had ordered the cessation of mine laying activities, and those very same mines that had been surreptitiously laid by Australians were blowing other Australians to pieces! MT in Vietnam.
  23. They Skin Children Alive & Drink Their Blood. Jewish Ritual Murder The strange parallels can be traced back to the social pathologies of ancient Babylonian Baal worship and permutations found in the pagan practice of cannibalism. Secret occult societies have followed the lead of satanic instructions found in the Jewish Kabbalah.
  24. >>>Man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery shooting video arrested, charged with murder<<< >>> The Georgia man who filmed cellphone video of Ahmaud Arbery’s fatal shooting was arrested Thursday and charged with murder in his death. >>> The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said 50-year-old William “Roddie” Bryan was arrested on charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.<<< A black man was shot to death and there's a Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Georgia! Can you believe that? The guy who took video is charged with "murder" for "shooting" the real suspect with a cell phone camera. >>>Video shows police trying to use Taser on Arbery in 2017<<< >>>Bodycam video obtained by CNN shows Glynn County Police trying to use a Taser on Ahmaud Arbery during an incident in 2017, according to a police report and police body camera video obtained by The Guardian.<<<
  25. That's FGM or Female Genital Mutilation, isn't it? Of course it's intended or philosophized to be an equivalent to the standard Male Genital Mutilation or Levitical circumcision so adamantly required, demanded, enforced, and compelled by certain Jewish "people of the district" — you must to be registered to vote and birth your kids in that peculiar Jewish manner or custom to even have Congressional representation in the United States, ever since the requirement was instituted after the U.S. defeat in the Vietnam War. The quiet fixer in Donald Trump's campaign is his son-in-law Jared Kushner I wonder if this "Cantor" Mark E. Kushner is the one who would have actually performed the ritualistic operation on Jared Kushner's son by Ivanka Trump. I don't like this at all. There are Jews on the right and Jews on the left, and they're hard at work circumcising and mutilating the genitals of baby boys and baby girls.
  26. Voat - Remember The Pontian Genocide, May 19th. Remember The Pontian Genocide, May 19th.
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  28. Africa Forum to Convene a Symposium to Address the Worsening Crisis in Cameroon. Conférence de Foumban 57 Ans Après, en Juillet 1961. The Guardian - Chad Suffers Devastating Boko Haram Attack.
  29. Matza in Damascus - The Middle East’s Blood Libel.
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