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  2. Here's the moment it happened. As state sanctioned scum punch an old woman in the stomach.
  3. Young-ass punks copping up on the police department like that are Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, "New Generation" militias in the U.S., especially in the southwest. The drug cártel has Doctors, and if you go to work as a youngster in one of their towns, and you're not a member of CJNG, you can expect to retire broke at 55 with a mental health record that will keep you unemployed for life.
  4. For a man (or adult woman) it's the Mother's Maiden Name at the bank, and somebody's after your money.
  5. Today we see them assaulting old people during a peaceful protest in London.
  6. Human Skull on Venus 1. Human Skull on Venus 2. Boat & Stone Axe on Venus. Human & Alien Life on Mars & Venus - The Evolution of Man. Data returned by the Soviet Venera program that went from 1961 to 1984 proves there were humans on planet Venus, information that has been kept under wraps. Link.
  7. >>> Alexei Navalny and his wife, Yulia Navalnaya, were pictured at the hospital in Berlin <<< I am putting this in the Immigration Forum, because I think it's some kind of gross cultural faux pas or something like that. The feminine form of a Russian family name is — as far as I know — only appropriate as a maiden name, for a girl, never married, to use the feminine form of her father's family name. If a girl grows up and leaves her parents' house without getting married right away, she will generally assu
  8. Congratulations you have done a very good job everything looks like it is back to normal
  9. Test. It looks like it doesn't work retrospectively. If you edit your post and then hit save it will work. I just did that one the Hervé Ryssen post you linked to and its now showing correctly. Ive done the same here too
  10. Yeah thanks for the reply .. the problem has persisted, none of the shots on the Mars link have loaded nor did the image and computer links on this post.. I'll take yr word for it you are gonna keep working on the problem .. good luck.
  11. I have had a look through all the settings, and it would appear that an update has turned off the following feature: I'm glad you replied to me, as the post I read on the IPB support forum implied it had been removed and was arguing for its return. But obviously that is not correct. "To claim that BBCode is deprecated and an old technology is fine, but forums are right up the same alley. People who still use forums, are people who also still use BBCode. BBCode is simple, it's like writing Markdown and everyone loves that. Suddenly taking that away from everyo
  12. Christians For Truth. In solidarity with Hervé Ryssen. Things went bad at 3:00 minutes in the video It's Just a Mask when the narrator started on with "six million ppl were exterminated in Germany." He then berates the German ppl with "97% of the population cowered to populist control," never mentioning the Zionist press were the ones beating Hitler's drum. Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews, the non Jewish Nazis Ernst Röhm and the SA were slaughtered in the Night of the Long Knives Massacres of June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor Jan. 31, 1933. Th
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  14. If there had been the Zios who took out the rest of the non Z Jews would have gassed her too. Anne Frank Hoax. Anne Frank Hoax Exposed. Anne Frank's Diary a Hoax. Anne Frank's Diary is a Fraud. Anne Frank Diary Hoax Exposed. Anne Frank Diaries, Fraud by Otto Frank. The Holocaust debate will be incomplete until ppl get it firmly in their heads that Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews. The non Jewish Nazis Ernst Röhm and the SA hierarchy were slaughtered in the Night of the Long Knives MassacresJPG of June 1934, after H was sworn in as Ge
  15. Oregon Fires Proof. DEW Weapons and the Fires. Direct Energy Weapons & California. Direct Energy Weapons - Voice To Skull. Direct Energy Weapons @ CA Fires 2020. Sept 18, 2020 DEW Weapons and the Fires. California Fires 2020 Direct Energy Weapons. Recent Fires a Result of Direct Energy Weapons. Oregon Fires a Result of Direct Energy Weaponry. California's Wildfires - Directed Energy Weapons. US Wildfires Started by Directed Energy Weapons. Talent And Phoenix Oregon Destroyed by DEW Fire. California Fires & DEW Devi
  16. I am not too happy with yr explanation, I have loaded hundreds of images on hundreds of posts on this site and they always went on ok .. [img] tags work on every other forum on the i'net why should it be different here.
  17. From what i gather, you are posting in BBCode which this forum software does not support. So things like [IMG] are just ignored. Its fully html, so for instance if I take one of your images and add it to this post. And then click on the Source button (top left of the reply box) it shows me the html it created. Which is <img alt="Whale-2-C-1281.jpg" class="ipsImage" data-ratio="93.75" height="750" src="" width="750"> It looks like people were complaining about BBCode being removed back in 2019 in
  18. Human & Alien Life on Mars & Venus - The Evolution of Man Hi .. I have had trouble with images not loading, the above post is a case in point I wonder when it will be fixed.
  19. Spirit Sol 1359. Curiosity Sol 1640. Martian Salamander. Opportunity Sol 4689. Pipe Flanges With Bolt Holes. Curiosity Sol 969. Martian Head. Opportunity Sol 3756. Steel Spear Point. Opportunity Sol 3063. Mars Snake. Opportunity Rover landing site Sol 344. Martian Crab. Opportunity Sol 985. Martian Fox. Curiosity Sol 127. Live Martian 1. Curiosity Sol 300. Live Martian 2 & Stone Head. Opportunity Sol 1682 Part 1 / Part 2. Live Martian 3. Curiosity Sol 608. Human Hand &
  20. I am from the U.S., and I believe so, too. The claims of "political dissidents" being poisoned by bizarre methods are perhaps more easily explained by Occam's Razor: an excessively "passionate" pro-marijuana pro-recreational-drug political party has no interest in telling the truth about the source and nature of the poisons or street drugs allegedly involved in some of the deaths of outspoken journalists. Joseph Stalin was of course on "our" side of WWII, but that regime suffered from Bolshevism: the hammer-and-sickle chain-gang labor-union camps under the Communist Party dictatorship of
  21. Phosphine gas was discovered as a possible signature of life on Venus. I am curious, because like phosgene, this was a poison gas used during the First World War. I have found several species of mushrooms growing in the woods where I live, some are quite deadly, and they emit large quantities of cyanide and similar related gases which can combine and react with carbon monoxide from automobile exhaust or other smoke to produce such gases.
  22. [SIZE=16px][B][URL=""]Titanic Was on Fire for Days Before It Sank![/URL][/B][/SIZE] [img][/img] [URL=""][/URL]. [quote]Titanic was on fire for days and possibly longer before sailing, a coal fire below decks was unable to be extinguished and the ship went to sea anyway, David Hill a Secretary of the British Titanic Society admits th
  23. Sorry for the recent down time. I only realised this morning that no one could log in. If you do ever notice a problem and need to contact us, then you can reach out to the staff via e-mail please use trinity@ of course at the As part of the fix, I have upgraded to the latest version too.
  24. Consider this my disclosure for the betterment of humanity. Here I present quite a lot of disclosure and history in a relatively short document. Included where possible are the instructions and citations where one may reproduce results. What I hope will be noticed: The presence of the fallen Angels (who many call extraterrestrials now) and their connections with ancient Egypt, Sumeria and the pre-Flood world. How they are associated with the Baltic Sea Anomaly. How the Baltic Sea Anomaly pertains to the Nephilim and the ancient world prior to the
  25. We believe that Vladimir Putin has been systematically breaking the back of the oligarchy during the span of his time as president and prime minister. This, naturally, has led to all sorts of slander, misinformation, sabotage from within and from outside of the country, but we have reason to believe that his goals are pro Human in the fullest sense of this word. (as, by the way, was the case with Stalin) We would suggest watching his speeches and interviews (not those that have been purposefully mistranslated or taken out of context to serve the purposes of mass media) and reading betw
  26. 130 Gigabytes of Conspiracy Videos in one Torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7AAFED26AF562AAEDBBE6B65513F1D1BCF4D1DDD&dn=Conspiracy%20Mega%20Pack& Copy the link above and paste it into your browser address bar to start the torrent. Here is a list of files included in the pack: 'I AM THE KING OF ISRAEL' - Donald Trump [Mirrored] 'Israel is the most cowardly army on earth' - Dr Norman Finkelstein 'The Scientist' - A Medical Marijuana Documentary (((survivors))) - By Alison Chabloz 102 Year Old Hear
  27. More WADA scandal.
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