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  2. Most employers first familiarize themselves with the Immigration Reform and Control Act ("IRCA") by fulfilling their obligations to complete Form I-9 for every hired employee. Form I-9 must be completed no later than three days of employment (or the first day of employment if less than three days). Failure to do so is a violation of the IRCA. The I-9 form verifies both the employee's identity and the work permit. Since employees are required to provide original documents containing this information, many employers inform employees of the required documents at the time of the job
  3. At first glance it's not quite clear why the case of the worshipful football coach was ever brought up in court. Football (i.e., American football, rugby,) or even soccer or any other such sport for that matter is not a particularly religious activity. At the same time, if the coach happens to be a religious person, no one should question his right to bow his head or offer a quiet expression of thankfulness to God.
  4. I mean like well, it sounds like professional cattle rustlers are hard at work. Veterinarians work to quash "misinformation" about SW Kansas cattle deaths >>> Video of dead cattle has gained national attention along with confirmation that at least 2,000 cattle in southwest Kansas feed lots died from heat stress. The livestock experts say though the situation is rare, it isn’t unheard of and there is no big mystery or conspiracy. What happened can scienti
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  6. 10,000 Cattle in Kansas have mysteriously died and the news wants to blame it on the heat. Between this and the food plants mysteriously burning this is obviously all planned...
  7. The Roswell Incident The Barney and Betty Hill Alien Abduction The testimonies of UFO Bob Could it all be a global version of the Jane Elliott Experiment?
  8. 31 people with ties to White nationalist group arrested for conspiracy to riot near a Pride parade in Idaho The Jewish Anti-Defamation League is involved. In other words, City Hall. People are white, they eat pork, they're sick of having their kids circumcised, etc. and the Jews are cracking down on us in America. Some sort of "Pride" parade, a man can't have a normal intercourse with a woman. Doctors screwed people up as babies. The arrests are state and local only, typic
  9. To the extent that such a "club" exists in any particular place or locality, and we're pretty sure it does, whether it's formal club or just a group of "friends" or whatever it's called or wherever they meet. We have reason to believe they do something to little girls with artificial and/or bovine growth hormone to "raise" new members, and some sort of FGM rite of "induction" when they come of age. So it's a "nightclub" of sorts where they go to have fun, maybe play bingo, do their knitting, gardening etc., where husbands, boyfriends, and significant others are specifically excluded.
  10. It's a question of medical malpractice, traditionally defended at civil or common law, to include such practices as routine "bris" circumcision of boys, female genital mutilation, mandatory extraction of wisdom teeth and tonsils, grooming and cutting hair for supposed reason of the health and hygiene of boys versus girls, rather than their own preferences when they are of age to express themselves, and involuntary mental health care for children and adults. The ancient Babylonian jurist Hammurabi punished the doctors and dentists both eyes for an eye, and five teeth for a tooth, because h
  11. This Disgusting Organization is Systemically Killing Your Loved Ones. Icke talks of "death by Government policy," empty hospitals delayed treatments & mass murder to the tune of 150,000 to 200,000 killings each year, he says "we've been lied to about the supposedly "safe and effective Covid vaccine," which has in fact taken an enormous number of lives and destroyed the health of even more." He defines murder and talks of the Government ordering vast quantities of the execution drug Midazolam and says thousands of old ppl were taken down in the spring of 2020 with a mix of t
  12. I wish these packs were seeded :(
  13. Now that I donated this service of recognition to these govocomcombitches what are they going to pay me in return for this personal sacrifice of allowing their intrusion and ruining my personal plans? How much is it worth to them because they havent paid me a penny in over ten years of sabotaging my life. I'm a service provider for ego boosting stars and power politicians (and in this case, one of the most retarded freeloading organizations to ever exist), but they expect me to work for free. Since I am expected to provide this service I expect you to pay for it. The shittiest
  14. CIA's Operation Mockingbird a precursor of US manipulation of world opinion Inside Operation Mockingbird — The CIA’s Plan To Infiltrate The Media Operation Mockingbird — The CIA’s History of Media Manipulation How the CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists to Do Its Work
  15. Who say what? This is actual mainstream media news. A real federal investigation! Anaheim federal corruption probe: Who the heck is Company A? By Teri Sforza, May 24, 2022 PAYWALLED ARTICLE. According to Google/Wikipedia, [The Sforza family] ruled the duchy of Milan from 1450 to 1535. Rising from peasant origins, the Sforzas became condottieri and used this military position to become rulers in Milan. The family governed by force, ruse, and power politics. Anaheim mayor resigns amid
  16. The structure on an administrative level would presumably be similar but the power balance is far removed and incompatable when you line up free states against those kind. Here in the US I like to think individual citizens have a special protection against socialist conspirators but the prevalence of them is sort of a fatal cancer and I fear for the patriots holding on with all their might when the infection reaches above their heads and into the top tier. In the 1950s and 1960s there was a blacklist against socialists in the US but now organizations like the CIA and FBI are run by them
  17. I was misinformed that she died some years ago. Strange.
  18. They're simply rhyming with numbers, using a specific set of numbers that probably arent so much a form of communication as they are a fun method to create an algorithm of events. What an inefficient and faulty way to communicate dont you think? Also, Ive yet to see and hear anything about a global invasion.
  19. Dramatic video. Not very informative but worth watching. You are also a head mod at other sites?
  20. And of course these sorts of observances were completely ignored during the 9/11 media pirahna frenzy. I blame the media mostly for making these conspiracies easy to carry out.
  21. I didn't know about this site or some of the other sites that were around for a long time because they never appeared in Google search but now that I'm using Swisscows search engine I'm discovering all sorts of stuff on the internet that they have been keeping from us. I started with the conspiracy stuff on ATS when I discovered that site in 2015, visiting that site for around a year and then nothing through to this last year. They changed ownership and the real conspiracy theorists are being given the big kick in the ass. Used to be a great site, not anymore. They deleted my topic and sco
  22. Kevin Ryan | Similarities of 9/11 and the Pandemic | Guns & Butter. There are a number of well worn falsehoods in Kevin Ryan's presentation in that he speaks of "three thousand dead," whereas we say the under 3000 dead line is one of the mainstay falsehoods of the entire 911 conspiracy. CNN: The 911 Death Toll is Estimated at More Than 6,000. 2:48 PM Sept. 11, 2001, Estimates of 50,000 Dead in New York. CBSNews says, "the city was only able to identify remains for about 1,600 of the victims at the World Trade Center, the medical examiner's office also collected "about 10,000
  23. Gizmodo - Looks Like the Entrance to an Alien Tomb. NASA Link 1. NASA Link 2. NASA Link.
  24. Hmmmmm, that makes more sense than anything I have heard so far.
  25. Link.. A Cruise Missile Slammed Into The Pentagon on 911 - Not a Boeing 757 driven by a crazy Moslem hijacker nor was it launched by Osama bin Laden but by Jews have infiltrated the US chain of command, Jews never showed up at work at the WTC on the day "Put Option" deals were traced to Mossad HQ in Israel MartinTimothy 5 May 2022 Thousands of Jews Absent From the WTC on the Day. Warnings to Stay Away Came Via Telephone Messages.. From the Pulpit of NY Synagogues the Friday Before.. And From the Odigo Hebrew Language Messaging Service. The under 3000 dead line is one o
  26. Your William Cooper synopsis is entirely out of date. Milton William "Bill" Cooper predicts 9/11 June 28, 2001. William Cooper Killed in Confrontation with Police. Wanted Arizona Militia Figure William Cooper Shot. Apache County Deputy Sheriff Robert Marinez Sues. Despite Bill Cooper did good work in his pre 911 tract summarized above he was not murdered, a Former Naval Intelligence op and radio host he was shot dead by Sheriff's Deputies in Eagar, Arizona Nov. 6, 2001, after he had fired first critically wounding one of their number while they were in the process of serving
  27. Boers nuthin' .. The Smiling Killer, White Wolf Barend Strydom. Great Boer hero Barend Strydom was a psychopath, witness his giggling uncontrollably from the witness box during his trial for murdering eight blacks. Video - When Zola Budd Tripped Mary Decker. No less than another Boer "hero" in the person of rushed British citizen Zola Budd nee Zola Pieterse, who received a life suspension from the IAAF. After she twice deliberately tripped crowd favorite Mary Decker, during the final of the woman's 3000 meters at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. She was running b
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