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  3. And now I'm banned from Twitter as well after starting this thread. Of all the crazy things Donald Trump says on Twitter, how can Twitter just "ban" someone for making threats no worse than anything Trump himself has tweeted? The answer must be Twitter is with Facebook, and they have decided to cater to certain a certain clientele of "adult services," and anyone who rejects or speaks out against those "services" is summarily banned. Trump will tackle the adult industry, when he gets a chance, I have no doubt. He is busy with other matters at the moment, suppressing an insurrection and rebellion against the United States taking place under color of law as it generally does. And the strategy to fight law enforcement paranoia of speech and verbal "threats" -- is now to flood them with non-credible speech of the type originally deemed by them to constitute threats. ‘Spam’ email threat evacuates Anchorage businesses and Mat-Su emergency headquarters part of a wave of similar threats sent to businesses, schools, hospitals and other places from coast to coast in the Lower 48. What a bunch of pansies, pimps, and prostitutes! Do they need a little bit of help with their spam filter, or what? Maybe they should stop surfing so much pornography on the web at work or school. Those e-mail addresses are ripe for harvest, aren't they?
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  5. Those government docs demand total gun control and the arbitrary power to impose involuntary psychiatric hospitalization. Nothing they have ever done is of any help to the survival and independence of their patients. What do they expect in return from us? Their goal is to foster a culture of lifelong dependency on medicine, and the docs do not hesitate to hold the very lives of their patients hostage in order to further their vicious political goals or extort monetary gain from relatives.
  6. Thanks for this. As to Moses. Be careful what you believe of him. Regards DL
  7. Dates favored by Satanists for human sacrifice. I know. They do that to me, too. So far they have failed, but that does not stop them from trying again.
  8. Large File .. Large File ..
  9. People read too much into such religious laws as the Jewish prohibitions on shellfish. The people longed for the fleshpots of Egypt -- the human feeding troughs from which they ate as slaves. "What can we eat? What is there to eat?" they murmured. Moses responded, "Hear, hear! Cattle walk on cloven hooves and chew the cud! Fish have fins and scales! Many kinds of birds are edible, so don't be going hungry on me!"
  10. F-16

    Coffee causes cancer?

    @Great Illuminati You posted in the wrong forum. I defected from Illuminati as a child. I was onto secrets I was not supposed to know, and those plots and conspiracies, which the older ones and higher-level initiates took great pains to conceal from me, came at last to the light of day. But now is a time of great war and inquisition into the evil practices of Illuminati. Victory is ours because we refuse to bow down before Lucifer the bearer of light who exalted his throne above the stars of heaven.
  11. Sinclair Broadcasts Defense Of Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer
  12. macoooo

    Scientists and .......!

    Iron is one of the elements highlighted in the Qur'an. In Surat al-Hadid, meaning Iron, we are informed: And We also sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind… (Qur'an, 57:25) Surat al-Hadid is the 57th in the Qur’an. The numerical value of the word “al-Hadid” in Arabic is 57. The numerical value of “hadid” on its own is 26. As can be seen from the periodic table to the side, 26 is the number of the iron atom. With the verse revealed in Surat al-Hadid Almighty Allah indicates how iron formed, and with the mathematical code contained in the verse He reveals to us a scientific miracle. All this shows that iron did not form on the Earth, but was carried from Supernovas, and was "sent down," as stated in the verse. It is clear that this fact could not have been known in the 7th century, when the Qur'an was revealed. Nevertheless, this fact is related in the Qur'an, the Word of Allah, Who encompasses all things in His infinite knowledge. Astronomy has also revealed that other elements also formed outside the Earth. In the expression "We also sent down iron" in the verse, the word "also" may well be referring to that idea. However, the fact that the verse specifically mentions iron is quite astounding, considering that these discoveries were made at the end of the 20th century. In his book Nature's Destiny, the well-known microbiologist Michael Denton emphasizes the importance of iron: Of all the metals there is none more essential to life than iron. It is the accumulation of iron in the center of a star which triggers a supernova explosion and the subsequent scattering of the vital atoms of life throughout the cosmos. It was the drawing by gravity of iron atoms to the center of the primeval earth that generated the heat which caused the initial chemical differentiation of the earth, the outgassing of the early atmosphere, and ultimately the formation of the hydrosphere. It is molten iron in the center of the earth which, acting like a gigantic dynamo, generates the earth's magnetic field, which in turn creates the Van Allen radiation belts that shield the earth's surface from destructive high-energy-penetrating cosmic radiation and preserve the crucial ozone layer from cosmic ray destruction… Without the iron atom, there would be no carbon-based life in the cosmos; no supernovae, no heating of the primitive earth, no atmosphere or hydrosphere. There would be no protective magnetic field, no Van Allen radiation belts, no ozone layer, no metal to make hemoglobin [in human blood], no metal to tame the reactivity of oxygen, and no oxidative metabolism. The intriguing and intimate relationship between life and iron, between the red color of blood and the dying of some distant star, not only indicates the relevance of metals to biology but also the biocentricity of the cosmos…41 This account clearly indicates the importance of the iron atom. The fact that particular attention is drawn to iron in the Qur'an also emphasises the importance of the element. In addition, there is another hidden truth in the Qur'an which draws attention to the importance of iron: Surat al-Hadid 25, which refers to iron, contains two rather interesting mathematical codes. "Al- Hadid" is the 57th sura in the Qur'an. The abjad of the word "Al-Hadid" in Arabic, when the numerological values of its letters are added up, is also 57. (For abjad calculations see the section on Numerological Calculations (Abjad) in the Qur'an.) The numerological value of the word "hadid" alone is 26. And 26 is the atomic number of iron. Moreover, iron oxide particles were used in a cancer treatment in recent months and positive developments were observed. A team led by Dr. Andreas Jordan, at the world famous Charité Hospital in Germany, succeeded in destroying cancer cells with this new technique developed for the treatment of cancer-magnetic fluid hyperthermia (high temperature magnetic liquid). As a result of this technique, first performed on the 26-year-old Nikolaus H., no new cancer cells were observed in the patient in the following three months. This method of treatment can be summarised as follows: 1. A liquid containing iron oxide particles is injected into the tumour by means of a special syringe. These particles spread throughout the tumour cells. This liquid consists of thousands of millions of particles, 1,000 times smaller than the red blood corpuscles, of iron oxide in 1 cm3 that can easily flow through all blood vessels.42 2. The patient is then placed in a machine with a powerful magnetic field. 3. This magnetic field, applied externally, begins to set the iron particles in the tumour in motion. During this time the temperature in the tumour containing the iron oxide particles rises by up to 45 degrees. In a few minutes the cancer cells, unable to protect themselves from the heat, are either weakened or destroyed. The tumour may then be completely eradicated with subsequent chemotherapy.43 In this treatment it is only the cancer cells that are affected by the magnetic field, since only they contain the iron oxide particles. The spread of this technique is a major development in the treatment of this potentially lethal disease. In the treatment of such a widespread disease as cancer, the use of the expression "iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind" (Qur'an, 57:25) in the Qur'an is particularly noteworthy. Indeed, in that verse, the Qur'an may be indicating the benefits of iron for human health. (Allah knows best.)
  13. katsung47

    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1051. Paradise fire was originally planed to act on 10/14 (12/8/2018) I am harassed to post in Internet. The processing become very, very slow. And frequently the computer lost connection to Internet. I think the problem is what I said in #1050 was very true that "To wipe out the witnesses, all town were ruined. The time was at 6:30 when people were asleep. To justify the high death rate they said the fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute. Since they controlled the media, I think people will never know how many people died." I now allege the Feds planed a fire to eliminate me. The fire would be done by DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) It's quick and controllable. It's evident that the targeted houses and automobiles were burned severely while nearby trees were in much better conditions. Nobody in video said they saw fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute. With that speed and high temperature (that even melted aluminium wheels of the car), the surrounding trees wouldn't survive. It could be done only by high tech. weapon. On 10/14, PG&E cut off electricity to Paradise area. I noticed it and wrote:"1044. Shut off power supply to "prevent" fire (10/20/2018)". On 11/8, they still carried it out because it was a large scale plan. They wouldn't waste what they have done. In witness' video, you can see small fire in different spot along the road. (That's why they said fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute.) And collapsed electricity wire along road too. (a pre-prepared cover up work)
  14. "World War II was a staged conflict whose purpose was German genocide and the partitioning of Europe into two camps which played scripted roles as mortal enemies! Eisenhower's Death Camps. The Murder of General Patton. Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Adolf Hitler.
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  16. The co pilot's gung ho handling of the aircraft was blamed when it caught fire and broke up over Texas Sept. 11, 1991 - Co pilots were blamed for numerous other air disasters, many of which took place on dates allegedly favored by Satanists for human sacrifice I do not see how the loss of a strip of metal off of the horizontal stabilizer which was blamed for the crash, could cause the plane to be on fire or to break up in flight. Witnesses said shortly after 10 am they heard an explosion that apparently ripped the left wing and engine from the Brazilian built twin engine turboprop, they said the mangled plane burst into flames and plunged into a cornfield. The allegedly recorded banter between Ground Control, First Office Rodosovich and Pilot Captain Patridge is unsafe, particularly the alleged line from Rodosovich at 2:44 "pushin' this descent makin' like the Space Shuttle," which is way too cute. As well co pilots were blamed for the following disasters.. EgyptAir Flight 990 that went into the sea Oct. 31, 1999. The crash of Colgan Flt 3497 Feb. 12, 2009. The failure of Richard Branson's Spaceship 2, Oct. 31, 2014. The Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster of Mar. 24, 2015. The crash of Cessna 172, Mar. 21, 2016 in Australia.
  17. Swedish Medical Center. On U.S. soil. Unfortunately it is not the truth. There is no such thing as a brain-eating amoeba. It's a combination of medical malpractice, gullibility, and prejudice against India. It's a neti pot. You rinse out your sinuses with it. Just like those rubber squeeze bulbs for rinsing out a baby's nose or ears, but it's made of porcelain for adults.
  18. F-16

    Pearl Harbor Update .. There Were No Japanese Planes

    The Israeli government has an endemic public corruption problem that has been deeply worsening over time. There is an undeniable if paradoxical alliance between extreme Zionism and extreme Nazism, along with the corporate-statist fascism for which Benito Mussolini was notorious. It's nationalism, Jewish, German, etc. People are extremely proud of who they are, and they are shaking hands. Japanese imperialism was defeated in WWII, but it has been replaced by an Italian-style fascism. There is a certain pan-Asian police state that ties Japan into Interpol, China, and North Korea. War was breaking out in Europe at that time, and it was inevitable that the United States should become involved. At the same time, Pearl Harbor was a "false flag" to a certain extent. The U.S. military could have headed off those planes, and it would have been just another cover-up. But we had to let the people see, and show for them, that the Japanese really were going to bomb U.S. soil if we did not stop them. Essentially we had to catch them in the act and actually suffer and experience the casualties and damages they inflicted on us as witness to an overt act of war before Congress.
  19. Martin Timothy

    More Martian Boats ..
  20. Zionist Jews engineer False Flag incidents to start wars then sell armaments to both sides paid for by credit supplied by Zionist banking houses, on paper signed by their political stooges which forever indemnify their nation's treasuries with interest payments. The FF September 1931 Mukden Incident Leading to the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria. The FF August 1939 Gleiwitz Incident the German Invasion of Poland and the Start of WW2. The FF August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident Leading America into the Vietnam War.
  21. F-16

    The Anchorage earthquake 11/30/2018

    The aftershocks are continuing, and like the original earthquake, are worse at low tide. Low tide in Anchorage occurs somewhat paradoxically when the moon is overhead or underfoot, and high tide occurs around moonrise and moonset, when the gravitational field on the surface of the Earth is strongest. Anchorage tides usually run about 30 feet on average. The weight of that vast quantity of water in the Cook Inlet, in synchrony with the tidal variation of strength of the earth's gravitational field, massages the tectonic plate under the seabed, and the water itself lubricates the subduction zone, especially when it seeps in toward the magma, and steams and softens the soil. Great forces from the entire seabed of the Pacific Ocean and the whole continents of North America and Asia converge in the area to cause the earthquakes here in a zone of relatively easy slippage. There is a continuing vibration on a cycle of about 1/2 or 3/4 second, and sometimes a swaying on a period of 2-3 seconds like sea swells. Cupboards and doors rattle constantly, and another quake with its own aftershocks hits every day at noon or in the middle of the night or in the morning.
  22. "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish," Einstein writes. Einstein is not wrong, even from a religious point of view. The word "God" does imply a humble and child-like faith on the part of humans, and a confession of human weakness to believe in the Omnipotent. Einstein is not finding fault with the Bible. Certainly not when he calls it "honorable." And when he says "Bible" in German, I don't think he's finding fault with the New Testament or Christianity, either. Just remember, Einstein was Jewish, and the German (or even English) word for "God" was consequently a little bit foreign to him, and there may be some awkwardness to the translation.
  23. Martin Timothy

    Did The British Government Plan The London Bombings?

    London 7/7 Israeli Security Implicated. Hard Proof Israel Did London 7/7. 7/7 London Attack False Flag, Israeli Foreknowledge. Israeli & Mossad Connection to 9/11 and London 7/7 Bombings. 7/7 London Bombs, Irrefutable Zionist Inspired False Flag. Mossad in Charge of London Bus Security on 7/7. Moslems Oppose Suicide Bombings in Britain & Israel. Israel, Mossad & MI6 Perped the 7/7 London Bombings.
  24. Claim: Hate crimes against Jews in Canada have spiked 60 percent since last year, making them the most targeted minority group in the country for the second straight year. I call bullsh*t .. Jews Arrested Over Swastika Graffiti on Synagogues. Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate. Jew Spray Paints Swastikas on his Own Home. Jew Arrested After Posting Swastikas. Jew Caught Spray Painting Swastikas. Israeli Teenager Who Threatened Jewish Community Centers Indicted. Israeli Indicted for Hate Crimes Against Jews. Bogus Hate Crimes & Politically Charged Fictitious Horrors. Jews Commit AntiSemitic Hate Crimes on Themselves. Jew Painted Swastikas on Her Own Door then Cried AntiSemitism . 60,000 Jews were absent from the WTC Towers on 911 after warnings were distributed via text messages, by the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service and from the pulpit of New York synagogues the Friday before, who watched the immolation of their co workers on live television .. that is a good enough reason to hate Jews. Link. Joe Cocker - Cry Me a River
  25. Jared Corey Kushner, the husband of President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and senior advisor to the President of the United States, has received La Orden Mexicana del Águila Azteca, i.e., the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest order bestowed by Mexico on non-citizens. Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution: No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State. An emolument is in a figurative sense an emollient or ointment representing a noble title or royal privilege, as ointments and oils were very precious in those days. As for example Jesus, who was said to be "the Anointed One" or in Hebrew "the Messiah" or in Greek "the Christ" [Matthew 26:6-7; Mark 14:3; Luke 7:37-38; John 12:3]. Of course there may be some consideration of monetary value to it, but an emolument is precisely the kind of honor Kushner accepted from Mexico in defiance of the Constitution of the United States and his office of trust.
  26. macoooo

    Scientists and .......!

    20 - The Almighty said: (and I have created man from a quintessence of clay * Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed * then created sperm into a clot the clot into bones and clothed the bones with flesh, then we produced it another best of creators) believers, 11-13, And the Almighty said: (O people, if you are in doubt of the expedition then we have created you from dust, then from a sperm and then from a clot, then from the reconstructed embryo, and unformed to show you) Hajj 5: - From the previous verses it is clear that the creation of man is in phases as follows: 1 - Soil: The evidence for that, and that all the mineral elements and organic composition and the human body found in soil and mud and the second guide that will become dust after his death no different from the soil in anything. 2 - sperm: and that is not honoring the wall of the egg and the resulting fertilized egg (sperm gamete), which incite divisions phones that make sperm gametes grow and multiply so that the embryo of an integrated, as He says: (Verily We created man from a sperm gametes) Rights 2. 3 - leech: After the cell divisions that occur in the fertilized egg shaped cluster of cells similar in form micro-berry fruit (clot) which is characterized by its ability to hung on the wall of the uterus to draw the necessary food from the blood vessels in it. 4 - embryo: Taatkhalq cells of the embryo to give the limb buds and the members and organs of the body different is composed if cells reconstructed the membranes surrounding Balamadgp (membrane placental as well as villi that will become the salvation of later), they cells unformed, and under study microscopic indicate that the fetus at the stage of the embryo seems like a piece of meat or chewed gum and teeth and marked Odharas Madgp. Not confirm this verse: (from the embryo, synthetic and non-synthetic) Was Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace Device (ECHO) has defined through this fact?! 5 - The advent of bone: scientifically proven that the bones begin to appear at the end of the embryo stage and this coincides with the order in which said verse (Fajlguena lump bones). 6 - Apparel bone meat: I have proved that modern embryology muscle (meat) to be formed, the bones a few weeks, and clothing associated muscle acidifies the skin of the fetus and this fully agrees with him: (and clothed the bones with flesh). When supervised by the seventh week of pregnancy, stages of completion are creating the fetus has ended and became a form akin to unborn baby and needs some time to grow and complete its growth and its length and weight and take a question that has known. And now: Is it possible for Mohammed Mohammed may Allah bless him and grant him peace to make this medical information and had lived in an era where there is ignorance and backwardness??? I've looked these verses of the great conference miracle medical VII of the Koran in 1982 and what the world heard of Thai (Tajmas) specialized knowledge of the embryos in those verses even announced immediately and without hesitation that there is no god but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of God, also attended the conference, Prof. famous ( Keith Moore) is a senior professor of American and Canadian universities and said (it is impossible to be a prophet knew all these minute details on the stages of creating a perception of the fetus and of itself, and must have been in contact with the senior scientist briefed on the various sciences, not and is God) and has announced his conversion to Islam at the conference held in 1983 and line Qur'an and miracles in Arabic in the university's famous book, taught to medical students in the faculties of America and Canada.
  27. F-16

    San Francisco Mayor's death

    The wood framing of houses in that climate becomes tinder dry, and they were evidently skimpy with such common-sense measures as gypsum wallboard and active fire suppression (water sprinklers) for such overbuilt mansions on tiny city lots. Some of them even have cedar or redwood shake roofs so highly flammable that that can easily catch fire from one small spark. Fire often does "flash over" kindling-dry wood-framed houses like that, whereas living trees have roots to draw moisture from the earth and bark to resist fire.
  28. The Screwtape Letters. A Clockwork Orange. The thing about Trump is that he's so Christian that he's not even Christian anymore. Not with his daughter's Jewish husband and that damned "circumcision" of his grandson. And that shadowy Catholic Advisory Panel of his from the campaign. They impose a peculiar, wicked, and cruel Jewish ordinance on the entire Christian religion, which has for two thousand years explicitly, soundly, and unceasingly condemned and rejected it, and they make a complete mockery of the separation of church and state.
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