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  2. Ronald Lee Haskell Sentenced to Death for Murder in Texas - Despite the demeanor of the chief prosecution witness, how was he able to hold five children and two adults at gunpoint and "tie them up?" Texas Teen Who Witnessed Murder of Her Family Speaks at Memorial. Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. Murdock Review, Houston Shooting Hoax. Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. The Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Deception. Worst Zionist Setup Shooting in American History - Cassidy Stay. Solid Evidence the July 9, 2014 Houston Shooting Was a Hoax and a Setup.
  3. jayiniowa

    baltimore police have the use of a demon

    This is very intriguing. Do you have anything you can show us or any way for skeptics to verify what your saying?
  4. r_burgeson

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    So good I saved the page.
  5. r_burgeson

    LED lights

    You may be aware of LED grow lights. Might know the blue lights in homes everywhere are suspected of damaging eyes. There is no reason that they cannot produce full spectrum lighting with LEDs. Matter of fact they can produce a sun bulb with a little effort. Be aware that sunlight bulbs have been produced for years in fluorescent lighting. They know and can synthesize the light from the sun when the atmosphere was healthy and the suns output was optimal for life to flourish and this planet. They have all this data and there is no excuse not to use it.
  6. Brisbane, Abandoned Dry Dock.
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  8. Yacht Fiona Challenges the Northwest Passage, August 2009. YouTube - Simpson Strait. An iceberg dwarfs Amundsen's ship Gjøa in the Northwest Passage. Amundsen and the Crew of the Gjøa. Map showing the route of Amundsen's voyage. Google Maps - Pack Ice at the Eastern End of Simpson Strait 2019. Simpson Strait Marine Chart. Link, Graphic Images. NorthWest Passage. Video.
  9. Martin Timothy

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg Proclaimed "Successor of Christ." Swedish Archbishop Says Greta is Like an Old Testament Prophet. Greta Thunberg Says She Can "See" Carbon Dioxide in the Air. St Greta of Thunberg, Her Gospel is Pure Propaganda; Her Cause is Evil.
  10. Martin Timothy

    US Outrage in Afghanistan, Dozens Dead - The Cause For War!

    Deja vu .. Photo: Noor Mohammad, AFP/Getty Images. Tojo Hideki Executed.
  11. Rome's First Triumvirate. The Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC.
  12. r_burgeson

    US Outrage in Afghanistan, Dozens Dead - The Cause For War!

    The deep state and shadow government get everything out of an action they can. Listing the lucrative that cost 3000 lives and the suffering of many. Missing 2.3 trillion dollars War with several countries Air travel company stocks insurance fraud Poppy fields illegal stock trading Huge bank hiest Way to cause destruction to the Constitution Appease oil cartels Shore up the dollar Get the UN to deploy on the Russian border cover up crimes under investigation Well this is the main ones. There are small ones like moving some innocents into a blackmail able position. Further the reach of the pay to play system. Let's just say they really got their bang for the buck
  13. r_burgeson

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Yes they admit publicly both Soros and Gates fund Chemtrails. Just wish we knew how many HAARP like devices they have now. It's not hard to imagine many other countries have developed programs. Remember the videos that showed energy broadcasts from Antarctica? I can't prove it but, Katrina was likely a ship to shore weapons test. Hurricanes do not sit still. Their weather front is so large and the pressure differences so great they take a path of least resistance. There is always a path of least resistance. Now we have had a second hurricane that sat still. How many of these are they going to fly over peoples heads before people awaken?
  14. Temperature Fluctuations in Greenland and the Arctic. Large File. Thorvald Eiriksson - Þorvaldr Eiríksson. The Saga of Thorvald Eriksson. IEC Rasmussen - Sommernat under den Grønlandske Kyst circa Aar 1000.
  15. Nancy Pelosi Announces Official Impeachment Inquiry. Update..
  16. Martin Timothy

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Is There an Ulterior Motive Behind Teenager Greta Thunberg's Climate Activism -
  17. Not surprising, the modern education system does not deal with reality or teach the use of common sense. Then the government steps in and tries to force the rhetoric of children so confused they do not know what sex they are unto the older educated mass as words we should live by. Children should be listening to adults and not the other way around.
  18. They interpret laws to suit their agendas too. Did you notice that a federal court ruled it was constitutional for cops to steal assets under the forfeiture law? This amounts to highway robbery and the Constitution says you are to be secure in you person. The real truth about Constitutional right are being bashed daily.
  19. These theories are turning out to be facts so fast I can't keep up right now. All these documents to read. Warp drive, Dark energy, and Dimensional ---, I'm still busy looking over the variables for dimensional math. It seems like there are some variables missing and a couple that have little sway on the outcome. The formulas they give in the document are easy to work but, I have been using a free calculus program that was written for XP. I would like to question the math they derived these equations from. Just checking it out for disinformation's sake.
  20. r_burgeson

    What are they up to?

    Right now is the biggest war to watch between the Rothschilds and the Rockafellers. Best case scenario is they both are defeated. I am watching more manipulation of gold now than before. It's a bubble, tons of gold sold on paper that does not exist. That is all the proof you need, creating a demand to jack the price. All those people saying gold will go through the roof. They have people running from a bubble after another. You can put some into commodities, everyone can't put it all into one commodity. There are many rare metals. Some with industrial uses that will always be in demand. Lithium and Tantalum to name 2.
  21. r_burgeson

    Some people are getting it

    Business is not finished, I have to go back. Somethings you should have noticed. If you can see it there is a figure standing behind the buffalo, not doing the X-rated stuff for you on purpose. Let's get this on it's side! In the top left corner there is a face that the small figure has it's hand on the nose of. It is on another layer from the small one.I really hope you see it. Remember you can see through the highlights. I am hiding nothing, look the original over. There is a body for every head on the picture above also. Sorry had to decrease the size to post. ZOOOM in!
  22. US Drone Massacres Dozens of Afghan Farmers as They Slept.
  23. bicyclehazard

    The six sigma conspiracy

    I belong to a club that is slightly above the plus 3 sigma level. It seems business considers me defective.
  24. bicyclehazard

    The plan to control the roads.

    Most people who travel long distances use the interstates. So they don't realize alternate routes are being shut down or allowed to decay. This is illegal. One of the laws is Title 23 section 109m United States Code. The Secretary shall not approve any project or take any regulatory action under this title that will result in the severance of an existing major route or have significant adverse impact on the safety for nonmotorized transportation traffic and light motorcycles, unless such project or regulatory action provides for a reasonable alternate route or such a route exists. I attempted to cross Arizona along interstate 10 with out actually using interstate 10 and was unable to do so. It looks like the roads go through but they are blocked with cyclone fences. These fences were put in place by the Department of Homeland Security to force all traffic through their interstate checkpoints. Cyclist have won the right to use the interstate but pedestrians are still banned. Homeland Security does not have the authority to violate federal law. One other place I was unable to get through is Cumberland Gap National Park. A tunnel has been built under the park and the original road has been destroyed. I read the act of congress that authorized this. It ordered the park director to provide adequate roads for traffic. Under federal law traffic includes non motorized traffic and motorized farm equipment which is prohibited in the tunnel. I have found such problems in every state I have visited. I think what Homeland Security is doing on interstate 10 will eventually be done all over the United States.
  25. The middle east is like hell. Much better to leave it alone and let it contain all the demons than let them escape. Did we not learn that from Iraq?
  26. Twitter. Iran Denies Involvement in Saudi Attacks. Yemen's War is a Mercenary Heaven, Israelis Reap the Profits. Saudi Oil Attacks - Iran Rejects US Accusation.
  27. We are an open minded work group looking to collect interviews and personal recollections from a wide range of people living and working within the UK, who have have an alternative view point on many of the worlds issues. This is for a literary project we are currently working on regarding people who believe in conspiracy theories, no matter how big or small, and how these beliefs have developed over time and how they effect their day to day lives. We aim to conduct interviews in person in the not so distance future, however we are open to other methods of communication. All persons who come forward will be given total anonymity if they choose to participate and are selected for the project, and all contributions are voluntary. If you are interested in participating, or know anyone who could be, please do no hesitate to contact us at
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