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    The crime-scene DNA scam

    The unexamined rape kits: The DNA cheek swabs for even the most minor infractions allegedly committed by men. The computer databases of men's DNA maintained by police and various law enforcement and crime-fighting organizations. The "expert witnesses," exempt from the usual rules of subpoena, who are paid to appear in court, and not required to reveal the particulars of their proprietary methods. The ladies of the street who feel sexually harassed and dig in men's shorts at law for DNA samples. The sperm banks, the paternity suits, the demands of strange women at law for alimony and child support, etc. The DNA "match sites" attested in court, slyly likened to internet dating "match sites," subtly implying to the jury that the defendant may have visited such sites on the Internet. The "odds" reported so many million to one, as if the ladies were playing BINGO at Finn Hall. The "witnesses" who so conveniently "come forward" to accuse these men when the ladies check their horoscope after completing the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. The innocent women who get no justice when they are raped because of a system that punishes innocent men and shields the guilty. The 93% percent of U.S. prisoners who are men, and the Delilah-like lust to put the man, that man, any man, all men, in prison. 7et s'il a délivré le juste Lot, profondément attristé de la conduite de ces hommes sans frein dans leur dissolution
  3. Alaska's Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott abruptly resigned yesterday over unspecified "inappropriate comments" according to multiple news reports which are very scanty on details. Google, the monopoly search engine for the World Wide Web on the Internet, is complicit in a cover-up of sorts. A search returns the following disclaimer. Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more Some results may have been delisted consistent with local information law. Learn more Mallott was the Democratic Party running mate to an incumbent Independent candidate for Alaska's upcoming gubernatorial election this November. Other than the election, this is about the time of the usual PFD / HALLOWEEN DRUG-AND-ALCOHOL PARTY. There is currently reported a staffing crisis of sorts at the Anchorage Correctional Complex (jail) and the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. The Anchorage Daily News reports that many psychiatric patients are in jail awaiting mental health care. I suspect that many of them, with few other sources of income than the once-a-year "windfall" Permanent Fund Dividend, are high on drugs and seeking medication on a more "legal" prescription basis, as well as additional cash benefits to use for alcohol and marijuana. Drug addiction is being "treated" coercively as a mental illness right alongside homosexuality and gender identity disorder. The Democratic Party is becoming characterized by a marked tolerance for street drugs, as well as a secret or hidden seething hatred for LGBT minorities. The cutting circumcision of innocent children betrays the open arms of these "liberal" politicians.
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    No God. Cremation. Ashes. Published after his death and the destruction of his mortal remains by earthly fire. "There is no God." Stephen Hawking's final book. He wrote too much about God while he was alive for us to consider him an atheist. There is an old pagan (Roman?Wiccan? Satanic?) superstition that burning the body sends the soul into hell. They did this to Christians in the days of persecution from Jesus' death until the emperor Constantine gave the Roman Empire's blessing to the Catholic Church, and Christianity finally became religio licita in Rome after 300 years of persecution. Hawking was too much the thinker, and although his body was bound by mortal affliction, his mind was free, and I suspect that his freedom of thought and expression enraged a certain Romish hierarchy which has slid back from Christianity to the old Roman paganism, whereby the former Christians were so cruelly and mercilessly tortured, racked, punished, and burned to their death for their faith. Even the thought that Hawking once would have expressed, "If there is a God ..." how he longed to meet his Maker, and never doubted that that would be a joyous meeting. But not for his mortal, crippled, wheelchair-bound body, no, not for that body was there to be a God. That was only dust, and returned to dust. But a new body, like Christ's body, not that in which He was crucified, but like that in which He shall come in His glory.
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    Body modification cults

    Jewish circumcision is the big one. The Finns don't believe that circumcision is Jewish at all. They believe it was a sign of slavery or sexual bondage imposed on the Jews from without, namely from Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon. The epitome of evil, in the reading of the Revelation of St. John. Abraham was hanging out with a bad crowd, even going to war on behalf of the King of Sodom, where his nephew Lot was living, etc. when he ended up circumcising himself. The Egyptians of course enforced the law of circumcision against the Jews to mark them as slaves, and even the Scriptural references on the subject are almost suspect or carefully veiled inasmuch as the holy writings themselves would have survived the Babylonian captivity unaltered. The other body modification cults are usually body piercings or tattoos of some sort. Hindu women often pierce their noses (usually in the left nostril) as well as their ears. Something to do with the Hindu religion, but not entirely clear to me. Street gangs cultivate a "service" or following even to the point of a religious worship or cult, and they have various distinctive marks or tattoos, which may be permitted, required, or forbidden under unwritten rules. People (especially men) have a lot more tattoos than they used to, say 50-100 years ago. Not always clear it's a religion as such, but it must be really important or significant to people to mark themselves permanently with such symbology. The body piercings seem slightly more popular among women than men. It might be that girls who often already have their ears pierced feel more comfortable than guys piercing other body parts, not just the ear or nose, but lips, eyebrows, or tongues. The tongue piercing is sort of a lesbian thing, but some of the others do have a religious or Satanic cult significance, and it's not always clear where that verges off from a girl's or woman's desire to be pretty or attractive by wearing something shiny or eye-catching, which is something guys almost tend to avoid in general.
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    San Francisco Mayor's death

    Japanese imperialism was defeated in WWII, but it has in the mean time given way to a corporatism even less noble than the former Shogun imperialism. The Japanese corporate economy is depressed, as it has been since the 1990s, and if I am reading your comments right, the U.S. and Russia are competing to seek and extract economic rents from Japan. In other words, Japan has lost its economic sovereignty, and is in a certain sense compelled to "serve" other nations without receiving a fair market value for "services" rendered. (Japanese "geisha" syndrome.) At the same time Japan is more or less locked out of the "goods" market, as the U.S. itself is. These conditions are not particularly conducive of world peace.
  8. There is a certain mindset of "nationalism" in Israel which allies itself all too well with the old Axis of WWII. The forced deportation of Jews from Europe and their "return" to Israel went hand in hand as the lower-rank soldiers were viciously and cynically pitted one side of the war against the other. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were brutal dictators who forced poorer or less politically powerful Jews into concentration camps and gulags on both sides of the war. Of course, not all their victims were Jews. LGBT and other minorities, those with certain disabilities or birth anomalies were especially singled out in those dictators' great purge. Once again, we are experiencing the same today in America. We never got over WWII.
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    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1043. My wife's Middle East tour and Idlib war (10/13/2018) In early September, the web site were full of news that there would be a last battle in Idlib to unify Syria. (quote)Syria’s last battle No one can stop the coming bloodbath in Idlib. The Syrian army is massing to take the last rebel stronghold. The West cannot do much to curb the carnage Sep 6th 2018 Then came a news that Russia and Syria stop the assault in Idlib and create a demilitarized zone there. The Chinese sites all say that the assault will re-start on Oct 15. (quote)Turkey and Russia to create buffer zone in rebel-held Syrian province By Hande Atay Alam, Emma Burrows and Kara Fox, CNN September 18, 2018 (CNN)Russia and Turkey have agreed to create a demilitarized zone in Syria's Idlib province, potentially thwarting a large-scale military operation and impending humanitarian disaster in the country's last rebel stronghold. ...... The zone, which will be patrolled by Turkish and Russian military units, will become operational from October 15. That's the time when my wife told me she would go for a Mid-East tour on Oct.14. It seems the Feds delayed a battle for a murder case. My wife will go to an area with battle field. For decades, I don't believe coincidence anymore. Kat Sung and his family are the murder targets of the Feds. (see last message #1042) The major players of Syria war are Russia and Turkey. Behind them is US. Reference: 941. Payment to Russia for hacking in US election (1/4/2017) Of course, Russia won't do it for free. There must be a secret deal between the intelligence of the two countries. We outsiders can only see it from some facts. The secret deal: Hacked email were handed to Wikileaks to issue to hit Hillary Clinton. The payment of secret deal: 1. Aleppo falls (or "liberated" from Russia side) on 12/15. Resistance and civil withdraw from East Aleppo by bus. Five years fight ends. A big victory for Russia and its allies. 2. Economic interest. (quote) Japan pledges 300 bil. yen economic package at Abe-Putin summit December 17, 2016 The total value of Japan's contribution in investment and loans, including through agreements between private sector firms, is around 300 billion yen ($2.54 billion), Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kotaro Nogami said after the leaders' summit. Copyright (/quote) Putin dismissed the notion that he was only interested in getting economic benefits from Japan. "If anyone thinks we’re interested only in developing economic links and a peace deal is of secondary importance, that’s not the case," he told the same news conference. That's all for the controversial islands. He went Japan just for those business deals. You may say that's something between Russia and Japan. The Truth is Japan is the pocket slave of the US. If you still remember Trump claims credit for $50 billion investment by Japanese firm and 7 billion from a Taiwan firm. They were puppet nations that have to pay their defense share that Trump demands. Include that payment to Russia for the US sake.
  11. Gender, # of Inmates // % Female: 12,692 prisoners // 7.0% Male: 168,610 prisoners // 93.0% TRANSGENDER INMATES. There is a Special Housing Unit for Administrative Detention and Disciplinary Segregation of transgender inmates. Male by male birth male sex only. Bend over and take it in the butt.
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    Scientists and .......!

    "Ibraheem" was told to cast out the bondwoman and her son ("Ismail"). Sarah was by law a free woman and could have divorced him for keeping that other woman. However, she did not, because she loved her husband. Now Ismail was not much of a drinker, and neither was his mother, it seems. It's almost like he was "dying of thirst" drinking muddy water from an oasis in the desert, and he wouldn't grow up and have a beer or a glass of wine like a real man. He was said to be a mighty hunter, too, almost like he was sober enough to hit the mark with his arrow. And God promised that his children and descendants would become a mighty nation.
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    Scientists and .......!

    12 - The Almighty said: (and we send the winds fertilizing) Al-Hijr 22: - And this is proven by modern science as the benefits of wind they carry the pollen grains to pollinate the flowers that will later bear fruit, it is told Muhammad, peace be upon him, and that the wind is inoculated flowers? Is not that evidence that this Qur'aan is the word of God??? 13 - The Almighty said: (more mature skin Bdlnahm skins to taste the punishment) of women 56: - And modern science has proven that the particles competent physical pain and heat are present in the skin layer alone, and with that the skin will burn with what is beneath the muscles, etc., but the Koran does not mention it because the pain is specific to the skin layer alone. It is told Muhammad to this medical information? Is not God?? 14 - The Almighty said: (or Kzlmat in a dark place fraught with waves topped by waves, topped by clouds of darkness on each other if they are removed his hand was barely sees and of God did not make him light his final abode of light) the light 40: - Could not ancient man to dive more than 15 meters because it was unable to survive without breathing more than two minutes and because the veins of his body would explode from the pressure of the water and after that there submarines in the twentieth century, scientists found that the seabed very dark and discovered that each sea Xie two layers of water, the first is very deep and dark and covered by the waves very moving and another layer surface and is also a dark and covered by waves that we see on the surface of the sea, and was surprised the American world (Hill) of the greatness of the Quran and raised eyebrows when it was discussed with the miracle found in the second half of the verse he says: (the darkness of clouds on each other if they are removed his hand was barely seen) and said that such a cloud has not witnessed the Arabian Peninsula and this never bright weather does not occur only in North America, Russia and the States Scandinavian near the pole, and which were not discovered days of Mohammed may Allah bless him and grant him peace and must be the Holy Word of God. 15 - The Almighty said: (* Romans have been defeated in the lowest land) Romans 2-3: - The minimum land: spot lower on the surface of the earth and have overcome the Romans in Palestine near the Dead Sea, and when he discussed this verse with the geologist famous (Palmer) in the international scientific conference held in Riyadh in 1979 denied this immediately and announced to the world that there many places on the Earth's surface is lower asked scientists to make sure of his information, and to review the geographical Mkttanh surprised the world (Palmer) map of maps showing topography of Palestine and has been traced by the thick arrow points to the Dead Sea area and has written at its peak (the lowest spot on Earth's surface) were perplexed Professor and declared his admiration and appreciation, and stressed that this Quran must be the word of God.
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    Can a wolf be a pet like a dog?

    I was downtown in a large city, and a man was walking an animal that looked exactly like a full-blooded female gray wolf, just like a dog. Another man nearby was walking a large male bulldog. The wolf was sniffing at the bulldog, obviously quite interested in a friendly way, but the bulldog and his owner were both rather intimidated by the wolf. I was quite curious about the wolf, and I wondered if she would let me pet her. I walked up to her and knelt down, and she immediately jumped up on me with her paws on my shoulders, broke into a huge wolfish grin, and rubbed her soft wet nose in my face. I could not resist grinning myself, and when I did so, the wolf immediately relaxed and wiggled her ears at me, let me scratch behind her ears, and then lay down and let me rub her belly. People tell me that a dog is not that different from a wolf. Do not trust a dog or a pack of dogs not to turn on you, especially when you live alone or in a remote area, and on the contrary, do not read too much aggression into the behavior of a wolf that might be neutral or friendly to humans. Wolves are highly intelligent, and know that they will likely be hunted down and killed if they are found to have mauled or killed a human.
  15. They range from police unions to GEICO. GEICO = Government Employees Insurance COmpany. Fender bender? Dude, you totaled my car with your government plates. Forget it. Government employees are public servants. They are already in a position of power and cannot be allowed to unionize and terrorize the civilian population outside their official duties. The Thrift Savings Plan retirement accounts? Government union mob bosses are right up there voting shares of Fortune 500 company on behalf of the index funds in the retirement plans they manage for union government employees, which right they took away from the general public, because SEC refuses to enforce the laws which allow individual investors to vote their shares of stock. SEC wants Congressional appropriation for more funding to enforce federal law on wealthy white-collar crooks against whom they refuse to pursue fines and monetary judgments. It's a revolving door, and a gentleman can't go after another gentleman's pocketbook, so they all gang up on Martha Stewart, even though she's small potatoes compared to men's money.
  16. Pasteurization? Louis Pasteur is old. He died a long time ago. And he never changed the basic fact that milk spoils. Cooked milk does not taste as good as fresh milk. The pasteurization process causes a chemical change to the milk almost identical to the initial stages of bacterial spoilage. Consumers used to the taste of pasteurized milk are less likely to notice or complain of slight spoilage. Homogenization? The homosexualization of milk is unnatural and disgusting. An udder is not a scrotum, and a teat is not a penis. Those guys get charged by a bull because they have a filthy red bandanna hanging out their back pocket. Cream is lighter than milk and rises naturally to the top. I don't mind real butter on my biscuits, or real dairy cream in my coffee or on my hot cereal, but I really don't care to drink milk unless it is SKIM milk. Over-processed corn. Non-dairy coffee creamer? Corn syrup solids? High fructose corn syrup? The super-sweet GMO hybrid varieties of candy corn which the farmers plant nowadays? It's a disgustingly unnatural oversweetened form of sugar grown from varieties of corn otherwise devoid of taste and nutrition. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Neither. A grain? Nice try, but not really. Throw it off the table and slop the pigs. It is just not healthy for the children. A hog's digestive system is much better suited than a human child's to extract nutrition from such trash. Corn-based ethanol for fuel? Nope. It's bad for the engine and causes fuel efficiency to suffer. Ethanol is plain old drinking alcohol, those damn farmers are brewing it to beat the band, and it inevitably ends up in our beverages and food where it ought not to be. That HFCS business is a giant out-of-control distillery, and we really need to revoke their liquor license. That is the real problem with High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is a by-product of partially fermented corn mash intended for brewing and distillation into whiskey, but too poor quality for whiskey, so it is sneaked into children's food and parents' automobile gas tanks. A couple shots of cheap whiskey and raw oysters on the bar? Just no moderation to this stuff at all. They brew and distill so much of it that you've got to fill your gas tank with it, that is, if you're still sober enough to drive. No, it's gone too far. Gotta admit there's a problem, and it's time for one of those 12-step programs or something like that. Congress drank a little too much Kentucky bourbon, and they're trying to pay their bar tab by passing farm subsidies, but it just doesn't pass the people's accounting of what's fair, just, and right.
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    Finnish superstition of fire

    To "start" a fire. That is never said in Finnish. One "causes" a fire in Finnish. syytyttää It is the so-called "causative" form of the verb "syytyä" which is the "deponent" form of "syytää," to waste, throw away, or consume. Related to "syödä," to eat, or "syöttää," to feed, from "syy," a cause or more concretely, a matter, material, or substance of that which is consumed. Also "syyttää," to bring a criminal accusation (a cause or a matter) in court: almost "to feed the lions" as it were. So "syytyttää" literally is to cause something to be consumed, and grammatically can only be said of a human agent, because in Finnish, only humans, not beasts, are considered capable of or responsible for fire. The meaning of the word "syytyttää" is strengthened by "onomatopoeia" or imitation of the sound of striking a match or steel on flint or some other means of starting a fire by friction. The difficulty of this primitive act is also reflected in the complex grammatical structure of the word. Great importance was attached to fire in primitive times, as there were grave consequences either for failure to start a fire or for allowing a fire once started to get out of control.
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    Premium creep

    It's a huge problem with the insurance industry. The "Progressive" politics and the come-in-out-of-the-rain "umbrella" policies indicate a "liberal" or Democratic Party political lean to the whole business. Premium creep. The price on your auto (or other) insurance policy creeps up, and you have to shop around and switch once in a while to keep it down. We are all familiar with that aspect of it, but there is more, and it is worse, much, much worse. Premium. Auctioneers charge a premium for goods sold at auction. They almost want to total your car and auction it off for even the most minor bump or scrape that scarcely exceeds normal wear and tear as soon as you take out a policy. Premium. Think premium calling numbers, like 1-900-XXX-XXXX in North America. Premium cable television channels. The infamous "young man" premium for car insurance. "SR-22" they call it sometimes. There is an extremely subtle and vehemently denied pretext of "hookers and blow," (drugs, sex, and alcohol,) to all this. A P.O. box to get mail which the young man doesn't want his parents to intercept or read. The black box they want to put in your car to track and assess your driving for risk. Risk drives premium, and the higher the premium, the more money the industry makes. Old ladies are playing BINGO at Finn Hall next door, and it is the young men who are compelled to bear the "risk." Risk. There is too much of that. Too many alleged accidents are not accidents at all but just a little bit too coincidentally arranged. Fortune-cookie fate. Indemnity. Limits on coverage. Insurance agents sell "indemnity" -- I am not sure of any other way to define "indemnity" but as the exact opposite of responsibility. In other words, irresponsibility, or freedom or release from responsibility. The irresponsibility trope sold to young men, while their elders drink responsibly, borrow responsibly, and drive responsibly. There is no righteous investigation into the true cause of death at the scene of a crash. There is too much "umbrella" to "cover up" the facts from the tears of grieving loved ones and impartial witnesses. The adjusters are professionals and very, very good at what they do. It's not cheap. And it's very, very creepy.
  20. I am only part Swedish, and I took a trip to Sweden once. They have "frukost" and "husmanskost." "Frukost" is breakfast. "Fru" = wife and "kost" = fare, in the sense of one's diet or everyday food. So literally, the wife gets up early in the morning and cooks up a little something on the stove. "Husmanskost" is more like the husband puts on his chef's hat, invites a few friends, neighbors, and relatives, and prepares a big dinner. (Not that his wife isn't involved and doing plenty of the work, too.) Anyways the Swedes are not very excited about the restaurant industry. The food is simple and you can cook it at home yourself. I am not Italian, either, but a lot of the food I cook and eat tends to be Italian. Pasta, for example. "Al dente." To the tooth, assuming one has teeth at all. A perennial complaint of overdone pasta. Okay, sure, if you don't like it, cook it yourself. Even if you don't make the pasta yourself, you can buy it pre-made and dried and cook it yourself how you like it, when and where you want it. The complication and fuss over food which is imposed by the service and hospitality industry (SEIU) is very unhealthy. Keep it simple, efficient, and easy to clean up. You can't even wash your own dishes at home with 140°F (=60°C) max hot water permitted by federal law. You need a dishwasher, which breaks down frequently and needs to be serviced commercially. Home coffee pots are limited to 160°F (=71°C). A lukewarm cup of coffee puts me in a bad mood in the morning. The water isn't hot enough, we're getting sick, and we're boiling mad about being served out of house and home under color of federal law and told to take our meds for "mental" illness.
  21. Authorities say a jock has been strangled to death by a nerd after he had given the nerd a swirly. The victim was underage so he has not been named. Witnesses say they discovered the jock in a public bathroom after his football game, laying on the ground unconscious. He had bruises on both sides of his neck. Professional investigators have noted that they look like a nerd strangled the boy with his thighs. DNA evidence was connected and security cameras in the area were checked. The nerd, Stanley Anderson, says this about the incident, "It was his fault! He gave me a swirly and I gave him what he deserved. Yes, I did strangle him with my thighs." The nerd was charged with second-degree murder and 5 years in prison on a $5,000 bail. Someone who has chosen to remain anonymous bailed the nerd out of jail. This is what he said, "I'm an 84-year-old beta male who is sexually attracted to nerd thighs. I want this nerd free on the streets." The family of the young jock also speak out. They said, "This is a terrible tragedy which has caused deep sadness in our lives and in the lives of others who have known our son."
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    America's lost young men

    Trump mocks 'the rules of Me Too' at Pennsylvania rally >>> Trump has been accused of unwanted groping or kissing by more than a dozen women. >>> "It is a very scary time for young men in America, when you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of," Trump told reporters at the beginning of the month. <<< We can only mourn America's lost young men. Their elders sold them into slavery and had them circumcised for corn. No worries because FEMA has seven years of corn stored up. No, they don't need to have a job to survive, and no again, they aren't eligible to join the military. Some girl on the block said no, and no means no. City girls and city cops walk hand in hand down the street. Many young women and young men are simply left out of the cop club. There are no options. But we read the Holy Bible. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. That is the lot of those who preach peace, love, gun control, and legal marijuana. Peace does not come from getting on our knees and begging the nation's and our own government for peace and safety. No, it comes from strength, uprightness, and readiness to go to war.
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    Poison gas attack in US

    That's why they have basic training, otherwise known as boot camp.
  25. Female, nice teeth, pierced nose, huge framed eyeglasses. Invited to Israel on a student visa and arrested when she got there. Some of those Jewish gals are getting a bit carried away, aren't they? It's almost like they cut their boyfriends' dicks off and become lesbians or something like that, and they want another girl. The Israeli "boycott" thing? That's just a little bit too aggressive, isn't it? "We're selling something and you've got to go to jail if you don't buy it, because that's our little gig, and that's how we make our money, so don't upset the applecart." On a more serious note, you just can't run businesses like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD, no, not the shoe repair business, but part of Big Pharma's MH industry, and complain of a "boycott" when you don't have enough captive and unwilling "consumers" for your product. Israelis have the "right to bear arms" like the Swiss but again, like the Swiss, they lobby heavily for gun control in other countries. Jews for centuries have been heavily into banking in Europe. The Germans during the era of Weimar hyperinflation had a tough time working up any sympathy for bankers in general. It is unbusinesslike to continually complain of a boycott. If you are in business and sell a better product for a better price, no one will even pay attention to a political boycott. The Israelis cannot act like their poor neighbors owe them continued wealth and make continued demands on that alleged debt. Jail for refusing to buy your product or patronizing your competition is just over the line.
  26. 940. The FBI interfere US president election (12/29/2016) The FBI played an active role to interfere the US 2016 president election. It hit Democrate's nominee Hillary Clinton by email gate to help its candidate Donald Trump. The evident scene was in July 5 during Chilcot report. "FBI Director Comey potentially gave Clinton’s political rivals some ammunition, conceding there was "evidence of mishandling” classified information and that an FBI employee who did the same “would face consequences for this.” The FBI didn't indict Clinton because they have no evidence that Clinton intended to do wrong with her email setup."( In fact, this is common for others. Powell had done samething. Why they beat the drum this time on Clinton? Because this time the FBI need a candidate of their own to handle a criminal case. So they determined to help Trump to win the election. This was also the time the Feds made a secret deal with Russian to hack Clinton's computer. So then Trump started to call for Russian's help. Why not China? Because he knew they had a deal with Russia already.
  27. katsung47

    Trump's supporters want respect

    Twitter Users Taunt Donald Trump After World Leaders Openly Laugh At His UN Speech Ed Mazza,HuffPost• September 25, 2018 World leaders openly laughed at President Donald Trump as he boasted of his accomplishments during his United Nations speech on Tuesday. And Twitter users are joining in with jeers of their own. ------------- Trump behaves like a clown. He becomes a laughing stock before world leaders. Do you know why? He is the candidate of the Feds.(FBI) They always prepare rally to inspire him. Those Trump's basics follow the order to support him. So whatever Trump speaks got applause. But this time it's General Assemble of U.N. , they don't have to follow the command of the Feds. You can view it as a real poll for Trump.
  28. katsung47

    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1042. Discord with accomplices? (10/7/2018) In #1041, I talked about October plot how the Feds arranged to murder my wife, my sisters and me. Then there come two odd news. (quote)Duterte Signals His Readiness to Step Down If He Has Cancer By Andreo Calonzo October 4, 2018, (quote)Interpol Missing Interpol chief 'submits resignation' after China admits to holding him for questioning The Telegraph Rory Mulhollan• October 7, 2018 You must read the following reference to understand its meaning. The two are accomplices of the Feds in my case. They want to keep distance away from the result of the plot or the Feds have new deal with Russian to murder my wife? (in her Mid East tour) Reference (1033 and 933) 1033. An international plot (8/12/2018) In early July, US quietly made some concession to China. I think that is the payment for a framed case. See "1030. Payment of a secret deal". It also accordant to my allegation that the Feds would do a mass slaughter to eliminate my family and relatives and people who know the story. My wife has a lot of relatives in Philippines. It seems they will be murdered too. Philippines is a country under the control of the Feds. (I'll talk about it later). When the Feds(FBI and DEA) rigged the 2016 election to have their candidate Trump to grab the president power, they also have their agent Duterte to grab the power of Philippines president. Duterte is known as "Philippines' Trump" who rules Philippines ruthlessly and killed a lot of people in the name of "drug war". The following two assassinations took place in early July, synchronized with the early July plot. The purpose is to justify a big slaughter by government in the name of "revenge for the dead Mayors". I think. (quote)Antonio Halili Assassinated: Philippine City Mayor Gunned Down Monday, 02 July 2018 (quote)Philippines mayor Ferdinand Bote killed in second assassination in just two days Posted 3 Jul 2018 933. Big drug case in China, Philippines and USA (11/12/2016) 16 years ago, Bush was escorted to the president seat by the Feds. The big event was 9/11 attack. The secret deal was between Chinese secret police and the Feds.(FBI and DEA) In deal, China was to smuggle drugs to US to frame a case on Kat Sung. The payment was to hosting 2008 Olypic Game and the membership of WTO. This month, they escorted Trump to the president seat. A new secret deal has been made. It still is to create a drug case, but the victims will be much more. My relatives and other people who know my story will be killed in this created case. My wife is arranged a trip to China and Philippines from 11/13 to 11/21. The Feds used to frame a case when victims are in travel. The drug case will take place in these two countries and in US too. The case will be operated under the name of Interpol. For this purpose, a Chinese police officer has been selected president of Interpol. (quote)New Chinese Interpol chief sparks rights concerns AFP Yulius Martoni November 10, 2016 Nusa Dua (Indonesia) (AFP) - A Chinese security official was elected president of Interpol Thursday for the first time, sparking criticism from activists who say Beijing uses the agency to track down dissidents abroad. US intelligence infiltrates all kinds of organizations. 16 years ago, they satisfied Chinese demand by the approval of the commission of Olympic Game and the WTO. This time, for the same purpose, they sent a Chinese police officer to the seat of Interpol president.
  29. katsung47

    Poison gas attack in US

    994. "Supersonic weapon" (12/6/2017) One week ago, I wrote #993, allege the Feds(FBI and DEA) colluding with Chinese secret police, planed a framed drug case on my relatives on Thanks Giving Day. Then I had diarrhea. At first I thought it might be caused by poisoned food. I reduced the variety of dishes to exclude suspicious poisoned food. Two days later, when I noticed the excrement were all in liquid style, I thought of "Super sonic weapon". About two decades ago, the Feds applied EM wave weapons heavily on me, one was that "supersonic weapon". In a news paper article that introduced "Pentagon high technique weapon", it said the supersonic wave could break up the excrement in human's intestine into liquid. Intestine can't hold the water so people have to release it immediately. "Imagine in battlefield, when commander gives order to charge, the soldiers all have a loose stool and can't stand up." The story faded away with time. Mainly it's hard to feel the existence of such a weapon. There is no other symptoms that can prove it. I think it is one kind of acoustic weapon. The principle is to use resonance frequency to break the excrement into liquid. People can not tell it from a natural bowel movement if the Feds not overly apply it on victims. I view it as a punishment of revenge. That's common in Fed's practice. It proves my allegation - the Feds colluded with Chinese secret police are planing a framed drug case on my relatives.
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