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  2. "forsaking all others … till death do us part" I don't even like that word forsake in there. Jesus has promised never to forsake us under any circumstances, no matter what. A married woman may promise to abstain from sexual relations with others, but no, not to forsake the poor, the widowed, the fatherless.
  3. The CIA is cracking down, too. Not just the FBI. VOX: State Department talking points counter Trump’s optimistic message on Syria VOX is liberal, but there is a certain contingent of the U.S. Department of State, Navy & Air Force bureaucracy, etc. that has unfortunately veered off to the extreme left with the European Union, local and municipal police departments in the U.S, anti-Russia, pro-Scottish nationalist, pro-Antifa, pro-Palestinian Intifada, Hamas, PLO, Arab princes etc. who have come to exercise such a great deal of terrorist influence and control over English-language mainstream news media. RT, ITAR-TASS, and their equivalents in other allied countries are all but banned in corporate America.
  4. They're all younger than we are, and they make of point of letting us know whether or not or when or if they are "available" or not … either male prostitutes or female prostitutes … we're supposed to have big homes, cars, and money from our own steady professional jobs in order to patronize these poor orphans who never seem to reach the age of legal majority no matter what.
  5. This entrepreneur fellow sounds like a crook and the government seized his assets in China. He's a "fall guy" for the Communist Party, the Chinese equivalent of the feds (Federal Reserve, FDIC, FBI, etc.) in the USA. The "entity" Anbang, is still making money, presumably for the Chinese & Canadian governments. Kick out the founder and it's yet another sweet gig for CCP's "city hall" form of government by a council of elders, and they don't want to rock the boat or ruin it because city hall aldermen and all the labor union local bosses are still raking in the dough. s/China/Alaska/g The cops are heavily on the take for motives of personal aggrandizement.
  6. One of China's largest overseas buyers just had its operations seized by the government. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), a state-run regulator, has officially begun prosecution of Wu Xiaohui, the former CEO of Anbang. The process has led the government to seize control of the assets "temporarily," placing billions of dollars of Canadian real estate in the hands of the Chinese government. Making The communist peoples republic the largest land owner in Canada.These deals were approved by the Canadian government.U.S. Congress and members of the alt-right have called Anbang a Chinese Communist state-owned entity. Image exceeds set limits. Click to view full size image While investigating the company, it has been found that there may be significant cross investment pledges. Consequently, capital reserves may have been counted more than once. This would mean they were likely overleveraged. Reporters from The New York Times also did a similar investigation, and also struggled to explain Anbang's ownership structure. The hunt led them to remote villages in China, where multi-billion dollar holding companies were located in tiny backroom office spaces.
  7. Satanists Unveil Baphomet Statue in Arkansas Capitol. Pacts Are Forever. Avon.
  8. Officeworks - Professional Ergonomic Extra Heavy Duty Mesh Chair Black.
  9. Cracker Jacks

    America First

    America First
  10. Nick Dyer, The Painted Wolves of Zimbabwe.
  11. Come on people, this is a pay to play country and this did not start and end with HRC. Those that pay are just as guilty as those that monetary gain through corruption. It is everywhere spread by the government. There is a lot to say about this, let's get a discussion going. How much do the banksters pay?
  12. r_burgeson

    Starbucks committed suicide

    Another company with suicidal actions taken, Dicks. Out door clothing bashing gun owners was not a good idea. Thinking these people will come back to do business did not happen.
  13. r_burgeson

    Nano Particles in Blood Cells

    Yes let's mention eyes. Have you noticed that some of these new LED lights produce a visible field? I have not noticed this from traffic but, area lighting. If you look at them for a full minute a sparkling mess appears. If it is very humid the energy field is much larger. I saw one cover two parking lots. I don't know about coffee problems and have to rely on people that drink it. I do know that drugs are contaminating our paper money. The report of opiates can be found easily. If fentanyl that can kill by touch alone builds up on our cash we can wind up with a very big problem.
  14. John creek

    Computer hack

    Turned on computer and there was a silhouette of a person. My camera is covered. My pic is too large?
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  16. Alt-Right Celebrates; Trump Ends Chain MigrationWe just stopped 60% of yearly immigration to the US. Stopping between 375,000 - 700,000 coming into US annually. This is a big turning point in conquest and our vision for America.
  17. All foretold by David Goldberg in his final video who talks guillotines, and says the evacuees will never be seen again. David Goldberg's Final Words. Cali Blackouts, PG&E's Direct Energy Weapons. California Blackouts DEW Weapons & Wildfires, Refutes the Official Narrative. California Power Outage - Destruction of Property, Mass Evacuations & DEW.
  18. Ronald Lee Haskell Sentenced to Death for Murder in Texas - Despite the demeanor of the chief prosecution witness, how was he able to hold five children and two adults at gunpoint and "tie them up?" Texas Teen Who Witnessed Murder of Her Family Speaks at Memorial. Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. Murdock Review, Houston Shooting Hoax. Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. The Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Deception. Worst Zionist Setup Shooting in American History - Cassidy Stay. Solid Evidence the July 9, 2014 Houston Shooting Was a Hoax and a Setup.
  19. jayiniowa

    baltimore police have the use of a demon

    This is very intriguing. Do you have anything you can show us or any way for skeptics to verify what your saying?
  20. r_burgeson

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    So good I saved the page.
  21. r_burgeson

    LED lights

    You may be aware of LED grow lights. Might know the blue lights in homes everywhere are suspected of damaging eyes. There is no reason that they cannot produce full spectrum lighting with LEDs. Matter of fact they can produce a sun bulb with a little effort. Be aware that sunlight bulbs have been produced for years in fluorescent lighting. They know and can synthesize the light from the sun when the atmosphere was healthy and the suns output was optimal for life to flourish and this planet. They have all this data and there is no excuse not to use it.
  22. Brisbane, Abandoned Dry Dock.
  23. Yacht Fiona Challenges the Northwest Passage, August 2009. YouTube - Simpson Strait. An iceberg dwarfs Amundsen's ship Gjøa in the Northwest Passage. Amundsen and the Crew of the Gjøa. Map showing the route of Amundsen's voyage. Google Maps - Pack Ice at the Eastern End of Simpson Strait 2019. Simpson Strait Marine Chart. Link, Graphic Images. NorthWest Passage. Video.
  24. Martin Timothy

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg Proclaimed "Successor of Christ." Swedish Archbishop Says Greta is Like an Old Testament Prophet. Greta Thunberg Says She Can "See" Carbon Dioxide in the Air. St Greta of Thunberg, Her Gospel is Pure Propaganda; Her Cause is Evil.
  25. Martin Timothy

    US Outrage in Afghanistan, Dozens Dead - The Cause For War!

    Deja vu .. Photo: Noor Mohammad, AFP/Getty Images. Tojo Hideki Executed.
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