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  2. >>> The liberal billionaire, who has long been a vocal critic of Facebook's head executives and is the subject of many fabricated conspiracy theories peddled on the platform, reiterated the claim that Zuckerberg is in "some kind of mutual assistance arrangement" with President Donald Trump for his re-election. Soros is getting senile. 1. Trump doesn't give a fuck about Facebook or Twitter. 2. The social media firms are 100% Democrat. They want to elect anyone but Trump in 2020. >>> The DNC is working with major social media companies to combat platform manipulation and train our campaigns on how best to secure their accounts and protect their brands against disinformation. While progress has been made since the 2016 elections, platforms still have much to do to reduce the spread of disinformation and combat malicious activity. []
  3. F-16

    "Working royals"

    There's more to the story, of course! BYE TO HIS YOUNG FRIEND Israeli actress: I left Al Pacino because he’s old, plus he’s stingy ‘I tried to deny it, but now he is already an elderly man,’ Meital Dohan tells magazine. ‘How can I say politely that he didn’t like to spend money? >>> “It’s hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino,” 43-year-old Dohan said of her 79-year-old ex. “The age gap is difficult, yes. I tried to deny it, but now he is already an elderly man, to be honest. So even with all my love, it didn’t last.”<<<
  4. El Salvador, 30 Years after El Mozote., Remember El Mozote. Sumpul River Massacre. Remembering Río Lempa.
  5., Feb. 17, 2020. The Most Viral Claims About Coronavirus Are Fake. Joe Imbriano, Coronavirus a Tool For Enslavement.
  6. House of Horrors

    "Working royals" >>> Guru del Estilo@GurudelEstilo >>> Pues parece que la muy guapa Lady Kitty Spencer, sobrina de Lady Diana, se casa con el millonario sudafricano Michael Lewis, quien le lleva 31 años. Ella tiene 29 y él 60 #nohayedadparaelamor JEWISH PRINCESS Engaged to Jewish tycoon, Princess Diana’s niece set to convert -- Lady Kitty Spencer, a 29-year-old fashion model, is reportedly already taking preparatory classes on Judaism ahead of wedding to businessman more than twice her age
  7. Martin Armstrong, "The Forecaster."
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  9. Thomas Hart Benton, Departure of the Joads, 1939.
  10. City News. The Most Viral Claims About the Coronavirus Are Fake.
  11. Trinity

    Joe Imbriano Video, Coronavirus a Tool For Enslavement

    Its difficult to take it seriously, we have been here so many times before and everyone panics and no one dies. Then we just carry on out-breeding the world's capacity to support us. Wake me up when millions are infected and millions are dead.
  12. Joe Imbriano, Coronavirus - The Tool For Enslavement of Humanity, War on Food, Travel & Our Bloodstreams.
  13. F-16

    Area 51 is condemned

    Vanessa Bryant Writes Tearful Goodbye Note in Memory of Kobe and Gianna Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, opened up to the public for the first time on Thursday, just days after her husband and daughter were killed in a helicopter crash. The widow made her Instagram account public and posted a heartfelt and deeply moving statement alongside a family photo: “I’m not sure what our lives hold beyond today and it’s impossible to imagine life without them. But we wake up each day trying to keep pushing because Kobe and our baby girl Gigi are shining on us to light the way.” We are not joking when we talk about the government's "black helicopters" or mostly white suburban "helicopter parents." There is pure evil here, and bad spirits are ruling those helicopters. Manufacturers of helicopters are putting pilots and passengers at unnecessary risk of planned "accidents" and premeditated murder in the skies. Some things are designed to fail. Modern helicopters, by and large, are "Sir!" aircraft designed and built by labor unions to hold the wealthy and privileged captive to hardware and software whose proper function cannot be independently verified.
  14. NASA Link. Video - Clock Like Anomaly on Mars. Gigapan MSL 1450 M100 PDS by Neville Thompson.
  15. NFB - He claims to have been replaced by a look alike at age 8 yrs.. In the image James Francis Alexander does bear a certain resemblance to Prince William. Facebook Link.
  16. It would appear that there is some very solid evidence that a Secret Nuclear War is happening right now behind the scenes, wherein scalar beam weapons are being used to create unnatural earthquakes in various target countries. Many of you in the USA may remember the 4th of July & 6th of July 2019 earthquakes (6.4 and 7.1 respectively) in the United States near their Naval Research base. They were the two highest magnitude earthquakes to strike the country for the whole of the year. The fact that they occurred right next to a major military base is no coincidence. They were an attack. Both earthquakes were artificially generated – likely by North Korea – who appear to possess scalar beam technology. If you evaluate the timestamps of the aftershocks of the low magnitude earthquakes that followed the 7.1 quake in particular, two of them bear the exact time stamps TO THE SECOND of 2 suspicious North Korean ‘nuclear tests’ out to sea, which actually appear to have been artificially generated earthquakes. They were testing their ability to strike targets at distance, with nuclear yield energy blasts which register as earthquakes. In the link attached, a very comprehensive video analysis is given explaining just how artificial earthquakes are generated via Scalar Beams, as developed by the Soviets after the end of world war 2. This is an outgrowth of certain exotic physical principles governing the science behind nuclear weapons. North Korea – with China’s blessings – would indeed appear to have already attacked the US in secret using earthquakes as a cover. See this video: A Secret Nuclear War is Happening Right Now
  17. Martin Timothy

    Vietnam War Diary - Me and Johnny Vann

  18. House of Horrors

    "Working royals" Justice For Girls @JFG_Canada Yesterday, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle visited to discuss climate justice for girls and the rights of Indigenous peoples. Was great to talk about the importance of a holistic approach to social justice, and the power of young women’s leadership. #DuchessOfSussex 3:21 PM · Jan 15, 2020 Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, shocked the world last week when they announced their plan to step away from royal duties and work to become financially independent. On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth II pulled the trigger on the exiting royals, announcing that the couple will have their “His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness” titles stripped, as well as be financially cut off from royal funds, effective this spring.“Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved members of my family,” the Queen said in a statement, adding that she “support their wish for a more independent life.” Long live the Queen, I say. Actually I don't give a fuck. I am sure I am not the only one cannot abide the behavior of this new generation of royals. It's awful. Unbecoming commoners, let alone royalty. Unfortunately social justice, and climate justice for girls does not foster adult notions of financial independence for anyone. Meddlers and child molesters the whole lot of those damn Brits
  19. House of Horrors

    King County warrant scam

    Very low wages and they are taught to speak English in grade school. Big multinational corporate call centers are located in India. The corporate board rooms are cashing in on the wage differential and screwing U.S. workers and customers out of their identities.
  20. Robert55

    The Wisdom of the Talmud - Jews Did 911 .. Try & Execute!

    Arabs are Semitic also. Not that fire or even a airliner could cause those trade towers to implode but the fact is that Arabs do carry out a lot of world wide terrorism. 19 of the airline hijackers on the morning of 9/11/2001 were in fact Arabs and 15 of those Arabs were in fact Saudi Citizens. Important to remember that Arabs are Semites also just like the Hebrew speaking Jews. Also a thing that Jesus stated that there are those that call themselves Jews but are not. My thinking the terror that happened on 9/11/2001 was carried out by a mix of Arabs and Talmud following Jews. Not Torah following Jews but Talmud following Jews. There is a major difference there.
  21. Robert55

    King County warrant scam

    Doesn't matter if it's VoLP, telephone landline, cable or even cellphone. Any Phone# can be spoofed and the Indian scammers do it all the time. Most times it shows up just the City & State along with a phone# which if you call that number back it usually says non existent number. Now and a again though the scammers will spoof a legit business phone# in your local town/city. You pick up and you here the short burst of digital sound and some Indian guy is trying to sell you some BS product. If you hit the redial key on your phone to call that legit business phone# back it says non-existent but if you manually dial that number in on your phone key pad it rings up that legit business phone# and you get a answer.
  22. Martin Timothy

    Vietnam War Diary - Me and Johnny Vann

    John Paul Vann & Staff at Pleiku SVN. Courtney.
  23. Cannibalism Has Raised its Ugly Head - British Ultra High Society "Love Factory" Babe Natalie Belenoff-Windsor Her Mother, Sister, Cousin and High-Ups From "The World Governing Council" are Mentioned! Natalie Belenoff-Windsor. - Cannibal Cravings at the Hollydale. Natalie Belenoff-Windsor & The World Governing Council.
  24. House of Horrors

    King County warrant scam

    Caller*ID® lol. You know anything about VoIP? How easy it is to spoof that? Sure it's illegal but only if they catch you.
  25. Because his career was building super structure sky scraper buildings and he knew back on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 that fire does not cause a skyscraper building to fall. He stated that in a radio interview that morning Sept. 11, 2001. He stated in that radio interview on Sept, 11, 2001 that he was given a grand tour of the trade towers the day after the 1994 trade towers bombing when those Arab Islamic terrorists tried to bomb the building columns in the basement car parking lot. He stated that in the 1994 bombing of the trade tower that a whole 1/3rd of the columns were blown completely out and the building was still solid as ever. Trump said that because of the way those trade towers were built that it's impossible for a airliner to strike it and cause the building to fall. Even with the fires ongoing. And we already know that all 19 of the terrorist airliner hijackers were in fact Arabs and 15 of those Arabs were in fact citizens of Saudi Arabia. None were Iraqi, Iranian or Afghan's. P.S. Just for geography and history note, Arabs are Semitic too. Come from the blood linage of Ishmael. One of two son's of Abraham.
  26. Many many sane people have moved out of California, in to Arizona and Nevada because of idiotic polices like that. The state of California itself at the state government level is a state house full of loons including Governor Newsome. Thos idiots are cutting off 100's of millions of gallons of fresh water from northern California and diverting it out in to the pacific ocean to protect a tiny fish that is not even doing well with or without lots of water. Causing Valley farmers to be starved for water to water their yearly crops.
  27. Heck, the FBI it self is a conspiracy theory because they sure do get a lot of secret warrants from the secret FISA court to spy on people, including Presidential candidates based on flimsy evidence at best. Using documents from foreign sources promoting a conspiracy theory.
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