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    What is your Religious Standpoint?

    I am curious to know what the general religious standpoint of this forum is. I personally am an Atheist This is for many reasons, mostly because of the incredible amount of biblical contradictions in the bible itself as well as contradictions from the two different time periods (Early Biblical writings and today's time). Admittedly I used to believe in god, but as I got older and began to take an interest in science, it is much harder to believe any religion when facts are right in front of you. What is everyone opinion?
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    I would think the only thing you will find are those who say they were perhaps taken aboard space ships and probed by aliens. Who people disgard, as either lying or seeing things that don't exist, with no way to prove it either way.
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    This is an interesting post, because of the term 'emotional vampirism'. These are the toxic people that drain the absolute life out of you when you are in their presence. You get so tired. Believe it or not, there are vampire clubs where emotional vampires actually meet up. There are some people that actually like to be in the position of the 'controlled' individual (almost like those women who are always under draculas control in the films). These people join in clubs, pair up. Sometimes, these pairs even marry. They like the idea of one feeding the other. The dynamic that the one doing the feeding is the main supporter of the couple/household, and they believe they get their strength from feeding off the energy of their partner, so their partner remains at home, taking care of the home, never exerting themselves so they can 'feed' their spouse. Yes, I know that sounds odd. I know of this, no only because of tv shows and specials and youtube videos, but because I have spoken with one during my job in customer service. I will tell you, I sometimes think it is not a bad dynamic. The one that needs to be fed, and the one that desires to feed energy. When you think on that, it might be an overlooked path to a successful relationship. I have met some goths, not many, when I worked and went to school downtown over the years. I've learned a bit here and there. As for the blood suckers. Yes, I was speaking with someone online that does this in a chat room. There are also vampires in Second Life. If you are interested in an online vampire culture. than visit http://www.secondlife.com, sign up and seek out the vampire groups. The avatars are advanced, and they can even bite you. Interesting post, so much!
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    Facebook a CIA front?

    I deleted my facebook account, I just didn't like it. I can honeslty say that after getting rid of it, I am a happier person.
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    If heaven is not real...

    They saved us from a lot of ''problems'' ahahah Funny guy, you are!