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    TRA conspiracy

    I live in Anchorage, Alaska at present. Canada is militarily hostile territory. I am not allowed to cross through Yukon & B.C. to reach the Lower 48. The Canadians have turned me away and pursued me back across the border, drugged me, and sabotaged my vehicle. It's a Red Army, for sure. Part of the Swiss French German Axis. The Canadians have also heavily infiltrated local police & private security forces, and they are always at the courthouse pursuing foreign-motivated causes against Americans. https://twitter.com/Anna_Rothschild/status/1119289458392694785 Rothschilds, Clintons, animal rights, etc.
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    The key to “Ashkenazi” is the Nazi part. The way go on about how intelligent they are, it's a Nietzschean race of Übermenschen with a plan to take over the world, and the nations are nothing but cattle to them. It's the elitists on the Russian Jew side of WWII. The Protocols of Zion, the Commies of the Red Scare from the 1950s. No true bearing on Hebrew ancestry or descent, but definitely connected with the old guard Охрана from before WWI & the Russian Revolution as well as Stalin's Communist Party. It's that incessantly ardent demand for universal circumcision & so much witchcraft to enforce that peculiar manner of mutilation on the innocent ones at the hospital. The NAZI elitists from the German side were in cahoots with the Ashkenazi elitist Russian sect of converted secular Judaism, with an unwavering goal to corrupt the Israeli government and subvert all ideology of Zionism to further Russian & Polish goals of world domination through the Protocols of Zion. It's somewhat like the connections among Ku Klux Klan, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and Scotland Yard with Europol & Interpol.
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    Does it seem like they care about that at the moment? The world needs more people like you and me.
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    Yes, It depends on the person. But generally, once a person gets power, they change. And the amount of stress you are exposed to, changes you too. It's better not to feel once you have that responsibility.
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    Hey guys, we went to the biggest UFO conference in the world and wanted to do a video on it but WOW it was so mind-blowing that we did a whole series. This last video is about our experience …let us know what you think 9: 08 is where we talk about how Emery Smith showed us how to make contact with ETs. Amazing amazing experience