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    Does it seem like they care about that at the moment? The world needs more people like you and me.
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    Yes, It depends on the person. But generally, once a person gets power, they change. And the amount of stress you are exposed to, changes you too. It's better not to feel once you have that responsibility.
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    Hidden cameras in restroom

    http://www.newsweek.com/starbucks-atlanta-hidden-camera-bathroom-police-896435 I remember when I went to college about the turn of the millennium, and the kids put hidden cameras in restrooms in the dormitory and classroom buildings. Then they would distribute the pics on the internet as pornography. Campus security and police just sort of winked an eye at it, like nothing wrong was going on. The bathroom bill petition initiative failed in Anchorage https://www.muni.org/Departments/Assembly/Clerk/Elections/2018 Election/Opinion -- Application for Initiative Petition 2017-2.pdf Sex in the restroom? Ugghh. I don't think so. People are drunk or they piss and shit and do drugs, shoot themselves up with heroin, smoke crack, pot, whatever. The females are so high on LSD and PCP and various date rape drugs that they are trying to urinate standing up.... Oh, we should pass a law, or we need a waterproof spycam in the toilet or something like that, oh, ahh errr, just squat behind a dumpster in a back alley somewhere -- oh, they caught you on camera --- Err, ...
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    The consciousness we refer to as God most likely doesn't even know we exist much less be concerned about what we believe or what we do. Throughout the Cosmos countless stars and planetary systems, some teeming with life more ancient and more wise and noble then we, come and go in and out of existence in deep time and the Gods pay no mind. We are mere flotsam and jetsam cast upon the fabric of space & time. If you wish to know God become ONE with the Infinite.
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    Many who profess such religions (or denial of the existence of God, as the case may be) are indeed idolaters, I am quite sure. On the other hand, such a diverse group all have their different reasons for their idolatry, and different idols they worship. There is no one cohesive scholarly theory to explain how all these people think or worship or refuse to worship. The name of God, or the literal spelling of the name of God, is sometimes called Τετραγράμματον in Greek, because it consists of four letters in Hebrew. יהוה There have been and still are strict prohibitions against taking God's name in vain, and this is partially where we get the expression "four-letter word" for a curse word or swear word. The Jews were forbidden from pronouncing this name aloud, and they substituted expressions for "the Lord" when they read the Scripture aloud. The name means "I AM THAT I AM" in Hebrew, and God received that name, because when Moses was commanded to speak to the Pharaoh, King of Egypt, all the gods of the Egyptians had names, but Moses was slow of tongue and uncertain how to refer to the Lord his God when speaking to Pharaoh. So Moses was commanded by God to pronounce that name in Hebrew, and that was the name of God when Moses was speaking to Pharaoh in the Egyptian language.
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    Nothing divine about any religion and wise humans condemn the whole concept of using faith as a tool to subjugate humanity. Faith and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee........maybe.
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    Religions exist, whether you believe in them or not. People always believe in some worldview or paradigm of how the world came to be and what will become of it in the end. Some beliefs are considered more religious, some are considered more scientific, and some are pseudo-scientific, esoteric, or absolute nonsense. This is the U.S. courthouse red-light district. Not religio licita. Very, very true.
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    All religions are childish bull shit, an ancient tool perpetrated through the ages to control the multitudes with myths and superstition and fear of a vengeful all powerful creator god willing to send poor stupid humans to eternal hellfire and damnation for trivia. Pay the powerful priesthood for a few hail Mary's and all will be forgiven. If we analyze what most people really believe in scientific light the stupidity is dumbfounding.