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  1. Because of greedy corporations. Who would rather make 10c than 9c but by putting Americans out of work. Also consider quality. Are Ford as good as BMW and Mercedes? And if not, why not? In the UK we had many zombie industries who only survived by government subsidy. This allowed them to be bloated and inefficient, and when government decided to stop wasting tax payers money most of them could not compete in the global marketplace so went under. Coal was a big one, as was steel. We have since allowed living costs to spiral out of control, a house is insanely expensive. Expensive
  2. As my now dead Grandmother would have said, "same meat, different gravy!" Is putting your nation first, or your fatherland first, or your people first different? In my mind no. Does Germany making things while Spain likes to relax on the beach really make Germans terrorist? Or maybe the French just preferred to farm and make wine. I think we needs cars, and we need beaches and food and wine. The trouble is when the people in Spain want to live the same quality of life as Germans do without doing the work! And that is where we are now, with the international socialism of the EU. W
  3. This is no surprise to any small business who has given Google money to advertise specific key words. We used to pay for 'conspiracy forum' and a few other phrases. The report would show that people were clicking the ad, but not then going ahead to join the forum. After a while we spent the 'free' £75 offer and stopped it before it went over. Google then took £20 out of our bank account and refused to give it back, saying it would balance out as we spent more on adverts. Why would someone pay for more of something that doesn't work when it was free? So today I spot this articl
  4. If you think thats something. What about the case of Jade Goody. Jade was a minor TV celeb, who during a show bullied and made some racial comments to an Indian A-List star on the same show. Calling her "Shilpa Poppadom" and said "she makes my skin crawl" while another contestant added: "She should f*** off home". Soon Jade is diagnosed with cancer and dead. I always thought at the time this seemed a very strange coincidence.
  5. Would they not fit perfectly under Government, NWO and Politics People dont change history without a political motivation.
  6. America already has too much socialism from the left, and although the rise of nationalism (putting ones own nation first) is clear I am not seeing them linked together other than as a meme. Nationalism is the opposite of globalism. And aren't you in favour of putting your own nation first? I know I am. I want local jobs, I want our money spent locally. I do not want our people out of work, poor, on drugs, while we send their work to India or China to increase profits for selfish short term corporations. It was obvious a long time ago that a society could only afford so much global
  7. What a disgusting example of censorship. And over something so trivial too!
  8. Keep pretending any beer tastes good!! hmmmm yummy
  9. That does make is sound a lot more complicated. But still, there must be a gender on your birth certificate? What do you mean by a true biological male? As I thought most of them wanting operations, were fully biologically male.
  10. The reason was always something stupid, like to give farmers more light in the morning. Farmers are like what, <1% of people? If they want more light, get up early! Why change the entire country for you? I dont care about the changing, but what I did not like was the winters driving home from work on the freeway in the dark.
  11. A very shocking video that reveals the true nature of some of the police. Obey the police, even when they are acting illegally or face arrest for nothing! I hope this brave lady gets a lot of money from this incident. I wonder if there had been no witnesses, if she would now be dead for "resisting arrest" or perhaps for "reaching for his gun"? This video makes me feel very angry. How about you?
  12. If you are born with a vagina then you are female, if you are born with a penis then male. This is the correct information that should appear on documents. The fact you identify as something different, is accepted by society (and me), however this does not change the biological facts. So should a passport show the sex someone wishes to be, rather than the one they are? If passports showed height, should a short person be able to change theirs to 6ft because that is the height they wish to be? If they showed race. Would Michael Jackson's show white or black? To me this is all a
  13. People are often "known" not to do certain things. But then suddenly they are arrested for that exact same thing, and then all their neighbours say I never knew...He was so nice... How many parents think their kids don't do drugs, till they turn up dead? How many people try drugs and fuck it up and overdose? Or what about a nice painless way to suicide? But we are digressing, my real point was that if a big agency wants to kill someone, they just do it. Make it look like a mugging (there was a recent example of this in America), so many ways, but lets put poison in rain that th
  14. Lol well maybe puberty. There was certainly a small number smoking around 13 plus. The trouble is monkey see, monkey do! When they see Mummy putting vodka into her coke because she is feeling a bit down tonight, that is something they will want to emulate. Or indeed Daddy always having a 6 pack of beer when the game is on.
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    Interesting, I never thought this might be bullshit.