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  1. Actually, you just have to be "a believer". It doesn't necessarily matter which faith you practice, so long as you believe in "one God"'s us Atheists who are screwed according to the Qur'an, and also the Bible too. I think it's only the extremists who have an issue with people followjng a different religion than their own - and you get them in every religion, unfortunately. It is the assumptions that irritate me. Even though I'm more Atheist than anything, I pride myself on the fact that I have taken the time to learn about all different religions. If there's something I don't know, I'l
  2. I saw this in the news earlier. Seems all so hyped up - the poor guy. I hate how the media will just latch onto something & forget that it's a human being involved.
  3. There's a theory, that at some point during human history, earth was visited by "aliens", who intervened at certain points, and helped us out a little bit as far as technology, and general advancement goes. A History Channel documentary was covering the topic, and I've been watching the episodes online. Very interesting stuff - especially when you listen to some of the old accounts of people coming down in various "flying machines". This is the first episode - think they go up to season six!?
  4. You make it sound as though he's somehow masterminded everything himself. Of course he hasn't. He's being used like a puppet by the higher powers, because they have to have a front man. And who better to be that front man as they guide - not just the USA, but the world - into a downward spiral, than an extremely charismatic, articulate, and fun guy who seems to appeal to the masses like no-one else?
  5. So, I'm not religious at all. I respect people who are, as long as they don't try to force their beliefs upon others, and will openly discuss and debate religions like a sensible grown-up. However, I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be "scared" by certain religions - such as Paganism. It's like some people have this belief that if you worship or respect nature, you're going to start sacrificing children? The same with Satanism - they assume that because "Satan" is in there, it must all be "evil", "black magic" and all that nonsense. Which is not the case at all! Anyone ever seen som
  6. I saw this on a documentary a few months ago - I think it was on Channel 4? It is part of a mechanism that was found nearly 100 years ago by sponge divers off the coast of Antikythera, and it is one of the most fascinating and complex things many experts have ever seen. It was used to calculate the precise movements of our solar system's planets, and worked with gears like a clock - but before clock mechanisms were even invented. It dates from about 100BC.
  7. I've seen this before - very interesting. I'm sue they think the text is some sort of cipher using some of the Roman alphabet. This link is a brilliant gallery of the full manuscript - clicking on the images gives you a huge picture, so you can really view it properly.
  8. The video clip that really scares me is the one of the tree-fellers in Canada. You can cearly hear the birds & other animals in distress behind the loud sound. In the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest, there's not much to produce such an almighty metal sound! On a lighter note, the sounds always remind me of the Tripods from War of the Worlds
  9. I think this is more to try and prevent the ridiculous amount of single-seving bottles that end up in landfil sites. having said that, I find it amusing they're not putting the same ban on the money-spinning bottled drinks like Coke or Pepsi. I think it's part of Australia that banned single-serve bottles of water a few years ago - 2007, for the same reason - though I'm sure it applied to all small bottles, not just water.
  10. I've never had the flu jab - and I worked in a hospital for 2 years, where the staff were "urged" to get one "for their own health benefits"...Because when you're around contagious people all day, you really want to be making your immune system more vulnerable!? Never intend to get it so long as my body is doing fine keeping it away for me. Which it does!
  11. While I agree that they have aged her a bit, and they certainly should have avoided the word "mature", I actually quite like this picture. It's a kind of no-fuss, "this is what I am", and I love that she signed it off. She is beautiful, and I personally don't think the portrait detracts from her beauty - it more just shows it in a more "normal" light. Without the glitz, without flattering lighting, she is still a natural beauty.
  12. I'm sure people will have seen this odd phenomenon, but thought it woudl be an interesting discussion topic. There have been videos on youtube, and lots of news reports of strange, loud noises being heard - apparently coming from the sky itself. I have no real opinion on what it could be, only that whatever it is, is big enough to have been heard from China the the UK, and the thought of something so powerful scares the poop out of me. This video is a kind of overview of all the others that have been posted on Youtube. Some people are saying it could be HAARP, or some other form of atm
  13. Hey all. I've been watching this guy's "news" reports every day for the past couple of months, and I thought I'd share with you. It's not your standard weather report - he focuses more on storm & pressure fronts, earthquakes, changes in ocean readings, bio-hazard warnings, and always ends on what the sun is doing in regards to pumping out radiation towards us. I'll admit to not always understanding the jargon used, but the general gist is easy to grasp