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  1. As said, her wealth let her get whatever look she wanted so we should not fall into the media/control crowd trap of feeling sorry for her. Look at the recent issue of People Magazine, "Inside Her Brave Choice." They always make it out to be something it is not so the "thin of skull" average person (oh sorry, they're now called "low information voters") will be lead further down whatever path the control crowd wants "us" to go down. What about the average gal who can't even get off work to get a screening or a checkup? If Jolie really cared she would sink her millions into actually help
  2. "But Obama does not micro manage" How true but he doesn't manage in any form. I really don't get the fact that hard core lefties don't understand what the Executive Branch is supposed to do.
  3. Well, I think that the Democrats plan will be to get Hillary into the White house next then when we bring up any criticism of her we'll be branded as "sexist", next will be Bill Richardson and they cry will be "Anti-Latino" then by that time they will have found a gay or lesbian to run and we'll be "homophobes" to criticize them. Their plan is so transparent and the sad part is that it works when most people do not even know how to pronounce Benghazi or have a clue what continent it's on.
  4. Remember that the only reason the unemployment rate is meandering lower is that millions of workers have given up and are no longer counted in the workforce. I work in a public library and I have seen some of the same folks every day looking for work for several years. What you should investigate (if you have the intellectual guts) is the Limbaugh Theorem." http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/limbaugh-theorem-explains-obamas-behavior/ This idea makes more sense than any other IF you look at Obama's actions HONESTLY over time.
  5. What is amazing about these stories is that there are folks so disconnected or stupid that they would even think of flying with a pressure cooker right after the Boston bombing. Although I think these days they are calling them "low information voters" or the like.
  6. Questionable??? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/15/democratic-sen-levin-pressured-irs-to-investigate-conservative-nonprofits/ The Obama administration is possibly the most incompetent and politically corrupt administration in out nation's history. What are you folks on the left smoking anyway?
  7. He wants what every other Internet tycoon wants. Your eyeballs and your money!
  8. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/05/09/implantable-health-sensors-being-developed-to-monitor-at-home-patients/?intcmp=HPBucket First it's your pet, then it's granny, then it's you after an accident, next it will be every child born, then everyone gets a "retro fit". Then "Big Data" and the Gov'ment will track us cradle to grave.
  9. I'll give up my rainwater barrel when they pry it from my cold dead wet hands!
  10. "At least with Obama, like him or not, he can put a complete sentence together" Unless his teleprompter breaks down. I'll believe Obama is intelligent when he coughs up his (and Michelle's) JD dissertations for all to read and critique.
  11. "Considering all that, I daresay a lot of people in the so-called developed countries would not be able to survive when the SHTF. People from the poor Third World countries would stand a better chance. After all they are already used to living hard lives." I think that Vic has hit the nail on the head here folks. I wonder if me and my family would survive if the SHTF.
  12. We will be very lucky if half the story on this group gets out. Yes, I said GROUP! Anyone who thinks this was two "misguided college kids" is a dope.
  13. This is where I live and the reason we get these stupid plans is because over the last 30 years people left the Northeast because of the weather (of course) but also because of. High Taxes Invasive, corrupt government Union corruption, power Organized Crime So what do these "geniuses" do? VOTE IN PEOPLE FROM THE SAME PARTY THAT GAVE ALL THE REASONS THEY LEFT! What is really sad is they will not listen to any reason, none at all. They are totally brainwashed sheeple. As soon as I retire I'll be moving to a RED RED RED state.
  14. Check this out http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/05/01/ny-deems-free-electric-car-charging-unconstitutional-on-public-property/?intcmp=features Turns out that because NY municipalities cannot give anything away they cannot offer free electric car charging! Is this REALLY just another way for "BIG POWER" to suck more money out of green consumers? What about the fact that if a municipality has a pay charging station installed then the city makes money on the consumer on top of the power company? I don't know about the rest of you but this just reeks! The government encourages
  15. r. zimm


    You would think that with the billions of dollars spent on cancer research we would be much closer to curing it easily. One thing I think of is that your body does not get cancer from a lack of chemotherapy drugs does it? There has to be something simpler as to curing it (as mentioned) but think about this. What if a cure already existed but has been kept under wraps so the medical industry can continue to feed off the vain hopes of cancer patients.