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  1. The FDA is controlled by special interests. It took them how many years after the majority of Americans became sedentary to admit that most people don't need 8-10 servings of grain every day? And even though there is nothing necessary about grains for people, especially the average inactive Westerner, they still recommend 2-3 servings of grain everyday.
  2. Even though we have a "free press", when much of the press is controlled by those who want to control the people, it makes little difference whether the press is "free" or not.
  3. You 2 have not done an ounce of your own research on this or read any of the actual research that's been done. Natural sugars such as honey can actually have some benefits for your health when used in moderation. Even some can sugar can be good for you, especially if you need some quick energy or want your body to absorb more of the other nutrients you eat (such as the protein in meat). Insulin is produced by the body to help it store more nutrients. While sugar is the best known nutrient that makes the body produce insulin, grains and straches can have a similar effect in insulin production
  4. The problem on the earth is not man, per se, but the sins of man. Man was put on the earth as a caretaker, but, like many other things, man has generally abused that responsibility. That being said, we have done a lot in the last 30+ years to clean up the messes we've been making. In the 70s, it hurt to breathe in LA on a hot day, but the air is pretty clean there now. Most environmental issues are blown out of proportion for 2 reasons. 1) Sensational news, especially bad new, is what sells. 2) More government control of everyday issues in the lives of private citizens. #2 is even moreso tha
  5. The God of the Bible has always existed. He had no beginning and has no end because He created time. It's hard for us to wrap our human minds around that because our whole existence right now is based in time. He also refers to Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all of which are denoted in pronouns as "He." Your view of God as a guy who just sits and listens to angels singing and playing harps is based off popular misconceptions and not the Bible itself. First off, the Bible never says that angels sing. Also, while God does sit on the throne of heaven, he is also omnipresent. The Bible
  6. I'd seen one of the above bills folded up supposedly showing the Twin Towers smoking. Didn't realize that it was 5, 10, 20, AND 50 that had similar picture. As far as the Masonic symbols on the money, the Masonic Order that the Founding Fathers were involved in and the Masonic Order of today are quite different. The Masons, at least in America, were at one point Bible-believing Christians. However, some people who were not Christians got involved in the group and slowly twisted it away from its roots so that now, at the highest levels it is almost blatant Satanism.
  7. I don't think there's anything to it in this case, but one of the greatest tricks in the book is to downplay something by putting it in entertainment form.
  8. The whole idea of "overpopulation" is blown way out of whack. The people saying that we're overpopulated and such apparently don't actually take facts into account, because you could take every person on this planet, them in groups of 7, give each group an acre of land in the state of Texas (and only that stae) and still have land left over. "Overpopulation" is just one more argument for more control over the lives of the average law-abiding citizen.
  9. America was founded as a land of the free, with a free market economy. Banning or taxing certain foods for health reasons is one step closer to a Big Brother type system. Under socialized health care, regulating foods makes sense, because they're trying to keep the costs down. But if health care is a part of the free market as it should be, people will make their own choices when they choose to be educated about what they're doing.
  10. We have well water that tastes like sulfer (although I will drink it sometimes, and I filter it for use in my coffee) and we get our drinking water from a spring, so I'm not really affected by any bottled water bans, but I still don't agree with them. Like others have said, the easiest substiute is to drink more soda instead. And at one point, this was a free country, where people could decide what products they would and would not buy and the government didn't have say in that. As far as bottle waste is concerned, plastic bottles are easily recyclable. Most people just choose not to do so out
  11. I don't doubt that he'll make a lot of speechs and write more books, but I am very doubtful that it will be effective in helping children progress in any manner. He's too socialist to want to help children progress, as it they actually progressed, they'd see the Captialism and thinking for one's self is the way to progress, not central control.
  12. The concept of hell is actually a cross between two places: Hades/Sheol and the lake of fire. The Bible says that the lake of fire was made to hold Satan and his demons. In the same manner of heaven, it is not visible to us in this life, the same as most angelic and demonic activity is not visible. Currently when they die, people who don't make Jesus their Lord go to Hades/Sheol, sort of a holding pit. Those who confess Jesus as Savior go to be with Him in Paradise/Heaven. Hades is still a place of suffering and torment, but it is not the lake of fire. At the end of this earth, there will be a
  13. The US has no reason to attack Russia at the moment. The guy is still living in the Cold War. That being said, the US needs to get the Star Wars program back and actually put anti-ICBM satellites in orbit, plus better weapons with the increase of technology over the last 30 years. There are still ICBMs in Russia and the old USSR aimed at American cities. As unstable as Russia is, all it takes is a nutjob like the guy mentioned in the right place and a US city disappears. We have no defensive weapons capable of stopping it right now because those in power want to see American go down the crap
  14. Some of the "information" gathered to confirm "global warming" used to be gathered by a thermometer in the middle of a field. A few years ago, that temperature station was moved from the open field to the middle of a city directly over top of an air-conditioning unit. Cities are generally hotter than country anyways, due to asphalt, less wind, and vehicle emissions, and an air-conditioning unit works by sucking the heat out of air and pumping that heat outside. Yeah, the average temp for the thermometer is going to go up. And all the people griping about global warming are usually making mor
  15. The "Wild West" was really a misnomer, as there were far less shoot-outs and other such things than there have been movies about them. Yes, some things happened, and there was criminal activity, but even the criminals weren't as bold as they are today because they didn't want to get shot. A criminal is usually going to choose to go after those who they don't think can defend themselves. By taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, you guarantee the criminal an unarmed target. The countries with the strictest gun control typically have the highest crime rates, even if they aren't all g