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  1. Oh man. I love those types of videos. They're both creepy and interesting at the same time
  2. I never really had much "super" human or out of this world experiences. Maybe i'm just a null person, but I don't buy into the whole jist of souls be trapped, souls being demonic, souls being etc. Although, I love the TV shows about those ghost "hunters."
  3. I'd believe there would be another dimension beyond ours in an instant. There are many unexplained things like what happens on the other side of a black hole? I really think that the extra dimensions would give the answers to that.
  4. Just like the idea that the brain named itself "the brain," God is just a ploy for humanity to believe and comfort on something else. It controls men and brings them to their knees. A powerful creature that doesn't exist (?)
  5. The Chruch's vain attempt to cloak itself in this vale called "equality" isn't really working. Imo, picking this guy as pope will only lead to more unrest in the Church.
  6. There was an interesting explanation to why they came to our past because they are us from the future. It's interesting because that would make infinite number of us and universes.
  7. The tragic events at Sandy Hook are sad from media reports, but I always had this sneaking suspicious attitude on how the police acted afterward. Great video btw, very informative.
  8. I was literally yelling across the house, screaming "FINALLY, 2012... ER I MEAN 2013!!!" It must've been a terrifying ordeal to all the ones involved. My heart goes out to them.