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  1. Cranial binding was actually pretty well documented as a thing back in the 1800s by some German fellow whose name I can't recall at the moment. Now, what they were trying to imitate by binding the skulls of their babies is the real question - who in their right mind would risk the health of their kid just for a fashion statement? There are some ancient depictions showing the gods with skulls like that, so it could have been imitation as an attempt to grow closer to the gods, or the aliens. Or whatever they were trying to do. Regardless, that's cranial binding.
  2. You have to understand, hatred of the Jews wasn't just a Hitler thing. It goes back to the middle ages, possibly farther back. It was a culturally inherited bias that many nations of Europe (and to some extent America, too) shared. I suppose it was luck of the draw which country got the nutjob who would actually try to do something about it, y'know, because normal people don't order the mass slaughter of others. I distinctly remember learning the Holocaust in the tenth grade in High School. I distinctly remember watching a film about paperclips - students gathered six million paperclips and
  3. Beat me to it. I sort of take the Cathar view on it, that Earth is the lowest form of existence - or hell. We're forced to cycle through the ages on the earth until our souls finally reach that understanding that will let them out Of course, getting into the whys would be tedious. The shinny would be that the God of Heaven has almost no power on Earth, while the God of Earth (equated with Jehovah, and not in a good way) has no over heaven. So it makes more sense to me that so many screwed up things can happen on this planet, since it's sort of a trial for the soul.
  4. It's possible. I just suggested that the more harmless and normal entities may not even realize they're doing it. Just like with a Ouiji board or something, an evil entity might feel the urge to seek out these energies and latch on, and use it to their advantage. Or they may come into it accidentally, and then just go ahead and see where it leads them. I suspect that if you're stuck on earth in energy form, you might not have that great of a social life and might just go nuts. You know, like emo kids.
  5. It's starting to make me wonder if it's not one giant simulation, but thousands all hooked together, that share data and information. That could explain the detailed history of my town, and yours, but that the events that impact us all are shared equally and each simulation can get bogged down. It's pretty much impossible for a computer to generate a truly random number, so I think they're scraping Wikipedia for their information. I mean, how else could a machine be this freakin' innacurate?
  6. I mostly only notice glitches that disagree with things I distinctly remember learning. Capitals, presidents, wars, many things. It just doesn't make sense for the brain to contradict itself in those ways if it was only ever taught a single way. And what I can't stand on top of that, is people who also seem to realize the glitch but won't distrust their brain enough to actually give the concept a moment's notice. Whoever is running this copy of the sims needs to make up their minds. Let me remember a single version of history as fact, not seven.
  7. There's something vaguely alarming to this video. The background music is kind of creepy, and the facial expresion never seems to change. I swear it's almost like a subliminal message. I mean, watch it again, and his eyes and mouth never seem to change. There's something decidedly off about this.After 6:00 the video starts getting really creepy because it starts getting this serial killer vibe, which I'm finding hard to explain. It's kind of neat seeing a man age and progess, though. You can see where he has moved several times, and the various friends and girlfriends that flash by.
  8. If the species has been able to evolve to the current ocean environment, then it makes sense they'll be able to evolve to adapt to their new environments. As you said, that's the whole point of evolution. Even if those species die off, remember that the earth is home to less than 3% of all the species that have ever existed on it. Evolution can be a drag like that - but again, as you said, that's the whole point of evolution.
  9. The Cathars believe in two Gods - the God of Earth, and the God of Heaven. They are separate entities entirely. The God of Heaven has no control over the Earth, and vice versa. The God of the Earth made the Earth, and then tried to make man but couldn't. Somehow, through trickery, convinced souls from heaven to come down to Earth and the trapped the souls in the human body. Now, our souls can't escape the earthly bounds. The Cathars equated Jehovah as the God the of Earth, e.g., the BAD god. GOE (acronyms are nice) created man to worship him and do his bidding, purely to stroke his own ego
  10. A comment Morpheus made in the Doppelganger thread inspired me to share some of my thoughts on Reality Glitches. So I'm going to share some of my thoughts on Reality Glitches. I've noticed reality glitches for a long time. For example, I distinctly remember being taught that Knoxville was the capital of Tennessee, especially since the teacher was from Tennessee and found it hilarious that I didn't know (in my defense, why would a nine year old MS kid know?) and I got heckled about it a bit. I remember the whole encounter vividly. Has anyone else noticed that currently, Knoxville hasn't bee
  11. I suppose my post is about to get odd(er than I normally would post.) It could be that the demons and djinn and all other sorts of trickster entities and malevolent forces on this earth, really are some manifestation of energy, are sentient, and find it amusing to muck with humans. In fact, regular ghosts as we know them could be the same thing - some just have the urge to do less pleasant things. The concept at heart, is that they are some kind of energy with a brain and it's bored. I've heard of doppelgangers, and it's my opinion that the entity pretending to be you, just found it easy
  12. It's not so much about personalities as it is the power of suggestion. A Red Lobster might not get you to go to Red Lobster, but it might make you raid the fridge. And I don't know about you, but I think it should be criminal to show pictures of food like they do, as I tend not to have the money and they make the ramen in my cupboard look really, really bad. If you think about it, cigarettes can't be shown in commercials over here (not sure about overseas) so I figure there must be enough suggestive power to warrant having limits as to what they can and can't show. It's pretty apparent
  13. Not even an asteroid could find a reason to come to Mississippi, so I'm fairly certain I'll be okay. And even if it's Mississippi. I think I'd stay put.
  14. Advertisements really do have a massive driving impact on the sales of goods. It's highly possible a company (who probably paid a lump sum for their spots) would be irked if they got gyp'd on runtime - it may have been a play by the stadium to keep their deals with advertisement companies on the same terms. These are million dollar deals, so it's no real surprise. A thirty second commercial could bring in millions of dollars of revenue. Does anyone else remember how they were talking about Super Bowl commercials being cheap before this all went down? Conncetion?
  15. If you're the kind of person who is going to be shooting others for crime, then you're the kind of person who could care less about laws relating to them. The best way to take power from people is to convince people to give it to you - and taking away our guns just makes us more vulnerable. Imagine if one day another World War breaks out, and a gun ban is in place - the opposing army won't care about your laws, they'll march in and just...genocide everything. Hitler Jr. could easily walk over Europe since most of it is disarming itself. I know, I know, armed forces this, armed forces that, b
  16. Is it necessarily a bad thing? Necessity mothers invention, and the rich have far more needs these days than you or I do. It makes sense they'd use their income to fix their health, and sometimes it ends up starting whole new things rolling. Imagine, if a failing heart patient ends up being the one that funds the team that discovers how to make a pig heart human compatible? I don't like the idea of money making skipping over waiting lists though. All the money in the world doesn't make you more valuable than anyone else.
  17. I agree with you, for the most part. But religion (until very, very recent times) became a means of staying in power. If the Church had always acted with men and their souls in mind, there wouldn't have been Crusades, witch burnings, the destruction of competing (but Christian) religions, and most of the horror that became associated with it. The Inquisition itself is all I need to bring up when condemning it. But religion started out with benevolence in mind, I agree. The human spirit has a need to feel fulfilled, and to try to do something with itself, and religion can be a great outlet fo
  18. I believe it's that the traits assocaited with criminailty are just being noticed. But here's the catch - the same things associated with criminalism can be found in law abiding citizens. If they start detaining people on brain scans alone, we're going to have a hard time finding politicians in the future. This is a pretty good read. But what they're really talking about, is finding certain traits in a brain that meshes with actual brain diseases and disorders. I don't like it, but there is a bit of a good idea under all the horror. Seriously, though, it's pretty creepy. It might make sense
  19. The site notes that the politician is a bit of a nutjob, though. Apparently, he had sour cabbage thrown at him last month, while being called "Ukrainophoic." Sounds like a real character. But referring to the concept, it's possible. There was the awesomely named Star Wars program from the Reagan era, and who all knows what that's actually capable of?
  20. Less than a month ago, gas was 3.18 where I live - small town, sort of large but a lot of the residents are rural folk. It was 3.60 even yesterday when I went into town. I don't give a crap what our cars run off of, but I do think that whatever it is should be cheaper. I mean, for this price we should be running cars off the tears of dogs.
  21. The Earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling. Sort of like seasons, but on a larger scale - and the crustal displacement theory (basically, the whole crust of the Earth can move when gravity overcomes it. Centrifugal force and weasels are the cause, I'm sure) allows for these cycles to happen instantly. I think Ice Ages are myths. There is really no such thing, since the Ice Age is going long and strong in Antartica right now. Whenever the crust displaces, a previously cold area warms and a warm area freezes. There are maps (Piri Reis, for example) that show river systems and mountai
  22. I think Stephen Hawking pretty well defeated time travel for humans, not because it's not mathematically possible, but that the tear entities that do it are so shortlived because of some form of interference that it would be impossible for people to actually go back in time. Forwards is different, of course. An interesting idea, would be that what if people left this planet a hundred thousand years ago, evolved separately, and are now coming back. No more likely, but still, I'm in an imaginitive mood. So I really believe that if aliens are visiting earth, it's more because they've figured ou
  23. I figure it's a meteor or something hit the ocean and the dolphins are fleeing the crime scene like they're guilty or something. It's possble we'll hear about a tidal wave or a tsunami soon, though I really, really hope we don't.
  24. I agree with these points. I said in the other thread I don't believe it was a fake, but they're loading more and more onto to try use some form of scare tactics into convincing the common people that guns need to be under more control they are. I think it was one of the wisest decisions in our Amendments to make the right to bear arms unalienable, because they knew if we can't fight back it's no longer our government. I do no endorse some the extremist gun nuts out there, but I do think that any attempt to control guns further is the government looking for a way to make us weaker and easier
  25. The Polio vaccine has done wonders for the known world - my maternal grandmather's parents opted her out of the shot, and she got it. Now, she can't hold her cigarette, asks for 'cuts' of coffee, and somehow manages to accumulate the longest non-falling ashes on the cigarette she can barely hold. I think you can opt out if you really insist - unless you're travelling to another country or are in the US military. But it may not be a bad thing to go ahead and do it. Plus, if it messes you up, at least you're be living off the settlement money for a couple generations. (Bad joke, sorry.)