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    CarpeNemo reacted to Morpheus in The Holocaust   
    I watched Schindlers List yesterday. There was one element that surprised me, and I thought what are they trying to say by this.
    The first scene features gossipy Jewish women in their barracks.  One tells the others that she has heard of a camp where they sent all the Jews, and they shaved their heads telling them that they needed the hair for Uboats.  Then they told them, to strip and gave them all blocks of soap and to walk into the shower.  Then the woman says gas came out of the shower and killed everyone.
    The other women scoff, and ask if everyone was killed then how did you hear this story?  Another woman says, no we are too valuable to them for the war effort.
    An hour later in the film, the women are transferred to Auschwitz, on the way there the train stops and a young German boy makes the slitting throat sign to the women.  They arrive at Auschwitz and have their heads shaven, they are then forced to strip and go into a large shower room.  The door is slammed shut and locked behind them.  At this point they are all sobbing, crying, really upset all thinking they are about to die.  Its a tense moment in the film.   Suddenly the showers turn on, and out comes water and they all have a shower sobbing with relief.
    So Im thinking, what is the film maker / writer of the book trying to get across here?  That the gas showers were just a story spread by gossip and really never happened?
    You can see the scene via youtube (it features some in context nudity)

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    CarpeNemo got a reaction from Neo in The cover up   
    The Cathars believe in two Gods - the God of Earth, and the God of Heaven. They are separate entities entirely. The God of Heaven has no control over the Earth, and vice versa.
    The God of the Earth made the Earth, and then tried to make man but couldn't. Somehow, through trickery, convinced souls from heaven to come down to Earth and the trapped the souls in the human body. Now, our souls can't escape the earthly bounds.
    The Cathars equated Jehovah as the God the of Earth, e.g., the BAD god. GOE (acronyms are nice) created man to worship him and do his bidding, purely to stroke his own ego. Earth is therefore supposed to be the lowest form of existence, or Hell in modern christian terms.
    They also belived that through religious purification that the soul could be helped to find a way back to heaven. If it failed, it was reborn again upon the earth, and not even sometimes as man. I could be a dog in my next life for all I know. The form you come back in was supposed to represent the knowledge your soul has already accumulated though.
    The Perfecti (initiated into the rights of purification) wouldn't eat meat (you are what you eat, literally, in this religion) and wouldn't own property. Instead, they travelled constantly, ate only through charity, and tried to spread the word of the religion to the common man. It wasn't expected that the common man become a Perfecti, only that he understood the word. It was even okay to not accept it - they were the most tolerant of religions, and even found many things in common with Far Eastern religions like Buddhism.
    The basic goal, wasn't even a religious doctrine - as long as you found your way to heaven, you were good. A Cathar could be best friends with a Buddhist and both could have reasonably thought they'd meet each other in heaven one day.
    Of course, the Catholic-power-hungry-Jehovah/Devil-worshippig religion came along and use the Cathars, Paulicans, Gnostics, and any similar religion as fire wood. Can't have tolerant, loving religion that focuses more on personal enlightenment and knowledge and charity and love running about unchecked.
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    CarpeNemo got a reaction from Neo in Glitches in the Matrix - Reality Is Glitching   
    A comment Morpheus made in the Doppelganger thread inspired me to share some of my thoughts on Reality Glitches. So I'm going to share some of my thoughts on Reality Glitches.
    I've noticed reality glitches for a long time. For example, I distinctly remember being taught that Knoxville was the capital of Tennessee, especially since the teacher was from Tennessee and found it hilarious that I didn't know (in my defense, why would a nine year old MS kid know?) and I got heckled about it a bit. I remember the whole encounter vividly.
    Has anyone else noticed that currently, Knoxville hasn't been the capital of Tennessee for a hundred years?
    Then there was the time I was watching an old documentary about the Philadelphia Experiment on the History channel (again, when I was a kid) and when it came back from commercial break, it was halfway through a documentary about the civil war.
    I'm not sure what to make of them, to be honest. I know other people experience them, but since the very concept of a reality glitch makes it hard to follow, it can be a pain to talk about.
    Anyone else sad our robot overlords can't make up their mind about history?
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    CarpeNemo reacted to Morpheus in Do You Believe In Doppelgangers?   
    Sounds like a déjà vu to me. A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.
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    CarpeNemo reacted to Neo in The super bowl power outtage may have been intentional.   
    Wow, what sort of brain washed people enjoy a commercial?
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    CarpeNemo got a reaction from JessiFox in Organ transplants for the rich   
    Is it necessarily a bad thing? Necessity mothers invention, and the rich have far more needs these days than you or I do. It makes sense they'd use their income to fix their health, and sometimes it ends up starting whole new things rolling. Imagine, if a failing heart patient ends up being the one that funds the team that discovers how to make a pig heart human compatible?
    I don't like the idea of money making skipping over waiting lists though. All the money in the world doesn't make you more valuable than anyone else.
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    CarpeNemo reacted to RedNeckJiuJitsu in Does gas have to be as expensive as it is right now? Are we being duped into paying more?   
    The main thing contributing to the price of gas going up is that the Greenies have convinced the government to not allow the private companies to drill anymore in the US. There's as much or more oil under the United States than there is under the Middle East. When the companies can't get to it though, the Arab countries have control over the prices. That being said, for all the liberals talk of Bush's friends in the oil companies, there was never 1 word said when the prices came down before the election in November about Obama's friends...
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    CarpeNemo reacted to Morpheus in When conspiracy theorists go too far
    We all like to get to the truth, but I think we need to be careful and not victimize people just because they dont fit into our theories.