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  1. I´m here to share two educational videos about the history of the illuminati. Whoever is interested in knowing more about their history and infiltration of society, please check these out : Hope it will be useful for You guys. All the references to the informations are on the description, so You can check for yourselves ! Also I´d like to invite anyone who´s willing to participate in a resistance group, I am gathering important and authentic material to post. Whoever will be interested can send me a message and just let me know . Take care !!!
  2. Hell guys, watch these videos on that subject, they are very informational !!! and so on till part 4, the last part ! Hope it will be helpful . Take care !!!
  3. Hello people, I am here to share two videos with You. They concern the history of the order of the illuminati and how it´s infiltrated society. Also, I am about to start a project and will require the creation of a facebook group, whoever is interested in participating, send me a message so I can send You a pdf file I made for it and also so I can send You the link of the group once it´s created . Take care and hope these two videos will be useful for You !!! and