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  1. #Bigbossjock, Radio Show, copyrighted are these writings, Big Boss Jock broadcasted live, heard on the Mighty Seven Fifty, AM 750khz, picked up by crystal sets, supplied with a 1N34A diode, germanium dioded transistor radios work also, listen live to the radio show, better yet come be part of the protest, demonstration daily held, Monday thru Friday, in front of the FBI Field Office, located in Redding California, Yankee USA, Former FBI Director James Comey, among various other Fed Agents, June of 2014, Redding Office sodomized me, straight pins inserted, into my eyeballs, thru my testicles, hooked them up to eltectro-shock, they severely tortured me, did so with impunity, authorized by US National Security, of which I am being held, implanted at the cerebral cortex, been so since 11 months old, 1971 fitted with a stimoceiver, Jose Delgado one of the surgeons, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Roseburg Oregon, nearly all of my life, held under an Executive Directorate, bow wow wow I can't get out, 2015 complaint to the FBI, asked that every US President, every one of them since Nixon, be prosecuted for the crimes committed against me, Nixon as with Ford also Reagan, attributed be to their legacies, program I can't escape, proper authorities don't take action, investigation are unable, due to they'd be implicated,US National Security, Acts since their conception, have been used to usurp, all other US Law, WWII Nazi's Mein Kampf sub project Ultra, conquered the US they were able, US DIA Nazi Bloodlines are placed, #Bigbossjock, Klaus Reinhardt son of Fmr. Nazi Gen. Reinhardt Heydrich, left Germany immigrated, became Klaus Reinard, Alois Brunner became Bruener, immigrated with his family, 1959 from their newly claimed, then home country of Argentina, immigrated to the Yankee USA, Boise Idaho, Alois's Son Hans, has the same DNA, sperm donner shared that with me, #Bigbossjock is half them, 1969 mixed up in a petri dish, my mother's egg with sperm of Hans, Brunner new Paula Sue, since the Riviera in '52, Havana Cuba, Grandpa Earl Hawkins, from the hotel's opening till '59, been the owner operator, then had a secret partner, Myer Lansky his friend, Earl a made member, Myer with he together since '29, Yankee Sam made sure, selected that I be a male, postponed delivery, so that April 6th I was born, planned to match Mormon doctrine, Paula Sue's husband not my DNA, though with whom I do identify, one who I called Dad, both bloodlines are Mormons, from the push carts on, John's Mother Edith, her Brother Joe Anderson, Enolia Gaye been on one of them planes, shot down during a bombing raid, internment camp in Germany, then lived among the enemy, befriended Klaus Rienhardt, one of the Nazi Camp Leaders, Fraulein Klaus's bloodline, Joe with her they married, been reported AWOL, wasn't in the camp, when the US Forces then entered, MKUltra look the subject, peer into their left eye, LSD unwittingly administered, they were allowed to immigrate, Fraulein's last name Gehlen,then changed to Geller, typo been over looked, 1946 Hanson Idaho, Joe with his bride, along with his brother in law, Klaus Rienard aka Klaus Reinhardt, been at his other side, after arrival within a year, Reinard was highly placed, positioned at the US DIA, Joe's marriage didn't last, six months they were together, just enough marriage couldn't be annulled, #Bigbossjock, Redding CA the Shasta Dam, inside is located a US DIA Command Center, Nov 22 of '63, Martineau's been on deck, Oct of '63, Howard who was John's Dad, he had been invited, travel to Texas, go on a hunting trip, though he declined to go, Sept 1963 Kennedy had made a visit, came to Shasta County, inauguration of a lake, Whiskeytown been completed, Kennedy had asked, see the Command Center, denied to do so at first, angered Kennedy demanded, under an Executive Order entered, into the US DIA Command Center, Kennedy enraged while inside, hollered he'd be shutting them down, mentioned that few weeks later, given in a public speech, planned on disbanding the CIA, blast them into a thousand pieces, assassination plan was hatched, put together by the DIA-CIA, then immediately went into action, November of 1963, Kennedy Assassination, Shasta Dam DIA Command Center, been on deck Martineau's participated, they are part of the Association, Beech Bonanza V Tail, Mormons three of them, CIA operators in the dam, along with my Yankee Sam appointed, Granddad, Grandpappy, Grandpa, Grand them all, Beech he was the pilot, from Feb 1973 till Sept 1985, been married to Dorthy, Earl Hawkins former wife, Dorthy my Grandmother, '73 then married DIA Agent Wendell E.Gray, Wendell had served on the ship, WWII arrived aboard alongside Sr. Bush, two of them together, last month of Earl's service, 1940 Boise Idaho, Bank Robbery Gone Wrong, Thommy Earl fired off a few, in a newer then 1939 Cadillac, owned then by Earl, Hawkins Brothers sped away, drinking hole nearby, car had been spotted, net got dragged, they all got hauled in, Earl been with four of his brothers, all them were involved, Into court they got taken, judge gave them a choice, go into the service, enter into the upcoming war, things then were getting hot, or take ten in the pen, all his brothers made men, Earl since the beginning of Myer Lansky Organization, one of the originals, returned to Boise 1934, after the 1931 Chicago Bank of Lloyds heist, Earl aka "Poor Boy", bank robbery he had participated, returned with millions, bags of gold along with silver coins, boxes of cut diamonds, along with other assets, returned to Boise a multi millionaire, Year that ensued all his brothers, except one Grover, during the 1930's, he been too young, all became made men, Grover later did so also, made his way to the top, Crime Family Sindicate Boss, 1985 to 2004, one Brother took the pen, all the rest entered into the service, at Earl's request, while being taken out the court room, spoke up asked the judge, if he could be put into the Navy, judge obliged sent all four, them off to a soon be war, copyrighted is this writing, Youtube Channel Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty please subscribe, donations would be appreciated, #Bigbossjock, Bush Sr. Prescott's son, 41 that one, been put intentionally on the ship, serve the last weeks with Earl, let known their be a take over, known mobster Earl a made man, got along well with the Admiral, Bush with Hitler were partners, Prescott with Adolf had made the merger, by doing so MKUltra became a flopping fish, forever in order under that of Hitler, including the Bloodlines, those of the Third Reich, Nazi Bloodlines placed at the US DIA, have the control as of current day, flamboyant sock wearer, foo shoe skipped toed, danced out on deck, Admiral he disobeyed, being foo been George's way, he with Wendell Loo, on the ship that's what they would do, Bush's with Hawkins began a feud, MKUltra was the tool, what the Bush's used, Crime Families took them over, Bush's have string pullers, US DIA Agents highly placed, Handlers of Bush's, are those such as former Nazi General Rommel, one of his son's, that lives near me, speaking about current day, is a neighbor of mine, years without my conscious consent, nor of my consious awareness, with the use of torture, that along with sexual abuse, holds a power of attorney, while gamma ray was activated, been signed by me, held I am against my will, kept in the US DIA Stimoceiver Program, Rommel's son along with various others, many who are my own family members, placed at the DIA, there along with at the CIA, hold power of attorney's over me, did so without my conscious consent, copyrighted are the videos, donations would be appreciated, Youtube Channel Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty, please subscribe, #Bigbossjock, US DIA Stimoceiver Program, that I can not escape from, stimoceiver emits frequencies, AM 74.9492mhz is a tracker, satellite linked at all times, dog collar implanted at the cerebral cortex, birdie birdie in the sky, leash held I am bound also tied, AM 750khz every word is heard, then downloaded into the archive, 52uhf micro cameras, everything that I see, Yankee Sam also sees, FM 900.0000mhz, ham radio DIA-CIA operators, incessantly torment me, I receive no type of pay, live life in chronic pain, Over the forty seven years, received more than forty broken bones, none treated for in a hospital, three ruptured discs in my lower back, .2194 caliber slug, been fired from a FAL, penetrated into my spinal column, lead soaks in the spinal fluid, been their since 2000, too many injuries to list, by Yankee Sam I am denied, not given any type of health care, injuries were all sustained, while carrying out US DIA-CIA operations, receive no pay am a slave, filled out apps can't get a job, not even mowing lawns, less than hundred dollar radio does the job, Motorola GTX 900, transmitting at FM 900.0000mhz, I could go go go, know I am old, all the same, could still put on a show, radio in my hand, no longer would I have to be poor, more than a decade been without work, difficult to have self worth, when every bite I eat, is after I've asked please, I am a complete dependent, am at my family's mercy, they are tired of feeding me, Shawney Le Chien, Yankee Sam's slave I am, please subscribe to the Youtube Channel, Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty, any donations would be gratefully appreciated, copyrighted is this writing,
  2. I have been protesting in front of the FBI Field Office, Redding Ca, the sign I hold reads, FBI Sodomized Me Inside Their Field Office Comey Participated, other side of the billboard reads, Ham Radio 900 mhz Lights Red Glow Bright Red'll Be My Eyes Please Someone Key a Mic. A Motorola GTX 900, tuned in at 900 mhz, keyed mic lights up my eyes, DIA-CIA is preventing me form acquiring a GTX 900, radio goes for around fifty dollars on ebay, DIA-CIA controls my mail, programmed out the needed frequency, they are preventing me from going free, Should be noted, if what I was saying is baseless, FBI would not tolerate me, outside one their field offices protesting, holding a sign with such accusations, would be considered slander, seeing that what I say is true, my protest will continue. Anyone who's interested in helping me, Motorola GTX 900 program in eight hours contineous symplex transmision, needed for allowing me to sleep without being tormented, broadcasted to all night long from the DIA-CIA Command Center, please program in 800mlW on the transmitting power down side, full power 2.5W on the up, channels are programmable, make sure one channel transmits at 899.9999 mhz, each channel from there go up incrementally, go up by .1000 on each channel, This would be a tremendous favor for me, I have little money, receive average of 120 dollars a month, been that way for years, certified I am a welder, certified also engine machinist, can't get a job, have looked a lot, DIA-CIA controls my life, money with little I do receive, DIA-CIA plays their games, get the money from me, without me getting set free, they tamper with everything I buy, cheat me each attempt I try, stimoceiver program I can't escape, corner of Mistletoe with Churn Creek, I'll keep a fifty on my person,interested please don't try to contact me, before your ready with a ham, walk up turn the radio on, key the mic we'll wait a minute, if my eyes glow red fifty I'll give. June of 2014, Comey was in Redding, Director Comey particpated in the abuses committed against me, '14 he with other agents, inside of the Redding Field Office, tortured me along with sodomizing me, inserted a cattle prod into my anus, electro shocked me, forced me to sing documents. I have faxed numerous complaints to the FBI, sent to sixteen of their field offices, along with the FBI's main office, bullet is lodged into my spinal column, lead slug been soaking in the spinal fluid for sixteen years as of now, faxes to the FBI I complained of Comey, along with others that they abused me, FBI Norfolk Virginia Main Office sent me a letter, acknowledged they received the faxes, noted the subject matter of my fax, stated on the letter title: complaint made against Comey, FBI felt the need be silly, letter sent gave information on filling out a FOIA Request, I felt be better to protest, FBI is humiliating me, forcing me to stand in the street, needing to hold a sign, I chose to state they sodomized me, FBI is unwilling to carry out an investigation, if they were to do so Director Comey would be brought up on charges, sexual assault with torture, citizens can't make such statements if they are baseless, what I am saying is true, my protest will continue,weather permitting Monday thru Friday I plan on holding my signs, protesting out in front of the FBI Field Office in Redding CA, If anyone is in the vicinity, owns a Ham Radio, drive by transmit at 900 mhz, key your mic, give a minute watch what happens to my eyes, I am fighting for my life, FBI is waiting till I die, waiting for the bullet to take my life, any help would be appreciated, feel free to join in with my protest. I uploaded a new clip, has me protesting out front of the FBI Field Office, Bigbossjock on the wandering remote, live from the corner of Churn Creek with Mistletoe, I hope that people will join my protest, help set me free, [link to (secure)] my channel on the tube is Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty, please watch my videos. Thank you for reading.
  3. I haven't posted in a while, DIA-CIA Stimoceiver Program I'm trapped, made as to date six complaints with the FBI, U.S. National Security, reason why I can't leave, exit from their program. In the meantime I have uploaded seventy new video clips to the youtube. I show in the uploaded videos how to identify the MKULTRA code, second by second breakdown, in cordination with the presidential speech, explaining where are objects also colors which are being computer generated, creating for an altered imagine, leaving viewers with a false impression. Please watch my videos, help me gain my freedom,, video is entitled Code Broken Crime Family Salute Seen At 2017 Inauguration Part 1, described in the series of videos, is the George Junior Bush salute at the end of the inauguration, along with the psyops that went on before the salute, subliminal messages of civil unrest, coup d'etat, exclusion of African Americans from America, computer generated images on the sides also middle of the screen, could be seen, their movements coincided with the words that were being spoken at the same time, I invite you to learn the techniques of U.S. DIA-CIA analysts, explained in the videos, is a tutorial on how to analyze, decipher the code. I hope you will take interest, Thank you for reading.
  4. CIA Command Centers, one is located inside the Shasta Dam there are CIA Command Centers built into all the Great Works Projects, Coolie, Hoover, Folsom, and Shasta. Bureau of the Interior, fronts for the CIA, many of the actual dam workers, take their hard hats off, sit at computers in the command centers. As I mentioned on other posts, I am implanted with a stimoceiver. I was implanted by the DIA, and am daily controlled by CIA who work inside of the command center located inside of Shasta Dam. The command center is impressive, backside of the face wall, has a screen, hundred fifty foot high, displaying a map of the world, red dots projected upon it. Each red dot represents someone such as myself who has been "tagged". That term is for anyone who has an implanted with an RFID, Stimoceivers we are many. Iron Mountain Mine in the late ninties received half a billion dollar reclamation grant, much of the money was used to build an underground network of underground shelters, apartments with an underground metro system that connects them. The network runs from Shasta Dam, to Keswick Dam over to Iron Mountain Mine. Keswick Dam is interfaced with Shasta. My eyes turn red when a sine wave is sent, mind gets blanked out when a saw tooth is sent. I emit 74.9492 mhz AM from the back of my head, it's a gps locator, I can be listened to at 750 khz AM, eyes looked thru at 52 uhf. I need out of the stimoceiver program, please anyone with some time watch my videos on youtube, My stimoceiver explained, the videos are full of information. Public needs to become aware of the stimoceiver program, the command centers located in the Great Works Projects. Thanks for reading this post. Please help me share my videos.