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  1. Although I haven't found the link I checked out when I first posted, here's an excerpt from Wikipedia from the following link: Temperature and salinity also affect shell growth by altering organismal processes, including metabolism and shell magnesium (Mg) incorporation, as well as water chemistry in terms of calcium carbonate solubility, CaCO3 saturation states, ion-pairing, alkalinity and carbonate equilibrium.[13][14][15] This is especially relevant in estuaries, where salinities range from 0 to 35, and other water properties such as
  2. China is definitely spying on the infrastructure of many countries, with so much information being stored online, how could they resist? It's known that China has caused problems for the infrastructure here in Canada, so them having their hands deep into the US' online portfolio is pretty set in stone, in my opinion. If any politicians use this as a way to take away online freedoms it's a step too far. Steps need to be taken to keep China or any other malicious parties out, not the users within their own country.
  3. I cut out soda from my diet about a year ago, and it's probably one of the best decisions I've made. If you ask any doctor how much soda you should be consuming weekly/monthly/yearly, they should all say the same: exactly none. It has no nutritional value and it is unhealthy for your teeth, heart, and just your body in general.
  4. There's definitely a good possibility of mermaids being factual and not fictional creatures. With so little of our ocean actually explored and with new species being discovered every day there's a good chance that somewhere in the depths there's a population of mermaids somewhere out there. They're probably different than typical depiction of mermaids, that is the standard depiction being half fish and half human. I think it'd be much more fish than human parts, since we're not very well adapted for aqueous life. But, all in all, it's a definite possibility in the practically infinite depths o
  5. The Earth goes through fluctuating periods of hot and cold every few hundred years, so global warming is definitely not in as deep as everyone makes it seem. We definitely have a huge effect on our planet. Although most global warming claims are sensationalist articles made to garner a high subscriber base, it's easy to see how the warming Arctic can affect marine and terrestrial life. The Arctic isn't a land mass like Antarctica, when it starts to melt, to a polar bear it seems like half of his house suddenly turned into water. Polar bears need time to rest on solid ground as well as ensure t
  6. That seems like a lot of work to go through just to put a few more advertisements out there. The logistics of putting something that elaborate together as well as making sure everybody keeps it a secret seems a bit far fetched for me. I do understand the significant investment put in to these commercials and the buzz surrounding them, but the power outage seems routine. I mean, it's the Super Bowl, of all events to end up in a power outage this definitely makes the most sense. If I had to look at the position of the opposing opinion though, I could easily see it being premeditated. It's though
  7. The Sandy Hook story is definitely sensationalized beyond belief. However, that doesn't make the content fake. It's not difficult to open fire on a room full of unarmed children, but its a very shocking and chilling story. Any politician using the story as a power play to forward his own agenda is also in the wrong. So, to keep this post concise, I think it is definitely blown out of proportion by the media and politics but at the end of the day, it is a very real story.
  8. I think before we discuss "purpose," we need to first define what purpose is. In my mind, purpose is our biological reason to continue living. Modern day intricacies aside, the purpose of any organism is to further the survival of it's species, whether it be by mitosis in simple organisms or meiosis to help breed more complex organisms like humans. In my humble opinion, religion was constructed by humanity to unite independent tribes in the days of antiquity as well as instill a moral code. Simple rules like don't steal things that aren't yours and don't hurt people or else God, who is all see
  9. I'm on board with most other people in this thread. Although organ transplantation isn't the most refined of sciences, I can guarantee you there's some rich billionaire out there funneling lots of money into alternative research for anything that ails him, as well as long term solutions like how to counteract aging and cell death. They've got more disposable income than most of us will ever see in our lifetime as well connections with some of the greatest scientific minds. What's to stop them from starting a few science projects?
  10. It's an interesting topic, without a doubt. These seemingly unexplained ancient phenomena (building of the pyramids, flying machines, etc) all tend to make sense with the inclusion of guidance from an otherworldly force. The thing is, if aliens did help us our benevolently, why have they not returned to check our progress or ensure we're on the right track? There's been very little conclusive evidence as to alien visitations, and most abductions can be traced to things like sleep paralysis or another sleeping disorder. Unless we discover something that can be recognized as distinctly alien, I
  11. I think all of you have heard of the Christopher Dorner story as of late and all the controversy surrounding it. Does anybody have any theories surrounding the situation? I like to contend that the LAPD/police on scene aren't telling the full truth of the situation. On the day of the cabin shooting, there were many conflicting reports as to whether or not a body was found. Some said a body was found, others said the cabin was still smoldering and nobody had entered, then it came again later that the body found within is identified as Dorner. ABC news has a good piece on the conflicting stories