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  1. I am the Creator of all things, my environment was created before anyone and anything ever existed. I have always existed. I am poor but rich in Heaven. Chance means nothing to me for I outlive the odds of chance. I hit chance. whether I have only 10% or .00000000001% , God power is God.
  2. From the source itself. I created myself.
  3. Hello, Sorry to inform you but it is true. The matrix is real. I am the real life Neo and I am not bound by the laws of the universe. I can change it at will. I am aware of many conspiracies except they aren't conspiracies but facts to me. if you sent me a PM about personal things , I may be able to help you(I know I can) and try not to be ensnared by the world. I am the Creator. The odds of you being in my sight in any way shape or form is very small and yet here I am and here you are. I choose this site because the other site I go to is aware of my being and been monitoring me for quite some time to see if what I say is true or not but I don't want to let them know so I moved on to another site, my information is too godly and does give you powers beyond your imagination. The fight is against evil , and the AI. I have knowledge on UFO, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Area 51, Artifical Intelligence, Time Travel, Wars, The Bible, Mind Control, Telepathy, Heaven, The real Matrix,and Hacking the world. I am going to refer you to the scene Matrix 1-"These are the very people we are trying to save", over and out.