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  1. Hmm..then why call it Satanism? Why not name it after, maybe, Dionysus, the greek god of indulgence. I mean its not practical if "Satanism" is only a name and labels are important.
  2. I have to agree with @Neo. Yes Google is watching but I think it has more to do with technology rather than a ploy to take over our personal lives. Google is a business and understandably, they will do anything that will add value to their brand. If there is any conspiracy theory here, I think Google plays a big part in the "resources" department and not a key player in the plot.
  3. I love unsolved mysteries and this one is one of my favorites. The Voynich Manuscript is a book written 400 years ago (according to experts). It has a strange language in it and its full of drawings of strange plants you wont see here on Earth. Here's a clear picture of one of the pages. What do you think this is? Anyone else heard of this? Is it alien or is it from an undiscovered part of the earth?
  4. This is creepy, it looks like it really happened and some are blaming the auroras up north. Here's the link
  5. This is interesting, I was actually talking to a friend earlier about getting my yearly flu shots. But yeah, I do remember that every single flu shot I had, I got really sick after. And they are pretty expensive from where I come from compared to drinking lots of water and getting alot of sleep when youre down with the flu.