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  1. Once your comments and activities attract the attention of NSA Everything you say, post or view on the www or cell net along with travel co-ordinates is screened and may be logged in your profile. Does "Big Brother" think kindly of you?
  2. A wee bit unstable are we? So fired up over a simple minor surgical procedure for good medical/ethical reasons. Only negative thing I can say is that usually the infant has no say as it is most often a parents decision. (your comment forwarded)
  3. Blessed Be I am not Christian gave up salivating and dragging knuckles ages ago.
  4. Few humans are guiltless of buying into sick standards of behavior. Only 2% are of noble character with no skeletons in their closet. Our species is defective and in decline.
  5. Such is the mischievous evil of religion that refuses evaluate the myths they perpetrate upon people and affairs of State.
  6. Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them?

    Governments sanction and utilize religion as a tool to render the population predictable, malleable and superficial. Enlightened people are difficult to control and bamboozle. The general population has been groomed and brainwashed from infancy to support the beliefs of their fathers. Fear of condemnation for challenging their faith and peer pressure keep them in line.
  7. Does not Biblical scripture expect believers to believe in the supernatural. i.e walking on water, water into wine, rising from the dead, parting the Sea, etc. ?
  8. Is God competent or incompetent?

    It is not a belief but the believer that perpetrates offensive consequences.
  9. Is God competent or incompetent?

    What we believe is of no consequence. Believing the world is flat changes not a thing. Belief only has power over gullible people. What we do not know we should explore to understand. Faith in a belief is imprisonment of mind. The truth is out there for those who seek. We are figments of our own imagination fabricated by three pounds of neurons and nothing to the dynamics of cosmology.
  10. Our population is large enough and we have plenty of our own dysfunctional citizens to support. I have been to Haiti and Somalia and did not like what I saw. These people have been on the planet for thousands of year just like the more civilized folks and have not gotten their act together. We are not Mother Theresa. Immigrants should be severely vetted and only those who have exceptional talents we need should be welcomed in. I blame Christian brainwashing for most of our acts of stupidity. "Love them who hate you" bull poop.
  11. North Korea must have a death wish

    We have capability to stop a couple dozen ICBM's and can actually detonate them on the launch pad so his nukes are not a big problem. Biological agents are an entirely different situation and could very well terminate our species. A humiliated Kim Jong Un would be as irrational as Islam and fully capable of the unthinkable. Weaponized Smallpox/Anthrax/E-Bola spores can be stored for a long time and perhaps containers are already in place strategically around the planet. Totally insane but possible. Humans are dangerous cunning predators.
  12. North Korea must have a death wish

    Nukes not getting our dander up so his plan "B" is a bag of anthrax hand delivered by we know not who.
  13. I see on the news North Korea is testing ICBM delivery of anthrax. I don't see how the civilized nations can ignore this mongoloid and tolerate his regime on our planet. Seems to be more dangerous to not destroy him then the consequences of removing him.
  14. The greatest miracle of all time

    Christianity is pure BS. Fails scientific inquisition and archeological evidence and left a bloody trail throughout history. An evil hoax creating chaos and war and designs to manipulate affairs of State and will eventually destroy us as frictional factions eventuate into Armageddon in the name of God. DUH
  15. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Re-evaluate your concept of what you think God is. Your comment seems to attribute human characteristics to a Divinity that most likely is not a singular being. The universe is self conscious , an entanglement of the life phenomenon and this probably is what we call God.