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    Salem witch trials tied to deep state bloodlines

    Christians instigated the inquisitions out of hatred for anything non-Christian and ignorant irrational fear of Witchcraft. Today they remain fearful of scientific enlightenment and anything paranormal. Knowledge might expose their foolishness. Many would still like to burn Witches not knowing or caring Witchcraft is a higher level of spirituality then they might hope to achieve. Many still do not know the difference between Witchcraft and Satanism believing anything un-Christian must be demonic.
  2. Shekinah


    This is being studied by the "Venus Society" in Venus Florida.
  3. Any NWO will ban Christians and any of the Abrahamic religious offshoots. All are potentially radical and dangerously deficient in logical thought processes. These belief systems have been the cause of wars, atrocities, and acts of inhumanity since their inception and will have no place in any new human dispensation.
  4. Shekinah

    Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

    I am a Witch and have been since 1951. The pentagram (pent) is a five point entangled star with the apex pointing up each point represents the elementals earth, air, fire, water and spirit. A pentagram with the point down is a satanic symbol and has nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft. Witches do not believe in an evil divinity (devil or demons). We believe that an all pervading intelligence we call Spirit is present everywhere in all things. Wicca is new age having evolved in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner and appeals to the younger generation as a social instrument and hosts Covens for group ritual such as circle casting for Esbats (full moon rituals) and Sabbats (seasonal). Witchcraft is an ancient way of life from pre-historic beginnings of the human quest for spiritual enlightenment. The cave dwelling fire watcher (usually female) became the first Witches, Shaman, Wizard and were considered the "Wise Ones". Witches follow the noble path of the Ancient Ones, we have a deep respect for and affinity with Natural Forces. We gather in small groups of solitaries or covens to celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats. Witchcraft empowers the practitioner to influence probabilities in the material world with "Magick" and allows the Witch to establish a presence in the realm of Spirit. We are "Walkers between worlds" skilled in many occult arts such as remote viewing, bi-location, telepathy, healing and remote influencing. We have a higher code of ethics that demands we "are free to do as we will so long as we harm none".
  5. Shekinah


    Lots of related noetic breakthroughs in Star Gate replacing old Scanate and Medafocus. but alas humans are un-incorrigible.
  6. Religiosity is a recognized mental issue and often inspires radical behavior or ideation. Religion has been the instigator of aberrant behavior, wars and political uprisings for thousands of years. All who are deeply enamored by their faith are subject to radical behavior. To allow political polling and voting centers in churches is like letting rats guard cheese. In the name of religion people can become fierce activists to the point of manipulating votes to support their agenda.
  7. What if across the electromagnetic spectrum there is a background fuzz, an insidious aggravation wave flooding our devices with a brain function disruptive energy field? Human behavior is becoming dangerously aggressive, many people are feeling subliminal stress, short tempers, poor judgment, irrational decision making, depression and helplessness. We are at war with ourselves and destroying our National character from within and seem to be hypnotized with a lust to support globalization at the expense of our unique culture, noble values, freedom and patriotism. Our leadership is in such a state of disarray that defensive shields are down and we are vulnerable to attack by many vultures waiting to pick our bones.
  8. Shekinah

    ultimate guide of alien races

    I once was an operative with the CIA Star Gate and we knew of only one alien species and they were not Annunaki..
  9. Humans are not able to know the truth without destabilizing society that is founded on religious beliefs and are fearful of truth. We are a trip still not able to play well with others after tens of thousands of years of endless war and conflict. ET is not impressed.
  10. With almost 8 billion on the planet we don't need any more children. The female is more problematic and less efficient in the work force, is more emotional inclined to in-fighting and requires more off time. No they are not more equal. Don't want to have one in my foxhole in the heat of battle. They are mostly Democrats trying to give my country away to illegal immigrants who come here not to assimilate but to overwhelm us with their culture. The bulk of political demonstrators are female with rose colored glasses.
  11. Shekinah

    Privacy under martial law

    Martial law is ordered in National crisis situations and supersedes civil authority. In such an instant the Nation is under the command of the military that rules with absolute authority and of course there is no right to privacy. Resources are triaged to only individuals deemed important to the survival of the nation.
  12. Shekinah

    Trump's supporters want respect

    Trump supporters are the only people not dumb as a bucket of rocks. For decades we have been on a deadly spiral of indecision and inaction sucking up to un-friendlies around the world, buying friends and allies, playing with our pee pees and being oblivious to reality. The mindless irrational minions who seek open boarders and emptying of national coffers supporting illegal interlopers by the millions are nothing less then treasonous. We get 1.75 million Legal immigrants a year. There are 12-20 million illegal aliens costing 110 billion a year in human, medical and educational services. There are 3.5 million illegals on Medicaid. There are 20 million illegals registered to vote and opposition by many to demanding proof of citizenship and cleaning the voter registrations.
  13. Shekinah

    A real poll for Trump

    Give the man a break and freedom to exercise his talents. You may not like the bushes he is shaking but he is at long last rattling the old farts on the Hill and they sure as hell needed to wake up.
  14. Shekinah

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    I am retired CIA Special Operations and the Noetic consultant for Star Gate's operational protocol. You may wonder about breach of security but alas experience attests few are open to wrap their mind around such a revelation. We seem not to really want to know and deal with reality. So much has been invested in our belief systems and breach of faith is taboo in Evangelical circles. The myth is more warm and fuzzy and besides how could the majority of global population be wrong?
  15. Shekinah

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    Star Gate evolved from earlier psychic warrior projects Grill Flame and Scanate experimenting with paranormal phenomenon such as remote viewing, remote influencing and finally bi-location (projection). During a particular session several operatives reported a similar communion with an intelligence of unknown origin. At this event Scanate was renamed Star Gate and was quickly relegated to the deep black arena. Information gleaned would have been catastrophic to our global social order that is unfortunately founded on the various world religions and so was forbidden from public knowledge. The movie "Star Gate" was financed as a disinformation ploy to direct public attention away from the real portal to communication with other worldly intelligence. Humanity having been steeped in mythology for thousands of years is not yet capable of dealing with truth. Our imagined "specialness" if devastated might well panic global populations. We are infants in cosmic time and not yet of much significance nor have we established a place of permanence as a viable life phenomenon.
  16. Shekinah

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    The "Agency" Star Gate program has had dialogue with alien (other worldly) visitors and we ask them about their understanding of God and the Creation event. They claim to be 3 Billion years older then we so I suspect they know a thing or two. Their answer was "The universe is God". Nothing pre-existed the creation event other then a field of potential. A pre-existing Divinity did not create the universe but rather "the universe is creating what you think of as a God. Consciousness throughout the life phenomenon on a multiplicity of inhabited worlds is entangled as a singularity you call Akasha". Collectively we all contribute to Spirit which is the substance of Akasha. The formal religions fabricated since human history are evolutions of primitive myth and have no place in reality.
  17. Shekinah

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    The consciousness we refer to as God most likely doesn't even know we exist much less be concerned about what we believe or what we do. Throughout the Cosmos countless stars and planetary systems, some teeming with life more ancient and more wise and noble then we, come and go in and out of existence in deep time and the Gods pay no mind. We are mere flotsam and jetsam cast upon the fabric of space & time. If you wish to know God become ONE with the Infinite.
  18. Shekinah

    Do we owe Muslims another apology?

    Nothing divine about any religion and wise humans condemn the whole concept of using faith as a tool to subjugate humanity. Faith and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee........maybe.
  19. Shekinah

    The Bible Is An Advanced Stargate Code

    Having had a double dose of world religions during training at Langley and Camp Perry and having seen certain secret manuscripts from the Vatican library the bible is bull -hit mostly plagiarized from earlier works and hides nothing of any arcane significance. We studied Abrahamic religions because they have been and are the primary source of global discord, wars and acts of inhumanity and may very well initiate Armageddon. Want to keep humans stupid? Given them Bibles. I also was a Noetic Science consultant for the "Agency" Star Gate project and I assure you we do not consult the Bible. :-)
  20. Sexuality should not be an open forum. It matters little to others what one might wish to do in privacy so long as it harms no one. Whatever lights one's fire have at it. I fail to see the big deal about flaunting ones gender or being proud to be a deviant from "normal" identity. This insane female bandwagon probably just one of the many Hillary promoted and financed activist movements lusting to keep the pot stirred to torment Republicans because the little Democratic darlings are unable to wrap their minds around having lost the White House.
  21. Shekinah

    War On Consciousness

    Most Americans skim life superficially and materialistically and are easily seduced by fake news and advertising propaganda. We are trinket addicts easily placated by a cold beer and a hamburger. Definitely there is war in progress attacking the national consciousness and decaying intellect. The majority of our Christian population are suckers for manipulation by church and for allowing church to invade affairs of State. The Abrahamic religions are as evil as can be and are responsible for thousands of years of acts of inhumanity, wars and death of scientific and spiritual evolution.
  22. Remember the Cuba boat people migration to Florida when Castro purged his island of criminals and trouble makers? America welcomed them by legislation stating if they set foot on our shore they were exempt from deportation. Puerto Rico has done the same thing encouraging their problem majority to migrate to Florida following hurricane damage. They sought FEMA financial aid to help establish a permanent foothold in the U.S. Meanwhile back on the island a hand full of conspirators are purchasing abandoned land and property for pennies on the dollar and dividing up the billions of dollars of U.S. aid money. No one is following the money trail and everyone is still sympathetic for the plight of the poor little Puerto Ricans and their tiny 35x100 mile island.. Florida Governor Scott bent over backwards to appease and encourage the massive influx of Puerto Ricans because he expects them to vote for him when he runs for Senate. Evil deed done there are now enough Puerto Ricans to dominate the vote. They are expecting favors from Scott once he becomes a Senator. The new Puerto Rico will become an island Beverly Hills for the rich underworld cartel and be forever subsidized by American financial aid.
  23. Shekinah

    The Puerto Rico conspiracy

    As a retired CIA field operative spending over 15 years throughout South East Asia and Japan often playing with agents from the old KGB I know a thing or two about the Russia agenda. Russian ladies in their Intelligence service are a pleasure to work with and manipulate. We often use Tantra to seduce them only to discover they also use it as a seductive ploy.
  24. Shekinah

    The Puerto Rico conspiracy

    I see no need for immigrant labor on our farms all we should do is make physically able welfare recipients work for any social service subsidy or let the sob's starve. Much of our fruits and vegetables come from Central and South America, subsidizing their economies, and that is a nice thing and does not necessitate labor on our homeland. If we removed all the encouragements for lazy Americans to not work there would be enough labor available. As AI and robotics take over all unskilled labor we will desperately need gainful employ for our native slow burner multitudes. English probably is nothing special except it is fundamentally the American dominant language and should remain so in remembrance of our Anglo Saxon origins and heritage. America is loosing it's identity and Caucasian heritage and culture. Besides it is rude for people to speak a language in public not intelligible to all. Russia can have Puerto Rico if that's what the islanders wish. Might teach them a damn good lesson to get their act together and manage their own island without endless subsidies and bailouts. I know of at least one PR couple that has maintained two jobs each under different assemblages of their dual names and two SS numbers each. Nice retirement now on four SS checks. A year or so ago all Puerto Ricans in the U'S were forced to get new birth certificates because so many were found to be fraudulent. The couple I speak of were reported to SS administration and nothing was done. Guess who dominates the work force in the SS offices.
  25. Shekinah

    The Puerto Rico conspiracy

    They refuse Statehood to avoid federal taxation but want all the freebees and benefits. I call that being freeloaders and we need to cut them loose to care for themselves. Of no use to us as a Territory, they kicked our Navy out and they are a dangerous political entity. The US sure as hell doesn't need them. Don't need Spanish it only breeds ethnic division, is an expense in our education system and should be removed from all products, forms and signs. Why won't they learn English the Germans, Chinese, French and everyone else does. I know why: to perpetuate a need for Spanish speaking employees, an advantage for them in the workforce. The Hispanic culture is not compatible and is discordant with an in your face short fuse. Baby factories traveling in herds and are morally devious. Recently flew around the island last Sunday and noticed ~25 airports loaded with GA aircraft and tons of yachts, somebody is sitting on a lot of coins of dubious origin and has no moral character with hands out wanting more.