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  1. I've seen a few documentaries on Roswell but the only interesting one was about how most of the so called alien footage documentaries are fake. I've also seen the show on the history channel, where they went to Roswell to "find out the truth" but at the end, they just showed some old footage, some ideas of conspiracy theorists and how the security from Roswell asked them to leave the restricted are zone. I'm pretty much over this all area 51, because it's been so long and still nobody managed to find any real poof of what happened / happens there.
  2. He's story is funny... a former football player, turned into bbc presenter, turned into self proclaimed prophet, turned into conspiracy theorist who says the moon is just a fake man made object and the world is rulled by lizzard people. People made fun of him for a long time, mocking him and now he's selling out venues. This story would make for one hell of a comedy! I've seen a documentary about him and his beliefs, where he talks about how all started. But I can't get behind what he's saying, it's just too far out there.
  3. Let's face it, the United States need more gun control! If there was more gun control, people in low income neighborhoods wouldn't turn to guns as a solution to make a living, because they couldn't get them! Almost anybody can get a gun right now, and that's not normal! Why would anyone fake such a thing? Gun control doesn't need more advocates, just needs politicians to stop taking money from interest groups and pass a new gun legislation!
  4. And Starbucks is black magic because they have a mermaid on the logo and everybody knows mermaids are mythological creatures that can hypnotize people, that's how pirates were killed in the old days. Maybe that's what Starbucks is doing, hypnotizing people to spend all their money on coffee with strange names and cups with even stranger names! As for 7 11, it's just a convenience store... but wait! It also sells coffee! Hmmm, the plot thickens!
  5. Never believe you know everything! If we are talking about ignorance and Gandhi, wasn't he the guy who despised black people and lower-caste Indians? Didn't he support segregation and the so called purity race in India? Sure, the guy helped India and left a few good quotes behind, but beyond that, he does seem like a douche.
  6. I never really believed in all the "Reptilian People" conspiracy.Just a bunch of creepy guys, one with a strange shaped head and bad lighting and another being shown in slow motion and caption. If you really wanna see creepy slow motion faces, look at the swimming divers! Most of them look like they are related to Jabba from Star Wars. Anyway, the title from the first video made my day, ANTIQUE REPTILIAN ROADSHOW )).For some reason it reminds me of an episode from Married with Children, when aliens visited Al to steal his smelly socks, because they were using them to power their spaceship.
  7. It would be really interesting to see if the democrats pick Hillary Clinton to run for president. She's a smart, powerful, hard working woman, but I really doubt she will bring any change to how things run since she's already part of this political system. Speaking of female presidents, I only know of the Argentinian one, that has really big economical problems, but I don't know if it's because of her or just the economy in Argentina.
  8. These are just deformations, people have discovered a lot of skulls like these all over the world. Most of these skulls were found in less developed places, like Africa, but scientists said they are just deformations from the living conditions and other factors.
  9. A lot of countries played a part in ending WW II, with that being said, stop talking about history if you don't know it well enough... the only thing you may achieve is to make someone else who doesn't know it, believe what you just said. Anyway, this thread has gone wayyyyy out of topic.
  10. These polls are are jokes! People answer without care, just laughing around, especially when it comes to university polling. You need at least 1000 people for any poll worth mentioning, so this study can't be anything but someone trying to make some news where there isn't any.
  11. Sure, I understand that there's a chance you might get killed in any country in the world, even in a democracy like the US, but there's a much smaller chance of that happening due to terrorism or religious beliefs and even ideology. It would be something like a psycho or gang related, and it wouldn't be supported by any community or would it be a cause for celebration.
  12. Terrorism isn't The Big Bang, it has it starts from something. A lot of factors like economical, cultural and religious.Israel and the US, the scapegoats of all international conflicts...
  13. The power of photoshop! It's a funny picture, but nothing real! I don't even think it looks like Obama... to me, it looks like a young version of Michael Jackson, lol! I remember when the internet went crazy with some old photos of people who looked like Nicholas Cage and Keanu Reeves, saying the actors are ghosts or vampires. Funny stuff and nothing more!
  14. If you got a smartphone, tablet or anything with internet on yourself, you're being tracked, it's that simple! Most of the information these companies gather is to sell along to other companies that do marketing and things like that. It's so much easier for them if they know you go at a certain fast food a few times a week, they will just bomb you with food ordering offers or something like that. They inform you when you before you accept the terms and conditions at most devices, websites that you might be tracked and information gathered from your device, so it's not illegal, it's just creepy
  15. “History is written by the victors.” - Winston Churchill. This quote says a lot! I don't know about a world conspiracy, because, it's just too hard to keep it secret for so long. It takes just one member to start talking and the floodgates open, that's why I have a hard time believing in such things. Sure, maybe some small things could have been "adjusted" in someones favor, but not everything.