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  1. You are correct, Inca. The socialists in Sweden have committed suicide! What makes my stomach turn is the government ordering police to protect the vile muslim rapists and denigrate the beautiful Swedish victims. Conscription to a perceived Russian threat will not bring down the Swedish state, stupidity and the lack of Viking mentality will!
  2. Israel is the most righteous and awesome nation in the middle east. They create everything themselves. Unlike the stupid moron arabs, who can only survive with handouts so that they can kill, Israel, goes beyond everything to survive and sacrifice, and maintain a beautiful democracy in the middle of satanic chaos.
  3. You're afraid of Sweden? No wonder the inca are extinct.
  4. Sweden will surprise you all. Just as the nationalism that is sweeping across the great European continent, the great victories that are about to occur in France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, so to will this great and mighty wave of nationalism affect and transform the great nation of Sweden.
  5. Sweden will surprise you all.