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  1. Agreed. Some sort of heavy hand steered me away from participating. I first demonstrated in 2004 for the United for Peace and Justice march in NYC. I'd never done anything like that before and was happy to find a voice having been someone who didn't talk much growing up. At first I was angry about being steered away. But now I see the reasons behind it. A lot of tracking and profiling going on. Not to mention, some people are making money off of exploiting those in public demonstrations or activities in general. As a side, where I live there is an annual naked bike ride. For those who love the notion of liberating oneself and riding around the city naked, the ride seems totally cool. But I'm pretty certain underground filmmakers are having a field day with it. Reserving optimal hotel rooms along the root to tape them and sell it on the black market. Because those participating in the bike ride are doing so consensually in public, they are considered 'fair game' by those taping them. Sadly, the same people who consented to being naked in public (men and women are full on naked on these bikes) are technically being exploited for money by the less scrupulous.
  2. I'm beginning to understand this part 'Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD.... Having to witness a lot, it seems, and must be walking in the garden of sadists and crazeballs---for lack of a biblical word.
  3. I'm new here. Seeking to learn from others about conspiracies and maybe to find good explanations to something myself and others have experienced related to what some call orchestrated stalking/harassment/intimidation. Anyone know why some people are put through a major maelstrom of bizarre, mind-scrambling, fear-invoking events? Was living a fairly carefree life and had reached a point of freedom I hadn't yet attained in my life, but that was 'slapped down' by a very destabilizing series of events beginning in January of 2011. Unbelievable stuff involving networks of people who carry out fake skits in front of your apartment designed to freak you out (because they know your private business and reveal that through their obviously fake conversations that are more like skits), they leave trash by your place revealing they know what you purchase, they seem to be able to track us maybe through our phones or otherwise (I downgraded to a flip phone, no data plan, gps turned off and still they know)..and they love letting you know through sadistic behaviors and innuendo that they know all about you and your private life. I try to pay cash, thinking they hacked payment information to find out where I bought things (bc they play with that knowledge), but they still know. Not easy to explain or prove, but a lot more people are being 'hit' by this .....who are the perpetrators? Are they mafia, cartels (doesn't look like drug thugs), agents from various agencies, some new form of human/aliens? Or just sadistic Satanists who can travel through different dimensions, astral plane and all kinds of stuff, and love to play mind tricks, cat and mouse? Desperately seeking input. Was fortunate to write about it in Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making. It's self-published and there does seem to be some guiding force that helped me complete that. I probably couldn't have finished a project like that under these conditions without faith and this guidance that seems to be from above, I guess.
  4. The downside of hearsay without solid evidence is that it can feel like gossip. But the proof is in the pudding if you begin to be awakened to numeric patterns and find the connection between things like the number of missing children increasing dramatically in Washington DC during, I think, November itself. It implies sacrifices needed in places of power. The percentage increase is incredibly obvious. I've come to believe that sadists and I guess 'devil worshippers' love getting away with crimes in plain sight. The evidence is right here in front of us (especially once you begin to learn natural law, symbology and how the other 'faction' communicates). Predictive programming in movies, which 'they' view as clearing their karma in advance because 'after all they told us in advance what they were going to do.' ...even though most of us had no idea there were or are hidden meanings in movies, word spellings,etc. I've come to believe there are living and death sacrifices. I've come on here to learn more about conspiracies and also to talk about something that happened to me, which is happening to many. It feels like a living sacrifice situation of constant torment via both nuanced and obvious means. The relentless 'attacks' against people like us seem designed to keep us in a state of frustration, anger, maybe despair...unless we can find a way to rise above it. Me and others like me are not crying persecution at all. I was living a happy, maybe clueless, free-spirited life before this and didn't suspect people of being malicious all the time. Was just going with the flow. Got into running and loved it for the beauty of it. Not competitive at all. And in one fell swoop that was gone. Fourth Monday of January 2011 was the initiation of my attack. I agree with StingerXX that the earth is our church or sanctuary, not necessarily organized religion. In fact, anything too organized implies unnatural, premeditated, tainted with too much intent. Anyway, very good food, doing yoga to push the energy through and to keep healthy while constantly reminding myself that those who attacked and played mind games are the 'sick' ones. I can only control my actions and do the best I can to 'show them the hand' if you will. Thanks for these posts. Maybe this is a modern form of undetectable human sacrifice.
  5. This is good news. I didn't know there were so many arrests made. Became a believer in #pizzagate-type activities over time and listening to a lot of people.(always wanted human traffickers and pedophiles to be exposed) Also was rudely awakened to all kinds of things going on in the universe that I didn't know were happening and learned about repetitive numeric patterns appearing out there in media and otherwise. Do you think the government is performing special ops on people who could be victims of inappropriate sexual events? i.e. exploitation, pedophilia, etc. By special ops, I mean subjecting some to extreme 'truth tests'...or even severe scare tactics (from the opposition) to silence victims. I was subjected to something very harsh and bizarre including being scared out of my apartment and led to believe by innuendo and nuanced sadistic behavior by former 'friends,' that me and others like me were being constantly observed (for lack of a better word). Mind manipulation times a thousand. It was bad. Harassment, never-ending whistling and much more all carried out in concert to severely damage a target. I was fortunate enough to write about it in Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making, but I still want an explanation, an apology ...and for the stragglers of this harassment to peter out, the sadistic ones seem addicted and can't control themselves. "Skits" of harassment and some basic orchestrated harassment still goes on, but at a lower level. Went on full-force for five years. Surprised I made it this far, to be honest.