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  1. Great News! Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer agrees to tackle federal judicial corruption.
  2. U.S. Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer agrees to tackle Federal Judicial Corruption!!!!!!! Note: Please vote for Laura Loomer for Congress if you live in her district in Florida. All we need is one good congressperson willing to stand up to judicial tyranny to help drain the swamp. Disclaimer: Laura Loomer did not endorse writing of this article. This article was written by me as I support Laura Loomer for agreeing to take on the judicial corruption. If she endorses it, it is at her own discretion and not at the discretion of this blog. by Laurie Azgard Laura Loomer, a candidate running for U.S. Congress as a republican for the 21st congressional district of Florida, is going to tackle the federal judicial corruption that has been slowly ongoing for centuries but has gotten worse every decade. Once the corrupt judges were remote cases but the judicial tyranny has gotten more severe. There are now many corrupt federal judges in the swamp. They are basically judicial dictators, judicial coup, a super-legislator like a ruler over the region. Ones appointed by a former President who was a member of the Skull and Bones 322 secret society, as well as federal judges appointed by former President Obama. Many federal judges had been appointed by globalist puppet Presidents and therefore will not protect the American people’s constitutional rights but will only protect corrupt dirty cops (dirty police), corrupt FBI, corrupt DOJ, and will allow people to lie before the court if it is in favor of federal prosecutors which is a fraud upon the court. Federal Judges have tried to override and bury the historical Supreme Court case law against lawless government, and government agents breaking laws under the guise to catch lawbreakers, even frame up political activists and anybody who gets in the way of their corruption. Used to be, one in a happily ever after in our legal system,. the Supreme Court did in-fact stood up against government lawbreakers. See Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928) “We must subject government officials to the same rules of conduct that we expect of the citizen. The very existence of the government is imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. As Brandeis puts it, “if the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. To declare that in the administration of the criminal law the end justifies the means—to declare that the government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminal—would bring terrible retribution. Against that pernicious doctrine this court should resolutely set its face.”” Once in a long time ago, the Courts would openly discourage unconstitutional government usurpation of power, even if it meant letting a criminal defendant off the hook because it is better to let guilty people go than innocent people being locked up by cruel and careless federal judges that don’t care about locking up innocent people for years like Roger Stone and Brian Hill. Now federal judges are used as tools to imprison political dissent. Something that former President John F. Kennedy would be upset about if he were alive today. Text messages are below of what Laura Loomer has responded in text messages emailed to me by a family member who had a relataive who was a victim of judicial corruption and is seeking her support on the matter. She has agreed to tackle that issue. If any of you have any decent common sense when voting for a candidate to be nominated, then please nominate Laura Loomer for Congress. We need fresh new people in Congress. She is a journalist for god’s sake. Journalists know what it is like being targeted by corrupt factions of the government and understand what corrupt government operatives framing up journalists and activists have been all about. Whether or not you personally feel that Roger Stone and Brian Hill are guilty of their accused crimes, we are all supposed to be afforded due process. Innocent until proven guilty to protect possibly innocent people from being sent to prisons. We should not imprison innocent people to make it a tougher on crime system. Being tough on crime shouldn’t warrant prosecutors and judges throwing innocent people in prison without losing sleep at night. Laura Loomer has agreed to tackle this issue. The evidence is in. Please vote for her.
  3. by Laurie Azgard Right on new years eve of 2019, on the date of December 31, 2019, the dishonorable and despicable U.S. district court judge Thomas David Schroeder had stabbed the constitution in the back by entirely dismissing Brian’s 2255 case and his actual innocence claims with hardly any opinion at all. Judge Schroeder is a corrupt federal judge that is likely part of the deep state swamp. Time for the U.S. military to arrest him and put him before a military tribunal for high treason. Dkt 236 – this blog, Courtlistener – ORDER signed by CHIEF JUDGE THOMAS D. SCHROEDER on 12/31/2019, that the Government’s motion to dismiss (Doc. 141 ) be GRANTED, that Petitioner’s motion to vacate, set aside or correct sentence (Doc. 125 ) be DISMISSED, and that this action be DISMISSED. FURTHER that Petitioner’s motion to file under seal (Doc. 140 ), motion for a psychological/psychiatric evaluation (Doc. 151 ), motions for the appointment of counsel (Docs. 153 and 169 ), motion to continue supervised release (Doc. 154 ), motion to dismiss (Doc. 165 ), motion for copies (Doc. 168 ), and request for transcript (Doc. 194 ) all be DENIED. A judgment dismissing this action will be entered contemporaneously with this Order. Finding neither a substantial issue for appeal concerning the denial of a constitutional right affecting the conviction nor a debatable procedural ruling, a certificate of appealability is not issued. Civil Case 1:17CV1036.(Taylor, Abby) (Entered: 12/31/2019) Dkt 237 – this blog, Courtlistener – JUDGMENT 2255 signed by CHIEF JUDGE THOMAS D. SCHROEDER on 12/31/2019, that the Government’s motion to dismiss (Doc. 141 ) be GRANTED, that Petitioner’s motion to vacate, set aside or correct sentence (Doc. 125 ) be DISMISSED, and that this action be DISMISSED. Finding neither a substantial issue for appeal concerning the denial of a constitutional right affecting the conviction nor a debatable procedural ruling, a certificate of appealability is not issued. Civil Case 1:17CV1036.(Taylor, Abby) (Entered: 12/31/2019) This corrupt and evil federal judge had ignored all motions for sanctions that was well grounded on fraud upon the court. He also ignored the U.S. courts of appeals and didn’t let any of the appeals run their course including the writ of mandamus. He dismissed the case without making any decisions on any of the jurisdictional challenges to the court. Brian was very angry with this judge that he filed a notice of appeal criticizing the corrupt judge’s decision. Brian really ranted against this judge for lying about Brian on the record. Nobody in their right mind would accept that this judge has not gone beyond biased and prejudice, and that he must recuse himself immediately for his illegal orders. This judge has raised enough hell that he must be arrested by the U.S. military for high treason. He has distorted justice, blocked a criminal defendant from ever receiving any guaranteed constitutional rights that was set forth by the U.S. supreme court. This judge is an activist judge of the worst kind. It doesn’t matter what Brian’s charge was, it doesn’t matter what crime he was accused of. When Brian started proving facts of fraud by the Government, he was entitled to the actual innocence ground. Dkt 238 – this blog, Courtlistener – NOTICE OF APPEAL without payment of fees by BRIAN DAVID HILL re: 236 Order and 237 Judgment 2255. (Civil Action 1:17CV1036) (Attachments: # 1 Envelope – Front and Back) (Daniel, J) (Entered: 01/03/2020) This judge has refused to let the U.S. court of appeals run their course. He has refused to wait for the higher court to issue a verdict on the writ of mandamus. The higher court judges need to seize control of their situation and intervene on this treasonous federal judge. JUDGE THOMAS D. SCHROEDER HAS COMMITTED HIGH TREASON. A JUDICIAL COUP D’ETAT. A picture of the TYRANT is below. He pulled the same dirty trick just like of former U.S. President Barack Obama signing the bill of the “National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year of 2012” on new years eve in 2011 which permitted abductions and torture of any American citizen without a warrant. Judge Schroeder played the same basic dirty tactic.
  4. They put an innocent man into the sex offender registry and started the frame up witchhunt since he was 22 years old. He went after a corrupt State senator of North Carolina. He is forced to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to get his own discovery packet from his traitorous lawyer John Scott Coalter, just to try to prove his own innocence in Court.
  5. Righthaven lawsuit victim, wrongfully convicted, and forced to sue under FOIA to prove innocence Brian D. Hill was formerly a Righthaven, LLC lawsuit victim in 2010 as reported by the Las Vegas Sun and New York Times. He fought back by going to the media and writing unfavorable things about Righthaven on different blogs and places. Then he had a lawyer fight for him to have his case dismissed with prejudice. I needed to post this here, since DU was formerly a Righthaven lawsuit victim but prevailed. You and Brian both fought back against Righthaven instead of just settling the case. Brian is now a victim of a rogue and wrongful criminal prosecution. He was framed and not allowed to prove his innocence. You can feel that what he was accused of was wrong, but he still has a right to prove his innocence otherwise American courts will continue convicting innocent people as well as guilty people. In 2012-2014, Brian became a victim of political corruption by some messed up people within the U.S. Department of Justice. Brian was indicted, kangaroo courted into a guilty plea by the Federal Public Defender of Greensboro, NC, and then wrongfully convicted and forced to serve a sentence of Federal Probation. The whole purpose of convicting Brian D. Hill was to shut down USWGO Alternative News, similar tactic as Righthaven, LLC, that having a Federal Court convict him places the Defendant under conditions such as he cannot use the internet without permission, and even if he got permission if he posts anything against the Government then he can go to prison and have his Probation revoked. Brian got sick and tired of being convicted for a crime that he was framed on, so he started filing a Freedom of Information Act request from the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro via the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, and got some various documents from the agency. However other documents and records were allegedly covered up so Brian filed Affidavits and other documentation, and files a FOIA lawsuit with DVD video attachment, yes he actually filed a Video DVD with the Clerk's Office on a Pro Se basis. It is currently being served by the U.S. Marshals service to the Government. It will be interesting to see if he does prove a "cover up" by the U.S. Attorney Office. This can actually give him the right to a new trial and further evidence that can demonstrate that he is factually innocent of the crime, as federal prosecutors have absolutely no need to cover up evidence in cases of guilt aka open and shut criminal cases. He even cited in his federal lawsuit that it is a felony to cover up, conceal, or destroy certain records to influence a federal investigation or case. If this has merit then the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC, may go under investigation which could lead up to 20 years in federal prison for any offenders in that office. You can also check out his lawsuit and complaint from FOIA Project: Note: The Federal Judge, that is very strict against Pro Se filers that don't have an Attorney, has granted Brian's requests in his complaint and seems to be working towards Brian possibly being able to prove in Federal Court that the U.S. Attorney Office has engaged in possibly criminal behavior of obstruction of justice. If this lawsuit prevails then Brian may be able to use this as well as other evidence elements to attempt to overturn his conviction on affirmative defense of frame up, aka actual innocence. WASHINGTON - April 27, 2017 - PRLog -- Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, has decided to sue the U.S. Department of Justice and the Executive Office for United States Attorneys earlier than anticipated. I had just received an email with the Docket filing and documents, from Brian's mother. It is exactly what I had expected would come from Mr. Hill. He is suing the Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) accusing them of blatant misconduct, and is asking for "Declaratory and Injunctive Relief". It is claimed under Declaration, as well as other relevant evidence, shows a major possibility that the former U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand of Greensboro, North Carolina, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, may have covered up case records that would help to prove the innocence of Mr. Hill. Without access to the criminal case discovery evidence, which Mr. Hill has a Constitutional due process right to under U.S. Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, he cannot prove a factual claim of innocence to his criminal conviction. In effect, the U.S. Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC, and AUSA Ramaswamy is preventing Brian from proving his actual innocence, and they want to keep him wrongfully convicted as a felon for as long as possible. The purpose of the FOIA lawsuit is to compel discovery and get his lost Brady rights to be restored to him, that his court appointed lawyers denied him until he falsely took the guilty plea agreement. Those two lawyers were Assistant Federal Public Defender Eric David Placke, and Attorney John Scott Coalter. Brian brought up allegations alleging that Mr. Coalter threatened or made a veiled threat to destroy or dispose of Brian's criminal case discovery evidence and has worked against him in every aspect of trying to prove his Innocence. It will be interesting to see what the Department of Justice will do to try to prevent Brian from proving his actual innocence. Will they do far worse to him than with Amanda Knox, Ryan Ferguson, Howard Dudley, and others. New activity (as of May 6, to May 8): The Federal Judge granted plaintiff's MOTION to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. Now that means that the U.S. Marshals have to serve the Government with Brian's complaint. Also Brian has done another filing asking to subpoena his ex court appointed lawyer from his criminal case since his own freaking lawyer is refusing to give the discovery evidence of his case to his own client, and has threatened to destroy the discovery papers. This is all on Affidavit and other exculpatory evidence. Brian pushed for the Judge to ask the Clerk to sign the subpoena and serve with that lawyer. - ORDER from Federal Judge granting Plaintiff's IFP motion - Motion under Rule 45 to subpoena Attorney John Scott Coalter Motion.pdf - Declaration of Exhibits in attachment to this Motion Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Exhibit 3: Exhibit 4: Exhibit 5: Exhibit 6: Unsigned Subpoena: Envelope Motion contained within: 2017-05-08: Summons Issued as to Executive Office for United States Attorneys, United States Department Of Justice and U.S. Attorney. (Attachments: # 1 USM-285 Forms)(Original Summons, original USM-285 Forms, copies of Complaint with Attachments, three copies of DVDs identified on Docket Sheet as Exhibit 10 to Document 2 and copy of Order to Proceed Without Prepaying Fees or Costs were overnighted using two-day delivery to USMS for service.)(mlh) Here is the proof that he was a victim of Righthaven: Docket Sheet for May 19, 2017: Summons to be served: U.S. Deputy Marshals successfully did their duty and served the summons and evidence with the U.S. Department of Justice people: Docket-May-19-2017.pdf