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  1. There is nothing wrong with "radical thinking." "Radical thinking" is thinking something through all the way though from its roots, without "the usual" customary or cultural assumptions. Radical thinking is in fact very logical. The tool of circumcision or ritual genital mutilation is unmitigated evil. That dogma is certainly plagiarized. True. The religious institutions are businesses, complete with barbershops, tailors, seamstresses, and criminal no-trespass orders. They pass the hat to pay for a live music performance by a professional choir, and the congregation i
  2. Nancy Carlson. Henry's Show and Tell. Viking, 2004. https://www.amazon.com/Henrys-Show-Tell-Nancy-Carlson/dp/0670036951/ Quote: "Henry liked ... getting great big hugs from his teacher, Ms. Bradley." Henry is in kindergarten. He does not need "great big hugs" from his teacher in front of all the other children. To me, that is abnormal. Nevertheless, the author sees nothing wrong with it. I do. Try putting a male teacher in "Ms. Bradley's" position. Maybe a tap on the shoulder to catch the child's attention, or a pat on the back for encouragement, but there needs to be a li
  3. Architects, engineers, and builders (plenty of folks to diffuse the blame) still refuse to put up the required railings or reinforced glass windows to prevent falls from tall buildings. Too many of these falls are murder conveniently made to look like accident or suicide.
  4. It's kind of a slipshod left-footed kind of thing, almost an agreement on a wink and a nod as it were, or an unwritten rule, that you do not deny the Chinese secret police the information they seek, especially here on the West Coast of the U.S. Certainly they are here in the U.S. especially around the airports and sea ports seeking Chinese suspects and political dissidents. Russian FSB, as well. I wonder if that is who attempted to apprehend me in Portland, Oregon quite a few years ago for complaining about Russian Mafia organized criminal activity at my workplace. How beholden
  5. Not all of what Julian Assange did is bad. He exposed serious crimes, including money-laundering at Julius Baer, and that was probably the reason for the retaliatory rape accusations from the Swedish girls. Bail set at 1,000,000#, far above and beyond Assange's personal means, some celebrity coughs it up, and he skips? No. The Julius Baer people were trying to murder him, and he sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy for the sake of his life, not merely to avoid jail or extradition to Sweden or U.S. Those big banks are arranging murder behind bars while they curry favor wi
  6. People are "seeing" things. Supposedly she "saw" multiple shooters and was able to identify them in a lineup. Therefore she did not immediately take cover from the shooting, as one would expect. It is almost as if she personally knew the shooters, but in that case, she was not telling the full story.
  7. They got 'em. All sorts of food poisoning, too. Salmonella, what-have-you.
  8. Kim Jong-Un has his finger on the nuke button, and his army is on the march, expected to pillage and loot for their own food. The North Korean autocratic regime may seem tiny but it is too much the darling of China, South Korea, Japan, other Asian countries, and even Russia. Kim Jong-Un is not stupid. Don't make that mistake. His expert forgers have been counterfeiting U.S. $100-bills since the 1980s, and he is in fact extremely wealthy. He has tested his nukes, verified that they are in working order, and is more than ready to use them on the U.S. Most of Asia and much of Europe is
  9. Right. Chinese Communist Party and Russian neo-Bolsheviks now rule the United States of America.
  10. Then there is the "blood diamond" wedding ring character 💍 That rock is so sharp you'll scratch your baby's face bloody and rip your 1000-thread-count linen bedsheets to shreds with it.
  11. The real meaning of the symbols: The Mars symbol  represents a shield and spear. When you look at this symbol, you are face to face with a warrior who holds a shield in his left hand and spear in his right hand, with the tip near his left shoulder. It symbolizes war, independently of any notion of masculinity or the planet Mars. You are supposed to fight when you see this symbol. The Venus symbol  represents a round mirror with a comb underneath it. When you look at this symbol, you are face to face with yourself in the mirror. The left-right symmetry symbolizes beauty, indep
  12. >>> From: Twitter <info@twitter.com> >>> To: justina colmena <justina@colmena.biz> >>> Subject: "Celebrity babies boomed in 2017 ****" Moment >>> Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 04:59:00 +0000 >>> @justinacolmena, see what's happening in the world Do you see what I see? Actual UTF-8 characters? Yellow baby, black baby, white baby, brown baby. No way! Has the Unicode committee gone mad? The following sequence of seven Unicode points generates the four multie-cultie babies, all sucking pre-sweetened pacifiers
  13. "Santa Claus" is, of course, a linguistic corruption of "Saint Nicholas." Do children set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus? Really? Ho, ho, ho, a bottle of rum, and a raw egg or two, and the children's speech is so slurred from their adulterated milk that they cannot even distinctly pronounce the words "Saint Nicholas" and it comes out "Santa Claus." And nowadays the cookies contain "edible" marijuana, to boot. Are there gifts under that Tanenbaum / Yule tree? Really? Beggars can't be choosers. How long is that lump of coal keeping you warm? A strange man, disguised in a cos
  14. The astronomical symbols for Mars and Venus are the same as those for male and female: =Mars =Venus "Venusian" is sometimes a synonym for "lesbian" -- in reality, simply "female" -- except that when you have to use such a strange code or symbol for it, it ends up being generally interpreted as "queer female." Likewise for "Mars" and "martians." @Martin Timothy, I have had enough. No means no. And those idiots like Mr. Dr. John Gray, PhD who go on and on about how Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Venus is an "inferior planet" while Mars is a "superior planet,"
  15. What women are supposed to spend their hard-earned money on: Hair. somehow a basic, low-maintenance, natural-color hairdo is never in style, because other women can't make money "doing" it for you... Nails: nail polish, glitter, acrylic nails, all that stuff is available at the dollar store (for <$1) if you want to bother with it, but somehow to be "in style" requires a sizable bi-weekly outlay of cash and a standing appointment with another, emotionally manipulative, hard-selling woman who takes sexual pleasure in "doing" other women's nails... Professional oil changes: y