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  1. AIDS has to be real. We cannot really doubt that. But at the same time there is nothing new under the sun. AIDS did not arise from early-20th-century monkey hunters in Africa.. It has been around a lot longer than that. Think about the Black Death in Europe. Plague, Yersinia pestis, call it what you will. AIDS is spread by promiscuous homosexual male anal sex. I believe that is what happened in Europe in the Middle Ages. Women were treated as nothing but property, and those who complained that "such men like not women" were mocked as L ollards. Men were too entitled and had too many manservants, brethren, and butlers, they expected to be called "Sir" all the time, and they fucked each other in the butt because it was against the law to rape women. There is no other way to explain how their immune system was so compromised that so many died of a disease that is almost unheard of to be spread among a generally healthy population today. Today, tuberculosis + AIDS is the real killer combination is southern California and such places. Even here in Alaska, "Sourdough Jack" refuses to purge out the old leaven as commanded by Jesus, and toxic mold that grows in poorly designed and ventilated buildings weakens people's immune systems. http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/5-7.htm Why do people tend to cling to the old leaven so much in volcanically active earthquake zones? The Old Testament relates of fire and brimstone for those who refused to purge out the old leaven. People may not understand what "leaven" is or why it is forbidden for Jewish Passover or Christian Communion. Derived from the French verb lever, to lift, raise, or rise, "to leaven" something is to make something "lighter," that is, more airy or funny, less serious, less heavy, or less sad. Technically, leaven is either a biological agent such as yeast or a chemical agent such as backing powder that causes bread or pastry to rise and become fluffy or airy. When it is said that leaven is forbidden, it is said, in effect, "That bread has too much yeast in it: it is too light and fluffy, and it does not have sufficient nutrition for the poor." Passover is prepared in haste; there is no time for funny business. Thin flat bread baked as soon as the flour can be moistened and kneaded into dough with a fire kindled in the oven, meat from a healthy lamb slain that very day and roasted over open fire, and perhaps wine from the earliest possible grapes in season picked and pressed that same day, with no time to ferment.
  2. When the Baby Boomers took over from the aging Greatest Generation, they dissolved the corporation of the church, "updated" their articles of belief, reincorporated under a slightly different legal name, and established a website. [Men only.] A total circumcision, complete and holy in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. [Men only.] A California haircut, like, well, you know, you suddenly need a haircut in the middle of the night when the moon is full, and well, you need a haircut for the salvation of your soul, and Jesus wouldn't recognize you on judgment day if you didn't have the right haircut. Jewelry and even wristwatches are absolutely forbidden, with the sole exception of a woman's diamond wedding ring. "We're thieves and whores." If you're obedient, you will be able to get up and make it to work on time without wearing a watch. Dress: long pants and long-sleeved shirts are required at all times for men. Sport coat and slacks but no necktie whenever they are with other "Christians." Women are required to wear a skirt or dress, that comes below the knees but not so long that it drags on the ground, nylon stockings and high-heeled pump shoes, and a scarf over their head whenever they are at church or with other "Christians." Ceremonies: numerous uncorrected grammatical and spelling errors in the confirmation, marriage, and baptism ceremonies, but these are redundant because circumcision is required, and marriage is by common law and enforced by mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law from hell. No obvious errors in the funeral service: there is usually no doubt that the deceased is really dead at an open-casket funeral. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they break into houses, they do drugs, they deal drugs, and so on and so forth.
  3. B-52

    Crooked doctors

    Lauren Wasser is losing her left leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome after already losing her right leg. Come on. Get real. That kind of medical quackery simply smacks of freemasonry. She said "NO!" to some dude who worships at the same lodge as her male doctor, and the aforementioned male doctor is carrying out the retaliation on the orders of the aforementioned dude by practicing such medical quackery on her. There is simply no other explanation that makes sense. "Mayo Clinic," indeed! That's right alongside the interminable fundraising for the Poor Pitiful Paediatric Children's Hospital of the Royal Order of Hospitallers of Saint John or the Salvation Army sending some poor fellow with a malformed limb to beg for change at the grocery store. Physician, heal thyself! Indeed! The grinch already stole Christmas. We can no longer tolerate the fraternization among doctors, lawyers, and judges, or their organized criminal medical and legal quackery in the United States. For those doctors, it is high time to sleep with the fishes. This is even further evidence yet that they should have slept with the fishes already from the moment they first took the knife unnecessarily to a newborn's genital organs. Thus is a total war with lethal force both necessitated and justified against those doctors and against all who give them aid or comfort, until the entire field and all areas of practice of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and all related industries are thoroughly purged of all such manner of fraternization, quackery, malpractice, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and unnecessary amputations.
  4. B-52

    Acid Attacks

    Four American college students are attacked with acid at France train station, authorities say https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/09/17/four-young-american-tourists-are-attacked-with-acid-at-france-train-station-authorities-say/ What's the world coming to? Female students, by the way. Male students no longer risk international. They must have circumcised their boyfriends to deserve something like that! No, really, that sort of thing does sound like Muslim extremist terrorism, of the sort that has really taken hold in France. >>>La Provence, a newspaper in Marseille, reported that police described the attacker as mentally unstable and that she remained at the scene to show officers pictures of herself with burns. Authorities did not release her name.<<< That secondary link is worth following. Some evocative language. (Their French is worse than mine, and mine is abysmal!) >>>De source policière, on évoque le geste d'une déséquilibrée qui est restée sur place après son geste et a exhibé des photos d'elle-même la présentant avec des brûlures. L'auteur des faits âgée de 41 ans a été interpellée par la police et placée en garde à vue.<<< Most strikingly, there is no suspect, no "alleged" perpetrator. Just "l'auteur des faits" -- "the one who did the deed(s)." Upon the mere suggestion of the police, let alone probable cause, due process, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Then the grammatical gender shifts incorrectly from that of the noun "auteur" (always masculine in grammatical gender) to that of a woman of a certain age who was interrogated by the police, and detained for observation. (The suspect's age and sex at that point become more grammatically relevant to the reporter than the facts of the story.) The reporter doesn't even use the word "femme" -- the French term of usual respect for a woman -- but "une déséquilibrée" -- "an unbalanced one" -- the conspicuously feminine form of the word -- an extremely derogatory term for an allegedly mentally ill woman.
  5. The astronomical symbols for Mars and Venus are the same as those for male and female: =Mars =Venus "Venusian" is sometimes a synonym for "lesbian" -- in reality, simply "female" -- except that when you have to use such a strange code or symbol for it, it ends up being generally interpreted as "queer female." Likewise for "Mars" and "martians." @Martin Timothy, I have had enough. No means no. And those idiots like Mr. Dr. John Gray, PhD who go on and on about how Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Venus is an "inferior planet" while Mars is a "superior planet," and so on and so forth simply need to be kicked out of the solar system. We're done here. Lose the astrology. It has no relevance on Planet Earth.
  6. B-52

    Terrorist radicalization

    There is nothing wrong with "radical thinking." "Radical thinking" is thinking something through all the way though from its roots, without "the usual" customary or cultural assumptions. Radical thinking is in fact very logical. The tool of circumcision or ritual genital mutilation is unmitigated evil. That dogma is certainly plagiarized. True. The religious institutions are businesses, complete with barbershops, tailors, seamstresses, and criminal no-trespass orders. They pass the hat to pay for a live music performance by a professional choir, and the congregation is not permitted to sing along. Jesus drove out the money-changers from the temple with a whip. That is the only time He used violence, that I can recall from the Bible.
  7. http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/01/us/new-york-attack/index.html http://www.businessinsider.com/cuomo-suspect-new-york-terror-attack-radicalized-domestically-2017-11 New York gov says suspect "radicalized domestically." The trouble is that what these people call "radicalization" is really torture and entrapment by self-righteous corrupt law enforcement officers. They have over the years continued to attempt and try the same tricks on me. On the one hand police have harassed me over and over again with such minor petty charges, and on the other hand worked hard over and over again to gain a false rapport with me with the intention of getting me in trouble with more serious false charges or unnecessary injury or death. There is no excuse for corrupt cops, governors, and other politicians. They will pay with their fortunes and with their lives, for they have willfully and intentionally destroyed the lives and livelihoods of the innocent ones. We who are faithful have no doubt that an omnipotent, almighty, all-seeing and all-knowing, incorruptible God exists, and that He sends guardian angels and avenging angels from heaven to protect and defend His own.
  8. Nancy Carlson. Henry's Show and Tell. Viking, 2004. https://www.amazon.com/Henrys-Show-Tell-Nancy-Carlson/dp/0670036951/ Quote: "Henry liked ... getting great big hugs from his teacher, Ms. Bradley." Henry is in kindergarten. He does not need "great big hugs" from his teacher in front of all the other children. To me, that is abnormal. Nevertheless, the author sees nothing wrong with it. I do. Try putting a male teacher in "Ms. Bradley's" position. Maybe a tap on the shoulder to catch the child's attention, or a pat on the back for encouragement, but there needs to be a limit. There appears at first glance to be somewhat a double standard here, vis-à-vis female vs. male teachers, but I do not fully buy into that side of the story, either, because there are definitely more than a few male schoolteachers who get away with far too much affection with children on their part. I think that schoolteachers of whatever sex would be well advised on practical as well as moral and legal grounds to keep their hands off the schoolchildren as much as possible, and leave the "great big hugs" for the parents who meet them on the bus coming home. "Viking" has a white nationalist ring to it, and there is that white nationalist survivalist mentality of ensuring the survival of white children, but something is a little bit wrong with what we are teaching them here.
  9. Architects, engineers, and builders (plenty of folks to diffuse the blame) still refuse to put up the required railings or reinforced glass windows to prevent falls from tall buildings. Too many of these falls are murder conveniently made to look like accident or suicide.
  10. It's kind of a slipshod left-footed kind of thing, almost an agreement on a wink and a nod as it were, or an unwritten rule, that you do not deny the Chinese secret police the information they seek, especially here on the West Coast of the U.S. Certainly they are here in the U.S. especially around the airports and sea ports seeking Chinese suspects and political dissidents. Russian FSB, as well. I wonder if that is who attempted to apprehend me in Portland, Oregon quite a few years ago for complaining about Russian Mafia organized criminal activity at my workplace. How beholden is the U.S. to Russia under the Trump administration?
  11. Not all of what Julian Assange did is bad. He exposed serious crimes, including money-laundering at Julius Baer, and that was probably the reason for the retaliatory rape accusations from the Swedish girls. Bail set at 1,000,000#, far above and beyond Assange's personal means, some celebrity coughs it up, and he skips? No. The Julius Baer people were trying to murder him, and he sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy for the sake of his life, not merely to avoid jail or extradition to Sweden or U.S. Those big banks are arranging murder behind bars while they curry favor with law enforcement. There is too much sir shit going on.
  12. B-52

    Las Vegas massacre shooter

    People are "seeing" things. Supposedly she "saw" multiple shooters and was able to identify them in a lineup. Therefore she did not immediately take cover from the shooting, as one would expect. It is almost as if she personally knew the shooters, but in that case, she was not telling the full story.
  13. They got 'em. All sorts of food poisoning, too. Salmonella, what-have-you.
  14. Kim Jong-Un has his finger on the nuke button, and his army is on the march, expected to pillage and loot for their own food. The North Korean autocratic regime may seem tiny but it is too much the darling of China, South Korea, Japan, other Asian countries, and even Russia. Kim Jong-Un is not stupid. Don't make that mistake. His expert forgers have been counterfeiting U.S. $100-bills since the 1980s, and he is in fact extremely wealthy. He has tested his nukes, verified that they are in working order, and is more than ready to use them on the U.S. Most of Asia and much of Europe is on his side. We cannot count on European, white nationalist, or Russian support. We are at the point where a trigger event like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand will spark a third world war. We have many enemies and few allies against North Korea.
  15. Right. Chinese Communist Party and Russian neo-Bolsheviks now rule the United States of America.
  16. B-52

    Unicode multie-cultie babies

    Then there is the "blood diamond" wedding ring character &#x1F48D; That rock is so sharp you'll scratch your baby's face bloody and rip your 1000-thread-count linen bedsheets to shreds with it.
  17. >>> From: Twitter <info@twitter.com> >>> To: justina colmena <justina@colmena.biz> >>> Subject: "Celebrity babies boomed in 2017 ****" Moment >>> Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 04:59:00 +0000 >>> @justinacolmena, see what's happening in the world Do you see what I see? Actual UTF-8 characters? Yellow baby, black baby, white baby, brown baby. No way! Has the Unicode committee gone mad? The following sequence of seven Unicode points generates the four multie-cultie babies, all sucking pre-sweetened pacifiers. **** == &#x1F476;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FF;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FB;&#x1F476;&#x1F3FD; http://www.codetable.net/hex/1f476 http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1F3FF/index.htm http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1F3FB/index.htm http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1F3FD/index.htm Seven symbols, but only four babies, all boys, sucking on blue pacifiers. The girls must have been aborted, because they are not of the pure Aryan race. All the babies have dark brown eyes. Not really! Only one "baby" character, and three different "Fitzpatrick" racial modifier characters. The unmodified baby is of yellow race. The national socialists have taken over the Internet..
  18. B-52

    Martian symbology

    The real meaning of the symbols: The Mars symbol  represents a shield and spear. When you look at this symbol, you are face to face with a warrior who holds a shield in his left hand and spear in his right hand, with the tip near his left shoulder. It symbolizes war, independently of any notion of masculinity or the planet Mars. You are supposed to fight when you see this symbol. The Venus symbol  represents a round mirror with a comb underneath it. When you look at this symbol, you are face to face with yourself in the mirror. The left-right symmetry symbolizes beauty, independently of any notion of femininity, or human hair, or the planet Venus. You are supposed to look into the mirror and preen when you see this symbol. There is a not-so-subtle homosexual (male-male or female-female) context to these symbols, i.e., "homosexual" in the generic sense of any kind of "same-sex" relationship, not necessarily a romantic or sexual or loving relationship. These symbols indicate more toward a sex-segregated brotherhood, sisterhood, fraternity or sorority, or other same-sex camaraderie, with such a broad, strict, and severe separation between the sexes as to place them on different planets. Of course same-sex intimate relationships do occur in such situations, e.g., prison homosexuality, and under such strict sex-segregation, as a general rule, those in charge tend to become so jealous, controlling, and manipulative that they totally prohibit opposite-sex talk or communication of any kind. Human procreation is impossible and all intimate relationships are strictly confined to the same sex.
  19. "Santa Claus" is, of course, a linguistic corruption of "Saint Nicholas." Do children set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus? Really? Ho, ho, ho, a bottle of rum, and a raw egg or two, and the children's speech is so slurred from their adulterated milk that they cannot even distinctly pronounce the words "Saint Nicholas" and it comes out "Santa Claus." And nowadays the cookies contain "edible" marijuana, to boot. Are there gifts under that Tanenbaum / Yule tree? Really? Beggars can't be choosers. How long is that lump of coal keeping you warm? A strange man, disguised in a costume, is fondling little children in his lap. Under any other circumstances, we would not be so charitable. Why at Christmastime? Or is it Yuletide or Winter Solstice?
  20. What women are supposed to spend their hard-earned money on: Hair. somehow a basic, low-maintenance, natural-color hairdo is never in style, because other women can't make money "doing" it for you... Nails: nail polish, glitter, acrylic nails, all that stuff is available at the dollar store (for <$1) if you want to bother with it, but somehow to be "in style" requires a sizable bi-weekly outlay of cash and a standing appointment with another, emotionally manipulative, hard-selling woman who takes sexual pleasure in "doing" other women's nails... Professional oil changes: you didn't realize you needed all kinds of maintenance like having your blinker fluid and muffler coolant replaced (the $150+ "upsell") but if you don't get it done now, man, you're not going to be able to drive your car next week.
  21. Plenty of that, too. That's why we need to get the Church out of the State, and the State out of the Church. Or in the name of Allah, if you prefer, or not in the name of God if you do not believe in God. Prepare for nuclear winter in any case. Yep. The temperature already dropped to the teens (Fahrenheit). It is supposed to get another 60 degrees colder yet. If a nuke clouds the skies, expect 100 degrees below zero. Prepare for nuclear winter.
  22. Jesus did all kinds of miracles, healed the sick, restored sight to the bind, hearing to the deaf, and speech to the dumb, made the lame to walk, cured those afflicted with leprosy, and performed many other miracles. The greatest miracle of all time was this: Jesus preached the Gospel to the poor. Think about that. The Gospel has two absolute, immutable qualities: The Gospel is good news. The Gospel is the truth. If you have preached good news to the poor, and what you preach is the truth, then you have performed a great miracle in Jesus' name, even more so than feeding 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Nowadays, no one wants to be the bearer of bad news or bad tidings, and when they tell us "good news," we find out soon enough that the "good news" they bring is not the truth: they have pulled the wool over our eyes, put on rose-colored glasses, put us out of the house, and locked the doors lest we discover their lies sooner than they planned. Therefore the Gospel is not much preached nowadays.
  23. That is the MainStreamMedia for you. NBC News. Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons. Not all of North Korea is Kim Jong-Un. Kim Jong-Un is a brutal dictator who cultivates a cult following, and some of the worst of what he does outside of testing weapons of mass destruction is to co-opt some of the movie stars in the United States for his agenda, because that is the closest thing we have in the U.S. Of course as a free people (at least outside High California) we are under no obligation to obey orders from movie stars. Nevertheless the pop culture cult sickness continues to spread and magnify especially across U.K. and U.S.A. under North Korean influence. As partial and circumstantial evidence of this agenda I point to the Sony Pictures hack, traced to North Korea. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2014/12/18/the-sony-pictures-hack-explained/ http://fortune.com/sony-hack-part-1/ * http://fortune.com/sony-hack-part-two/ * http://fortune.com/sony-hack-final-part/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/north-korean-cyberattack-on-sony-60-minutes/ https://www.riskbasedsecurity.com/2014/12/a-breakdown-and-analysis-of-the-december-2014-sony-hack/
  24. "Terrorism" does no justice to these acts. This is an act of war, in a war zone. There is too much prostitution on the train, and certain frustrated gentlemen are understandably very, very, angry. The ladies are so desperate that they stop at nothing to seek revenge on other women, when other men do not even dare to board the train for fear of enduring false accusations of sexual misconduct, or otherwise being victimized by such ladies. "I am not a 'sir' and I do not pay money for sex."