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  1. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1015.Sewage water in street as evidence? (4/10/2018) Last September, my wife had a Canada tour. It was arranged by the Feds, I think. I found the Feds tried to contaminate me with drug trace by newspaper and arrested me by claiming they found drug trace in sewage water. Since then, I take bath as little as I can. In early April, I took a basin bath. To avoid the Feds to plant drug trace in sewage water, I poured the bathing water into the lane. I didn't think they could pick up sewage water in street as evidence. But they did. A news said a storm would come on 4/6. (quote) Atmospheric river could hit Bay Area with month of rain in 2 days By Sophie Haigney Wednesday, April 4, 2018 https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Atmospheric-river-could-hit-Bay-Area-with-month12804802.php (/quote) The atmospheric river did bring rainwater that washed the lane. I noticed the old newspaper in front of my house which was left there six months ago. It proves how easy to plant drug trace on victims. https://www.christianforums.com/data/xengallery/277/277102-6950ab05aea70e0298b0765390e9b1c3.jpg?1523318314 Picture of old newspaper took on Apr.8/2018. 984. Trick to plant drug trace on victims (9/30/2017) In #979, I predicted 9/2 would be action day of the framed case (my wife started her Canada travel) and thereafter there would be a Korea war crisis to distract. Kim Jong-un did detonate a hydrogen bomb to the order, but there was no action on me. What happened? I think the Feds planed to arrest me on 9/2. The excuse of arrest was "found drug trace on my body". How could they do that? I found in this way. 8/12, my wife said she would have a tour to Canada. Next day was Sunday, someone dropped a San Jose Mercury News (local newspaper) at my door. Then for consecutive four weeks I received five Mercury News Sunday edition. That was from 8/13 to 9/10. My wife's travel period was from 9/2 to 9/9. I was a subscriber of San Jose Mercury News. I cancelled the subscription decades ago due to financial reason. I did pick up the first free Sunday paper to read. Then I thought of the harsh situation I am in. I didn't touch the free paper thereafter. Then there came an unusual heat wave. Here is quote from #980: (quote) "9/1 - 9/4 Unprecedented heat over San Jose area. September 2, 2017 California’s history-making heat wave set new all-time records for the second day in a row. I have no air condition in my house. You can imagine in three digit temperature. What's there purpose, i don't know. To force the window open wide so leaked gas can get in? Or let hitter easy in when the door open wide?" (/quote) I think the purpose was to push me taking bath so they could collect drug trace from the sewage water they collected. The drug trace might be from polluted news paper or some other sources they deliberately planted. I hadn't taken bath in these sweating days. Now they hurriedly organized another long trip for my wife, 10/2 to 10/18, 16 days. What will take place? If the Feds can arrest people in this way, it's too easy to plant and frame innocent people. Pictures of free Sunday papers at the door. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-2DB65riKpPU/WchNbsoTLhI/AAAAAAAAAZk/HBcszRw4CZYmkgeF2OqLgpL2bMLo4e07ACEwYBhgL/w140-h105-p/007.JPG. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-RpyJAouEYMg/WchNbqB8PgI/AAAAAAAAAZg/UY4rt42SESg0xJnK0CR4sD3ww9qbGQnhgCEwYBhgL/w140-h105-p/006.JPG
  2. Poison gas attack in US

    452. The source of radioactive material (11/30/06) My warning of dirty bomb attack done by the rogue part of our government is very correct. I could feel it from the heavy internet harassment after I posted the messages. In many sites, they changed the page format, thus my old thread disappeared. (see #499) I was even blocked to post in my own home page for 5 days. I am also blocked to post in some big forum sites such like NewYork Times' forum, and google's. The page said, "Action canceled Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable." The "temporarily unavailable" lasts 5 days until now. I don't think for a big company like google could allow it happens in this way. I think it only applies on me as one site had said, "the server has been instructed not to let you have it." Anyway the problem also delivered a message that my revelation was so true that they don't want others to know it. Re: "Radiation Traces Found on British Airways Jets Investigators Widen Search for Clues in Ex-Spy's Death LONDON (Nov. 29) Authorities grounded three British Airways jetliners in London and Moscow on Wednesday and drew up plans to contact thousands of passengers. High doses of polonium-210 - a rare radioactive element usually manufactured in specialized nuclear facilities - were found in Litvinenko's body, and traces of radiation have been found at sites in London connected with the investigation of his death. http://art icles.news .aol.com/n ews/_a/rad iation-tra ces-found- on-british /200611291 40409990006 The story of contaminated British Airways plane (11/29) proves my analysis on 11/25 is very correct. "Russia now replaces the role of N.Korea. Russia will play the role of the source of the radioactive material (or even a nuclear bomb)." Once a dirty bomb attack occurs, how easy it is to solve the source of radioactive material. The Feds try to make it a perfect "terror attack" from enemy not from government insiders. Here I'd also like to give an analysis why the Feds are so eager to arrange the source of the tools in "terror attack". Do you still remember the "anthrax attack:" happened five years ago? The anthrax was identified as military weapon grade from defense bio-lab. FBI can not or dare not to resolve the case because it was done by government insiders. For that, FBI has to take the blame of incompetence. (Recently, we saw FBI tried to finish the case by claiming that "military grade" anthrax could be prepared by "clever high school student". see "443. October surprise (2) (10/20/06)") That's why Feds made secret deals with China, N.Korea, Russia to settle the source problem in advance. They don't want to be tangled in that embarrassment again as they are in anthrax case.
  3. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1013. Forbidden reply proves China colludes the framed case (3/29/2018) On 3/17, in web site lunaticoutpost.com, I replied to a topic "The US Economy is only growing Because of deficit Spending". The original reply is: (quote) I think Trump is pushed out to be the scapegoat of the coming economic crisis. I wrote this two years ago. 902. Trump's job (2) (5/7/2016) I revealed the Trump campaign was a comedy on 4/30. Within days his rivals Cruze and Kasich dropped the election campaign. It would be a joke to go on with this comic show. This country is ruled by the Feds. They rule the country by controlled intelligence and media. They select politicians through rigged election and justify the election result through the fake poll done by media. In 2001, Clinton left the White House with a budget surplus. That was unusual. Most U.S.presidents added deficit to the huge national debt. Yet the Feds arranged George W. Bush to win the election. They need a candidate of their own to take care of the big events they planed to create - 911 attack, the Patriot Act and the Mid-east wars. When the media beat the drum to push up Trump's popularity, it means the Feds having another plan to produce a second "Bush". That's why I said something big will happen - bigger than 911 attack and the Mid-east wars. The big events may relate to China, I think. 911 attack was a derivation derived from the secret deal between the Feds and Chinese secret police.(see #884 to #899) Benefited from "hosting the Olympic summer game" and "membership of WTO", China has been developed into economic power No.2 of the world. Which is shaking the super-power throne of the US. That's the story of Bush time. Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story. That is the core interest of the Feds for which they have paid so much to China. see new secret deal at :"899. April plot (3/29/2016)". (/quote) I failed to post it. I was blocked to post #1008 for a while, I thought it might because I revealed China is the partner of this plot, the Feds doesn't want to offend their friend. I shortened the reply as this: You can see the difference. Shortened reply: (quote) katsung47 Registered User User ID: 1337 03-17-2018 01:18 AM Post: #24RE: The US Economy is only Growing Because of Deficit Spending I think Trump is pushed out to be the scapegoat of the coming economic crisis. I wrote this two years ago. Clinton left White House a surplus. But Bush started two wars in Mid-east and finally touch off a financial crisis in 2008. Now they need someone to take the responsibility. (This post was last modified: 03-17-2018 01:25 AM by katsung47.)(/quote) http://lunaticoutpost.com/thread-17473-page-2.html 1014. Incident violated a murder plot? (4/3/2018) C is my sister in law. Her sister and one of her brothers are the initiators of this Taiwan tour. In early February, there was a earthquake in Taiwan. I talked about it in message 1004. A couple of distant relatives who planed to go on this tour quit it due to the safety consideration. The two initiators withdrew at last moment. The I.D. C-sister and C-brother hold are green cards. My wife is travel agent so she warned them they have to apply "Permit to Enter Taiwan". She advised them to do so through travel agency when they ordered the Taiwan trip. It was convenient for both. But they refused and said they had their way to get that permission. The result was they were banned to board the flight for lack of sufficient document in Shanghai Air Port. When the rest people got to Taiwan, my brother stumbled and broke his wrist. He has to be in plaster bandage for three months so he couldn't join this tour. From the beginning I said this is a trap the Feds set up to murder my wife, my brother and his wife. It seems my brother is a main target. When he had an incident, couldn't start his tour, the designated travel trap lost its meaning. I think at this time the Feds issued the news of the execution of drug smuggling girls to intimidate me. (I go to "World Journal" web everyday.) It means "We can kill you in many ways. Either in travel accident or by a framed case." I did believe they would do that at that time and wrote "1012. Murder attempt on my wife three days later (3/27/2018)" The story of C-sister and C-brother may indicate how the Feds lure people into a trap and how vastly they use friends and relatives of people as informants. 1004. Acoustic weapon again (2/9/2018) ........ Then there was a concentrated earthquake report: (quote) Magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan Wed February 7, 2018 https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180207144010-27-taiwan-quake-0207-restricted-super-169.jpg https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/07/world/gallery/taiwan-earthquake-february-2018/index.html (/quote) It is just the style I worried about two weeks ago: (1,002). Pressure on FBI and earthquake (1/27/2018)1014.
  4. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1011. Frame a case through the hands of Taiwan and Chinese secret police (3/22/2018) In #1008, I said the Feds had used "Taiwan travel Act" as a starting signal to the framed case. On 3/12 I was once blocked to post #1008 in Internet. Then my wife abruptly changed her leaving date from 3/17 to 3/14. I think my conclusion that the Feds used "Taiwan travel Act" particularly on my case is very correct. The Feds try to discredit it by changing my wife's leaving date. It doesn't actually affect normal trip. That Act, also convince people that China is hostile to US and Taiwan, so it's impossible that they collude for a conspiracy. It also plays a role to distract the plot if China intensifies the situation to a war. 1012. Murder attempt on my wife three days later (3/27/2018) I am the murder target of the FBI because I revealed the true face of the Feds (FBI and DEA) in Internet. To eliminate a witness of their crime, the Feds try to wrong me in criminal case. That takes three decades long. They recruit my relatives as their informants (include my wife). Now, eager to finish this case, they have to eliminate those informants because they joined the illegal surveillance. The major way they used is to arrange them in tours. It's easy to create incidents and easy to plant illegal things when they are in travel. My wife, my brother and his wife are arranged a travel to China and Taiwan from 3/17 to 3/31. The Feds created several big events for this framed case. 1. On 3/16, President Trump signed a "Taiwan Travel Act" which is a signal to start that "murder plot". It also a payment to Taiwan to support the framed case. 2. 3/17 is original the start date of travel. 3. 3/18. A.G. Sessions fired FBI deputy Andrew McCabe. FBI is the mastermind of this framed case. This is a whip to urge the Feds finish the case in March. 4. 3/26. China launches yuan crude oil futures in Shanghai. I think to make it a success is part of payment in secret deal between US and Chinese secret police. They choose this occasion for their framed case. 5. 3/30, my relatives will go to Shanghai where my wife will go back to US. My brother will stay for another month. I think that's the time they would be arrested for a framed drug case when they pass through the Custom. I worry about their lives because on 3/26, I read a news from "World Journal" (internet Chinese web) (quote)"A group of Chinese girls in overseas are waiting for death penalty, what have they done?" It says these girls were charged by Malaysia government for drug smuggling and their stories. https://cdn.media.worldjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/201803271353083751_03343.jpg ????????????? ??????? ?????/??27?? 2018?03?27? https://www.worldjournal.com/5489779/article-一群中國女孩海外排隊等死刑-到底做了啥事?-2/?ref=中國_中國社會事件簿 (/quote) The FBI has a Mafia style death warning habit. Here is 17 years ago, when they tried to frame a drug smuggling case on me, death warning I got, 888. The first payment for the drug case (3/18/2015) It took two months (4/11 to 6/11) for the Feds and Chinese secret police to arrange a drug case ?to smuggle heroine from south west China to US. 6/9/2001 I received warnings from the Feds. (quote) Author:FBI <mailto:FBI@hotmail.com> ( Subject:Your Time Is UP, Kat Hak Sung !Sat, Jun 9 2001 at 8:25 am[ Email Msg</cgi-bin/forum/forum.cgi?c=emailmsgform&fid=1937-truth&mid=27> |Invite </cgi-bin/forum/forum.cgi?c=inviteform&fid=1937-truth> Message: Kat Hak Sung! Your time is up! We are giving you 3x24 hours to surrender. Turn yourself in to the local authority where you are residing now.You have been sentenced to DEATH in absentia. ..... Within 3x24 hours you should surrender and turn yourself in, to serve your death sentence under the gallows. The state of California has restored this kind of death sentence just for you. .... (/quote) 6/11/2001 The day of Timothy McVeigh's execution. He was accused for Oklahoma bombing. Since then I learned the feds used to create a big event to distract public’s attention from a small case ?the murder of Kat Sung. For something unknown, the designated drug case hadn’t broken up. The Chinese secret police must have completed their duty of the secret deal. The US had to pay for it. That’s a big loss of US international interest. Someone had to take the responsibility. FBI director Louis Freeh had to resign from his post in June, 2001 when the Feds planned drug case ended. (quote) DIRECTOR OF F.B.I. SAYS HE'LL RESIGN AFTER EIGHT YEARS By DAVID JOHNSTON May 2, 2001 WASHINGTON, May 1?Director Louis J. Freeh of the F.B.I. said today that he would resign in June after an eight-year tenure http://www.nytimes.com/2001/05/02/us/director-of-fbi-says-he-ll-resign-after-eight-years.html (/quote) Next month, the big winner, China, got its first payment. (quote])OLYMPICS; Beijing Wins Bid for 2008 Olympic Games By JERE LONGMAN July 14, 2001 MOSCOW, July 13?…… the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 Summer Games to Beijing today. Eight years after a narrow and unexpected defeat to Sydney, Australia, inits attempt to be host to the 2000 Olympics, Beijing more than doubled the votes Toronto received as the runner-up. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/07/14/sports/olympics-beijing-wins-bid-for-2008-olympic-games.html (/quote)
  5. 1021. Trump's job - eliminate Kat Sung (5/21/2018) Two years ago, in (902. Trump's job) I concluded "The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story." 3/10/2017 Trump Abruptly Ordered 46 Federal Prosecutors to Resign. 5/9, Trump fired FBI Director Comey.(It proves Comey's story "Trump demands "loyal" ". Trump belongs to the Deep State.) 8/2, Christopher Wray was sworn in as the Director of the FBI. (The deep state need someone to take the responsibility by approving the evil murder cases.) 8/3, I found the Feds started main plot of "gas explosion" and "search by damaged house" intention. Here are three plots to murder my wife. (1) 8/31, I warned 9/2 could be action date and would be followed by Korea war to distract. (see #979) 9/1, US bans US citizen travel to N. Korea. (Trump joins the plot) 9/2 - 9/10, my wife left for Canada. 9/3, N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb.(used as distraction) It was a planned distraction. N. Korea did their job to the secret deal but Trump did nothing to react. Because the main target - Kat Sung, is still alive. (2) 10/2 - 10/18 My wife go another trip to Europe. 9/25 I wrote in "(983) So something will happen at that time." That "something" became "Las Vegas mass shooting". It was used as a distraction. It was a remedial case hurried done for 9/2 case. So there was a lot of flaws in this event. (3) 3/17 - 3/31 My wife and my brother were arranged a travel to Taiwan. 3/16, A.G. Sessions fired FBI deputy McCabe. (An intimidation or a purge in FBI?) 3/16, Donald Trump signs "Taiwan Travel Act.(again, Trump joins the case) 3/17, my wife's original planed leaving date. Means the case starts. I predicted something big would happen in this case but nothing took place. I think that's because I had previously made some correct predictions. The Feds try to distract it. ---------------- Here is another story that Trump use foreign affair in my case when I noticed he announced to withdraw from "Iran nuclear deal" on 5/8, not original 5/12. (quote) May 8, 2018, 10:45 PM Trump announces decision to "withdraw" from Iran nuclear deal https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/trump-iran-nuclear-deal-announcement-today-2018-05-08-live-stream-updates/ (/quote) The original plan: (quote) Trump Will Scrap Iran Deal On May 12 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-26/trump-will-scrap-iran-deal-may-12-report (/quote) Why did they change the time? On 5/7, Contractor came to my yard and replaced the fence. If the Feds created a case then they need something to distract. That's their routine job. see "1018. Frame a case by "replace fence" (4/30/2018)". 475. The fired Federal Attorney and March plot (3/28/07) Kevin Ryan was fired (in the name of resignation) at the same time when Neigroponte lost his post of the National intelligence head. They were punished for failure to frame an innocent person in created crime. To cover up Ryan's forced resignation, other Federal Attorney became sacrifice. DOJ fired those whom were thought not loyal to Bush to make Ryan's resignation not so evident. Most of those fired issued a stiff defense of their conduct except Kevin Ryan. It could prove my allegation that they were sacrifice. Read the following news, you may understand better. Re: "S. F. prosecutor's firing unchallenged Howard Mintz Mercury News March 21, 2007 Despite all the controversy surrounding the firing of eight US attorneys, the release of thousands of pages of internal Justice Department documents shows there has not been much protest over the ouster of San Francisco US Attorney Kevin Ryan,..... Ryan was among the US attorneys asked to resign in the December purge, but Bush administration critics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., have not cited his dismissal as being tainted by politics. ....... Unlike other US attorneys who protested their firings, there are few exchanges involving Ryan in the newly released documents. One Justice Department e-mail quotes Ryan's former chief assistant, Eumi Choi, as saying Ryan was remaining a "company man" after his firing and refusing to take phone calls from Feinstein." In early 1990s, when I found Feds (FBI, DEA) using radioactive material as tracing tactic which hurt my health, I complained to Federal Attorney's office. I was very innocent then, after failing to complain in some office like D.A.'s office or organization such like ACLU... I went to the Federal Building. I went there several times until an aide told me that "there is no use to come here. We cooperate with FBI." Then I knew they work together. Did Ryan, as DOJ said, run his office in disarray? No, he did a very aggressive job. From the news "Ryan has beefed up the San Jose branch to 20 lawyers from the usual dozen or so, an unprecedented level.", I knew he arranged almost eight or so Federal Attorney to frame me in case. What have they done? To plant drug at my house by "free gift". To disguise contractor for "reasonable search". To block the drainage to search the water after I washing the clothes or take a bath. To collect the garbage by a cover up "garbage company". To manipulate my wife to file tax return without my consent. To cut my financial support...... All these were the work done by the attorneys in Ryan's office with the Feds. One thing you should know is that Ryan was not fired for doing these evil things. He was fired for not evil enough to frame me in a case they created.
  6. Poison gas attack in US

    451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06) Ex-KGB spy Litvinenko died in London on 11/23. He said Kremlin poisoned him. Litvinenko is a traitor of Russia. Russia has motive to kill him. That's the foundation Litvinenko's accusation based on. But I think in different way. The reason: 1. Government rarely do such high profile murder case. Politically it hurts more than being benefited. An unilateral murder like this one would cause serious diplomatic problem between two countries. 2. Such murder used to be done in cross secret deal between the secret police of the two countries. 3. Litvinenko defected in 1990's. There is little intelligence value left for him for the Western. He is a sacrifice in secret deal. Litvinenko and another defector - Lt. Benlenko had a common lot. There is a strong similarity in their poison case. Re: "The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. ....Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them. See "186. Slow poison (12/6/03)"" Litvinenko was poisoned by rare metal. He is hairless too. 5. I think he is part of a secret deal. The deal is to justify a dirty bomb, (or even a nuclear bomb). There was such a deal in October. (N. Korea nuclear test and later China arrested two N. Koreans for selling small amount of Uranium.) The deal failed after my revelation. Russia now replaces the role of N.Korea. Russia will play the role of the source of the radioactive material (or even a nuclear bomb). 6. The payment to Russia is WTO and the life of one defector. Re: "US deal lets Russia join WTO By Andrew E. Kramer and Edmund L. Andrews New York Times November 11, 2006 Moscow - Officials in Washington and Moscow reached an agreement in principle for Russia to join the WTO. " 7. The purpose of the deal is to justify a radioactive bombing on Western so Bush can start another Mid-east war - bombing Iran's nuclear site. 8. Litvinenko's case is used to cover up the planned "nuclear terror bombing ". It told public in advance: see, we have a conflict. The bombing plot was not a collaborate work planned by us. 9. If Litvinenko was poisoned on 11/1 as he alleged , then after weeks of medical treatment, he should have got better. Poison used to excreted after several days. What Litvinenko encountered with seems to be a continuing poisoning. His situation suddenly worsened and died on 11/23. 10. Why choosing 11/23? Because it will bring the cover up function into play to its best. I think Feds planned the "nuclear terror attack" day on 11/24. It is the "Black Friday" when the Christmas shopping season starts. An attack on shopping mall will cause large casualty which will give the full justification for Bush to bomb Iran. The Inside Group had tasted the sweet by attacking people in 911. With which they started war in Afghan and Iraq. They want to use same tactic to start war in Iran. "October surprise" aimed at the audience of seven NFL football stadiums. "November surprise" (I call it December surprise in #450) aimed at the Christmas shopping customers on Black Friday. The principle originates from a government plan done 40 years ago:"Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation." (Quote from Northwoods Operation)
  7. A real poll for Trump

    Trump’s New York Golf Course Has Seen Massive Decline in Visitors Since He Became President Ryan Sit,Newsweek •December 20, 2017 President Donald Trump has failed to make golf great again in his hometown. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-york-golf-course-seen-163242842.html
  8. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1009. Something big will happen this March (3/14/2018) The elimination of Kat Sung's plot moves up. On 3/12, I was once blocked to post #1008. They don't want people to know my prediction. Then my wife suddenly changed her leaving date from 3/17 to 3/14. The purpose to arrange travel for my relatives is part of elimination plot. It is easy to create incidents in tour to kill or easy to plant drugs to frame a case on victims in their tour. The distraction events will be big. It could be: 1. War. Likely in Mid-east, Syria or Iran. The firing of Rex Tillerson may relate to it. 2. Economic disaster. There could be a collapse in stock market and financial area and currency market in late March. 3. Natural disaster. Especially earthquake. In February, the Feds attack my house with acoustic weapon. I felt unusual warmth. It's winter time so is hard to be noticed unless people keep alert at it. What I worried is at that time, there was cracking sound of house structure everyday. I think the Feds were damaging the wooden structure of my house by resonance so when there is an earthquake, there could be a house damage with which they can carry on a search. There were many attempts recently: by cleaning Ivy in garden; moving trees; utility under ground pipes; attempt to damage garage door..... (quote) Powerful 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico Carla Herreria,HuffPost• February 17, 2018 (/quote) It's eye-catching in Taiwan where my wife will go: Magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan on Wed February 7, 2018 https://1v1d1e1lmiki1lgcvx32p49h8fe-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Taiwan-earthquake-960x540.jpg 1010. Push for another drug case framed by China and US spies (3/19/2018) It's another comic show acted by the Feds(the FBI and DEA) and their representative Trump. 1. One thing important is that without the help of the Feds, Trump couldn't steal the US president seat. They are accomplices. 2. The firing of McCabe is used to cut the relationship between Trump and the Feds. 3. Trump is used as a whip to push the Feds to finish the "elimination Kat Sung" case which lasted more than three decades. 4. Be noticed that the overlapping travel date to "firing McCabe case". My wife and my brother is arranged a tour to China and Taiwan from 3/17 to 3/31, McCabe is fired on 3/16 and he prepares to leave on March. 5. Chinese secret police has a long history to collude with the Feds to frame a drug smmugling case on me, signaled by EP-3 Spy plane crew case(4/11/2001) and Timothy McVeigh's execution (6/11/2001)and 9/11 WTC attack (9/11/2001) This time they again to frame a drug case on my relatives in their tour to trap me in. I allege. Re: 1,003. Intimidation to create fake evidence (2/3/2018) It is clear the comic drama is a continuation of the plot to elimination of Kat Sung. First Trump fired Comey, When there is no progress in the attempt murder case of Kat Sung, they force McCabe to leave. They create a "Russia-probe memo" case to cut the relationship between Trump and the FBI when Trump's treason becomes clear. (Trump may be impeached as a distraction to that framed case) They create the crisis to apply pressure on the FBI. As a matter of fact, Trump is a candidate of the "Deep State" of the Feds to whip their terror force. (quote) FBI deputy director leaving post ahead of planned retirement Eric Tucker and Sadie Gurman, Associated Press• January 29 WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump's criticism who led the bureau for months last year following the firing of James Comey, is leaving his position ahead of a previously planned retirement this spring, people familiar with the decision said Monday. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fbi-deputy-director-leaving-post-ahead-planned-retirement-180412684--politics.html (/quote)
  9. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1008. Manipulating legislative (3/9/2018) My wife, my brother and his wife will have a travel to China and Taiwan in late March. Of course, I think it is arranged by the Feds(FBI and DEA), and a framed case will happen at that time. They will leave on 3/17. My wife will be back on 3/31. My brother and his wife will stay longer in China. Something big will take place during their travel. I also noticed a coincidence. Their leaving date is signaled by "Taiwan Travel Act" effects one day before. (quote) Unless vetoed, Taiwan Travel Act to take effect by March 16 March 6, 2018 Washington, March 5 (CNA) /The Taiwan Travel Act, which promotes meetings and visits between high-ranking American and Taiwanese government officials, is expected to take effect by March 16 unless it is vetoed by U.S. president Donald Trump. https://chinapost.nownews.com/20180306-247956 (/quote) Last year when my wife was arranged a tour there also was a travel rule went effect one day before her leaving. I wrote in "979. September 2nd is action date (8/31/2017)" (quote) US bans travel to North Korea beginning September 1, says Americans should leave Thomson Reuters YEGANEH TORBATI Aug 3rd 2017 6:01AM https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/08/03/us-bans-travel-to-north-korea-beginning-september-1-says-americans-should-leave/23062831/ (/quote) And in "980. Korea war crisis used as distract (9/6/2017)", "9/1, US bans US citizen travel to N. Korea. 9/2, my wife left for Canada. I warned 9/2 might be action day and followed with war on Korea. 9/3, N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb. N. Korea did their job to the secret deal but Trump did nothing to react. Because the main target - Kat Sung, is still alive." These two events prove "eliminating Kat Sung" is a very serious case for the Feds(FBI and DEA). They had a starting signal for each project when it relates to foreign countries. It also proves what I said, that US is ruled by the Feds. They could easily get legislative rule to help their project. That's why Trump brags "I'm unbeatable" and threatens Hillary Clinton "You'd be in jail" in president election campaign.
  10. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1007. Search attempt by digging the ground (3/2/2018) A neighbor shares a fence with me between our back yards. He planted ivy at his side. I have different green plants at my side. For decades I have to cut the overgrown ivy that crept to my yard. It is limited to that fence. Several weeks ago, in front yard, I found new ivy. It's a new kind. The back yard one is green leaf. This one's leaf has white spots. It never happened before. I naturally thought it was done by the Feds. What is it for? In early February, there was a letter from "Cornerstone property management". It said the fence needs a replacement. "The Ivy needs to be removed before the replacement of the fence. We'd like to work with you in order to split the cost of the work." Apparently the Feds want to dig my yard to have a search. There is an evil purpose in the name of clean Ivy. I won't consent to remove Ivy on my yard in case there is a planting plot. On 3/1, the residence cross street had a yard work. They used to have Ivy (the leaf with white spots) in their front yard. It seemed they have a thorough clean. The dug out plant root piles up high on the street. It reminds me of another attempt to dig ground. Like this one they activated neighbor (agents) and other resources to create a project. 975. How to justify a gas leaking plot (8/15/2017) On 8/3, P.G.& E. changed gas meter without any reason. I allege it was an operation of the Feds for a "gas leaking plot". (see #974) On 8/6, In TV news, I learned a news: Then another news in TV revealed their true purpose.
  11. Poison gas attack in US

    422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06) "Why are you so afraid of eavesdropping (warrantless) if you have nothing to hide?" This is how Feds used to countercharge their critics. Because in US, it means unreasonable search and arrest becoming legal. It means planting evidence and framing case becoming possible. It also means victim may suffer illegal torture and murder such like poisoning and EM wave shooting. In mid April, I went to the post office to pick up tax form. I bought some food in a Chinese super market near the post office. There was a severe cough after I ate the meat bought there. The cough was so strong that I couldn't sleep for nights. It lasted several weeks. The poison might be some kind of radiation material (isotope). I had suffered such kind of poisoning before but none was so severe like this one. At same time, I also found some people coughing like me when I went to shopping. In my area, I think most people work for the Feds as support group. Those informants may think they work for justice. They never dreamed of they are working for an evil. In my case, I think many would have suffered poisoning when they pretending customers. In extreme cases they could become scapegoat such like Muhammad and Malvo in DC sniper case and ignorant suicides in London bombing case. Then there was a news in Media: Quote, "Book details Mossad's chocolate assassination Poison a sophisticated weapon for Israeli intelligence Saturday, May 6, 2006; JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Mossad secret service agency killed a Palestinian wanted for airplane hijackings by feeding him poisoned Belgian chocolate over six months in the late 1970s, according to a new book, the author said Saturday. http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/05/06/chocolate.assassin.ap/index.html It seems Negroponte has introduced new poison for the Feds from Israel's Mossad. On 6/30, I went to the post office to mail a "Foreign account" form to the Treasury. I went to that Chinese Super Market again. I had a desolate feeling. 6/30 was Friday. It was evening and should be the most prosperous time for the market. But there was much less people in the Super market then usual. Feds moved their support group away for some other mission? Or just to protect them from new poison from Israel? I puzzled. One thing impressed me very much was that Feds controlled at least half of the residents live in my area. Their decision could immediately desert a cheerful Super Market. Scared to be bombed in public transit system, I hadn't set foot on bus for past six months. Now facing the danger of new poisoned food, I had to diversify my food sources. Chain super market Albertson would shut down some branches because of slow business. Two of them are on the tram line I used to take. On 7/9, I saw an advertisement of inventory blew out. For the first time this year, I took a tram to a nearby Albertson. There was an Indian food store next to the Albertson. For diversity, I went to that store too. I was used to be the only customer in that small store, two or three Indians more sometimes. But that day I found there were many Indian customers there. It was a big change after six months. Some of the Indians took the same tram when I came back. Several dropped off in same station I got off. Apparently, they live in my neighborhood. Feds moved a lot of Indians in. It seems Feds moved many Indians in whom attended Indian store which I couldn't reach when I abandoned the public transit system. But when I start to take tram again, what will they do? The response was swift. I took the tram on 7/9. One day later, on 7/11 there came the Mumbai bombing. Feds still will use the "terror attack" to eliminate. And justify it by Indian link.
  12. Is there a tyrant among us? What would Shakespeare say? Jerry Adler,Yahoo News•May 7, 2018 A cynical demagogue achieves the height of power through deceit and treachery, and proceeds to rule ruthlessly. Brooding, suspicious, and captive of his own angry whims, he dismisses or alienates the very allies who helped his rise, until he must face, virtually alone, the righteous retribution of those he has exploited and wronged. Sound familiar? It should: It is the plot of one of Shakespeare’s best-known plays, Richard III, which also forms the heart of a new book by the scholar and Pulitzer-prize-winning author Stephen Greenblatt, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics. Any resemblance to current events or personalities is strictly intentional. https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/GHcLqGkrR80FRST92buedw--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/http://media.zenfs.com/en/homerun/feed_manager_auto_publish_494/02018340b59ae403f395b85987070100 https://www.yahoo.com/news/tyrant-among-us-shakespeare-say-090041055.html
  13. San Francisco Mayor's death

    You follow my posting all the way. So I know you made a harassing job here. In each message with a serial number, I always have a written date with it. 1005. News proves my opinion is very correct (2/16/2018) On 1/27 in (1,002) about the (anti Trump) text of FBI agents Strzok and Page I wrote: I think that is done by the real "secret society" of the FBI. 1. Everybody has his own politic view. So do Strzok and Page. Must they have to support Donald Trump? Did they commit any crime in that Trump Russian gate investigation team? 2. It's more like a sting project as the FBI used to do. Strzok and Page could be false flag embedded in that team to sabotage "anti-Trump" plot. They were monitored. Their email were intercepted. As I know the culture of the FBI is anti-Clinton, and Trump is their representative. see #930. 3. The articles is to cut relationship between Trump and the FBI when Trump became notorious that he won the election by the help of Russians. 4. It's another style to apply pressure on the FBI to finish the Kat Sung's case.See #902. "Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story. That is the core interest of the Feds for which they have paid so much to China. see new secret deal at :"899. April plot (3/29/2016)"." Four days later, a news article proves my opinion is very correct. 1006. Finger print that lies (2/23/2018) I have no drive license and rare go outside, it's my wife who buys the food. About one year ago, she said she would go Cosco and told me to write down the food list I wanted. Since she did the shopping for a long time and knew what to buy, it was unusual that she needed a list. Anyhow I took a junk mail from the table and wrote on the envelope: "milk, bread, muffin, egg, banana, orange juice....". At first, I thought it was a trick the Feds needed my hand writing. Connect to events at that time I realized they needed an envelope with my hand writing on it. In September and November of 2016, my wife had been arranged two foreign trips. It never happened before. I thought the Feds was eager to eliminate me. So I gave my valuables to my wife, include my life insurance paper. There were some cash and gift cards(not much, about several hundred dollars), I put them in an empty junk mail envelope. My wife must have shown these things to her handler, that touched the agents' new plan - to put illegal material (fake money or drug) in junk mail envelope because that's my habit and with my hand writing on it. In mid 2017, my wife stopped shopping in Cosco for a while. She recovers Cosco shopping recently. But the food I like disappeared. Only two left - egg and milk. I noticed these two also having their package changed. The egg(2 dozen size) now is in a transparent hard plastic box that the cover grip tightly with the bottom, you have to open it with force. The milk used to be sold two bottles in a carton. There are open holes at the side board, easy to hold by hands. Now the two bottles are packed tightly by transparent plastic films, it becomes a smooth heavy object with no where to handle. You have to grasp it tightly with hands. I remember a story in "Readers Digest"(Chinese edition, two or three decades ago). I forgot the topic, probably is "Finger print that lies". It is about a staff in a Crime Lab framed a case with victim's finger print. He picked up the victim's finger print by glue tape and stick it on the object to prove that man was guilty. The new package of egg and milk in Cosco is inconvenient for customer to use but easy to pick up customer's finger print. I think it was particularly re-designed for my case. The purpose is to frame me in a "criminal" case with "hard evidence". I don't know if they have changed packages of egg and milk in all Costco store because it is inconvenient to handle (milk). Our store is in North San Jose, California.
  14. A real poll for Trump

    Owners of Trump Hotel in Panama Rebel Against Trump Control Nov. 28, 2017, By JEFF HORWITZ, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Owners of the Trump International Hotel in Panama are working to strip President Donald Trump's name from the 70-story building and fire the hotel management company run by Trump's family. The property once paid at least $32 million to associate with Trump. https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-11-28/owners-of-trump-hotel-in-panama-rebel-against-trump-control
  15. San Francisco Mayor's death

    1004. Acoustic weapon again (2/9/2018) In recent days, When I go sleep, I felt that familiar ground vibration again and the warmth caused by it. Link it with unusual warm weather these days, I originally think it is a tactic the Feds used to force me to take bath so they could claim they found drug trace in sewage water (quote) Warm weather already breaking records across Bay Area By Sandhya Patel February 03, 2018 03:16PM SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Our abnormally warm weather is breaking records and the warmth is sticking around through the weekend. ABC7 News meteorologists say most of the Bay Area is 10 to 15 degrees above average in terms of temperatures for this time of year. http://abc7news.com/weather/warm-weather-already-breaking-records-across-bay-area/3024577/ (/quote) Then there was a concentrated earthquake report: (quote) Magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan Wed February 7, 2018 https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180207144010-27-taiwan-quake-0207-restricted-super-169.jpg https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/07/world/gallery/taiwan-earthquake-february-2018/index.html (/quote) It is just the style I worried about two weeks ago: (quote) (1,002). Pressure on FBI and earthquake (1/27/2018) I worry they will create a big earthquake in California and damage the house structure with acoustic weapon in the name of quake to reach the purpose of search and arrest. (/quote) The Feds, under high pressure, activated high tech.weapons that altered the weather and caused earthquake. They used to create similar events to cover up a particular one. Reference 1,001. Plant "drug trace" (1/20/2018) My wife has been arranged a Canada tour on Sept. 2, last year. Feds used to project an action with a tour. I predicted Korea war crisis would be used as distraction. That was proved very correct. Kim Jung-un did explode a Hydrogen bomb on 9/3. How would the Feds carry on an arrest? Since there was a record setting hot weather on 9/2 and 9/3, I thought the arrest excuse would be "drug trace found in sewage water". I didn't take bath in these hot days. 908. Acoustic weapon (6/13/2016) For more than a decade, I sleep on ground behind iron desk in order to shelter from E.M. wave attack from the Feds whom live in neighborhood. I can feel it if there is any movement of the ground. 910. Acoustic weapon killing (6/27/2016) In the midnight of 6/26, I woke up to an unusual warm feeling. The heat was from inside body, seemed from blood. Since the Feds using acoustic weapon, I encountered such situation several times. Of course, it also came with strong ground vibration feeling. I had to leave my bedroom and slept in the sofa of the sitting room. A few minutes later the heat inside the body disappeared. I had thought a lot about that phenomenon, now I realize it was the killing resonance. The body of human being has its own resonance frequency. Once the Feds apply that frequency on people, it will cause vibration that produces heat or other damages in their blood, organ or parts of the body. I had been intimidated by the Feds through the TV commercial. At that time I thought the heat killing was microwave radiation. Now I realize it is the acoustic weapon. I had posted my allegation in #815. That TV station disappeared several months later after my revelation. Watch that commercial I posted below. It well proves the heat killing weapon. http://youtu.be/oyF794NgimI The first one: A lady sits in a sauna room. A pig is approaching her, sniffing. The lady drops some water on heater and create a steam. A thermo-charter shows the temperature goes up followed with a word “COOK? Then lady disappeared and the pig leaves. I think this is particularly on me. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig. That’s why they put a pig in that commercial.