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    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1033. An international plot (8/12/2018) In early July, US quietly made some concession to China. I think that is the payment for a framed case. See "1030. Payment of a secret deal". It also accordant to my allegation that the Feds would do a mass slaughter to eliminate my family and relatives and people who know the story. My wife has a lot of relatives in Philippines. It seems they will be murdered too. Philippines is a country under the control of the Feds. (I'll talk about it later). When the Feds(FBI and DEA) rigged the 2016 election to have their candidate Trump to grab the president power, they also have their agent Duterte to grab the power of Philippines president. Duterte is known as "Philippines' Trump" who rules Philippines ruthlessly and killed a lot of people in the name of "drug war". The following two assassinations took place in early July, synchronized with the early July plot. The purpose is to justify a big slaughter by government in the name of "revenge for the dead Mayors". I think. (quote)Antonio Halili Assassinated: Philippine City Mayor Gunned Down Monday, 02 July 2018 https://www.newsmax.com/thewire/anto.../02/id/869440/(/quote) (quote)Philippines mayor Ferdinand Bote killed in second assassination in just two days Posted 3 Jul 2018 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-0...o-days/9936876(/quote) Reference: (1030 and 933) See "1030. Payment of a secret deal (7/22/2018)" at last post. ..... 933. Big drug case in China, Philippines and USA (11/12/2016) 16 years ago, Bush was escorted to the president seat by the Feds. The big event was 9/11 attack. The secret deal was between Chinese secret police and the Feds.(FBI and DEA) In deal, China was to smuggle drugs to US to frame a case on Kat Sung. The payment was to hosting 2008 Olypic Game and the membership of WTO. This month, they escorted Trump to the president seat. A new secret deal has been made. It still is to create a drug case, but the victims will be much more. My relatives and other people who know my story will be killed in this created case. My wife is arranged a trip to China and Philippines from 11/13 to 11/21. The Feds used to frame a case when victims are in travel. The drug case will take place in these two countries and in US too. The case will be operated under the name of Interpol. For this purpose, a Chinese police officer has been selected president of Interpol. New Chinese Interpol chief sparks rights concerns AFP Yulius Martoni November 10, 2016 Nusa Dua (Indonesia) (AFP) - A Chinese security official was elected president of Interpol Thursday for the first time, sparking criticism from activists who say Beijing uses the agency to track down dissidents abroad. https://www.yahoo.com/news/interpol-...083320553.html US intelligence infiltrates all kinds of organizations. 16 years ago, they satisfied Chinese demand by the approval of the commission of Olympic Game and the WTO. This time, for the same purpose, they sent a Chinese police officer to the seat of Interpol president. 1034. Censorship (8/14/2018) I have problem to post #1033. In Lunaticoutpost.com, I failed to post it. The page said, "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request." I think my message in #1033 may have correctly revealed their plot, so it was blocked to readers. A search and arrest (framming case) may happen in coming days and more censorship on the way. I have a web site: http://katsung.forumotion.com/t6-from-ep-3-spy-plane-to-911-attack or google my name.
  2. This is not asking. This is collusion. G.R.U. is a military organization. It won't answer individual call unless there is a plan. There is a secret deal between the secret police of the two countries. Truth of 2016 president election The core is to help Trump to grab the president power. The mastermind is the FBI. Russian is only a scapegoat hired to get the thing done. Clinton is victim but has been targeted by the FBI Hillary's email was hacked. She is a victim. Russian (or the FBI) is the thief. But in this election the FBI attacked Clinton all the way to help their candidate Trump to steal the president seat.
  3. From the NFL to LeBron James: How Trump 'crash-landed' into the world of sports DEENA ZARU Good Morning America August 10, 2018 https://www.yahoo.com/gma/lebron-james-colin-kaepernick-trump-crash-landed-world-214307406--abc-news-topstories.html
  4. Where is Donald Trump and his comment on Harley Davidson?
  5. katsung47

    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1031. Basin bath and newspaper (7/29/2018) In the morning of 7/21/2018, I took out the plastic box which I used as basin for bath.(about 15 gallon size) I also use it to collect water when I water the garden. After watering the garden I put the box in bathroom, planed to bathing at night. I have taken basin shower for a long time when I found the Feds polluted the running water with radiated material that would cause skin cancer. Last year I found they tried to perform a search and arrest by "finding drug trace" in Sewage water so I had to pour the bathing water into the lane. The way to frame is to contaminate victim by newspaper. It happened in last September, see #984. My wife came back in afternoon. To my surprise, she also brought back a newspaper. She rarely did that. It was 10 months away since last time someone dropped free newspaper at my door. The Feds plays that planting trick again. Of course, I didn't touch that plastic paper bag. I also found that recently there were many junk mail with big envelop. I think they play the same function to plant drug trace on victims. https://i.imgur.com/EiC384O.jpg The Chinese newspaper of 7/21/2018. reference 984. Trick to plant drug trace on victims (9/30/2017) In #979, I predicted 9/2 would be action day of the framed case (my wife started her Canada travel) and thereafter there would be a Korea war crisis to distract. Kim Jong-un did detonate a hydrogen bomb to the order, but there was no action on me. What happened? I think the Feds planed to arrest me on 9/2. The excuse of arrest was "found drug trace on my body". How could they do that? I found in this way. 8/12, my wife said she would have a tour to Canada. Next day was Sunday, someone dropped a San Jose Mercury News (local newspaper) at my door. Then for consecutive four weeks I received five Mercury News Sunday edition. That was from 8/13 to 9/10. My wife's travel period was from 9/2 to 9/9. I was a subscriber of San Jose Mercury News. I cancelled the subscription decades ago due to financial reason. I did pick up the first free Sunday paper to read. Then I thought of the harsh situation I am in. I didn't touch the free paper thereafter. Then there came an unusual heat wave. Here is quote from #980: (quote) "9/1 - 9/4 Unprecedented heat over San Jose area. September 2, 2017 California’s history-making heat wave set new all-time records for the second day in a row. I have no air condition in my house. You can imagine in three digit temperature. What's there purpose, i don't know. To force the window open wide so leaked gas can get in? Or let hitter easy in when the door open wide?" (/quote) I think the purpose was to push me taking bath so they could collect drug trace from the sewage water they collected. The drug trace might be from polluted news paper or some other sources they deliberately planted. I hadn't taken bath in these sweating days. ....... Pictures of free Sunday papers at the door. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-2DB65riKpPU/WchNbsoTLhI/AAAAAAAAAZk/HBcszRw4CZYmkgeF2OqLgpL2bMLo4e07ACEwYBhgL/w140-h105-p/007.JPG. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-RpyJAouEYMg/WchNbqB8PgI/AAAAAAAAAZg/UY4rt42SESg0xJnK0CR4sD3ww9qbGQnhgCEwYBhgL/w140-h105-p/006.JPG 309. Isotope, mole, cancer (5/7/05) If you read my messages from begining, you know that my problem started with isotope money. Isotope is a good tracer. It is invisible. It can be only detected by special instrument. People are not aware of it even they are traced by isotope. I think it is vastly used by Feds. But isotope also will hurt health. It's radioactive. So there is another usage other than tracing - killing. The victim used to have a cancer. It's a murder disguised in natural disease. It was about in 2001,(?) when I was shaving one day, I sudenly noticed there were many new moles on my cheek. I used to take a side sleep. Mostly I slept on my right side, there were many moles on my right cheek. There were less moles on my left cheek because I slept less on that side. The fresh black moles alarmed me. I thought Feds contaminated my pillow with radioactive material which would cause a skin cancer. (I'll use "isotope" for radioactive material hereafter) I changed the pillow and slept with clothes or towel underneath my head which I often washed. It works. Small moles faded away. Big mole, turned into pale black. It's no more the scaring oil-black colour. Since Feds poisoned the tap water, I used to buy bottled water or got the water from other source such like gas station or rest room of store. But even these water were often found poisoned because I depended on other's drive which always guided me to the market where poisoned water and food were prepared in advance. So I used to test the water to make sure if it was "clean". Started from February this year, I started to have cough after meal. It was a sympton that food contanimated with isotope. But I failed to identify the source. Once my wife had the supper at same time with me. She coughed after meal. My wife rarely touched the dish I cooked. The only common food we had was rice. But it was me cooked the rice. The ingredients were rice and water, both verified "clean" beforehand, what happened? I was puzzled. Soon I solved the problem. A few days later I suddenly found there were many moles on the back of my hands. I was immediately aware of that the tap water was contaminated by isotope. I do the dish wash by hands everyday. (We never use dish-washer) Though I avoid to drink tap water, I wash with it. Both hands soaked in isotope tap water caused a skin cancer sympton - moles. It also explains why we coughed after eating the rice. Though I cooked rice with clean water, I washed it with isotope tap water which contaminated the rice. I wash with tap water to save "clean water". I abandoned tap water right away. It works, one month later, the black mole on the back of my hands faded away. It reminds me of the radiation clean work by Feds last December. (see "274. Radiation", "275. Radiation 2 ") and Judge's cough which led him into the jail. . (see "298. Intimidate Judge (3/22/05)" 1032. Removal of surveillance car (8/5/2018) This is the map of the lane I live. My house is at D site. People go outside from D house have to pass through the lane between A and B house and their parking lot. Sometime ago I found owners of A and B each has a vehicle parking deadly at their garage lot(at least more than a year or two, or longer). To my experience, it's a surveillance car equipped with camera or censor. To alarm the outside surveillance station that their targets is leaving so they could track. About two weeks ago, my wife gave me a letter, said, "It's a mistake. You go and give the letter to A neighbor." The letter came from Home Owner Association. It said they found an inoperative car on our site. It violated the rule so we must remove it. The picture showed it was Vehicle A. It was a mistake shouldn't made by Home Owners Association. Consider they are the tool of the FBI, I think the Feds is framing new plot. I didn't go to neighbor A, worrying that could be a trap. Seeing I was indifferent to the letter, my wife took it back. On 8/1, Vehicle A was towed away. The Feds had planed to damage my garage door last August. From the map of lane, you can see how Vehicle A becomes an obstacle of a roaring in car to impact the garage door. In reality, the Feds parked Vehicle A to the center as near as possible to ensure the best efficiency of censor. Make a right turn difficult to do. Reference: 976. Sessions and garage door (8/21/2017) In 2005, my rolling up garage door was broken up by the car my daughter drove. The Homeowners Association warned to fix it right away. I noticed the Feds drove the contractors from the market away so their men could take over the work for an unreasonable search and arrest. 12 years ago, I wrote, (quote) 300. Garage door (3/27/05) On 3/18, Mercury News reported: "Unlicensed contractors get stung". 59 unlicensed builders were nabbed in an undercover sting operation. Those nabbed by the ruse were given criminal citations that could land them in jail for a maximum of six months, or they could be ordered to pay a $1,000 fine." That's amazing similar to the event taken place in July 2003. When Feds tried to force me to have a roof contract with them, they created a roofing worker's death to intimidate other uninsured roofers out of the market. So the undercover contractor could get the deal. (see "145. SARS, a big issue(7/20/03)" (/quote) To avoid an unreasonable search, I repaired the garage door. It's more then ten years now, the repaired garage door had worn out and had to be replaced. In late May, the Homeowner Association mailed me a notice that there would be a meeting. I knew that was to justify an inspection. The target was the garage door. In mid June, my wife gave me a weekly magazine - "USCITYPOST"(June 17, 2017) In its "Business Classified", I found four advertisement of "Garage door" contractors. In newspaper commercial, "Garage door" is a rare. That four ads obviously were prepared for me. To avoid being framed by the Feds, I had to do it by myself. I thought of the original one piece garage door which I hadn't abandoned. The Homeowners Association's meeting date was set on 7/26. I had to replace the garage door at that time. In mid July, I dug out the old one piece door. What surprised me was next day President Trump told media he was going to fire Sessions. (quote) Can Trump fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Yes, but it would be unprecedented Maureen Groppe and Jessica Estepa, USA TODAY July 20, 2017 In an interview with the New York Times, the president on Wednesday slammed Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, believing that this action led to the appointment of a special counsel. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/07/20/can-trump-fire-attorney-general-jeff-sessions-yes-but-would-unprecedented/495537001/ (/quote) Trump is unqualified to be president. His victory was out of the support of the Feds.(FBI) Now I believe his main task is to eliminate me - Kat Sung. When they thought it was a certain, they didn't expect I dug out an old door. So Trump was so angry. They quickly plan new plots in rogue's way. On Aug. 3, a "Fed Express" cart roared into the lane, not for delivery, but turned around to drive out. Then came the PG&E engineer pick up to replace the gas meter of my house. I think they have two plans: 1. To create a gas leaking. 2. To damage newly installed garage door to force a replacement. I believe so because two days later, a US Mail cart rushed into the lane too. Both cars rushed in with high speed that caused large noise. That was not the way to move in small lane. As for why changed a mail car later? The "Fed Express" cart is too big and long, not easy to aim the target in a lane. The mail car is smaller and easy to carry out the impact mission.
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    Poison gas attack in US

    59. Continuing cough In later February, 2000, when I was in Bangkok, I had a continuing cough. It was unusual, because Thailand is a country with warm climate. After several days, it became worse. I started to worry. Then I noticed the cough always took place when I was outside. And I also noticed the cough stopped when I was inside the reading room. So the problem probably was from the bag. In South East Asia, I always brought a bottle of water when I went outside as well as a tourist guide book which was a thick one. For convenience, I carried them with a bag. I had to deposit the bag at the reception of library when I went inside to read newspaper. And cough would stop then. I washed my clothes everyday, that night, for the first time I washed the bag. I washed it thoroughly, especially the suspender because it cross my breast. It worked. Severe cough stopped next day when I went outside. But cough came back that night when I went to sleep. I couldn't help to cough once I laid down on bed. After several tests and with experience of yesterday's discovery, I knew what happened and moved to the upper deck. (the bed was a double deck one) I put the lead protection apron beneath me for protection. Lay there I thought a lot. Should I report police? But it was secret police trying to murder me. What would happen if you ask for help from one who try to murder you? It was a way hard to go through. I didn't change the hotel because I gave the telephone number to my wife, I was waiting for her call. (In cheap hotel, there used to be only one public telephone which could not make international call, but could receive call in.) I asked manager to change room for me. She gave me the one which was next to my original room. To my surprise, the cough came back again at night. This time it was from my original room. I had presumed they would have moved the radiation contaminated bed away, they hadn't. The man, apparently knew nothing of it, coughing constantly while laying on bed. Since I was under 24 hours surveillance, in my opinion, next room was used to be occupied by undercover agent. At first I thought, how could they be so negligent even hurt their own people. Then I thought, how could he be so stupid, even was not aware of what caused his cough. At last I decided even if he was an undercover, he was innocent of this malicious murder method, I must tell him the dangerous situation he faced. I knocked at his door. A man opened the door, when he saw me, he quickly shut the door before I could speak to him. He knew me and had been warned not to speak to me, that's what I concluded then. To my strange, when I went back to my room, no more sound was heard. Either he was ordered to leave, or he realized where the problem was and slept on upper deck. I never know. I had a puzzle until now, was that man a dislike of secret police? Next day at entrance when I was waiting for phone call, a lady with a baggage came in. She asked me to help her to bring the baggage to second floor. (All bedrooms were in second floor) It was a heavy baggage. I estimate it must have been more than hundred pounds while I dragged it to upper floor. I wondered how could she move such a heavy bag into the hotel. I suspect there might be a metal container inside with radioactive material. Once again, I asked manager to move me to another building though I had to pay double price. One day later, when I saw a lot of customers in that building checking out, I left too, with fear. During the period I was in Thailand. There was an event of radiation killing. Someone picked up a metal container and sold it to junk handler. Nobody knew the material stored inside was isotope until people got sick and death occurred. The isotope was from an import company which was accused of negligence of storage dangerous material. It was a big topic in newspaper when I were in Thailand. I suspect there was links between the two events.
  7. katsung47

    Trump's supporters want respect

    Eagles Offer to Send 2 Or 3 Players, The Owner and the Mascot to WH. Trump Says Don't etvideo1ataol Rockstar 06-05-2018 10:15:43 AM The Eagles first were going to have most of the players come to the White House, then they said it would be fewer players. Then wanted to change the date to when the President would be in Singapore. Finally, they said it would be 2 or 3 players, the Owner and the Team Mascot. Trump said, Don't bother. https://community.ebay.com/t5/The-Soapbox/Eagles-Offer-to-Send-2-Or-3-Players-The-Owner-and-the-Mascot-to/m-p/28571908#M501446
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    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1029. High pressure with climbing interest rate (7/15/2018) Recently from #1024 to #1028, I revealed how the Feds manipulate the financial market that created two big bubbles. One is real estate bubble in San Jose and San Francisco area, the other one is the stock market bubble. To keep these two bubbles stay big, they let Federal Reserve to keep the bench mark interest rate as low as near zero. After eight years, Federal Reserve can't stay there any more. It's time to get business back to normal. As the 10 year treasury rate climbs to near 3%, the housing bubble and stock market bubble are facing popping off. That means the Feds will lose a money machine for my case. As usual, there is a push at the Feds. (quote)Trump: I wish I didn't pick Jeff Sessions Dylan Stableford,Yahoo News• May 30, 2018 https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-wish-didnt-pick-jeff-sessions-135218302.html(/quote) Here is the response of Sessions. (quote)U.S. to hire 311 new prosecutors in push against violent crime, drugs Reuters Reuters•June 4, 2018 Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday the Justice Department was beefing up its fight against violent crime, drug use and illegal immigration by assigning 311 new prosecutors to work on the problems, the largest increase in decades. https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-hire-311-prosecutors-push-against-violent-crime-180621271.html(/quote) New recruited team likely will use the old tactic, (quote)Bay Area weather: Triple-digit temperatures possible again this weekend By MARK GOMEZ June 28, 2018 For the second weekend in a row, temperatures across the Bay Area are expected to soar near the century mark Saturday. Thankfully, the heat won’t last long. https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/06/27/bay-area-weather-triple-digit-temperatures-possible-again-this-weekend/(/quote) I think so because that heat does last long until now (another two weeks from 6/27). I am afraid to be framed so dare not go for a shower and the heat won't go away too, seems waiting for my bathing. reference: See "984. Trick to plant drug trace on victims (9/30/2017)" at # 1029. 1030. Payment of a secret deal (7/22/2018) (quote)Tesla goes big in China with Shanghai plant Reuters Reuters July 10,2018 SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Tuesday landed a deal with Chinese authorities to build a new auto plant in Shanghai, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-goes-big-china-shanghai-011731874.html(/quote) This is a big investment with a size of half million vehicles. It's strange Trump didn't come out to speak something like he said on Harley Davidson and media generally silence on it. (quote)ZTE is officially alive again, as US lifts 'death-penalty' ban CNET•July 13, 2018 https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/6acfd355-b37d-3dfa-b439-3f3f179aec01/ss_zte-is-officially-alive.html(/quote) ZTE is high-tech company that China eagerly wants to keep it alive. Trump satisfies its will. Politicians and media are quiet too. (quote)China's biggest bank corruption criminal repatriated from U.S. Reuters •July 11, 2018 BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese man who embezzled $485 million from his employer in the biggest bank corruption case in China's history was repatriated on Wednesday by U.S. https://www.yahoo.com/news/chinas-biggest-bank-corruption-criminal-repatriated-u-071335392--finance.html(/quote) These were big events took place a week ago. They looked like a concession made by Trump to China in trade negotiation. It is not. The tariffs problem is not resolved. The deport of Chinese most wanted indicates it's a secret deal between the Feds and Chinese secret police. I think they are framing a new drug case.
  9. Donald Trump's America: The rogue superpower Robert Kagan, The Washington Post June 14, 2018 the United States as rogue superpower, neither isolationist nor internationalist, neither withdrawing nor in decline, but active, powerful and entirely out for itself. In recent months, on trade, Iran, NATO defense spending and perhaps even North Korea, Trump has shown that a president willing to throw off the moral, ideological and strategic constraints that limited U.S. action in the past can bend this intractable world to his will, at least for a while. Trump is not merely neglecting the liberal world order; he is milking it for narrow gain,rapidly destroying the trust and sense of common purpose that have held it together and prevented international chaos for seven decades. The successes he is scoring - if they are successes - derive from his willingness to do what past presidents have refused to do: exploit the great disparities of power built into the postwar order, at the expense of the United States' allies and partners. https://www.newstimes.com/opinion/article/Donald-Trump-s-America-The-rogue-superpower-12995132.php
  10. Inside Putin's feared GRU spy network that casts a shadowy web of covert operations across the globe and whose agents are blamed by Mueller for trying to influence the 2016 US election Special Counsel handed down indictments against 12 members of the GRU Full name is Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces An afterthought in USSR , it is now country's largest foreign intelligence agency By ARIEL ZILBER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM and REUTERS 17 July 2018 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5964809/Russian-agency-named-Mueller-indictments-feared-unit-large-global-network-spies.html?mrn_rm=rta-fallback Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team handed down indictments last week against 12 senior members of the GRU, alleging that they masterminded a hacking campaign against the Democratic Party. The indictment alleges a wide-ranging conspiracy involving sophisticated hacking and staged releases of documents. GRU officers covertly monitored computers of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic campaign committees, and stole large amounts of data, the indictment said. 'In addition to releasing documents directly to the public, the defendants transferred stolen documents to another organization, not named in the indictment, and discussed timing the release of the documents in an attempt to enhance the impact on the election,' Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told a news conference. Friday’s indictment was secured by Mueller as part of his probe into Russian involvement in the election. It was the first by Mueller that directly charges the Russian government with meddling in the election, which Trump unexpectedly won. The Kremlin denies it interfered. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5964809/Russian-agency-named-Mueller-indictments-feared-unit-large-global-network-spies.html?mrn_rm=rta-fallback
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    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1027. Seattle home price and Boeing (7/1/2018) Several months ago, news said the house price raising rapidly in Seattle area that created homeless problem. Since I know real estate business is a bank where the Feds draw money from, so something would happen there. Then came the trade negotiation with China and those Airbus accidents. Boeing's factory is in Seattle. If Trump wins a big deal for Boeing, the real estates business will be prosperous too. And it seems the planners foresaw the scene. They have gone into that market already. (quote) San Jose is the nation’s hottest housing market in 2018, Zillow says The San Jose area’s median home value right now is $1,128,300, making it the nation’s most expensive market, according to Zillow. The median home value in the San Francisco metropolitan area — San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costa counties — is $893,100, the second highest in the U.S. The Seattle metro area is third most costly, with a median home value of $463,800. https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/01/10/san-jose-is-the-nations-hottest-housing-market-in-2018-zillow-says/ (/quote) I live in San Jose, my sisters live in San Francisco. The Feds makes it to bubbles no.1 and No.2. The 3rd one is now Seattle. https://i2.wp.com/www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/sjm-l-zillow-0111-90.jpg?w=620&crop=0%2C0px%2C100%2C9999px&ssl=1 [/img] reference 1024. Accident to boost Boeing (6/10/2018) Trump imposes tariffs of 25% for steel and 10% for aluminium On imports from allies. That's obviously a part of his plan to boost US automobile and air plane industry. It needs a lot of steel to manufacture a car and a lot of aluminium for a plane. The next step he will do is to impose high tariff on imported car to push up domestic auto industry. What about the air plane? I noticed the following air incidents. On 4/17, (quote) Southwest Airlines emergency landing: Banking executive killed after being sucked out of window at 32,000ft The jet's CFM56-7B engines were made by CFM International, jointly owned by General Electric and Safran Aircraft Engines of France. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/17/southwest-airlines-plane-makes-emergency-landing-engine-broke/ (/quote) I think that's a demonstration to other countries how to create an air incident if they want to justify a change in their plane supplier. On 5/15 (quote) Sichuan Airlines co-pilot nearly sucked out of broken cockpit window, pilot says May 15, 2018, All 128 people aboard the Airbus A319 survived the ordeal. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sichuan-airlines-3u8633-co-pilot-nearly-sucked-out-of-broken-cockpit-window/ (/quote) On 5/30 (quote) China plane makes emergency landing after window cracks AFP May 30, 2018 The aircraft was an Airbus A321, according to plane tracking website FlightAware. In April, a woman died after being partially sucked out of a Southwest Airlines flight headed to Dallas from New York when a porthole was shattered mid-flight. https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-plane-makes-emergency-landing-window-cracks-093600102.html (/quote) These two incidents took place in two weeks at the time when US and China had trade negotiation. Planes are all from Airbus. The incident style are all similar to Southwest airline style. We know there are only two main airplane manufacturer in the world - Boeing and Airbus. If Trump want to make Boeing great, he has to bite a big chunk from Airbus. I hope there will be no blood air accident in coming trade negotiation with other countries. http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user230519/imageroot/2017/01/27/2017.01.27 - Dow LT_0.jpg You don't have to be expert to see how big the stock market bubble is. The top on chart was 20,100 two years ago, it's now well over 24,000. 1028. Stock market bubble (7/8/2018) Another big bubble is the stock market. I think it is manipulated by the rich people who rule this country. To maintain the stock in high price until others to take it over, you have to pour money into the market. That's why Trump pushed out "tax reform bill. (quote)Tax cut fuels record $200 billion stock buyback bonanza by Talib Visram June 5, 2018 American companies announced a record $201.3 billion in stock buybacks and cash takeovers in May. That was a record number, topping the prior record of $172 billion in 2007, right before the start of the Great Recession. Howard Silverblatt of S&P Dow Jones Indices said that total buybacks and dividends for the past 12 months could top $1 trillion for the first time ever. http://money.cnn.com/2018/06/05/investing/stock-buybacks/index.html(/quote) The money returned to companies are used to boost stocks instead be invested to create jobs and boost wages. When a bill was passed, a deal between politicians and rich people has been made already. The next step is to create crisis in world to push the money flowing into US to take over the bubble.
  12. katsung47

    Poison gas attack in US

    58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation In later 1992 and early 1993, I felt unwell and suspected agent using radiation material which hurt my health. I complained. Then in early 1993, the newspaper I used to read, were full of news about deadly radioactive material. Such like "RADIOACTIVE LUMP FOUND IN CHINESE WELL KILLS 3", sick 90. "VIAL OF RADIOACTIVE POWDER LOST" It said that a metal container filled with cesium-137 powder was lost or stolen. People hold it for 30 minutes would result in radiation burns and an increased risk of cancer and would lose their hair if close contact with it for a few days, and probably would die if they stayed in close contact for a week or 10 days. The state Department of Health Services ordered employees to take lie detector tests,.." In 'World Journal'(Chinese) there was an article said a mafia head felt disposed but could not find what's wrong. He at last found his chair was contaminated with radioactive material after he was diagnosed he had cancer. Later I realized it's psychological persecution frequently used by agents to influence people's sentiment through media, it increased my fear then indeed, but also kept me alert on it. Sometime later I had toothache and got my tooth pulled. When someone urged me to wear false tooth, I remembered that story and refused. In 2000, newspaper said John Gotti, an ex-mob boss, dying in jail for neck and mouth cancer. Newspaper said it was believed that cancer was caused by dirty false tooth. I believe it was the second edition of that mafia story and thought it might be one of regular practice for agents to wipe out their dislikes. In early January, 1998, I went to State assemblyman Mike Honda's office to complain about harassment from state government.(I will talk about this story later) Within days newspaper continuously reporting bad news of Honda's proposal in state assembly, said his amendment suffered a major setback and may be dead. I was quite familiar with such negative information war then. It's a tactic of discouragement. In early February, Honda's aid told me he could not handle complaints about FBI, I must seek help from my representative. He gave me the address of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. I went to Zoe Lofgren's office. The staff being responsible for law enforcement agency was not at town. Other staff arranged for an appointment for me for next week(set about on Feb 13). Then on Feb 8, an article in Mercury News shocked me. The title is:"TWO BEST FRIENDS SHARED LIFE, DEATH ", The news said Joni Commons and Elaine Manley White were best friends, old comrades, fellow victims. Linked by Democratic politics, and victim of cancer. They worked for the same politicians, served on the same boards, fought for the same causes.Joni Commons died of a malignant breast cancer on Jan. 29. Elaine White died on Feb. 1, of a malignant brain tumor, The deaths of two were within 65 hours. They met 16 years ago, when Commons was working as an aide to newly elected Supervisor Zoe Lofgren, they worked for Lofgren for about 5 years. This was a warning to me. It also an intimidation to Lofgren's aids, probably to Zoe Lofgren too, if they would accept my complaint. From my view then, Federal agents control media, manipulate politicians, spread cancer. They are malignant cancer of democratic society.
  13. 1030. Payment of a secret deal (7/22/2018) (quote)Tesla goes big in China with Shanghai plant Reuters Reuters July 10,2018 SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Tuesday landed a deal with Chinese authorities to build a new auto plant in Shanghai, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-goes-big-china-shanghai-011731874.html(/quote) This is a big investment with a size of half million vehicles. It's strange Trump didn't come out to speak something like he said on Harley Davidson and media generally silence on it. (quote)ZTE is officially alive again, as US lifts 'death-penalty' ban CNET•July 13, 2018 https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/6acfd355-b37d-3dfa-b439-3f3f179aec01/ss_zte-is-officially-alive.html(/quote) ZTE is high-tech company that China eagerly wants to keep it alive. Trump satisfies its will. Politicians and media are quiet too. (quote)China's biggest bank corruption criminal repatriated from U.S. Reuters •July 11, 2018 BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese man who embezzled $485 million from his employer in the biggest bank corruption case in China's history was repatriated on Wednesday by U.S. https://www.yahoo.com/news/chinas-biggest-bank-corruption-criminal-repatriated-u-071335392--finance.html(/quote) These were big events took place a week ago. They looked like a concession made by Trump to China in trade negotiation. It is not. The tariffs problem is not resolved. The deport of Chinese most wanted indicates it's a secret deal between the Feds and Chinese secret police. I think they are framing a new drug case.
  14. katsung47

    San Francisco Mayor's death

    1025. Rice cooker (6/17/2018) (quote) Kellyanne Conway Suggests Trump Might Have Been Spied on Through His Microwave Oven: by Andy Towle March 13, 2017 Kellyanne Conway suggested in an interview over the weekend that a variety of methods could be used to spy on Donald Trump, including TVs and microwave ovens. http://www.towleroad.com/2017/03/kellyanne-conway-microwaves/ (/quote) Generally, people won't think of they are spied by their kitchenware unless they are illusionist. I don't think Kellyanne Conway is fantastic. Since the Feds used to monitor high ranking politicians by recruited shills. I think she is an agent that monitors the White House. She has been trained with those surveillance instrument so she knows it. A month or so ago, the rice cooker in my kitchen went out of order. It automatically shut the power off two minutes after starting. I had to re-start it from time to time. Last week my wife said she had it repaired. Since she used to throw the damaged appliances away and now there is rare people to repair rice cooker. I leave that repaired rice cooker alone. What I worry about is not surveillance camera they might put inside. I worry about they might installed microwave instrument that will kill. reference 711. Appliance trick (3/17/2012) About 15 years ago, my wife told me a computer company on up stair of her tourist agency was shut down. The computer company had a garage sale on its asset. She bought a refrigerator. Since the "Operation Fire Dragon" just ended, (see 32. "Operation Fire Dragon") and Feds used to monitor the target as close as possible, I thought it was a surveillance team covered up in the name of "computer company". I kept a wary eye on that refrigerator from the Feds and refuse to use it. We had two refrigerators already in the kitchen. I put it in the garage. Sometime later (a year or so), my wife told me B (my brother in law) wanted to buy that old refrigerator. Why B wanted a refrigerator he didn't need? I thought it was a method Feds taking back a high tech weapon through one of their informant. Before the refrigerator was sent to S.F. I took a test to see if it worked. I connected it to the power. It started with a low humming. I put a tray of water in the ice cabinet. Thirty minutes later I came back and found it stopped work. (no humming was heard) The water was cooler but not iced. It proved what I had worried: the refrigerator emitted EM wave, (in low sensitivity but would hurt health after sometime exposure in radiation). The surveillance team detected it with instrument. It was remote controlled so they switched off the power. The refrigerator was moved to S.F.. B put it in the porch - he didn't need it. That night someone broke off the low compartment of the refrigerator and took off something inside it. Several days later I went to visit my parents there and saw it with a black opening in the bottom. A few weeks ago, my wife complained the refrigerator was not cool enough. I thought, same trick came again? It was. In later February, my wife discarded some appliance such like oven, warming pot. She bought a new oven in bargain price. Lady R.G. (I think R.G. is a guider works for the Feds) told her a site where Cosco have its flawed merchandise sold in low price. Several days later she bought a slow cooker. In the morning of 3/5, my wife put the chicken in that cooker and switched it on then left home the whole day. My daughter left home the whole day too. I work on computer until I felt sick in the evening. I thought the problem came from that slow cooker and pulled off its plug. Later I told my wife that cooker may be an instrument that emits EM wave. I wouldn't let same thing happen again. 1026. Hot Housing market (6/24/2018) I am innocent. To eliminate an innocent man by framing him in criminal case takes a lot of money. The Feds(FBI and DEA) used to get the money from real estate business. The index curve of the median house price of San Francisco represents the course of the persecution of the Feds. The tactic is to refinance the house for more money if the house price keeps going up. e.g. When they bought a house of 300k in 1990 They paid 10% down payment,that's 30k. Then in 2007 when the house price went up to 680k, they could get 380k cash by refinancing. Now it's 1.61 million, they could get another 930k from it. 30k for 1.31 million, what a profit. Any time when the case is over, they leave the debt for bank to take care. The point is to keep the housing market hot while the case is alive. In the meantime, the housing babble has exploded in 2007. The Feds(FBI and DEA) saved it from collapse by Q.E. done by Federal Reserve. See reference (#945) To keep the balloon from popping off, they keep the interest as low as possible. Now the media house price of St. Francisco is 1.61 million. That's where my sisters live. San Jose's is higher, that's where I live. (quote) San Francisco’s median house price climbs to $1.61 million That’s nearly double the average from just five years ago By Adam Brinklow Apr 5, 2018, https://sf.curbed.com/2018/4/5/17201888/san-francisco-median-home-house-price-average-2018 (/quote) Reference: 945. The 2017 bubble(2/1/2017) It was the popping up of the housing bubble that caused the financial tsunami in 2008. The bubble hasn't been cleaned up completely. The real estate loan were lent from banks. No big bank collapsed. They were bailed out by government with tax-payers' money. The banks still held large quantity of foreclosed houses. Then we saw Federal Reserve's Quantitative easy program. That money took over the foreclosed houses for a larger bubble. QE3, where the central bank had spent close to $40 billion per month in mortgage-backed securities. So much money injected into real estate's area, that's why I said there is only one bubble - the 2007 one hasn't been cleaned up and the residue has been extended to a even bigger one - I call it 2017 bubble. A bubble needs money to keep it to inflating. Federal Reserve had spent nearly four trillion to blow up such a big real estate balloon. It seems they don't want to pour money into that hole any more. So a crook is pushed out to take that responsibility. I say 2017 bubble because: 1. Federal Reserve said it likely will increase interest twice this year - that will pop up the housing bubble. 2. The unprecedented 2016 election in US that put an unqualified man on president seat. I said something big will happen that nobody (party) want to take the responsibility. (see "902. Trump's job (2) (5/7/2016)") 3. Something big (other then the coming economic crisis) will take place in Europe: War; natural disaster; terror attack.... to distract people from that economic crisis, and drive the money in Europe to US to take over the bubble too. It relates to Russian. I believe Putin is bribed by the Feds to cooperate on this. Trump's Russian love is not a coincidence.
  15. Tesla goes big in China with Shanghai plant Reuters Reuters July 10,2018 SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Tuesday landed a deal with Chinese authorities to build a new auto plant in Shanghai, its first factory outside the United States, that would double the size of the electric car maker's global manufacturing. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-goes-big-china-shanghai-011731874.html https://s.yimg.com/fz/api/res/1.2/fIkbWAmFfeAHAPe.TQzpRg--~C/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2ZpPWZpbGw7aD0xODQ7cHhvZmY9MDtweW9mZj0wO3E9ODA7c209MTt3PTMyOA--/http://slingstone.zenfs.com/sieve_img/abfe007e2e09b227c67bc63b273f7569