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  1. 1005. News proves my opinion is very correct (2/16/2018) On 1/27 in (1,002) about the (anti Trump) text of FBI agents Strzok and Page I wrote: I think that is done by the real "secret society" of the FBI. 1. Everybody has his own politic view. So do Strzok and Page. Must they have to support Donald Trump? Did they commit any crime in that Trump Russian gate investigation team? 2. It's more like a sting project as the FBI used to do. Strzok and Page could be false flag embedded in that team to sabotage "anti-Trump" plot. They were monitored. Their email were intercepted. As I know the culture of the FBI is anti-Clinton, and Trump is their representative. see #930. 3. The articles is to cut relationship between Trump and the FBI when Trump became notorious that he won the election by the help of Russians. 4. It's another style to apply pressure on the FBI to finish the Kat Sung's case.See #902. "Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story. That is the core interest of the Feds for which they have paid so much to China. see new secret deal at :"899. April plot (3/29/2016)"." Four days later, a news article proves my opinion is very correct.
  2. San Francisco Mayor's death

    999.Attempt to plant "illegal" money (1/8/2018) My sisters and my mother visited me a week ago (12/31/2017). We used to have close relationship - gathering together on each others' birthday and on holidays. Then I stopped to go San Francisco when I realized the Feds targeted my family meeting. See "993. Thanks Giving day plot". Still, my sisters and my mother came to San Jose to see me. About two years ago, they suddenly stopped visit without any reason, I think that was the result of the intimidation from the Feds. The sudden visit of last week must have been arranged by the Feds. Next day, (1/1/2018) another sister who lives in Oakland visited me too. I haven't seen her for years. She brought me a lot of food. She gave me several hundred dollars when she left. I used to refuse hundred dollar bill in case that was a planting. Due to her solicitude and we were missing each other so long time, I accepted her gift but immediately gave it to my wife. In two days, I met with three sisters. It's not a coincidence. I think the Feds arranged it. If I had kept that money with me, a murder case would have happened.Possibly on Friday. (see last message) Here is my article written ten years ago. 547. Plant "drug money" (5/17/08) In 2006, my wife filed tax return with obvious error and sent it without my consent. I thought it was another Feds' plot of searching house in the name of "IRS raid". To avoid it, I had to separated my tax report from my wife. Then my wife deliberately emptied our joint bank account. When my relatives knew it, they helped me financially. Family help is Chinese tradition. I met with my relatives this February. It was Chinese New Year. They gave me some cash. Mixed in small notes, there were some hundred dollars bill. I am sensitive at it. I have bitter experience with isotope money. I know it is used by Feds to track drug money. As a target, I also worry about to be planted with "drug money". I still remember a news I read more than ten years ago. DEA raided a house at night. The home owner, a millionaire, thought the intruder were robbers, met them with gun. He was shot dead. The agent of DEA told judge that the reason they raided the house was because that millionaire spent a hundred note that marked in drug trade. My doubt is if there was a drug trade, why not to arrest at the scene? That whole case could be a deliberate murder with a planting of "drug money". Several times I refused to accept hundred dollars bill. Once my mother came back from a Chinese tour, gave me three thousand dollars, said it was the gift money from my elder aunt in Shanghai. My elder aunt is a frugal woman. Three thousand US dollars was a lot of money for Chinese. It ran counter to her character and, they were all hundred dollars bill. Of course, I didn't accept it. I viewed it as attempt to plant. And this time, they mixed it with small bills. Was that a new attempt? In late March and April, I was blocked to access internet. In April, rice price jumped double within days. News said people bought rice with tens of bags. It seems Feds tried to push me to spend these hundred dollars bill. They were so sure that I would be terminated that the judge (or prosecutor attorney) even approved internet censorship? ......... 1,000. Impeaching Trump is an option of distraction (1/15/2018) From 12/28 to 1/1/2018, in five days, the Feds (FBI and DEA) arranged three unusual visits. 12/28/2017 My daughter came to my house to sleep over. See #998. 12/31/2017 My mother and my sisters visited me. 1/1/2018 Another sister visited me. See #999. I have not met most of them for more than two years. Their sudden visit must be arranged by the Feds. The purpose might be to plant something illegal so the Feds could make a raid to arrest. Next day on January 2nd, there was a news pointed to Trump.
  3. San Francisco Mayor's death

    997. plant to create a "drug producing" case (12/25/2017) Several months ago, my wife brought home three cases of cooking material. Asking her why bought so many, she said some were for my sisters. The label on bottle said "Marinated cooking wine with salt". It was a rare used cooking material. I then recalled the "vinegar" event. 15 years ago, she bought a lot of white vinegar which rarely used in cooking. Then I learned vinegar was also a material used to produce drug. I thought it was a trick to frame me in a "drug producing" case and wrote #112. How they plant." Now when the Feds(FBI and DEA) are eager to finish the case, they try all kinds of their tricks to frame a case, include that "drug production" method. I think that alcohol may be a material for "drug producing". My wife put the case at the passage of the kitchen. Probably with purpose that I move the box frequently so they can use it as evidence. Not a coincidence that she also put a big bottle (gallon size) of vinegar at the side of box. See the picture. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-cQSZ-woHVgM/WchNbo0lsMI/AAAAAAAAAZI/h4zJgPN7CXUCxYb4PNjjgdXnmlEONIVlwCEwYBhgL/w140-h105-p/009.JPG 112. How they plant (2) (2003) About that time in 2001, a lady suddenly called my wife to shopping in super market. Among the "harvest", I found my wife bought 8 bottles of vinegar. Vinegar is a popular sauce for cooking. But what she bought was a western style we rarecaly used. We used to use vinegar made in China. My wife argued that because it was on sale, "buy one get one free" and because the other lady bought a lot too. So she followed her. She forgot the lesson how she was guided to cash the check. Now the same act played again. I was sensitive because I felt the pressure then they were framing case against me. I knew from paper that vinegar is a material to produce drug. And that lady had ever shopping with my wife. That was the only one as I know. Now after one year most of these vinegar are still there unused. 998. Killing tactic and murder attempt on my daughter (1/1/2018) My daughter has a house in San Jose.(now she rents off to friends) She rents a living residence in San Francisco where she works. She rarely comes to my house since. Recently, she came back frequently. Last Thursday night(12/28) she came to sleep over. Next day when I read the news, a picture bigger than other news caught my eye(. Are we really to believe that the lunatic ravings from another forum, most likely posted by the same lunatic that linked to it in the first place really has any trace of evidence of such things. http://www.forumgarden.com/forums/current-events/63453-alps-plane-crash-case-suicide-co-pilot-7.html
  4. Poison gas attack in US

    311. A large scale poison project (5/17/05) In last message #310, I referred cover up articles from Mercury News. They followed tightly to the poison plan of Feds. In message #167, 168 (posted on 9/26/03, 10/6/03) I talked about poisoned vegetable. Then on 10/21, there was a news said vegetables were contaminated by pesticides. Next year, Feds expanded their poison plan into supermarkets. The article "COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES"(9/2/04). was an announcement that food was poisoned in large scale: fish; meat, egg, dairy product......almost everything to make sure what I bought were toxic food. A lot of people would be suffered. To control the situation, a hospital was closed. In same month on 9/26/04, Mercury News reported that San Jose Medical Center would close on 12/9. "Can we live with only two?" the article asked the question with one of Santa Clara County's three trauma centers set to close. I think the purpose was to concentrate the sick people to the remain hospital so Feds could effectively collect the data of their victims to control the development of their poison project. The close of hospital had attracted other investors but no one succeeded to take over. "Possible hospital investor drops out". News said. (11/11/04. S.J.M.N.) Since the close of hospital was part of Feds poison project, no one could disturb it even there was a demand. I was aware of this big poison project when I wrote the poison message #309. I arranged the news collection about toxic food and found one toxic news in 2003, one in 2004, there were three in February 2005. (see #310) Obviously four months after they announced large scale toxic food, many victims fell sick in early 2005 .That is why there were three articles about toxic food in one month. Published with unusual frequency to justify the recent outbreak of cancer patients. Started from February this year, more food was contaminated by isotope. It's a tactic to continue the poison plan when toxic caused doctors' attention. Then we saw the "whooping cough" article in April. This country is controlled by an evil group. They don't care the lives of its citizens. For a target they worried very much they could sacrifice the lives of many other people. They even designed a big project to study how to control majority population by toxic food. It's their tradition. We saw it from "Northwood" plan. I also allege they are the one behind "Oklahoma bombing" and "911 attack". For their interest they'll do anything.
  5. 995. Mayor's death (12/12/2017) San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee died suddenly today.
  6. 992. How to pass "Tax Reform" bill? (11/22/2017) 18 months ago, in #902, I wrote, "Now they want Donald Trump to take care of the situation of economic collapse in coming years. The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story." From August till now, the Feds work day and night to frame a case on me. Of course, there is another mission for them, to help the ruling class to escape from the coming economic crisis. For this, Trump pushes out a "Tax Reform".
  7. Poison gas attack in US

    310. Poison and cover up (5/12/05) From mid-2003, Feds intensified poison tactic on me. At first they sent the poisoned food in the name of free food, gift food. I felt apparent unwell after eating this kind of food. I became very careful on eating. My father in law, neglecting my warning, was found having a cancer in later 2003. He passed away on March 2004. (see #167.) As I started to buy my own food, Feds started to poison the food in Super market too. At first in small quantity, then expanded it to various food and in large quantity. Although they tried to restrict me in limit store by guided drive, the poisoned food still hurt other innocent customers. Right now my wife just refuse a food drive. Leave me no choice but the nearest market I can reach on foot. You can imagine what kind of food are there for me. Psychological propaganda is an important procedure in Feds' work. For 2004 campaign, media continuosly threw out "poll results" that Bush led over Kerry by 2% to justify a rigged election. To cover up the large scale poison up, media also let out aricles to justify. The major poison Feds uses recently is isotope which will cause a cough. It won't be cured by coughing medicine or anti-virus medicine because the cause is not a bacteria or virus, it's isotope. Then there is such an article to justify the phenominon. "Despite vaccinations, cases of whooping cough surging". "CDC officials say the massive increase in whooping cough is primarily in adolescents who have gone at least five years since their shots, which is explained by waning immunity. Adults also are getting whooping cough." (S.J.M.N. 4/11/05) Of course, doctors and patients will never have dreamed of the isotope. They have to take the explanation of newspaper and government officials. Here are other cover up aricles I kept: "The produce likely to have pesticides". "12 fruits and vegetables are the most contaminated by pesticides." (S.J.M.N. 10/21/03) "COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES". A wide variety of food in US supermarkets (fish, pork, duck, cheese, butter, milk, chicken, ice cream and eggs) is contaminated with tiny doses of toxic flame retardants - PBDE. (S.J.M.N. 9/2/04) "Restaurants to warn about fish". "Compaies settle lawsuit over high levels of mercury in some species" (S.J.M.N. 2/5/05) "FARMS, Chemicals showdown". "California is still far from phasing out methyl bromide. Millions of pounds used per year." "Hazards: Highly toxic. Causes brain and neutrological damage; high concentrations can cause respiratory or cardia failure." (S.J.M.N. 2/9/05) "Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk Wed Feb 23, 7:55 AM ETBy Marla Cone Times Staff Writer Breast milk from 36 women in 18 states, including California, was sampled, and all contained traces of perchlorate. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=2026&ncid=2026&e=14&u=/latimests/20050223/ts_latimes/rocketfuelchemicalfoundinbreastmilk Also reported by S.J.M.N. 2/24/05: "Breast milk toxin studied" Recently, I failed several times to enter my own homepage in AOL. It said, " Sorry, We Can't Find That Page". It hadn't happened before. It may signal that Feds will finish the case soon in a rougue's way.
  8. 971. Secret deal behind Russian's email hacking (7/22/2017) Trump called Russians to hack Clinton's emails. He says now he didn't know Russians hacking deal. What was his base to call Russian to hack Clinton's email? Idea dropped from the sky?
  9. Poison gas attack in US

    309. Isotope, mole, cancer (5/7/05) If you read my messages from begining, you know that my problem started with isotope money. Isotope is a good tracer. It is invisible. It can be only detected by special instrument. People are not aware of it even they are traced by isotope. I think it is vastly used by Feds. But isotope also will hurt health. It's radioactive. So there is another usage other than tracing - killing. The victim used to have a cancer. It's a murder disguised in natural disease. It was about in 2001,(?) when I was shaving one day, I sudenly noticed there were many new moles on my cheek. I used to take a side sleep. Mostly I slept on my right side, there were many moles on my right cheek. There were less moles on my left cheek because I slept less on that side. The fresh black moles alarmed me. I thought Feds contaminated my pillow with radioactive material which would cause a skin cancer. (I'll use "isotope" for radioactive material hereafter) I changed the pillow and slept with clothes or towel underneath my head which I often washed. It works. Small moles faded away. Big mole, turned into pale black. It's no more the scaring oil-black colour. Since Feds poisoned the tap water, I used to buy bottled water or got the water from other source such like gas station or rest room of store. But even these water were often found poisoned because I depended on other's drive which always guided me to the market where poisoned water and food were prepared in advance. So I used to test the water to make sure if it was "clean". Started from February this year, I started to have cough after meal. It was a sympton that food contanimated with isotope. But I failed to identify the source. Once my wife had the supper at same time with me. She coughed after meal. My wife rarely touched the dish I cooked. The only common food we had was rice. But it was me cooked the rice. The ingredients were rice and water, both verified "clean" beforehand, what happened? I was puzzled. Soon I solved the problem. A few days later I suddenly found there were many moles on the back of my hands. I was immediately aware of that the tap water was contaminated by isotope. I do the dish wash by hands everyday. (We never use dish-washer) Though I avoid to drink tap water, I wash with it. Both hands soaked in isotope tap water caused a skin cancer sympton - moles. It also explains why we coughed after eating the rice. Though I cooked rice with clean water, I washed it with isotope tap water which contaminated the rice. I wash with tap water to save "clean water". I abandoned tap water right away. It works, one month later, the black mole on the back of my hands faded away. It reminds me of the radiation clean work by Feds last December. (see "274. Radiation", "275. Radiation 2 ") and Judge's cough which led him into the jail. . (see "298. Intimidate Judge (3/22/05)" btw. Though 4/17 plot failed to be carried out, Feds did try on 4/29 and likely extends the frame case to May.
  10. Video: Parkland Florida School Shooting Hoax, Crisis Actors

    The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September In September, a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment on a video stating, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter." The video's creator alerted both the FBI and YouTube. Originally posted on February 15, 2018, at 1:24 a.m. Updated on February 15, 2018 https://www.buzzfeed.com/briannasacks/the-fbi-was-warned-about-a-school-shooting-threat-from?utm_term=.bklQ1RgLO#.emVke8YN6
  11. 930. FBI activate a coup (11/6/2016) I had such information from internet:
  12. Poison gas attack in US

    290. Super market (2/9/05) 2/9 is Chinese New year's day. The meal of Chinese New Years eve. for Chinese is as important as Thanks Giving meal to Westerns. Early this month, when I asked my wife to drive me for some Festival food, she refused again and told me to shopping on foot. I view this as the intention of Feds. It seems they determined to eliminate me in road violence. Then why my wife broke the rule to drive me for a food shopping on 1/29? (see "288. Vanished old case and new plan (2/4/05)) Because on that day, Feds arranged a family re-union. On the purpose to invite me to join a trip to China. They knew my relatives would drive me for a food shopping at my will. So they let my wife did it in advance because I had to go the store my wife drove me to. I was surprised for the easiness of my wife. That was the only one drive she gave in five weeks. About half hour after we finished shopping, my relatives came. I then knew why my wife eased to give a drive. I still asked my brother in law to give me a drive despite my wife's protest that I just finished a shopping. I led my brother in law to another shopping center about 20 minutes driving away. Where there is a water store supplying bottled water which was sealed right away after official examination of water quality. But on that day the owner of water store said the sealed bottle water was sold out which used to be plenty of. I then went to the super market nearby and found big price gap between the stores I just attended to. For example, the vegetable was 0.59 a pound and apple was 0.39 a pound while in the store my wife brought me to was 0.99 and 0.59 appropriately. Such a price difference would drive customers from one store away to the other. One year ago, the food Feds poisoned in super market was in small quantity and was concentrated on cheap items I used to buy. Then as I started to buy in random, Feds changed tactic too. The food they poisoned now are in large quantities, piles up in rack. (see "189. Poison food in super market (12/16/03) ) Bread, rice, milk, ham, bottled water, vegetables, potato chips, can food...... . To avoid too much people been poisoned, they set up several super-market in which food was poisoned most and price also tagged high. To drive customers away to the stores which priced lower where poisoned food is also less. That's why the store I was sent to by my wife were the expensive one. But that will hurt the business of super market which priced high. How did Feds persuade the owner of these store to do so? For western style super market, it used to be chain stores such like Safeway, Albertson. Feds controls high ranking management, so there should be no problem for them. But Chinese store mostly are run by independent owners, how did Feds do on them? In late 2003, when Feds aggressively increased poison dose, there was an arrest in my area which shocked Chinese society. An owner of super market and his accountant were arrested. Tax fraud was the charge. The bail was set up at 5 million dollars. The defendant couldn't afford such high bail, had to stay in jail. The case was in court again in mid-2004. Judge still maintained the same amount of bail. So the defendant still had to stay in prison. It was obviously an intimidation to Chinese super market business. If you don't obey, we can keep you in jail. Business loss or jail, which will you choose?
  13. Video: Parkland Florida School Shooting Hoax, Crisis Actors

    Four sheriff’s deputies hid during Florida school shooting By Ruth Brown February 23, 2018 Four armed officers and years of warnings did nothing to stop Nikolas Cruz from massacring 17 people at a high school. Not one but four sheriff’s deputies hid behind cars instead of storming Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Fla., during Wednesday’s school shooting, police claimed Friday — as newly released records revealed the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had received at least 18 calls about the troubled teen over the past decade. Sources from Coral Springs, Fla., Police Department tell CNN that when its officers arrived on the scene Wednesday, they were shocked to find three Broward County Sheriff’s deputies behind their cars with weapons drawn. The school’s armed resource officer, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, was also outside. He resigned on Thursday after his failure to act was publicly revealed. https://nypost.com/2018/02/23/four-sheriffs-deputies-hid-during-florida-school-shooting/amp/
  14. 929. Who has the motive to activate "terror attack"? (11/5/2016)
  15. Video: Parkland Florida School Shooting Hoax, Crisis Actors

    I'm puzzled by the following video. I believe it's true. https://youtu.be/U35Xsd2axJs Young lady says she was walking alongside Cruz during evacuation and talking to him, while she could hear shots being fired. https://youtu.be/xLmxMQuw7xo https://youtu.be/EZFW4AfP4Y8 Florida witnesses say multiple shooters