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  1. A nation born of terrorism and living by it ever since!
  2. Just got banned myself and the cheeky twats have just too my £10 subscription also. But funnily enough I was posting anti Israel stuff myself yesterday, posting old newspaper articles to prove my point etc. It was a 10 page thread. The zio hasbara zionist shills all came out in force. But yes I have come to the conclusion glp is a form of Israel spy tool, to weasel out anti Israel members etc, that or a cia front. Either way, after last night, come to the conclusion there is something very fishy and sinister about the place. Calling itself a conspiracy site is a carrot to get you in, post stuff that they do not agree with, then you get monitered, this ban shows it???? GLP IS A MOSSAD FRONT OR FRONT FOR SOME AGENCY TO GATHER INFORMATION ABOUT IT'S MEMBERS?? Nevermind there is always Gab, somewhere there is still free speech.