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  1. Arock

    Poison gas attack in US

    Sounds like you just had the summer flu and the poops.
  2. City codes at that time did not require condominiums to have guardrails outside of the windows (link below) - this claim is completely wrong. This entire post is crap and I created an account just to post this - your conspiracy is crap and you didn’t even lay out any facts or any justifications!!! Like, give me something to work with.. but, noooo.. you don’t, you have no facts or sources or anything to plant any seed of doubt! This is was just a horrible tragedy and you are mocking it and the family has already suffered enough and don’t deserve this to be prodded and brought up - I read another source where the mom said she can’t even look at a picture or any of his items because it makes her so this is bull$#|¥ Link for guard rail info