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  1. "Making repentance"

    This is a peculiar phrase from my former church. They say that some person "made repentance." Always in the past tense. Imperfect tense. Originally the phrase is from Finnish "teki parannuksen." Then it was translated to Swedish "gjorde b{a"}ttring," and finally to English. "Made repentance." Not "repented." This is not right. Repentance is not something that one can make or do. This is contrary to Martin Luther's doctrine. The original Finnish or Swedish suggests making oneself "better" in some way. What is really meant by this, then, is that one has effected a legal remedy or cure, that is, "cured" oneself of some serious breach of the Law in which one was found or caught. Thus there is no seeking of grace and no true contrition to such a "making" of repentance, but only works of the Law to better oneself by one's own merit in a perfunctory satisfaction of the Law's outward demands. Jesus has no place in such a Church, which also demands an outward circumcision of flesh and blood to satisfy its interpretation of the Law. The cops say there are 1000 of them here in Alaska. It's a cult of sexually repressed eternal virgins and prudish conservative men who somehow manage to reproduce like rabbits. Those who are disobedient to the cult mob bosses (preachers) have fertility problems, horrible STDs, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, etc. There is foul play on the road. Stolen drivers' licenses, arranged "accidents," auto insurance fraud, tampering with motor vehicles, auto theft and title-washing, etc.
  2. LOVEINT shooting

    This is also why NSA built the new data center near Salt Lake City, Utah. Namely, to run the Vegas district, which is in fact historically Mormon. Which brings us to the general connection of religion to the red-light district. Of course, most religions preach prostitution to be a sin, but obviously they do not practice what they preach. Downtown Baltimore has a large Roman Catholic congregation with many churches and cathedrals. Catholics tend to deny their freemasonry, but they sponsor many of the same peculiar causes, and there is a large monument right across D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia. https://gwmemorial.org/ NSA is military. Overwhelmingly male, move around a lot, perfect population to which to offer sex-for-money. The military has a prostitution problem. Let's not lie about it. There are three rules to this with heavy enforcement in law: Pay to play. Not just cash-for-sex, but alimony, child support, and so on and so forth. When it's over, it's over. Keep it hidden from the public eye, and there are several forms of no-contact, anti-harassment, domestic violence, and other restraining orders available to cops for enforcing this rule. Do not get in the way of sex traffic. Omertà. There is a certain color of law to all this, but NSA is running too many call girls, video sex chat, Tindr, etc., etc. We cannot ascribe good faith to NSA for all that they do. NSA runs the Internet. To think otherwise, one is in denial. Nevertheless, the cops are angry at me for the above post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/russian-troll-farm-13-suspects-indicted-for-interference-in-us-election/2018/02/16/2504de5e-1342-11e8-9570-29c9830535e5_story.html An indictment against "internet trolls" for "interfering" with the election? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I am sorry, but the investigation into "election interference" must be limited to actual ballot fraud, or provable instances of foreign censorship of new media.
  3. Video: Parkland Florida School Shooting Hoax, Crisis Actors

    It's a false flag operation. S.O.P. for the Democratic gun control agenda. I mean, here I am watching extended live coverage of a Florida school shooting, grand total of 17 casualties, on T.V. clear up here in Alaska. Even Donald Thump himself is pushing the "mental health" agenda on T.V. The shooter was "mentally ill." Oh yes, if you talk to the "professionals," that's just the "stigma" to mental illness, and the mentally ill are not more violent than the general population. But that's just government double-speak. In reality, the whole point of the "mental illness" phenomenon -- and there is no true objective definition or reality of "mental illness" -- is to cast the so-called "mentally ill" as monsters and criminals mentally unfit to live in society. This is in fact the entire purpose of so-called "mental health" practice -- to impose precisely such a stigma: gun control on demand as-seen-on-TV.
  4. LOVEINT shooting

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/02/14/reports-authorities-investigate-possible-shooting-outside-nsa-headquarters-near-washington/336321002/ Valentine's Day. "Possible shooting." Article text sounds a lot more sure of that than URL originally chosen. Photo in article was reconstructed from video from a different source. This is serious, folks. No joke. NSA is yanking the news media's chains while they pimp out the girls -- yes, those girls who keep flooding the White House with sexual harassment allegations. NSA has got to be running that red-light district downtown Baltimore which caters to the D.C. politicians -- and the big part NSA plays is to keep their pay-for-play sexual activities under wraps. Looking for work? You can't even get hired at the NSA unless they have the screwtapes on you, and you are "in the closet" LGBT or BDSM or some shit like that -- and yes they have the ability to fabricate those kinds of videos for court purposes or anonymous revenge porn. The whole TS/SCI "clearance" thing hinges on the screwtapes and your fear of their ability to destroy you. You've got to have major skeletons in your closet to work at a place like that. Telephone surveillance, the call girls, the phone sex, the 1-900 numbers, the "premium" phone numbers, it all caught fire down there at Fort Meade and went to hell in a handbasket. Internet surveillance, pornography, etc., etc. Wake up, sheeple! Are you finally getting the picture of what NSA does?
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-remingtonoutdoor-bankruptcy/u-s-gunmaker-remington-reaches-deal-with-creditors-to-file-for-bankruptcy-idUSKBN1FW23Q Remington: maker of guns and typewriters. Gerber: maker of baby food and hunting knives. Husqvarna: maker of chainsaws and sewing machines. Something for the hubby, something for the wifey... I hate the sex-segregated "coupled" marketing of expensive consumer products that require a husband-and-wife decision to make such a major outlay of cash for a family chained to the poorhouse.
  6. Crooked doctors

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43039036 Another woman dies at hospital of "complications" after being extorted $136/day for "Tamiflu" drug. Watch out, smarty-pants docs! It's the flu. It doesn't need to be that "complicated." Stay well-hydrated, warm, and dry, and clean up the sweat, vomit, and diarrhea. Influenza is not pleasant, but it is survivable, and it does not justify BIG PHARMA's extortion rackets.
  7. Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds

    WE have cut off the doctors' penises for performing this vile, "routine," unnecessary operation. WE have cut out the tongues of the anti-Christian preachers and false prophets who preached such total, unconditional submission to the witch doctors' circumcision agenda. The witch doctors are still performing this and other suchlike unnecessary surgery "routinely" on innocent children. WE shall have to take further action to protect our children and our own bodies. WE have exhausted all peaceful remedies.
  8. Communication devices and services

    Who gives a fsck about "Big Brother?" Nowadays it's "Big Sister" from CPS (Child Protective Services) trying to build a child molestation case on emotion rather than facts.
  9. Holocaust denial vs minimization

    Several European countries have passed laws to ban speech that is claimed on some political grounds to "minimize" or "deny" the Holocaust. Such laws do not help the public to arrive at the truth. Yes, millions of people died. It was war. Total world war. We all know that. But all of them Jews? Or even so many? I think not. Let's try the other tack on "minimization" in any case. U.S. Congress declared war on Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1940s. Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps. Were these really as bad as the "concentration" camps in Germany and Poland? Neither German-Americans nor Italian-Americans were interned. Note that it was Japan that attacked Pearl Harbor, not Germany or Italy. Does ionizing radiation really cause as much damage to the human body, and "cancer," etc. etc., as the doctors claim, outside the obvious heat burns from the fireball? Hiroshima? Nagasaki? How did Marie Curie really die? She was a woman in a highly technical and secretive, male-dominated field? "Cancer" from radiation poisoning? Really?
  10. People get fat off that shit, grow four dress sizes overnight, you know what I mean. Makes you sleepy, craving for more no matter how much you eat. Can't even take a shit after eating that stuff without several cups of strong coffee. Gotta be adulterated with narcotics. No other way. Always some more or less fake "traditional" culture claptrap to it, along with plenty of fat, sugar, and salt. Soul food, comfort food, whatever they call it in some particular "culture" or another. "Chicken-and-fish" for African-Americans, Swedes call it "husmanskost," the Germans just really eating out the "meat-and-potatoes," that sort of thing. A little bit of alcohol in the beverages, too. A pinch of yeast and some extra sugar sneaked into the orange juice and allowed to ferment overnight -- "Good morning, children, time to get ready for school!" -- there's that mattress store down the street to replace all the beds wet by the children. It's always claimed to be racial, tribal, cultural, whatever, although in truth it is the exact same problem for all races and cultures. "Beans-and-rice" for Latin-Americans, etc., etc. I don't mean to leave anyone out, but it's really all the same. And it just goes on and on. There is always some ethnic or cultural stereotype, a "very good cook" who happens to be rather emotional and temperamental, and the food is doped.
  11. Godlike Productions...

    I did not realize. (Tip from FBI.) Tavistock Institute is a BIG DEAL. Extremely wealthy. Extremely powerful. "Little people" ARE NOT to mess around with them. Bad. Very bad. Very, very bad.
  12. Screenshot: AntiSemitism & Censorship @ Reddit/Conspiracy

    Really? Was it some religious holiday that happened to fall on September 11 that year, and the few people who did show up for work that day weren't aware of it? Riiight... Those NY Jews close the stock market every year in observance of Good Friday while they secretly celebrate Passover behind closed doors.
  13. Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds

    I wil personally use that same cutting instrument to cut off your entire penis, scrotum, and testicles one millimeter at a time, before stabbing your eyes out with it and likewise cutting off your fingers, toes, tongue, ears, nose, lips, and all other unnecessary appendages to your body, pulling out all your teeth, and busting your jaw irreparably. It will be my great pleasure. Thank you very much for offering such a wonderful opportunity.
  14. Nunes memo

    https://www.scribd.com/document/370600338/Declassified-Fisa-Memo1 The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Not even close. Cristopher Steele was "terminated as an FBI source" because he communicated this fact to news media. This doesn't even make sense. I would think an "FBI source" is anyone who is providing information to the FBI. The FBI needs to verify information from any of its "sources" in any case, but in this case "terminated" sounds like "put to death" unless there is some other quid pro quo arrangement that was terminated, but this was not specified in the memo. Absent any such specific agreement, providing information to the FBI does not incur any obligation to refuse to provide information to news media or others.
  15. Godlike Productions...

    I'm a minimalist, and I prefer to apply Occam's Razor to GLP ==> their plan is to draw you into a deep discussion of some sort and then charge you money to continue it. I would not necessarily assume any direct essential relationship between GLP and Tavistock Institute, but these are all very sophisticated medical quacks, head shrinks, and political pundits extremely adept at manipulating public opinion while making a lot of money.