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  1. Apparently the Red Cross did their fair share as well. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4074752,00.html
  2. I don't believe you have to be a mental case to see spirits. I have seen them and they never had any bad experience. It is just a matter of opening your mind to new areas.
  3. In one of the urls mentioned (http://www.thedaily.com/article/2012/12/10/121012-news-bus-audio-surveillance/) Traversse City Michigan is one of the target areas. With no offense to anyone who lives there, For What?
  4. Even if we did have visitors come to check us out on spaceship and with good intent I can imagine that they would not like the hostile welcome they would receive. Some of us can not even get along with our next door neighbors, hate other people because of skin color, etc. I feel that we do have some aliens among us ~ for unknown reason and they have blended in quite well. There used to be a television series, I believe it was Twilight Zone, where aliens came to us and there was abundant food, no more illness and they were inviting people to go on free trips to their planet.. On their cra
  5. Like I said, he never talked much so I suppose he heard most everything from his parents. I never gave it a second thought but the time line does not seen correct for the tattoo but I did see it. Perhaps he was slated for "experimentation". Also it men were separated from their wives how was he conceived? But everything being said what I said was true. I may be getting old and losing some details but what I remember I remember.
  6. Aids, cancer and many other diseases as well. Another thing that makes absolutely no sense to me is experimental drugs. If I had a terminal disease and there was a drug that may possibly cure me I want it! If I am at deaths door would I care if the drug is safe? Would I have the 10 or so years for the FDA to approve it?
  7. I believe very much that it is true. Regardless of the numbers of people who were destroyed, mutilated by "medical" experiments, etc. it was definitely a time of hell for any people that Hitler and his thugs did not like. When I was a young boy I had a friend who was Jewish. We were both about 10 or 11 and he actually had a camp tattoo on his forearm. He did not talk much about living in Europe (All I can think of now is that the boy and his family had managed to survive). One thing I will never forget is that one day when we were playing he just said out of the blue, "Life is a situation
  8. It was definitely an interesting video. I have a few pics of myself from years ago and it is hard to believe the change from a 20 year old kid to a man who is almost 70! Still scares the crap out of me in the morning when i see my old mug in the mirror!
  9. People can change for many reasons...some explainable and some not. She could be an alien but I doubt it. But then again...
  10. I do not follow any religion but am a practicing Buddhist. The reason Buddhism is not really a religion is because there is no necessary belief in God or a higher power. It is allowed to the individual to believe in what he wants so therefore it is more of a path of life. Also we do not go "door knocking" looking for converts!
  11. Nice wording, Dreek Lass. i am a practicing Buddhist but also believe in the things you are speaking of. The only limitations we put on ourselves is our own distrust of the energy that is available to everyone of us.
  12. That was my noble attempt of being politically correct! War is a stupid game regardless...in the end nobody wins but the young kids die. Sucks.
  13. It is a great invention and I am sure that there will be many good applications for it. But as far as kicking back on the "petro" cars, I am sure that will not happen as the oil kings of the world will buy it out so they can continue selling gas. Japan had a totally running car working on water just a few years ago and all of a sudden the company disappeared! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV5rFrJ5fMU
  14. The first video I turned off right away because any time I see something starting with a Bible verse I can not believe the validity of it. The second was just a compilation of old films. But, I really don't need any proof as I feel the universe is too large to only have the earth as a living planet.
  15. I think that it is a true story as the sooner a person is treated for an illness the better the chances of a cure. However, I think that there has been a cure of AIDS for many years but to put it into full usage would be too costly for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I seriously wonder about the Hippocratic Oath!