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  1. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/02/the-kremlin-wants-me-dead-russias-sports-doping-whistleblower-speaks-out More WADA scandal.
  2. My grandfather practiced "reflexology" as a form of exercise, with specific pressure points on his feet the same bodily systems (as you mentioned above) according to some theories of Eastern folk medicine. I don't how much he actually believed in it, but it was a form of exercise possibly helpful and certainly not harmful to the human body. How much do human brain waves interact with, say, Schumann resonances in the Earth's ionosphere? According to Wikipedia, "The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere." Soros and friends would be very interested in using HAARP and similar technologies to collectively manipulate and control human thought processes through EEG brain waves modulated by electromagnetic resonances in the Earth's ionosphere and Van Allen belts.
  3. Twitter's political purge continues. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/21/894014810/twitter-removes-thousands-of-qanon-accounts-promises-sweeping-ban-on-the-conspir More info here, good links, although several comments have been deleted. https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2020/07/on_the_twitter_.html It's all real name, real face, background checks for online dating, or you're out. And it's bad because people have been depending on www social media platforms on the internet for employment and business as well as staying in touch with family and friends. Really, really bad. Just like Facebook.
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/figure-skating-world-champion-olympics-australia-ekaterina-alexandrovskaya-dies-moscow-harley-windsor-215034023.html >>> Olympic figure skater and former world champion Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya died on Friday in Moscow after falling out of a sixth-floor window, according to the AFP. >>> She was 20. >>> According to the report, Russian media said she left a note reading “lyublyu,” which translates to “Love” in English. Just another hooker murdered? There's something a little bit odd about the whole figure skating thing. I was walking by a skating rink at the local shopping mall, and I saw some young girls, maybe kindergarten or grade school age, figure skating. The young boys played hockey when it was their turn on the rink. But then I was somewhat surprised to see an old man, who looked to be at least in his nineties, figure skating. The girls he was skating with could have been his great-granddaughters, but the boys were separated from the girls and placed on a hockey team if they qualified, or kicked off the rink entirely if they didn't. Obviously the girls aren't too young to skate at kindergarten age, whatever, but the figure skating involves a male partner, and the girls are considered too young to have boyfriends. But it's okay if there's an old man. The entire figure skating industry is 100% Omertà. Pure Sicilian Mafia.
  5. Nixon's Department of Justice had a search warrant for the DNC boiler room, but when agents served the warrant, their back-stabbing comrades back at the FBI pulled the paperwork, and left them high and dry on fake trumped-up burglary charges. That was watergate, and both JFK and LBJ should have been prosecuted for high treason in the Vietnam War, but Lee Harvey Oswald up and shot JFK, and then LBJ railroaded a Democrat gun control bill through Congress, admitting total defeat in the Vietnam War which we could easily have won without Democrat treason.
  6. >>> https://perma.cc/BSE7-E83X?type=image >>> This post, shared more than 8,000 times, alleges "doctors in the United States have found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don't scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer".>>> https://www.boomlive.in/world/cancer-causing-silver-nitro-oxide-does-not-exist-as-posts-falsely-claim-8652 The explanation must involve vice. It's the stuff you scratch off lottery tickets. It's highly proprietary to the gambling industry, and does contain silver oxide compounds as these are photographic quality light-blocking. Silver compounds are toxic, and can stain the skin obnoxiously in conjunction with certain other compounds in sweat, hand lotion, creams, oil, grease, dirt, etc. If hydrogen sulfide tarnishes silver, then laughing gas or nitrous oxide likely does the same. Silver is very shiny and highly conductive of electricity, but not nearly as inert as, say, gold or platinum.
  7. https://www.space.com/amp/mars-atmosphere-green-glow-exomars-tgo.html A green glow was seen in the Martian atmosphere by scientists. As far as I know, that is characteristic of oxygen, which would support the possibility of life on Mars. Cf. Aurora Borealis on Earth. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/science-environment-53057055 https://futurism.com/green-glow-mars https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/311768-astronomers-detect-eerie-green-glow-on-mars-for-the-first-time
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/13/health/trump-health-care-transgender-rights.html The Catholics oppose the new rules of course, for fear the regulations would interfere with the routine castration of choirboys.
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/world/sweden-prime-minister-assasinated-olof-palme.amp >>>An investigation into the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme that’s spanned for more than 30 years was closed on Wednesday after authorities determined the main suspect has been dead for decades, according to reports https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-52991406 >>>They said it was Stig Engstrom, a graphic designer known as "Skandia Man" who killed himself in 2000. >>>As a result they were closing the investigation into Palme's death, Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson said.
  10. I suppose Humans are all "furries" if by "furries" you mean mammals that bear fur rather than feathers like birds or scales like fish or reptiles or slime like amphibians to protect their skin.
  11. There's too much plastic, and it doesn't come from God, and that which comes from God, they cut off, extract, or amputate. Presumably at some point in evolutionary history, man did have fur, or at least more fur than his present sparse body hair. In the garden of Eden, a lush rain forest at the time, man ate a diet of fruit from some kind of tree or another and eventually lost his fur or body hair. As he was "driven out" of the lush rain forest garden by vicious snakes to the savanna or desert, the soil was more difficult to cultivate, food from edible plants was scarcer and more difficult to obtain by the sweat of his brow, and he needed clothing for protection from the weather after having emerged from a forest so dense that sunlight scarcely touched the ground. The shame is the desire or propensity to procreate together with the lack of means to support, defend, and protect oneself and one's family.
  12. Thunderstorms and Aurora Borealis have adversely affected and destroyed some of the wiring in my car. Then there's HAARP, funded by George Soros.
  13. >>> The recent arrest of Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson, a former Marine who investigators say was a longtime white nationalist, has lawmakers worried that military leaders may not be adequately tracking white supremacy issues within the ranks. >>> Hasson was arrested on Feb. 15 on drug and firearms charges, but investigators allege he was planning an attack against political and media targets. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2019/02/26/another-marine-is-being-investigated-for-neo-nazi-ties-amid-concerns-about-white-supremacy-in-the-ranks/ Guns are banned in the Marine Corps? Since when? How did this come to be? The drug charges have to be illegitimate as well, because authorities are not allowed to plant-and-bust targeted individuals when guns are banned.
  14. Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is 'very rare,' WHO says All the same, it's yet another legalistic excuse for extraordinary rendition, arbitrary detention, and torture of targeted individuals at the request of international authorities.