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  1. F-16

    Beto O'Rourke & Cult of the Dead Cow

    The Cult of the Dead Cow is out to murder Devin Nunes at all costs, no matter what. We need to know why. McClatchy: Devin Nunes sued a parody account with about 1,000 followers. Here’s how many it has now We want to be informed. That should not be misconstrued as our approval. the Grim Reaper In the King James Bible, when the angel of death thrust in his sickle into the earth, the expression used is The earth was reaped. The Finnish language makes no distinction between reaping and cutting; however the Reaper swings the scythe by the snathe, it is a sharpened steel blade and it is said to cut, leikata in Finnish, but the Finnish Bible makes it clear that this is no ordinary or natural cutting: Maa tuli leikatuksi. This is not the usual passive voice in Finnish, but the translative case of the passive past participle is used to indicate that The earth came into a condition of having been cut. parents who sow “wild oats” and reap their children When parents “cut” their children’s hair, we say that they reap their children for the pleasure of their own flesh in performing an intimate grooming ritual against their will. We have no mercy for commercial barbers or hairdressers, either. If a man cannot cut his own hair or shave his head like men in the military tend to do, then he can wear it in a ponytail or tie it back like a woman — in no event a choice for another man to make for him. A man need only be concerned with his own head and keeping it attached to his own shoulders, not with the hair on another man's head. Nor is there any such concern that long hair should become “too fashionable” on men: male pattern baldness is subconsciously appealing to women, however strenuously they might deny it, and a shaved head is often a subtle sign of a man’s naked sexual desire, which he wishes to conceal by shaving other men’s heads. The same issues pertain to women’s hair and nails: such women hound their same-sex customers hellishly and unceasingly, and viciously break into private quarters even in the dead of night, with total impunity from a complicit law enforcement and criminal court system, to offer their services, or even compel them by force or deception when they are not accepted willingly. We are Finns and we shall put them out of business and make sure they stay out of business, and never start up again, just as we did to the “Czar of all the Russias” who assumed the fraudulent title of Grand Duke of Finland. When Joseph’s brethren sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn — that is, submitted to the Egyptian practice of circumcision — we say that they reaped their children for pecuniary gain. ACH wire fraud Automated Clearing House? Not so fast there. The American Bankers’ Association got in the way. The truth is far more ugly than anyone could ever have imagined. ACH = Abortion, Circumcision, & Haircut. Both the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were founded by the very same Czarist Russian regime characterized by excessive royalty and privilege as well as outrageous titles, enforced by the Охрана or secret police, which imposed the notorious and Machiavellian “Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” on the United States. the enfeoffment of the United States under a “federal” form of government The “federation,” along with all the other miscellaneous “federal” business which infected a United States government that previously eschewed the word in the one-time victory of the Civil War, is a warlike resurgence of the old Russian Royal blood. If the U.S. Marshals cannot solve a crime the old-fashioned way as perhaps better exemplified by Sherlock Holmes, then the FBI is not going to be of much help either. Intuition may lead to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but the fruit of faith is borne neither by an oath of fiefdom nor by any other institution that bears the word “federal” in its name. the fiefdom To speak English rather than Spanish or attempted Latin, the word “federal” means “of or relating to a fiefdom.” We are not cattle, and our Constitution does not permit us to walk with cloven feet or to divide our loyalty between the fiefdom and the people of the United States, whether we seek liberty and pursuit of happiness or bondage and further enfeoffment. We make the assumption of life rather than death, even if not for our own sake, because we believe our cause is just for the sake of the innocent ones, and the continuance of our life on this earth frustrates the burning lust and ardent desire of our enemies to murder us in cold blood, that may slake their thirst for evil and satisfy their own flesh in harm and wickedness. Enough of that. Those unalienable God-given rights of life, liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness are held, and must be held, to prevail over fiefdom and over all things federal.
  2. F-16

    Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

    I am not Martin Luther, nor yet the new man, and certainly not the old. The old man has borne a child, and Swedish grammar (contrary to the German) requires the definite article and the feminine pronoun to speak of “man” in the generic sense. The new man is no bull chewing his cud in the pasture, as if the farmer’s daughter were trying to get him to stand up on his cloven feet by waving a bright red flag. We are not to be taken for such bloody fools. The old man, instead of renewing himself in Germany, got it on a little bit too hard, and appeared as an “overman” or Übermensch à la Nietzsche or Hitler, overseeing the workers of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party. We were “workers,” and labor mob bosses appeared from other quarters with gun and badge and whip in hand to dock our paychecks and beat our backs. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s generation of Negroes put on their reading glasses when they saw this “new man,” said “Motherfucker!” and they had full-blooded German back-up and support for every word they said. Dr. Martin Luther, the German monk, enumerated only three of Ten Commandments on one table and put seven on the other. He felt no doubt that Eleven Commandments would have been altogether too many, because if the poor man is not permitted to covet to live in the rich man's house, then the rich man cannot be permitted to covet the poor man's artistry in precious metals or music or whatnot.
  3. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/03/it-turns-out-beto-orourke-stole-phone-service-pirated-software-as-a-kid/ Beto O'Rourke was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker group that developed Back Orifice and whatnot, way back when. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/reuters-held-story-about-beto-orourke-until-after-senate-race Total devil worshippers. Evil beyond belief. Democrats in Congress. Computer hackers extraordinaire. Certainly affiliated with Computer Chaos Club in Germany, as well as the whole Bilderberg club, NATO, and Trilateralists. Gun-banning peeping-tom zealots, all of them.
  4. F-16

    Covert Neural Transmitters

    If you are a "zombie," and that is a relative term, you are likely being manipulated and used. Some people have had cruel ice-pick lobotomies performed, or survived a gunshot wound where the bullet penetrated the brain. The brain will certainly heal if it still capable of conscious thought and control of movement. Sometimes people are "way out" there, and they sense a "call of duty" and respond without any known means of overt communication. RFID chip implants are not known to directly stimulate the brain directly, but geolocation and biofeedback mechanisms are perhaps still possible. Don't feel put off. This is a conspiracy forum, way out there somewhere, after all. It's just that a big long write-up is a bit much to digest all at once. You might break it up into smaller pieces and ask around.
  5. F-16

    Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

    The New Age It is said that light grappled with darkness, and Europe received Enlightenment to emerge from the Dark Ages. The Protestant Reformers were horrified at the conclusions of Reason on the premisses of Facts brought anew to the light of day at the end of the 1000-year darkness which had fallen over Europe with the fall of the Roman Empire. There was a certain female Pope, Agnes, who took the name Joanna to sit in the Holy See sometime early in the ninth century, only to die two years later in a scandalous and tragic childbirth en route of a papal procession along a way in Rome known to this day as Via Dolorosain her memory, but assiduously denied and superstitiously avoided by later popes, for her admirer John Huss, over 500 years later, was burned at the stake as a faggot upon whom even his own mother heaped more firewood as he died in the flames. That was how they reacted to the mere mention of a biological woman who had taken on a somewhat masculine identity to become pope although the degree of gender identity and the use of pronouns may be lost to history. Meanwhile, Lesbians and Gays were viciously persecuted as “Lollards” and “Bohemian brethren” and rebuked from the pulpit by celibate priests for their “Lollardy” and “Bohemian fraternization.” Dr. Martin Luther was so horrified at the Conclusions of man’s intellect and sound Reason, that he saw Reason itself as a beast that must be throttled and have its eyes put out, for never before in history had such Conclusions been brought to such garish and horrifying Light: a veritable Rainbow Enlightenment had taken place in Europe. For that reason, Martin Luther despised the false vows of chastity and celibacy, hated the sex segregation of the cloistered convents, and eventually moved out of the monastery to marry a former nun. The New Man That which is old is old, but that which is not old is said to be young or new. If a man is young, and takes after his parents without thinking for himself, then he becomes old in the same manner as the old ones, and he has no part in anything new. But the Reformers, in a hidden masked voice from a deep throat, spoke of the new man: the navel cord which connects him to the old man must be cut, because the new man is reborn and regenerated, and has no part in anything old, having departed from the matrix at the peril of his life. The new man is rejuvenated and walks in newness of life, absolved of original sin and permitted once more to return to the Garden of Eden, from whence he was originally driven out, and to eat once again of the fruit of the Tree of Life, so jealously guarded by the cherubim, that holy and pure nourishment which is so essential to life. The Old Church The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of America, the same who call themselves the Congregation of the Firstborn in Europe, have rejected the new man and gone a-whoring after the old ways of the firstborn who lost their birth certificates long ago in Egypt. They forsook the cross of Jesus and accepted old Adam in the eating of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Thus they never relent from their ardent demands of circumcision for baptism, the pulling of wisdom teeth for confirmation, the cutting of hair for work, the bondage of much officious rubber-stamped paperwork with a real estate contract for marriage, and the practice of civil commitment to a locked ward with forced medication for mental health. The burial of the dead is practiced with arcane arts of embalming or even cremation, so concealed from the public that they scarcely permit an open casket funeral, let alone a true accounting of vital statistics. Some of the old Saami were medicine men, and they had certain knowledge of such peculiar arts of the establishment of cult leadership and followership or worship. They felt that any such worshipful following to the 33rd degree was foreign and hostile to their people, because a Saami man does not eat oats like a horse or live in a brick house, wear a kilt and puff bagpipes like a Scot. The bills of mortality of unexplained causes, the emphasis on a legally privileged private confession to lay preachers, and their refusal to coöperate with official investigations and prosecutions of murder, have cost those preachers their birthright. Their peacenik handshake is a sign of fair-weather friendship, not of courage or friendly alliance in war.
  6. Alternative für Deutscheland Is Alice Weidel really going to buck the Bilderberg establishment of the European Union? Or is it just another “lesbian” swaying her hips in front of the good old boys’ rape club? Just screw some other lady? I trow not. It’s a dog-and-pony show put on for the gentlemen’s money and the gentlemen’s votes. I don't believe any of that lesbian mouthwash gargle nonsense. Those ladies go straight as an arrow for the men’s pockets and the men’s pocketbooks as soon as they can afford to rent their own place without a nosy roommate. The European Establishment is 100% old-school Nazi, which itself is also a lie, because a national socialist workers’ party should not have been cozying up to so much foreign money, class, and hereditary privilege of which the common people are deprived. The British Royals resented the victory and have been shitting the common people in the mud with their tabloid media trash and infamously obscene “popular culture” ever since the end of the Second World War. The British Royal shape-shifting reptilians at the Bilderberg Meetings have completely bypassed popularly elected government and joined forces with the old German Nazi labor bosses and the Italian mob bosses, all in a grand scheme to bring back l’ancien régime of hereditary rule in Europe, to which they have also invited the Japanese imperialists via the Trilateral Commission with its deep ties to Asian “triads” and criminal gangs. I’m trying to give every benefit of the doubt, of course, but I am still failing to see any real alternative to the deadbeat status quo ante in the radical fringe dress rehearsal of a supposedly brand new political party. The “Neo” stuff clashes with the “Nazi” stuff, which is “old” from the New Age point of view of Enlightenment, Reason, Reformation, and Renaissance in a continent which in the end could only be purged of its plagues of rats and fleas and all manner of other filth and sickness by the shedding of the blood of privileged noblemen as the bills of mortality all over Europe continued to accrue to the detriment of their royal accounts before their Maker.
  7. The Pearl Harbor conspiracy Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? Just trying to collect some facts here and brainstorm. No “issues” for casus belli on the Japanese side? It is often claimed that the Japanese, up to that point, had no particularly evident overriding “issues” with the Allies, and to a “neutral” observer it would have seemed that they could have stayed out of the war if they had wished to. Imperial government Japan had up to that point retained the old imperial or dynastic form of government previously common to much of Asia, but outmoded today outside of North Korea. There were no free or fair elections, nepotism and corruption were rampant, and government offices and positions of authority were largely hereditary. Family honor and gender roles The emphasis on “family” adhered all too firmly to the Italian system of honor vendetta and unofficial but brutal enforcement. There was a Samurai culture of masculine “honor” along with a Geisha culture of feminine “service” and a Kamikaze culture of mental health for any “deviation” from established gender norms, whereby falling on one’s own sword was the accepted way to avoid much worse and far more hideous tortures and punishments to be inflicted in secret. The strict classification and enforcement of gender roles comported all too closely with that of the Germans. Unreasonable social standards Under the old enemy Axis system, people who have “issues” are considered unfit for this or that duty. Classified information The U.S. system of “clearance” for access to “classified information” is a prime example. The phrase “need to know” carries too much sexual connotation of carnal knowledge, rather than information that would otherwise be meet for survival and edification. Rubber stamps do not and cannot keep secrets. Prohibition of civilian cryptography If a “crypt” is a vault, or, in Latin, fornix, then “cryptography” is viewed as fornication or pornography, and all possible communications among the general public are viewed as illicit love letters to be deciphered at all costs by an all-powerful government, which falsely and arbitrarily but nonetheless ardently and incessantly imputes all manner of sexual perversion to the population under its control. It is the “peeping Tom” totalitarian government of the old enemy Axis of two world wars to which the United States have now succumbed in utter and willful ignorance of their Constitution and wartime victories of the early twentieth century. LGBT hate Extreme LGBT hate and mass murder are only icing on the cake. We must extract more information from hostile government operatives and corrupt law enforcement officials on their goals of slaughtering us in great masses and offering us as a Holocaust to their ideals of a perfect society. Who in the heavens will smell such a sweet savor? “Not I,” saith the Lord of Hosts, for the seraphim already are spreading their wings to fan the flames of His severe wrath and endless cruelty upon the enemies of His people, and the cherubim now wield that flaming sword which turns every way to execute God’s eternal vengeance upon them.
  8. F-16

    Covert Neural Transmitters

    The CIA uses zombies like these for espionage in foreign governments. A group of people think alike, and develop a pseudo-spiritual connection among like-minded individuals. Groupthink. Groups have bosses, and sometimes more-or-less logical thoughts that occur to the leaders also occur to the followers, especially when they have access to more-or-less the same information and the same premises to draw the same conclusions. Some people make more of this than what ought to be made if it, but physical implants in the brain are not necessary to explain the phenomenon.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/14/health/american-medical-association-letter-vaccine-misinformation-trnd/index.html Those crooked doctors are at it again. Going to court to demand that the high-tech cartel of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft et alia censor conspiracy boards and other anti-vaxxer sites on the internet. We need a medical board to stretch those gun-banning liberal doctors out limb from limb and take those bloody syringes and needles out of their hands. They cheated their way into medical school, and they need to be re-educated and interned where they will never again be allowed the opportunity or means to harm another patient.
  10. Mormon hypocrisy Joseph Smith was a fraud, a charlatan, and a real estate swindler. The Mormons are “Latter–Day Saints” — not morning people, and certainly not saints in their night life, for which the cities of Reno, Las Vegas, and Denver are notorious as well as Salt Lake City, so central to the district of the power and rule of that lawless cult. When that pseudo-religious criminal cult first fled the law in New England to establish a district of drug dealing, bootlegging, and prostitution by the claim of a Holy Plat of Zion on the plains of Utah, they spoke of polygamy or polygyny in the sense of one man who took many wives. women as property An initiated Mormon man “owns” his first, or lawfully wedded wife as residential property — a live-in wife — by a so-called “temple marriage” in a certain legalistic sense of tenancy by the entirety. His other wives are said to be “sealed,” that is, chained to their beds in catacombs — “till death do us part” — murdered when they are “too old” to pleasure a man commercially: that is what it is, polyandry, as one woman in such a situation is certainly compelled to offer her body to more than one man from time to time as arranged: such women are considered commercial property. circumcision and temple initiation The Mormons or Latter–Day Saints rabidly insist, even more so than Jews, on universal male circumcision, and boys are required to wear special semen-evident undergarments and strictly forbidden from “masturbating” as they are offered at a certain age the services of sealed wives upon initiation to the temple, if they have not first offered themselves to the solicitations of older men. Practices of male circumcision have historically arisen in a vain attempt to reach a balance by willfully and intentionally reducing the survival rate of boys to make up for the mass murder of prostitutes who might otherwise be tempted to reveal the secrets of grown men who seek such emotional solace from the Greek gods Eros and Thanatos in the domain of Hades. Circumcision is in fact, actuarially, a form of mass murder of innocent children, and it was so accounted in ancient times, when it was ordained by the Pharaoh in Egypt and by King Herod in the Roman Empire. obeisance to the See of Rome The genital mutilation of their newborn children is not the only measure of obeisance to the Pope exacted by the Church of Latter–Day Saints. The Mormons are white supremacist slavers, with deep historic ties and heartfelt sympathies to the Confederacy of the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party of Germany, along with the entire enemy axis of two world wars of the twentieth century, including fascist Italy, opium-addicted Austria–Hungary, imperial Japan, and czarist Russia. As for obeisance, they offer their sealed wives to the Roman Catholic priests who outside the tombs and fornices are required to maintain an open celibacy and abstain from heterosexual marriage, by an irrevocable, almost thousand-year-old edict of the Pope Gregory VII. domination of the white race It is the Mormons who inflict every conspiracy of the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion to corrupt the government and gain illicit authority over America and Europe. The Mormons also exact tithes and make monetary obeisance to the See of Rome in Italy, that self-sovereign papal district of self-proclaimed rule over all Christendom, in exchange for total domination of the white race. illegal immigration in the SW Some of the most notorious German and Polish war criminals escaped the Jewish Nazi hunters and settled in Brazil, Peru, and other parts of South America, where a drop of their precious white blood is treated as royalty by the Roman Catholic Church to whom their brethren in the plains of North America pay such obeisance for the rights to establish such a district of prostitution, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and involuntary servitude in the southwestern United States. Donald Trump’s “wall” does not go high enough or stretch far enough to stop the mass immigration of evil.
  11. murrain The English word murrain is mostly a legal term for the toll or rate of death of cattle: the veterinary or livestock equivalent of human mortality. The term is derived from the.French and used when something other than rustlers or predators is "culling the herd" and the surviving cattle are mooing mournfully. — Quant aux vaches, qu'elles meurent! supernatural mortality Murrain is a supernatural form of mortality, an otherworldly death. So the cattle are not feeling well, they are flicking away bloodsucking flies with their tails, and that plaintive moo is heard all throughout the pastures and fields. There was a recent murrain of mad cow disease in Europe, I forget, some time in the last 20–30 years or so. We think that the true cause of the European epidemic of mad cow disease was the endemic practice of the castration of bulls. A cow can become extremely vicious when she decides that she doesn't want to be milked anymore, and she requires the services of a bull. In that case, nothing short of the bull's companionship and the bearing of a calf to a live and healthy birth at full term will put her in the mood to be milked again. veterinary quacksalvery Bulls are said to be dangerous: so the veterinarians castrate them, but then the cows are mad because they don't want a bull if he can't get it up, and in fact mad cows are just as dangerous as bulls, especially when they are not in the mood to be milked. It is not entirely clear that a castrated bull or steer is safer to handle then an intact bull, but some farmers collect hefty stud fees, and it is manifestly apparent that veterinarians who practice castration on cattle also fraternize with obstetricians who practice circumcision and other forms of genital mutilation on newborn infant human subjects. criminal medical quackery We feel that doctors in any particular learned and specialized field have an endemic tendency to engage in such and such peculiar practices in order to satisfy their own prurient and gratuitous desires to cause mayhem, malicious disfigurement, and other permanent and lasting injury on unwilling subjects while empowering themselves to extort pecuniary gain by either outright inflicting further bodily harm or coldly withdrawing lifesaving aid in time of need or emergency. (Every bank needs an emergency downsizing plan to remain solvent in case of sudden massive withdrawals by panicked depositors.) witchcraft and bad medicine It is in terms of witchcraft and bad medicine that we speak of such and such practices that result in lasting and permanent bodily harm and injury that would otherwise be avoidable. Such medical practices are so evil and wicked that they violate even the old pre-Christian Norse and Roman Pagan command, — An' ye harm none, do what ye will! When individuals of great learning and political power obstinately refuse to obey such a simple command, we feel compelled to make some response or resistance, but now neither are we to be limited by modern precepts of civility and Christendom or Judaic etiquette and politeness. casus belli and preparation for war The Ten Commandments and the law of Moses are not for those who so ardently and incessantly seek to cause such harm. The tables of stone are shattered, the ancient scrolls are crumbled to dust, and the ark of the covenant no longer bears the statutes of onetime peace and civility. When the Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle, the seraphim, who worship God day and night, cry one to another, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts!" These are they of the highest angelic order, whose faces only the Lord Almighty is able to behold, and whose wings fan the flames of the wrath and vengeance of the Eternal God, as the dry bones of the righteous, once scattered about on the desert floor, assemble themselves into skeletons, put on sinews, flesh, and skin, breathe the pure air of holy prophecy to new life, and ready themselves for mortal combat. Next in order are the cherubim, full of eyes, who who carry that holy flaming sword which turns every way to guard the way of the tree of life, lest the mortal corruption of fallen human souls usurp the immortality of gods. There are thrones and dominions, it is said, but virtues oversee powers and principalities while Michael the archangel leads into battle. the host We use the word host in English. A hostis not just an army but a vast multitude of men, women, and children, all armed to the teeth for the long war, generation after generation of vicious and mortal combat for very survival. The pregnant woman draws the hunting bow with a strong arm as she readies her breast for her child. Her man fights alongside her, while the children set traps and snares for the enemy. The luxury of a home front or base is only a vague memory of the distant past, the rear guard is weary of sniping enemy fire, and the orders are to continue on with the attack, retreat from the rear and advance forward. Only when we have conquered the enemy, returned beating for beating, shed their blood for our blood, taken back treasure for treasure, exacted their lives for our dead, and purged their civil courts of their abominable filth and putrefaction of law, will we have a home or place to settle, or return to our former territory. We are the host. There is no way out. When cattle die in murrain, they are said to be adulterated as touching the carcass of an animal that has died otherwise than by slaughter, and therefore unfit for human consumption. Of all the cattle of Europe, over 500,000 head were said to have died in the murrain of mad cow disease. Their bodies were incinerated at Auschwitz in a prelude to a second hu man Holocaust in 90 years.
  12. F-16

    The three men in the furnace

    The fourth man in the furnace, whose form was "like" the Son of God: he was butt naked, and the King knew to pull those three heavily clothed boys out immediately, because that was who was molesting them.
  13. Miscellaneous other miracles from the Bible. the burning bush Probably low ground cover, with red hot lava appearing through the subsoil. Holy ground? I should think so. Moses was not a fool. He was terrified out of his mind, and carefully took off his shoes to feel of the unspeakable heat with his bare feet. Moses' speech impediment The Egyptians worshipped a Sun God, Rah. Moses worshipped one God and Creator of all, who called himself Yahweh ("I am that I am") or Yah ("I am") for short. When Moses appeared in Pharaoh's court in the name of Yah, Pharaoh was able to save face by allowing that Moses, in invoking Yah, was not worshipping a foreign God but only mispronouncing the name of Rah because of his speech impediment. the nine plagues of Egypt Pharaoh's magicians, Jannes and Jambres, were acquitted at trial on the first two plagues of changing the waters of the River Nile into deadly poisonous blood, and causing a sudden gathering of frogs in such great masses to mate out of season. The magicians were convicted at trial on the plague of lice, and pleaded no contest to the plague of flies and murrain of cattle. For their silence they were required to make restitution of cattle for cattle, living for dead, until the court was satisfied that not one of the cattle of the children of Israel had died of the murrain, that peculiar form of mortality at law which affects cattle. failure to appear and perjury Pharaoh's lawyers, Jannes and Jambres, called in sick and failed to appear in court for the plague of smallpox, which allowed Moses to omit the service of process for the hail of pumice stone and rain of fire which fell from Mt. Sinai, the plague of grasshoppers that devoured what was left of Egypt's crops, the darkness that fell when the sun was blotted out by soot and ashes from Mt. Sinai, and the respiratory distress and death of the newborn children who were only accounted firstborn until the midwives and Pharaoh's witnesses in law attended to another birth.
  14. And what a foul Egyptian curse at that. Human flesh so corruptible you've got to put it in the icebox before it spoils.
  15. The six sigma conspiracy Or why I am not only unemployable in the United States, but persona non grata at practically every place of work, business, commerce or government. Serious conspiracy stuff, do take warning: highly classified informationif we needed such official sources, not to base our reports on commonly observed everyday events and life experience or resist being dissuaded from the inevitable conclusions of common sense by all sound logic. This is nothing short of a full-blown Communist coup d'etat of the United States of America. It happened progressively, "boiling the frog," as they say, as the whole U.S. government, and the government of every state, district, and municipality within the U.S., in the lies and denialism of their entrenched bureaucracy, secretly succumbed to all the vices propagated by the old guard Soviets from behind the Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War. six sigma or five nines Six sigma or 6σ is a pseudo-intellectual middle-management reference to the portion of the standardized bell curve within six standard deviations of the mean. Sometimes they say five nines or 99.999%. ∫₋₆⁺⁶ e^(-x²/2) dx/√(2π) =~ 99.999% These people probably skated through with an MBA somewhere even though they struggled with the math, so the details are not really all that relevant to their way of doing business, except as a catch phrase or recognition sign here or there for a certain self-important Harvard-Yale-Wharton small-business or "break-room labor-friendly" in-group. I remember a club called "VICA" ("Vocational Industrial Clubs of America") from my high school days, which I never officially joined, although I did take some of the courses they offered at the high school level. My main objection at the time was that it was a "club," and I have never been a clubbish or cliquish person or felt a need for such a strong sense of belonging to a tight and exclusive in-group. I have always felt that it is time to move on and make new friends when something like that happens. labor-vs-management ping-pong Just suppose for the sake of argument that you are working on an assembly line in a factory somewhere. You are making "efficiency wages," supposedly "more than you are worth," so management can fire you at the drop of a hat unless you carry major weight with the labor union, and yes, it's all closed-shop progressive labor-union nonsense, so don't even think of applying to work there unless you are a blue-blooded union boy, (or spirited working girl if they choose to admit women.) assembly-line defects The theory is moot, because defective goods are falling off the assembly line at an unacceptable rate, and neither the line workers nor their managers are taking responsibility. They are locked into a theory-mandated "system" with fundamental defects that cannot be corrected by progressive or gradual "improvements" to an erroneous business process. market for second-hand goods So the defective goods are sold second-hand at unprofitable prices, cutting into the market for what should have been made correctly on the line in the first place. Many businesses would rather destroy damaged or broken goods rather than putting out defective product with their their brand name, but shoe-string accountants won't let them take take a loss on it, and they have a valid point. Do it right on the line the first time around if you want do preserve the quality of your brand name. If that's how you make them, that's how you have to sell them. You can't be so picky and choosy after the fact. Waste not, want not. unreasonable expectations Now 99.999% of anything is simply not reality, because with that number we are already pushing the probability that a healthy young adult human being, nether at war nor in any particular danger, even lives to see the next day. The law of sudden destruction applies to such delusions of progressive excellency, peace and safety, and the reality of those numbers is the field of life insurance and murder for hire. Contracts are put out, and there is a great deal of premeditation and concealment of the true causes of defects, illness, and death. industrial sabotage It is a massively progressive industrial sabotage, done collectively on a grand scale, but by millions of individual acts each inflicting a miniscule or microscopic damage that goes unnoticed at the time: the Chinese attack of death by 1000 cuts. dictatorship of the proletariat It is all part of a foreign dictatorship of the proletariat which by a strong and overriding progressive labor union influence has taken over the lines of production and chains of command of U.S. companies from shareholders, directors, and executive officers, and subsumed capitalist business goals of competitive profit into the directives of the centrally planned economy of a certain chain-gang collectivist-progressive worldwide cartel. time to slam the door on immigration and free trade Those immigrants and foreign manufacturers come with peace signs and smooth ingratiating talk, but their occupation is military and they pursue warlike goals of industrial sabotage and mass murder on the citizens of the United States of America, intent on progressively fatiguing us into compliance with their foreign customs while they actively seek to impoverish us and chain us into the submission of a worldwide Latin-American or Spanish-Italian dictatorship of the proletariat. What the Latin collective has to offer us is not a valid alternative to the progressive public corruption and putrefaction of law of the Anglo-Saxon system which we have already so soundly rejected on CASUS BELLI.