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  1. F-16

    Area 51 is condemned

    Vanessa Bryant Writes Tearful Goodbye Note in Memory of Kobe and Gianna https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/vanessa-bryant-writes-tearful-goodbye-214802349.html Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, opened up to the public for the first time on Thursday, just days after her husband and daughter were killed in a helicopter crash. The widow made her Instagram account public and posted a heartfelt and deeply moving statement alongside a family photo: “I’m not sure what our lives hold beyond today and it’s impossible to imagine life without them. But we wake up each day trying to keep pushing because Kobe and our baby girl Gigi are shining on us to light the way.” https://www.instagram.com/vanessabryant/ We are not joking when we talk about the government's "black helicopters" or mostly white suburban "helicopter parents." There is pure evil here, and bad spirits are ruling those helicopters. Manufacturers of helicopters are putting pilots and passengers at unnecessary risk of planned "accidents" and premeditated murder in the skies. Some things are designed to fail. Modern helicopters, by and large, are "Sir!" aircraft designed and built by labor unions to hold the wealthy and privileged captive to hardware and software whose proper function cannot be independently verified.
  2. F-16

    The supernatural realm in Finnish

    Finnish verb infinitives are declined somewhat like nouns. The first infinitive “-ä/a/tä/ta/dä/da” occurs only in the translative case, although that case ending “-ksi” is not used unless a possessive suffix is appended after it in the so-called “long form.” The second infinitive “-e/te/de/i/ti/di-” is like the first, but it only occurs in the instructive and inessive cases to denote a “side action,” something that may be said to occur “by the way,” but more formally than that. The third infinitive “-mä/ma” denotes the “main action” and the fourth infinitive “-minen” denotes the “process” or “function” of a verb. For some reason, the partitive, essive, and translative cases (the realm of the part) of the third and fourth infinitives are not used: instead the elative, inessive, and illative cases (the realm of inner locality) are substituted. The instructive case, used almost exclusively in a formal plural for nouns, is used in the singular for the third infinitive, and not at all for the fourth. A fifth infinitive, “-mäisillään/maisillaan,” is rarely used in the adessive case in a poetically emphatic repetition of a conjugated main verb. The possessive suffix is mandatory and matches the subject. Certain verbs are “absolute” in meaning and lack some of the infinitives: elää, to live, and kuolla, to die, are among them. The adessive and inessive cases of the third infinitive are substituted for the instructive and inessive of the missing second infinitive of these verbs, and the fourth and fifth infinitives are not used. The verb olla, to be, has the second and third infinitives, but not the fourth or fifth, and generally not the long form of the first.
  3. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/05/710324238/u-s-strips-visa-from-intl-criminal-court-prosecutor-pursuing-war-crime-inquiry U.S. Strips Visa From World Criminal Court Prosecutor Pursuing War-Crimes Inquiry >>>"The ICC therefore has jurisdiction over Rome Statute crimes committed on the territory of Afghanistan or by its nationals from 1 May 2003 onwards," the court said in its summary of a preliminary examination in 2013.<<< The Rome Statute? That's the Catholic Church complaining about torture and cruel and unusual punishments of the sort they themselves do not hesitate to inflict in the depths of their secret catacombs and fornices, wherever they have the power and authority. Wasn't the Pope cozying up to the Muslims over there? https://amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/582088/ The Vatican and the Gulf Have a Common Enemy The meaning of the pope’s historic visit to the United Arab Emirates
  4. F-16

    Crooked doctors

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6888783/amp/Dont-miss-eyelids-apply-sun-cream-risk-getting-skin-cancer-warn-academics.html Oh. You're supposed to wear eye shadow to avoid getting skin cancer. Overeducated pimps. https://www.dawn.com/news/amp/1474095 Women outlive men everywhere in the world: World Health Organization report Do they, now? Assisted living facilities and the like are full of female widows, but many if not most of them were significantly younger than their husbands when they married. There is too much “honor” in the death of a man in the stately procession to the gravesite and in the solemn walk of the casketbearers, whereas families tend to cover up the deaths of women who die under less honorable circumstances, leaving an excess of unexplained female “skeletons in the closet.” It's as often as not the medical examiner or coroner along with the funeral director of a close-knit “rural” community unwilling to face the reality of the big-city red-light district into which it has grown. Consumer product safety and baby-killers https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/04/05/health/fisher-price-rock-n-play-sleeper-warning/index.html Nothing worse about that particular product than the competition, I suspect, but a messy home full of low-class consumer junk. That steel tubing and plastic framed junk kills. Don't try to raise a baby in a junkyard. If you don't need it, don't buy it. Take it back or toss it out. I hate Swiss chocolate factory consumer capitalism.
  5. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/04/709988377/in-major-shift-mormon-church-rolls-back-controversial-policies-toward-lgbt-membe The Mormons are “rolling back” LGBT foreskin to re-admit them to the church? Look. I don't do drugs. Dirty cops are churching drug addicts and sex offenders downtown Salt Lake City and preaching the streets clean and sober. Nary an arrest, because the cops can't even pass a drug drug test on the force. It's a lily-white sanctuary city.
  6. F-16

    Area 51 is condemned

    The overpriced mil-spec gear has the smell of the wok to it. The good doctor says that too much fried food is unhealthy, and the pretty smile of the waitress receives the reward of the servility of food preparation and dishwashing in the kitchen. Grease is splattered everywhere behind the stove in areas impractical or impossible to clean up, and rats and fleas spread plague to the customers. Oh, yes, they are U.S. citizens properly cleared for secret and top secret government work, but the same situation occurs for the same reasons it did in China. The Finns use “hän” and the Swedes use “han” or “hon” as a third person singular pronoun for a human. These pronouns are so old that they stem from the Chinese 漢 (Han) and they follow an ancient grammatical analogue of the “one child rule” in using the name of a group of billions of people for just one human being. But there is too much enforced uniformity, and some people are cruelly left out or otherwise mistreated.
  7. Birthers & the Protocols of Zion It's the Russian Jews. The Ashkenazi sect. The “concision” mentioned in the King James Version of the New Testament. The “synagogue of Satan.” There is no compromise to their total, absolute, and insufferable demand for universal male genital circumcision at all costs, no matter what. It does date back to the Roman Empire and admits a distorted version of Roman Paganism into the Jewish religion. They symbolically kept the Sabbath on Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Roman God of wine and beer, and held it as a day of “rest” only inasmuch as a “rest” from weekday prohibitions on excessive consumption of alcohol. The named Roman calendar months, even to this day, lag the signs of the Zodiac by eight days, because male children were circumcised and named eight days after birth in the peculiar observation of such times and seasons, and in the fashion of rounding the hair of the head or trimming the corners of a man's beard, even insofar as the cutting of the flesh for the dead. The calendar month on which the child received his name, then, corresponded to the Zodiac sign under which he was born, eight days previously. But not even the old Roman Pagans were so unnaturally obsessed with birth or the signs of birth. Does not life begin at conception? And who can know the precise moment at which that occurs? For the sun, moon, stars, and planets continue to revolve about their appointed courses in the heavens regardless of life on earth. Yet they go even so far as to sell horological gemstones for each month of birth, even though these do not correspond to the proper birth signs of the Zodiac under that self-same peculiar system of gematric numerology. Doxxers & identity thieves It's the Cult of the Dead Cow, with Beto O'Rourke in Congress. The computer hacking dates back to Adolf Hitler's gun registration and census of the Jews on IBM's Hollerith punched card mechanical tabulating machines, which were an improvement on Charles Babbage's calculating engine programmed by Ada Lovelace. It is a government cult which obsesses supernaturally over concerns of identity, birth, destiny, travel, and documentation. These are the ones who push the bathroom bill and immutable sex propaganda, and under whose religion the transgender are so viciously spited while even the most promiscuous and aggressive lesbians and gays are welcomed openly on the left and secretly on the right. Love and commercial sex traffic People of the district marry for money, housing, and child-rearing in the unmitigated misery of their lives, doomed to the everlasting destruction of their souls in the torments of hell fire. “falling in love” When they speak of “falling in love,” they speak of an eternal fall into the sins of adultery, prostitution, fornication, and all manner of sexual witchcraft. To be “in love” is more properly to be “in the know” in the sense of carnal knowledge or “in the business” of commercial sex traffic, for such ones have “fallen” eternally from all regard or feeling of kindness and compassion for another human being, in their burning and insatiable demands for the senseless mutilation of the tender flesh of the innocent ones. The Bible says that such ones, even as they profess to be “in love,” are in reality “past feeling” and have given themselves over to lasciviousness. “finding a soul mate” They talk about “finding a soul mate” when what they really mean is a gradual process of getting used to the formation of new sexual relationships while ridding themselves of the “heartbreak” from the destruction of relationships with former sexual partners. The urge to “move on” — footloose and fancy-free, as it were — becomes insatiable, but it is so vulgar that they cannot speak of it without imposing their own bald-faced lie of “finding a soul mate” upon others while utterly denying them all semblance of such companionship. Hackers & Crackers It is abundantly clear that the Cult of the Dead Cow is 100% pro-Establishment with the aforementioned Beto O'Rourke in Congress. Plain old horse-and-buggy beef-eaters. Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–Day Saints. Wells Fargo. Total brick and mortar. Computers and high technology are a “sin” in that peculiar worldview, which gives free rein to hackers and crackers. There is a party “scene” — plenty of cops on the area, but too much sex and drugs to prosecute a crime, because the pretty girls are subject only to the pimps' authority and are thus exempt from arrest and criminal prosecution under the “official” criminal justice system which is reserved mostly for men. Hackers cut hair. They are skinheads. Crackers or snipers shoot at blacks and others who have been disenfranchised and dispossessed of their firearms under federal law. Loss of rights for their victims is “progressive” with no recourse, no redress, and no reparations for past injustice. There is a party van. The FBI's Democratic Party directed local police pick-up without even so much as a pretense of due process. Names slurred in the local newspaper with false & slanderous charges. Pimpnet? What's that? And the “orange” stuff like a guy's getting set up with a “friend” or prison buddy at the lumberyard. Hello? Are we answering the phone in this district? Why are so many females hustling and bustling undercover in law enforcement? That is a strange and foreign law they are enforcing.
  8. F-16

    Crooked doctors

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26431154/stafford-wife-having-surgery-brain-tumor?platform=amp A football player's wife is having unnecessary brain surgery. It's a lobotomy. I'm thinking he wants her “put away” and institutionalized. She's talking and posting on Instagram, she doesn't need brain surgery. The doctors are not that smart. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/26423928/aaf-immediately-suspend-operations?platform=amp Not to mention, Alliance of American Football is suspending operations immediately. ... https://variety.com/2019/music/news/britney-spears-checks-into-mental-health-facility-1203179927/amp/ And Britney Spears checks into a mental hospital. Either she has Mafia//family enemies, or she is getting paid to play along with the medical doctors' sham of incarceration for mental health care. It's the same old end run around the Constitution and Bill of Rights to control another human being's behaviour by force over and above all legitimate concept of crime & punishment.
  9. https://www.apnews.com/2b43b0f510a1419d8c436e13d082dafa Doctors are paralyzing kids with injectable nerve agent The doctors are shooting the kids up with some kind of paralytic nerve agent from their vaxxing needles & syringes. That faggot Glenn Greewald whats-his-name from that libtard Intercept site in Brazil had my Twitter account blocked just as the news came out. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-47805751 Ir's getting really, really bad. Kids who are unvaxxed or uncircumcised are not permitted in school anymore.
  10. F-16

    Area 51 is condemned

    https://abcnews.go.com/US/marines-killed-helicopter-crash-yuma-arizona-officials/story?id=62075256 Now it's the Marine Corps. The more I've read about them, the more I've found that there is absolutely nothing “routine” about operation & maintenance of a helicopter. In addition to the horrific mechanical complexity, strange air effects & resonances occur around helicopters even especially under “calm and safe” conditions, where a “donut effect” occurs and the helicopter drops like a rock straight out of the sky with no warning. You cannot hover in one place too long in a helicopter under calm conditions. You need a “sloppy stick” to move around a bit if there is no turbulence in the atmosphere. If you try to do something too skilled or precise in the air like that, you are always asking for trouble. Area 51 is mental health. That means family. Those helicopters, which the “bog boys” sell to the military, have electronic “parental controls” embedded in them. There is an Oedipus complex with too much honor among women to have a son die for his country. And don't forget military women. There is a certain Electra complex where Daddy is drunk, and his little girl wears leggings — that is, she has legs and ran away to join the military. The “big boys,” of course, are the hedge fund managers and big military contractors, heavily into helicopter parenting. “Family” (mafia) has those proprietary embedded software “hooks” in all military equipment. They have the ability to disable a helicopter remotely in flight, and cause it to drop out of the sky and kill its pilot and occupants.
  11. Nouns in Finnish are declined in four or five realms, with three aspects to each realm and a few other cases. There are realms of the whole, the part, inner and outer locality, and a kind of formal instrumentation subject to miscellaneous extra grammatical rules. There are aspects of departure, sojourn, and arrival, respectively, for each realm. the whole: nominative, accusative, genitive the part: partitive, essive, translative inner locality: elative, inessive, illative outer locality: ablative, adessive, allative instrumentation: abessive, instructive, comitative There is another realm that only exists for a few pronouns that are not fully nouns in their own right. supernatural: excessive, superessive, superlative In Finnish, yli means “over,” ylä means “above,” and ylös means “up.” These words are thought to be suggestive or imitative of a wolf howling at the moon. When the Bible says that the Lord ascended up far above all heavens, the superlative case is used in the Finnish language because that is considered so high as to be entering the supernatural realm. Herra on noussut ylhäälle. Now the wolf's ears are laid all the way back and she is howling toward the heavens in abject fright and terror of her life. When it is said in English, “God dwells on high,” the superessive case is used. Jumala asuu ylhäällä. Human beings are mortified and crumble to dust before anything that high. God is so high that He has to come down, but then it is said, Jumalan viha ilmestyy ylhäältä. The wrath of God is revealed from on high. The Finnish word alas means down, suggestive of a cry of regret. In the superlative it is put alhaalle, suggesting the hideous scream of one falling into the underworld, condemned to eternal torment. (There is something called “Pimpnet” and a malicious Android app called “RC Collect.”)
  12. The key to “Ashkenazi” is the Nazi part. The way go on about how intelligent they are, it's a Nietzschean race of Übermenschen with a plan to take over the world, and the nations are nothing but cattle to them. It's the elitists on the Russian Jew side of WWII. The Protocols of Zion, the Commies of the Red Scare from the 1950s. No true bearing on Hebrew ancestry or descent, but definitely connected with the old guard Охрана from before WWI & the Russian Revolution as well as Stalin's Communist Party. It's that incessantly ardent demand for universal circumcision & so much witchcraft to enforce that peculiar manner of mutilation on the innocent ones at the hospital. The NAZI elitists from the German side were in cahoots with the Ashkenazi elitist Russian sect of converted secular Judaism, with an unwavering goal to corrupt the Israeli government and subvert all ideology of Zionism to further Russian & Polish goals of world domination through the Protocols of Zion. It's somewhat like the connections among Ku Klux Klan, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and Scotland Yard with Europol & Interpol.
  13. F-16

    Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

    Table of contents Troubles with Christianity as a Religion Old and New Testaments The Doctrine of the Trinity Propitiation or Atonement for Sin The Crusades or Holy Wars The Religion of Psychology and Psychiatry Troubles with Christianity as a Religion Old and New Testaments The Old Testament was based on circumcision or a submission to genital mutilation in the promise of a Comforter to come, the Consolation of Israel. The New Testament rejected circumcision for baptism, and Jesus was crucified for it, but the doctrine was never made sufficiently clear, and even Paul himself almost sneakily reintroduced circumcision into Christianity. The word “Testament” itself is related to “testicle” as it were a vulgarity or oath undertaken to an agreement or covenant, or last will, as it were. I cannot read the Bible as a lawyer reading a will, or the salvation of one's soul as a testament that only comes into force after men are dead. The Doctrine of the Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Jesus is the Son, whose fatherhood is not ascribed to Joseph the husband of Mary, but to God in heaven. Nonetheless the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, tends to sneak in alongside the Father as a fourth person to the Trinity. All three persons of the Trinity are of course undeniable in reading the Gospel, but there was a so-called Aryan heresy that insisted almost upon a trefoil symbology for the three persons of the Trinity, rather than the simple sign of Jesus' cross. The Aryans, of course, were white people, and there was. a certain cultural significance to the number three among “white people” that long predated Christianity. The number three was necessary because the number two (among men) represented an inappropriate father-son or other male-male relationship, a men's cultural problem that could not be remedied by a mother figure, as if Jesus were to be a mama's boy; no, the Holy Ghost was needed as a third party inasmuch as Christianity was not to be interpreted as a religion of a Father fooling around with His Son when the right Spirit is not present. Propitiation or Atonement for Sin The doctrine of substitute atonement, as a whipping boy for the fairy tale prince, has been carried too far. A certain culture of Omertà, presented as a passing or substitute “respect” for the Virgin Mary, and an assumed willingness do “take the fall” in silence for another's crime, has been imposed altogether too much by Roman or Latina organized crime networks. As if “I” ought to be kind like Jesus, and freely allow an irascibly corrupt system in the name of “justice” to do to me what it did to Jesus, as if out of kindness “I” should meekly offer myself to slake the thirst of my enemies for my blood under the color of law, without rising to defend my friends. No. It is Jesus who said, “I am the way.” We cannot earn our way out of the false accusations of a corrupt and putrefied justice system by taking all its guilt upon ourselves the way Jesus took it on Himself. “It is finished,” He cried. Enough is enough. The Crusades or Holy Wars Christians eventually had to take to arms and fight. Christians cannot accept Holy Communion in the name of the Lord of Sabaoth and deny the Crusades or the cause and necessity of war. Christianity is neither a religion of peace, submission, and self-humiliation for the sake of submissiveness, nor of the honor of military officers twirling their moustaches. It is a religion of obedience to God rather than to man, and of an independent and personal relationship to God at that. The Religion of Psychology and Psychiatry Greek neologisms for the scientific study and practice of healing, respectively, of the soul, or psyche. Unfortunately those doctors are evil, who deal in the bodies and souls of men, according to the Revelation. We cannot as Christians stand by while those doctors practice such wickedness upon the innocent ones, nor in good conscious can we willingly submit ourselves to their evil, as it were an example that others should follow as if in obedience. No. We must commit ourselves instead to the destruction of the lives of those doctors, even as they have destroyed our lives by practicing such peculiar arts under the guise of “healing” the soul by imprisonment and forced administration of drugs, just as they “healed” the bodies of the innocent ones by practices of circumcision and genital mutilation. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, skin for skin, wound for wound, burning for burning, stripe for stripe, and life for life, after the law of Moses and Job, we must pursue those doctors until all their peculiar arts and practices of scientific divination in the name of healing the psyche or soul have been eradicated and purged from off the face of the entire earth, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It is a scandalous shame to proclaim the “Gospel” anywhere a psychologist or a psychiatrist is permitted to practice his peculiar arts, for there is no “Good News” until those Satanic curses in the name of medicine have been thrown off. Then shall be fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, when the battle turns in our favor, the blood-soaked garments from the war zone are gathered and burned up with fuel of fire, and the rod of the oppressor is broken, for we cannot leave unpunished those police officers, lawyers, judges, and military officers who fraternize with the doctors of such peculiar arts in the guise of “healing” the bodies and souls of mankind.
  14. F-16

    Beto O'Rourke & Cult of the Dead Cow

    The Cult of the Dead Cow is out to murder Devin Nunes at all costs, no matter what. We need to know why. McClatchy: Devin Nunes sued a parody account with about 1,000 followers. Here’s how many it has now We want to be informed. That should not be misconstrued as our approval. the Grim Reaper In the King James Bible, when the angel of death thrust in his sickle into the earth, the expression used is The earth was reaped. The Finnish language makes no distinction between reaping and cutting; however the Reaper swings the scythe by the snathe, it is a sharpened steel blade and it is said to cut, leikata in Finnish, but the Finnish Bible makes it clear that this is no ordinary or natural cutting: Maa tuli leikatuksi. This is not the usual passive voice in Finnish, but the translative case of the passive past participle is used to indicate that The earth came into a condition of having been cut. parents who sow “wild oats” and reap their children When parents “cut” their children’s hair, we say that they reap their children for the pleasure of their own flesh in performing an intimate grooming ritual against their will. We have no mercy for commercial barbers or hairdressers, either. If a man cannot cut his own hair or shave his head like men in the military tend to do, then he can wear it in a ponytail or tie it back like a woman — in no event a choice for another man to make for him. A man need only be concerned with his own head and keeping it attached to his own shoulders, not with the hair on another man's head. Nor is there any such concern that long hair should become “too fashionable” on men: male pattern baldness is subconsciously appealing to women, however strenuously they might deny it, and a shaved head is often a subtle sign of a man’s naked sexual desire, which he wishes to conceal by shaving other men’s heads. The same issues pertain to women’s hair and nails: such women hound their same-sex customers hellishly and unceasingly, and viciously break into private quarters even in the dead of night, with total impunity from a complicit law enforcement and criminal court system, to offer their services, or even compel them by force or deception when they are not accepted willingly. We are Finns and we shall put them out of business and make sure they stay out of business, and never start up again, just as we did to the “Czar of all the Russias” who assumed the fraudulent title of Grand Duke of Finland. When Joseph’s brethren sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn — that is, submitted to the Egyptian practice of circumcision — we say that they reaped their children for pecuniary gain. ACH wire fraud Automated Clearing House? Not so fast there. The American Bankers’ Association got in the way. The truth is far more ugly than anyone could ever have imagined. ACH = Abortion, Circumcision, & Haircut. Both the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were founded by the very same Czarist Russian regime characterized by excessive royalty and privilege as well as outrageous titles, enforced by the Охрана or secret police, which imposed the notorious and Machiavellian “Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” on the United States. the enfeoffment of the United States under a “federal” form of government The “federation,” along with all the other miscellaneous “federal” business which infected a United States government that previously eschewed the word in the one-time victory of the Civil War, is a warlike resurgence of the old Russian Royal blood. If the U.S. Marshals cannot solve a crime the old-fashioned way as perhaps better exemplified by Sherlock Holmes, then the FBI is not going to be of much help either. Intuition may lead to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but the fruit of faith is borne neither by an oath of fiefdom nor by any other institution that bears the word “federal” in its name. the fiefdom To speak English rather than Spanish or attempted Latin, the word “federal” means “of or relating to a fiefdom.” We are not cattle, and our Constitution does not permit us to walk with cloven feet or to divide our loyalty between the fiefdom and the people of the United States, whether we seek liberty and pursuit of happiness or bondage and further enfeoffment. We make the assumption of life rather than death, even if not for our own sake, because we believe our cause is just for the sake of the innocent ones, and the continuance of our life on this earth frustrates the burning lust and ardent desire of our enemies to murder us in cold blood, that may slake their thirst for evil and satisfy their own flesh in harm and wickedness. Enough of that. Those unalienable God-given rights of life, liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness are held, and must be held, to prevail over fiefdom and over all things federal.