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  1. Remember Oregon's Board of Eugenics? Is this real, or are they kidding us? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612458/exclusive-chinese-scientists-are-creating-crispr-babies/ No joke. I believe they did something like this to me in the womb, perhaps hormonal versus gene editing. Believe me, their goals are not benevolent, and these scientists only serve to justify casus belli for the holy war of all holy wars to end their madness. Did they never read in the Scriptures that holy Song of Songs, and from the Book of Wisdom how Solomon was conceived in the same act as all mortal men were? And now they have profaned, pillaged, and plundered the holiest of holy places of the Temple of the Lord of hosts, which Solomon built.
  2. Facebook has cracked the TOR protocol, (The Onion Router,) to create a "vanity address," namely http://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (This is not a normal link: you must use TOR to visit it.) This means without a doubt that Facebook has the ability to help governments, criminals, and hostile nation-states to uncover and expose Dark Web users https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebookcorewwwi.onion https://lifehacker.com/facebook-unveils-a-tor-friendly-onion-address-for-ano-1654081929 https://www.facebook.com/facebookcorewwwi/ https://www.quora.com/How-did-Facebook-manage-to-create-the-vanity-URL-Page-on-facebookcorewwwi-onion https://darkwebnews.com/news/facebook-supports-tor-project-for-onion-sites-to-get-official-recognition/ Facebook accomplished this crack four years ago. How advanced is that company now with its corporate white-collar criminal hacking and cracking into others' private data and information?
  3. https://www.ajc.com/news/gun-deaths-highest-level-years-cdc-says/vgcdQWPITScDYEdpHrswBP/amp.html Those government docs demand total gun control and the arbitrary power to impose involuntary psychiatric hospitalization. Nothing they have ever done is of any help to the survival and independence of their patients. What do they expect in return from us? Their goal is to foster a culture of lifelong dependency on medicine, and the docs do not hesitate to hold the very lives of their patients hostage in order to further their vicious political goals or extort monetary gain from relatives.
  4. Nouns in Finnish are declined in four or five realms, with three aspects to each realm and a few other cases. There are realms of the whole, the part, inner and outer locality, and a kind of formal instrumentation subject to miscellaneous extra grammatical rules. There are aspects of departure, sojourn, and arrival, respectively, for each realm. the whole: nominative, accusative, genitive the part: partitive, essive, translative inner locality: elative, inessive, illative outer locality: ablative, adessive, allative instrumentation: abessive, instructive, comitative There is another realm that only exists for a few pronouns that are not fully nouns in their own right. supernatural: excessive, superessive, superlative In Finnish, yli means “over,” ylä means “above,” and ylös means “up.” These words are thought to be suggestive or imitative of a wolf howling at the moon. When the Bible says that the Lord ascended up far above all heavens, the superlative case is used in the Finnish language because that is considered so high as to be entering the supernatural realm. Herra on noussut ylhäälle. Now the wolf's ears are laid all the way back and she is howling toward the heavens in abject fright and terror of her life. When it is said in English, “God dwells on high,” the superessive case is used. Jumala asuu ylhäällä. Human beings are mortified and crumble to dust before anything that high. God is so high that He has to come down, but then it is said, Jumalan viha ilmestyy ylhäältä. The wrath of God is revealed from on high. The Finnish word alas means down, suggestive of a cry of regret. In the superlative it is put alhaalle, suggesting the hideous scream of one falling into the underworld, condemned to eternal torment. (There is something called “Pimpnet” and a malicious Android app called “RC Collect.”)
  5. That is apparently her main claim to fame. She chained herself to the front door of Twitter's office in New York until NYPD removed her. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/far-right-activist-laura-loomer-handcuffs-herself-twitter-s-new-n941891 She's Jewish. I don't know her exact beliefs, but complaining about Female Genital Mutilation while continuing to insist on male circumcision just doesn't get you far, but let's not assume that in any case without proof. "Far-right," they call her? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/sinclair-must-run-laura-loomer_us_5bfea9f3e4b0f43bf26731f7 She's banned from Uber and Lyft, as well. It was supposedly an attack on Muslim Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). She was complaining about women forced to wear the hijab. I don't like this Muslim-Democrat connection in Congress, either. Muslims are a protected minority but Jews are not? It's all fishy to me. https://amp.thisisinsider.com/lara-loomer-chained-herself-twitter-hq-after-banned-2018-11 Laura Loomer, a far-right activist who tweeted anti-Muslim remarks about Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, handcuffed herself to Twitter's HQ after the company kicked her off the platform Very long headline, but here's the thing. Muslims are definitely a protected minority in New York even after 9/11/2001, but Jews are not. In fact Jews are so much in the majority and in control of city hall and government in New York, that there is no other explanation of the mistreatment she is experiencing, than that she broke ranks with more powerful Jews. Government in New York is Jewish government. Crime in New York is Jewish crime. Follows demographics.
  6. The six sigma conspiracy Or why I am not only unemployable in the United States, but persona non grata at practically every place of work, business, commerce or government. Serious conspiracy stuff, do take warning: highly classified informationif we needed such official sources, not to base our reports on commonly observed everyday events and life experience or resist being dissuaded from the inevitable conclusions of common sense by all sound logic. This is nothing short of a full-blown Communist coup d'etat of the United States of America. It happened progressively, "boiling the frog," as they say, as the whole U.S. government, and the government of every state, district, and municipality within the U.S., in the lies and denialism of their entrenched bureaucracy, secretly succumbed to all the vices propagated by the old guard Soviets from behind the Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War. six sigma or five nines Six sigma or 6σ is a pseudo-intellectual middle-management reference to the portion of the standardized bell curve within six standard deviations of the mean. Sometimes they say five nines or 99.999%. ∫₋₆⁺⁶ e^(-x²/2) dx/√(2π) =~ 99.999% These people probably skated through with an MBA somewhere even though they struggled with the math, so the details are not really all that relevant to their way of doing business, except as a catch phrase or recognition sign here or there for a certain self-important Harvard-Yale-Wharton small-business or "break-room labor-friendly" in-group. I remember a club called "VICA" ("Vocational Industrial Clubs of America") from my high school days, which I never officially joined, although I did take some of the courses they offered at the high school level. My main objection at the time was that it was a "club," and I have never been a clubbish or cliquish person or felt a need for such a strong sense of belonging to a tight and exclusive in-group. I have always felt that it is time to move on and make new friends when something like that happens. labor-vs-management ping-pong Just suppose for the sake of argument that you are working on an assembly line in a factory somewhere. You are making "efficiency wages," supposedly "more than you are worth," so management can fire you at the drop of a hat unless you carry major weight with the labor union, and yes, it's all closed-shop progressive labor-union nonsense, so don't even think of applying to work there unless you are a blue-blooded union boy, (or spirited working girl if they choose to admit women.) assembly-line defects The theory is moot, because defective goods are falling off the assembly line at an unacceptable rate, and neither the line workers nor their managers are taking responsibility. They are locked into a theory-mandated "system" with fundamental defects that cannot be corrected by progressive or gradual "improvements" to an erroneous business process. market for second-hand goods So the defective goods are sold second-hand at unprofitable prices, cutting into the market for what should have been made correctly on the line in the first place. Many businesses would rather destroy damaged or broken goods rather than putting out defective product with their their brand name, but shoe-string accountants won't let them take take a loss on it, and they have a valid point. Do it right on the line the first time around if you want do preserve the quality of your brand name. If that's how you make them, that's how you have to sell them. You can't be so picky and choosy after the fact. Waste not, want not. unreasonable expectations Now 99.999% of anything is simply not reality, because with that number we are already pushing the probability that a healthy young adult human being, nether at war nor in any particular danger, even lives to see the next day. The law of sudden destruction applies to such delusions of progressive excellency, peace and safety, and the reality of those numbers is the field of life insurance and murder for hire. Contracts are put out, and there is a great deal of premeditation and concealment of the true causes of defects, illness, and death. industrial sabotage It is a massively progressive industrial sabotage, done collectively on a grand scale, but by millions of individual acts each inflicting a miniscule or microscopic damage that goes unnoticed at the time: the Chinese attack of death by 1000 cuts. dictatorship of the proletariat It is all part of a foreign dictatorship of the proletariat which by a strong and overriding progressive labor union influence has taken over the lines of production and chains of command of U.S. companies from shareholders, directors, and executive officers, and subsumed capitalist business goals of competitive profit into the directives of the centrally planned economy of a certain chain-gang collectivist-progressive worldwide cartel. time to slam the door on immigration and free trade Those immigrants and foreign manufacturers come with peace signs and smooth ingratiating talk, but their occupation is military and they pursue warlike goals of industrial sabotage and mass murder on the citizens of the United States of America, intent on progressively fatiguing us into compliance with their foreign customs while they actively seek to impoverish us and chain us into the submission of a worldwide Latin-American or Spanish-Italian dictatorship of the proletariat. What the Latin collective has to offer us is not a valid alternative to the progressive public corruption and putrefaction of law of the Anglo-Saxon system which we have already so soundly rejected on CASUS BELLI.
  7. the copper marriage ring sect You can't make a wedding ring of copper, the saying goes, but that doesn't stop them from trying, even some of the Finnish and Irish immigrants who worked the copper and coal mines in Michigan. It's a major police fraternization racket around the world, deeply connected with the "swinger" scene at your local White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) church. You have one near you if you read English. It's a "call of duty" that goes "above and beyond" to enforce mores against adultery by a "church law of Christ" or else Paul's epistles to the last jot and tittle under such a strange color of law as to force two deemed married to copulate in bed together and all others to stay far away, and to officiously regulate social gender roles and certificates of marriage by secretly imposing extreme torture and other hidden lifelong punishments for even the slightest imagined wrongs of a sexual or romantic nature. Common law is utterly disdained by the marriage ring enforcement sect, most remedies at civil law are cut off, and "tenancy by the entirety" is required for the ownership of real property and other assets by title. ("High-test" marriages, LDS temple marriages, etc.) Women are "discouraged" if not altogether dispossessed from owning property except in strict subordination to their husbands: "the brotherhood," or "patriarchy" as feminists of the civil rights era referred to it, or "братва" in Russian. the swingers: labor + marijuana "Swingers" trade wives. They are married on paper and freely commit adultery. Open marriage and free love, they will have it. They start on marijuana, which alters their consciousness in such a manner as to cause them to work "too hard" inasmuch as not knowing when to quit, but nonetheless failing to do the job right the first time. Marijuana gives them a tendency to "swing" from one extreme to the other in all areas of life. They punish their children harshly for any perceived misbehavior, and molest them with excessive and inordinate affection at other times. A lifelong addiction to marijuana leads them onto harder drugs, such as heroin and other opiates to sleep at night, and amphetamines and cocaine to stay awake by day. Their taste for vivid hallucinations, acquired by the use of marijuana, leads them onto artificial hallucinogens such as LSD, PCP, and "spice," as well as natural hallucinogenic mushrooms, peyote, and other intoxicating herbs. Swingers drink beer, wine, and hard liquor in large quantities, but carefully conceal their use and abuse of alcohol. extreme emphasis on appearance A very short haircut is required for men, along with an appropriately somber suit. Pierced ears, earrings, jewelry, makeup, fingernail polish, and long fingernails are all forbidden for women, and dresses or skirts are required. Young women are required to wear their hair long, but they cut it progressively shorter as they age.
  8. Starbucks Sells to Nestlé the Rights to Offer Its Coffee in Stores for $7 Billion Perpetual rights. For a $78,000,000,000 company. Whoever was representing Starbucks in that deal is dead meat, and I mean dead. As in, that guy's life is over. Major corporate fraud. War. Militarily hostile foreign corporate takeover. Shareholders be damned. Customers be damned. Employees be damned. They stole the brand, just like a stolen car. And now they're parting it out and fencing it. We can't even vote individual shares of stock anymore, and they pull this kind of stunt on investors of American companies.
  9. https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/zayava-prezidenta-ukrayini-shodo-zatverdzhennya-ukazu-pro-vv-51362 For thirty days, from November 28 to last until mid-December. Doesn't add up. In the US, Democrats seem to take Ukraine's side, and Republicans are on Russia's side. So. A civil war if it spreads to the U.S. There is a "far-right" white supremacist contingent to the Ukrainian side, closely allied with Germany's Angela Merkel and Yuliya Tymoshenko, but more conservative Ukrainians of the party of Petro Poroshenko are not as hostile to Russia. The Ukrainian hryvnia is highly inflated, and most Ukrainians would prefer to trade with the Russian ruble, since Ukraine was not allowed to join the Euro.
  10. I am part Swedish, and obviously not all Swedes are blonde and blue-eyed, and even some of my relatives carry Spanish surnames. This goes way back when. The ancient Swedish druids (Aryans) wrote in "runes" -- which were crude symbols scratched in birch bark. There was an alphabet called a "futhark" after the sounds represented by its first few symbols. There were 24 runes, arranged in three "eights." To this day, a "rune" is a poem or piece of traditional literature in Scandinavia. When Spaniards migrated to Oslo and Malmo:, they brought the Roman alphabet of the Latin language from which their native Spanish is descended, and their Roman letters replaced the druidic runes as a system of writing for the Swedish language, (as well as Norwegian and Danish.) Many Latin words also came into Swedish through Spanish, whereas those same Latin words have tended to come into English through French.
  11. beaten by the scourge of hyperprofessionalism: never to recover The disease and scourge of hyperprofessionalism has beaten down the economy of the USA immeasurably. A "service economy" (a.k.a. slavery) based on the client-professional relationship is very, very sick. Such an economy needs to be ordered at martial law to cure itself of such sickness, with special instructions for enhanced enforcement and extra punishment for any violations. symptoms Clients are treated as gullible children in a certain sense, or else property in the sense of business assets. Professionals hoard knowledge and mislead both their clients and the general public. Clients are deemed incompetent to perform tasks that most people ought to be able to do for themselves most of the time on their own terms, and professionals charge a lot of money and go hard at the law to perform other people's tasks professionally, straight out of their hands. examples auto mechanics The shops have proprietary code readers for funny little hidden things that go wrong. You can't change your own oil or brake pads or do other routine maintenance without invalidating the warranty on your new or pre-owned car. Take it in for something "routine" and there's always something else wrong with your car that you have to pay a lot of money to get fixed. (The entire aviation industry has gone so far overboard on professional mechanic professionalism, we won't even discuss it.) tax accountants Rich people have their taxes done for them. You'd be well advised to follow their example. (Of course, really rich people cut their carrots into coins and stay home to do their taxes.) lawyers They practice psychiatric mentalism at law and charge a lot of money for probate and estates and such, and coerce free advertising in the newspaper on dead people's money. hair and nails A woman pays money for another woman to make her up and tell her she's beautiful, but it's a conflict of interest because she's hustling on the street, and really wants to eliminate her clients from the competition. Shampoo spiked with cheap hair dye, and chemicals that eat your nails left on hand rails in public places. restaurants as opposed to grocery stores It's a conflict of interest under the same roof, because they charge full restaurant retail prices for groceries, and well, you may as well eat at the restaurant, because you owe a tip to the professional waitress anyways. bars as opposed to liquor stores Never drink alone, and you owe the bartender a big tip because she's really looking out for your best interests. Recipes for desserts or savory foods that call for some kind of liquor, wine, or beer are out of the question to try at home, although they are served even to children in restaurants. Just leave it up to the professionals. medical doctors It starts with all that abortion and circumcision in the obstetric and gynecologic ward at the local hospital. People just get sicker and sicker until they die, and meanwhile the doctors, nurses, chiropractors, whatnot, are bilking them for every dime they own. pharmacists and druggers Whether drugs are dealt on the street corner at gunpoint, forcibly under arrest at the psychiatrist's office, or by "choice" at a non-mental health doctor's office, most of the time, it is unnecessary drugs that are prescribed and necessary and prudent drugs that are denied. We simply must say no to all drugs until the whole system is brutally and forcibly reformed. firearms, fireworks, explosives It's the city hall cops and mercenary soldiers, and the armed private security guard protection rackets everywhere. They're all so damned professional about their absolute right to hold up their clients or their clients' customers at gunpoint, that guns are banned for the general public anymore. Some of those soldiers have just a little bit too much of a haircut, and well shit, guns are banned, they're just too damned professionally "into" much of the exact same business which they deny to their underlings. requiem When God orders to speak, the tongue cannot be restrained, neither the voice of His holy law that projects stones to kill at a distance.
  12. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/03/it-turns-out-beto-orourke-stole-phone-service-pirated-software-as-a-kid/ Beto O'Rourke was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker group that developed Back Orifice and whatnot, way back when. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/reuters-held-story-about-beto-orourke-until-after-senate-race Total devil worshippers. Evil beyond belief. Democrats in Congress. Computer hackers extraordinaire. Certainly affiliated with Computer Chaos Club in Germany, as well as the whole Bilderberg club, NATO, and Trilateralists. Gun-banning peeping-tom zealots, all of them.
  13. When the serpent first deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, and induced her to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he could not bear the curse that God put on him, that he must crawl on his belly and eat dust for the rest of his life. Therefore he changed his first skin of deception for that of flooding, and he cause the whole earth to be flooded three times: first by violence and bloodshed, second by water which broke forth from all the sources and fountains of the great abyss, the floodgates of heaven being opened, and third by the alcoholic spirits and liquors of fermented wine. Then he changed the skin of flooding for that of Jewish circumcision, demanding the mutilation of newborn boys in the flesh, and cutting off the Jews from all their neighbors in enmity and war, even though the Prophet Ezekiel rebuked the Daughter of Zion because she was so wicked that she justified even her sisters Sodom and Samaria. About 300 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, Satan finally changed his skin of Jewish circumcision for that of popery and Roman Catholicism. When the papists withheld the cup of Holy Communion and insisted on temporal works as a basis for eternal salvation, that wicked serpent changed the skin of Catholicism for that of false Lutheranism. These so-called Lutherans namely insist that man is saved by grace through faith, but they deny God's grace and remain under the Law, from which they demand not only the good works of Catholicism, but also the circumcision of the Jews, and even this is not enough to satisfy these false Lutherans' ardent demands for righteousness: no, they demand these works and more from the poor, not to promise them eternal salvation, but even to spare for them the bare necessities of temporal life from one day to the next. A fifth changing of the serpent's skin took place sometime about the 1800s when the Industrial Revolution brought country dwellers to the city for factory work. Opium dens, brothels, and other houses iniquity flourished, and all manner of street drugs and prostitution and fornication began to prevail on the earth, as those former false Lutherans never found the grace to be released from under the Law. I feel that the serpent is about to change his skin for a sixth time, but how?
  14. You know what I'm talking about. Too many dear brothers in the Lord hanging out in the men's room holding hands, leaning on one another's shoulders sobbing and crying in such manly commiseration begging forgiveness for their male sins. Yes, they have "sisters." But first you have to ask, second, if you have to ask, the answer is actually NO, and in the third place, to put it politely, there is no bread for the poor. Reminds me of the time many years ago that some doctor (actually a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant) tried to tell me I bad "AIDS" or "HIV" or some shit like that and they were going to do a "Western blot" or "immunoassay" to try to see what they could do for me. They did prescribe me some medication for some infection I had at the time related to an immune dysfunction I had developed. Apparently, it was the wrong medication, because they changed it all of a sudden, but I didn't feel well on that medication, either, so I quit taking it, and when the infections came back, I started thinking maybe they would go away better on their without the medication, which they did. Since I didn't go back to that doctor, I was never actually served notice of a positive HIV test result or a legal diagnosis of AIDS, and furthermore in the mean time I've had tests that were negative for HIV and actually donated blood after answering all the questions truthfully. Somehow HIV is supposed to be transmitted by anal sex and IV drug needle sharing, but not by mosquitoes or other biting insects. It's not clear why black women and white male homosexuals should get HIV more than other ethnic and social groups. Must have something to do with the "Ebola" virus which reportedly remains in the eyeballs and testicles of black men after they recover from it assuming they survive. Anyways, I was never served notice of a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, and it would probably not have held up in court if I were. So back to the "dear brothers in the Lord" in the men's room. There is a certain abstract, general sense in which they cut hair and steal or destroy a woman's beauty. In a certain sense they require only boys and men to be circumcised and have their hair cut, but right next door there is a women's beauty parlor "offering" not only haircuts, but manicures, pedicures, waxing, laser hair removal, facials, and even unnecessary plastic surgery, or liposuction, possibly even a facelift or just a little nip or a tuck here or there. So these "dear brothers in the Lord" (1) reject a woman's natural beauty, (2) maintain an unnatural "ideal" of feminine beauty, (3) insist very slyly that "their" women adhere to their artificial standards of beauty, and (4) harshly and severely separate women and girls along with any ideal of their attractiveness from the younger men and boys, whom they force mercilessly into a certain lifestyle of male-only companionship which they cultivate without any compunction whatsoever. I was brought up in such a church, more on the female side than the male, because my male friends tended to be too desirous of a one-on-one relationship with me, and I was not really ever welcome as part of an all-male group, and over time, the whole concept of sex and gender became more and more central to their religion, which now required male circumcision under the letter of the law of Sodom, Egypt, and Babylon. Meanwhile the church actually changed its creed and altered its articles of incorporation to reflect these new extremes of fundamentalism in an atmosphere where dissent was, to put it mildly, highly discouraged.
  15. people of the book Mainly it is Muslims use the term "people of the book" to include Christians, Jews, Baha`i, etc., as opposed, somewhat pejoratively, to uneducated heathens, pagans, and gentiles. Jewish Secularism Opposed to orthodoxy. Total control of mainstream media. Astrology, horoscopes, etc. Traditional deference to Romish pagan justice and jurisprudence. Numerous semantic arguments over the "existence" of God, agnosticism vs. atheism. A certain vague hyperspirituality over common medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Rabid insistence on abortion rights and non-optional genital circumcision at birth. 501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business. Is that a CFR or U.S. Code, or a fundraising selling point? Christian Catholicism Ecumenical, worldly, and all-encompassing. Violently opposed to Protestantism, but not even to the most hideous torture and human rights violations. The pope and all his cardinals, not to be caught in their own words with so much secular power and authority. Total control over health insurance and medicine. Donald Trump's notorious religious advisory panel. Rabid insistence on total mental health gun control. 501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business. Islamic Sunnism ISIL. The caliphate. Terrorist opposition to Shi`ism. One world order for all Muslims. Think of outdated Confederate rebel sympathies in the U.S., or else a Civil War Union mentality tainted by Iranian carpetbaggers with an anti-business labor movement. The Saudi Arabian royal establishment. Lesbian ladies of the harem who demand a beard of a certain length on men. Strong and carefully hidden influence on mainstream media. Very effective religious propaganda. Unabashedly in it for the money. Baha`i, other sects Jesus' disciples asked him why the disciples of John the Baptist fasted so often, while they ate and drank. Jesus explained that He was the bridegroom, and that the children of the bridechamber (namely His disciples) could not be expected to fast while they were with Him, but that the time would come that He would be taken away, and then they would fast. John rebuked the whores of this world harshly, and he was decapitated for it. Jesus was as kind, loving, and affectionate as He could be to them without implicating Himself in their wrongdoing, and He was crucified for it. John the Baptist insisted that he was not worthy to unloose the latchet of Jesus' shoes, a very affectionate way to speak of another man, and Jesus called him "the friend of the bridegroom," that is, a different sort of character, almost like there was a bit of bachelor party ("last night out with the guys") going on with those locusts and wild honey, and the "wandering in the wilderness," like maybe John was a little bit queer and didn't like women that much, but he was probably circumcised, and unable to have proper relations with any woman, let alone the very same women who continued to insisted on such universal infant male genital circumcision. At some point, of course, a whore is a whore, and somewhere it is written that all whores are sentenced to tar the roof of the church. John said, in essence, that those people are filthy because they have not taken their baby bath. Perhaps the Baha`i have other worthwhile literature, but we are not impressed with the peculiar "reading rooms" and rented space in seedy retail strip malls, as the religion is so often presented or sold at retail to the public. Something was already bought and sold wholesale if it is being "retailed" to the public like that. the mainstream axis of 666 Everywhere we go, we find the exact same ultra-mainstream secular Jewish // Roman Catholic // Sunni Islam alliance with the Establishment. All world religions in one. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden, but absolutely drunk in large quantities. It is written again, that the Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle, and the battle of Armageddon against the Establishment is about to begin.
  16. the true extent of the femi-Nazi conspiracy They utterly destroyed him without cause, but Rush Limbaugh was not joking when he spoke about the femi-Nazis. In fact, it is much, much worse than you probably ever imagined it could be. the feminist law fetish and the exaggerated female comfort zone Many if not most women have a "law" fetish, which the mostly masculine greasy-palmed rank and file of the police academy is eager to satisfy gratuitously. When the law demands eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, these women develop such delusions of grandeur as to put out the eyes of Samson with the feel of other women's teeth nibbling on their clitoris, while they read the law of Moses from the Holy Bible. They develop a gratuitously "homey" and "comfortable" feeling from reading the graphic and lurid descriptions of sexual scenes in popular romance novels, while little children, entrusted to their care, are sitting in their lap. They aggressively seek and demand extreme vengeance and harsh punishment, under their own twisted precepts of law, for any imagined or perceived violation, no matter how slight, of their unfairly exclusive zone of such exaggerated female comfort. child pornography, child molestation, and the demonization of men At the same time there is of course a double standard of child pornography and child molestation, which applies for the most part only to men. Child pornography is "censored," as if the average man is assumed, prima facie, to experience sexual excitement by "downloading" or "viewing" it, rather than horror, disgust, and a desire to bring to justice the perpetrators of such harm to innocent children. But the laws on child pornography and child molestation are designed precisely to enforce the necessary secrecy to obstruct the prosecution of the favored but guilty perpetrators and to facilitate false accusations by information against the innocent, an arbitrary universal power which governments have never given up willingly in the history of mankind. Politicians and pillars of the community intentionally play stupid about such matters when it comes to children. These adults who ought to know better put on a false affectation of childishness or childlikeness, and pout with a projected air of innocence unbecoming an adult human being, selling Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Cinderella, and so on and so forth, until by and by at some point you can tell it is all for the entertainment of adults and no longer appropriate for the children themselves. the limited hangout of men's rights activism (MRA) Men's duties in childcare are assumed to be financial only in the crass feminist worldview of current U.S. law, and there is a certain limited hangout of so-called "Men's Rights Activism" as it is offered by the present political regime. But what do men have to gain for themselves by commiserating over a shave and a haircut, cable TV, beer, and pizza? Is a gentlemen obliged to offer aid and protection to women and children? I suppose most men would rather have this role, rather than a "man's man" role hanging out with the guys, but a man really needs his guns and the lawful right to use them, or else he has absolutely nothing to offer to women and children. It's all gone in a flash, given up to pillage and plunder if a man ever did have anything to his name without the full means and right of defending it. Filthy rich ladies of the street really should not be begging so much from poor men, but then again, they don't even own their own bodies themselves, let alone their own money. There's always a wealthy pimp with a wide sombrero somewhere who rides a white horse in court for them. The brother lawyers, judges, and cops will all have to get their affairs in order downtown in that red-light district, because it is their blood that will be shed in that war when those red lights go out for the last time. It is never "the ladies" by themselves who demonize men so viciously in general; no, it is a surprisingly complex social phenomenon driven by a few rich and powerful men, wealthy pimps who cater to a middle class of women of loose or no morals to arbitrarily demonize other men. What is portrayed as a "war between the sexes" is in reality an artfully concealed primal same-sex competition for opposite-sex mates. Men's rights are human rights, and men need to come out of the "man cave" in order to defend them effectively. The initialism "MRA" is not only a complete dismissal of human rights but makes a laughingstock of men on the right side of the law, oppressed by a government of pimps. war crimes, holocaust atrocities, torture, mass murder, and feminist denial For just one example, think about the newborn opioid "addiction" crisis reported in local hospitals everywhere in the United States of America. If it weren't such a sexual-moral, (i.e. war-criminal,) imperative to circumcise and cauterize every male child immediately at birth, then the babies would not be crying so inconsolably, and there would not be so much need for such deadly painkillers to quiet the cries of the innocent children and cover up the true horror of the atrocious war crimes committed by the Medical Doctors on the innocent ones. Unfortunately, femi-Nazi laws on child pornography and child molestation, along with their full-blooded Nazi interpretation and enforcement, totally censor the documentation of such holocaust atrocities as are even now taking place in America, and have continuously taken place ever since the Vietnam War, even to this day, some 51 years later.
  17. more on area 51 I had been thinking about certain UFO "cult" followings or tendencies within or around the U.S. Air Force. Area 51 is Roswell, New Mexico, but Air Force bases or less official facilities with runways do exist is various towns in the Southwest. Cults usually mean drugs, so let us admit, at least in theory, that the Air Force has a drug problem. Again, Area 51 is in the Southwest, so let us try to get some cultural background. There are a lot of positive aspects to the culture of that area, but also, unfortunately, quite a drug scene, (mostly Jalisco Nueva Generación, because the Sinaloa cartels keep more toward California in the United States.) Marijuana, peyote, LSD, and other hallucinogens are popular as well as the usual stimulants and narcotics, and the hot desert sun alone is quite enough to cause dramatic hallucinations and mirages without any drugs. You really have to keep your cool there: it may take more than just nightfall and a cool evening to recover from daytime heatstroke. Air Force personnel have both the means and a strong motive to deal drugs internationally. They live on a fixed income of military basic pay, which isn't much, and they have access both to aircraft and to a high level of secrecy on the honor system to carry out missions. Those are the means, motive, and opportunity for the dealing part. We cannot say it doesn't happen, and there is always a use problem along with drug dealing. The blue pill / red pill thing. Amphetamines for a 48-hour straight mission or narcotics to sleep if the mission is cancelled at the last minute. It's too much part of popular Air Force movie culture to ignore. The FBI with all its movie warnings and attention to the movie industry would be well aware of that "popular" aspect of military drug culture, but it's not directly under FBI or DEA jurisdiction per se: that would be the AFIC, a separate military criminal investigative agency. People are "seeing things that other people don't see" at Area 51. That is part of a very strong pro-commitment involuntary mental health care political subculture. It's very, very professional and slicker than snot. There is no way out of that system, ever, once a legal allegation of mental illness is made. It's a one-shot one-sided civil court action, with no checks and balances, no defense, and no recourse, and civil rights are gone for life without any possibility of redress. That is what the number 51 represents: one card short of a full deck, a well-known euphemism or metaphor for someone who is not thinking quite clearly or with the full capacity of a sound mind. The ace of spaces was taken from a full deck of cards and laid on someone's grave in Vietnam, so only 51 cards are left, which is a whole other story, but I believe it sheds a little more light on military involvement with the civil commitment process for involuntary mental health care, and some of the dirty games they play behind the scenes. Because in the end, mental health is all about taking away the guns and the gun rights, and it all comes down to a sneaky conniving back-handed good-old-boys dishonorable discharge, straight out through the doctor's office, snicker-snicker, hardy-har-har, without any due process of law, even for someone who has never actually served in the military or ever been properly subject to that jurisdiction.
  18. There are two tall television broadcasting towers in Kansas City, MO. Both are along 31st Street. WDAF, fox4kc.com, 3030 Summit St, Kansas City, MO 64108 Public Television 19, kcpt.org, 125 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108 Lightning never strikes either of these towers during a thunderstorm, but lightning bolts seem to be repelled by the towers and strike the ground (if anything, with enhanced strength) about half a mile away or so. The towers are apparently not electrically grounded or earthed, but there is some secret connection underground between them. I am wondering if they use these towers to charge the thunderclouds during a storm in order to deliberately precipitate a lightning strike, or if it has something to do with HAARP. I was struck by lightning once as a slept under an oak tree in a park. I was a warm summer evening, and there was just a slight drizzle of rain. Suddenly I felt a burning heat on my cheek which was lying on the ground, and an electric arc traveled up my arm and sparked out of the palm of my hand into the air. I was stupefied, dumbfounded, and unable to move, but I checked the time on my watch, and I noticed that it was about 11:00pm, and I was amazed that my battery-powered watch was still ticking. Then I must have passed out more or less completely, because the next time I looked at my watch it was 11:15pm, there was thunder and lightning everywhere, and it was pouring down rain. I had come to by this time and ran and found shelter under the eaves of a nearby park building. A few weeks later, I was walking down the sidewalk near an event where a large number of people were gathered. I was wearing a military-style backpack, and suddenly I had a strange feeling, and I looked both ways, and raced for shelter under a nearby parking garage. Several police officers gathered where I had been standing, and they were apparently looking around trying to see what I supposedly saw. Then, about thirty seconds later, an enormous bolt of lightning struck out of a clear blue sky right on the spot where I had been standing on the sidewalk. The force of the thunder threw the police officers off their feet, and they stumbled and ran screaming in terror in all directions. I did not have a good feeling about those police officers, or that crowd of people, never mind the lightning, so I slipped away from the other side of that parking garage and found shelter in another part of town. Apparently many people die from lightning strikes in that town, it is sort of an open secret, and there is a great deal of misattribution of cause of death. Kansas City is an old Mafia town.
  19. http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/type http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/home.htm Extraverted (E) vs. Introverted (I) Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N) Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F) Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P) You are supposed to take the test and you get one letter from each pair, which classifies your personality into one of 24=16 types. It is never admitted as such, but all these "types" are highly sexualized categories. The first one in each pair is the "masculine" stereotype, and the second one is "feminine." Rather that actual types, these are false dichotomies derived from social sexual stereotypes. E-I: think about it: the man is supposed to ask the woman on the date, not the other way around. S-N: men are supposed to see what they see, hear what they hear, etc., while women are famous for their intuition. T-F: men are supposed to think; women are supposed to feel. J-P: men are supposed to be judgmental while women are perceptive. So "normal" men are ESTJ and "normal" women are "INFP." The entire typology is an attempt to assess the gender-appropriateness of your personality and enforce gender norms in a highly sexualized society, but that is never admitted by the shrinks. It is yet another implement in the "LGBT"-haters' toolbox.
  20. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/30/598348764/fact-check-calif-judge-rules-coffee-must-come-with-a-cancer-warning-but-should-i https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/california-ordered-to-add-cancer-warning-to-coffee-but-the-science-doesnt-hold-up/2018/03/30/193ca9e8-345e-11e8-8abc-22a366b72f2d_story.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/attack-of-the-killer-cappuccino-1522451282 https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/acrylamide.html Acrylamide? A ubiquitous organic compound present in trace amounts in practically any food product that is fried, roasted, baked or cooked in any other way than simply boiled raw. "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer." How much longer do we have to tolerate California courtroom faggotry? Plenty of ladies paint their nails with thousands (if not millions) of times the amount of related toxic chemicals, acetone, acrylic, and related compounds, which do soak in through the skin, and yet they manage to live longer than men for the most part. Don't tell me coffee causes cancer. ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕
  21. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/14/health/american-medical-association-letter-vaccine-misinformation-trnd/index.html Those crooked doctors are at it again. Going to court to demand that the high-tech cartel of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft et alia censor conspiracy boards and other anti-vaxxer sites on the internet. We need a medical board to stretch those gun-banning liberal doctors out limb from limb and take those bloody syringes and needles out of their hands. They cheated their way into medical school, and they need to be re-educated and interned where they will never again be allowed the opportunity or means to harm another patient.
  22. USA's migrant farm labor conspiracy Mostly Latino. Men are gratuitously separated from women and children. Many illegal immigrants (chickens) are hustled across the border by human traffickers (coyotes.) The migrant nature of the work is driven by an uneven workload, (plow, plant, let the crops grow, and harvest,) and a necessity to get off the property of the farm and out of town still in possession of one's wages. Otherwise, it's company town and company truck. The U.S. Federal Reserve and Departments of Labor and Agriculture wink a collective eye at illegal sub-minimum wage farm work, but they refuse to either close the border or admit the workers on official visa or full citizenship. Farm workers under such circumstances cannot reasonably be expected to carry identifying paperwork with them at all times, and farm business owners very astutely take advantage of their documentation or lack thereof, as the case may be. So, enough with the pity party. Drug abuse and dealing are rampant on the farm, leading to a situation where food and crops are adulterated with mind-altering substances. In medieval Europe, drugs and drug crops (considered weed) were controlled in part by prohibiting the possession of private millstones. Such measures was not terribly effective, but farmers who harvested their grain were required to have it inspected by the miller for the presence of weeds such as marijuana or opium poppies. Otherwise the weeds would grow unabated in the field with a wink or knowing smile from the workers, and end up milled into the wheat flour, and people would get a little bit too sweet on baked goods and such. But USDA, FDA, & DEA are corrupt and unfunded for official mandates of ensuring the purity of foods. Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels ride roughshod over U.S. law enforcement when it comes to drugs. I'm talking medieval Europe of course, but a farm is a farm, and that's where our food comes from. That's where we need national security the most, but Congress won't even condescend to consider it. Trump's wall is all for show, and it really is Republicans who actually hire illegals for the most part, not so much the Democrats, because the Democrats aren't really in business to hire anyone, and they mostly subsist on a gluten-free vegan diet that does not include wheat anyways. Pharaoh in the Bible was hallucinating wild and crazy dreams and suspected his butler and his baker, but he realized along with Joseph (who was already in prison) that the butler was only bringing to the table what the baker had prepared of weedy and impure milled grain. They were doing drugs when they sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn.
  23. Birthers & the Protocols of Zion It's the Russian Jews. The Ashkenazi sect. The “concision” mentioned in the King James Version of the New Testament. The “synagogue of Satan.” There is no compromise to their total, absolute, and insufferable demand for universal male genital circumcision at all costs, no matter what. It does date back to the Roman Empire and admits a distorted version of Roman Paganism into the Jewish religion. They symbolically kept the Sabbath on Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Roman God of wine and beer, and held it as a day of “rest” only inasmuch as a “rest” from weekday prohibitions on excessive consumption of alcohol. The named Roman calendar months, even to this day, lag the signs of the Zodiac by eight days, because male children were circumcised and named eight days after birth in the peculiar observation of such times and seasons, and in the fashion of rounding the hair of the head or trimming the corners of a man's beard, even insofar as the cutting of the flesh for the dead. The calendar month on which the child received his name, then, corresponded to the Zodiac sign under which he was born, eight days previously. But not even the old Roman Pagans were so unnaturally obsessed with birth or the signs of birth. Does not life begin at conception? And who can know the precise moment at which that occurs? For the sun, moon, stars, and planets continue to revolve about their appointed courses in the heavens regardless of life on earth. Yet they go even so far as to sell horological gemstones for each month of birth, even though these do not correspond to the proper birth signs of the Zodiac under that self-same peculiar system of gematric numerology. Doxxers & identity thieves It's the Cult of the Dead Cow, with Beto O'Rourke in Congress. The computer hacking dates back to Adolf Hitler's gun registration and census of the Jews on IBM's Hollerith punched card mechanical tabulating machines, which were an improvement on Charles Babbage's calculating engine programmed by Ada Lovelace. It is a government cult which obsesses supernaturally over concerns of identity, birth, destiny, travel, and documentation. These are the ones who push the bathroom bill and immutable sex propaganda, and under whose religion the transgender are so viciously spited while even the most promiscuous and aggressive lesbians and gays are welcomed openly on the left and secretly on the right. Love and commercial sex traffic People of the district marry for money, housing, and child-rearing in the unmitigated misery of their lives, doomed to the everlasting destruction of their souls in the torments of hell fire. “falling in love” When they speak of “falling in love,” they speak of an eternal fall into the sins of adultery, prostitution, fornication, and all manner of sexual witchcraft. To be “in love” is more properly to be “in the know” in the sense of carnal knowledge or “in the business” of commercial sex traffic, for such ones have “fallen” eternally from all regard or feeling of kindness and compassion for another human being, in their burning and insatiable demands for the senseless mutilation of the tender flesh of the innocent ones. The Bible says that such ones, even as they profess to be “in love,” are in reality “past feeling” and have given themselves over to lasciviousness. “finding a soul mate” They talk about “finding a soul mate” when what they really mean is a gradual process of getting used to the formation of new sexual relationships while ridding themselves of the “heartbreak” from the destruction of relationships with former sexual partners. The urge to “move on” — footloose and fancy-free, as it were — becomes insatiable, but it is so vulgar that they cannot speak of it without imposing their own bald-faced lie of “finding a soul mate” upon others while utterly denying them all semblance of such companionship. Hackers & Crackers It is abundantly clear that the Cult of the Dead Cow is 100% pro-Establishment with the aforementioned Beto O'Rourke in Congress. Plain old horse-and-buggy beef-eaters. Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–Day Saints. Wells Fargo. Total brick and mortar. Computers and high technology are a “sin” in that peculiar worldview, which gives free rein to hackers and crackers. There is a party “scene” — plenty of cops on the area, but too much sex and drugs to prosecute a crime, because the pretty girls are subject only to the pimps' authority and are thus exempt from arrest and criminal prosecution under the “official” criminal justice system which is reserved mostly for men. Hackers cut hair. They are skinheads. Crackers or snipers shoot at blacks and others who have been disenfranchised and dispossessed of their firearms under federal law. Loss of rights for their victims is “progressive” with no recourse, no redress, and no reparations for past injustice. There is a party van. The FBI's Democratic Party directed local police pick-up without even so much as a pretense of due process. Names slurred in the local newspaper with false & slanderous charges. Pimpnet? What's that? And the “orange” stuff like a guy's getting set up with a “friend” or prison buddy at the lumberyard. Hello? Are we answering the phone in this district? Why are so many females hustling and bustling undercover in law enforcement? That is a strange and foreign law they are enforcing.
  24. F-16

    The supernatural realm in Finnish

    Finnish verb infinitives are declined somewhat like nouns. The first infinitive “-ä/a/tä/ta/dä/da” occurs only in the translative case, although that case ending “-ksi” is not used unless a possessive suffix is appended after it in the so-called “long form.” The second infinitive “-e/te/de/i/ti/di-” is like the first, but it only occurs in the instructive and inessive cases to denote a “side action,” something that may be said to occur “by the way,” but more formally than that. The third infinitive “-mä/ma” denotes the “main action” and the fourth infinitive “-minen” denotes the “process” or “function” of a verb. For some reason, the partitive, essive, and translative cases (the realm of the part) of the third and fourth infinitives are not used: instead the elative, inessive, and illative cases (the realm of inner locality) are substituted. The instructive case, used almost exclusively in a formal plural for nouns, is used in the singular for the third infinitive, and not at all for the fourth. A fifth infinitive, “-mäisillään/maisillaan,” is rarely used in the adessive case in a poetically emphatic repetition of a conjugated main verb. The possessive suffix is mandatory and matches the subject. Certain verbs are “absolute” in meaning and lack some of the infinitives: elää, to live, and kuolla, to die, are among them. The adessive and inessive cases of the third infinitive are substituted for the instructive and inessive of the missing second infinitive of these verbs, and the fourth and fifth infinitives are not used. The verb olla, to be, has the second and third infinitives, but not the fourth or fifth, and generally not the long form of the first.
  25. The Pearl Harbor conspiracy Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? Just trying to collect some facts here and brainstorm. No “issues” for casus belli on the Japanese side? It is often claimed that the Japanese, up to that point, had no particularly evident overriding “issues” with the Allies, and to a “neutral” observer it would have seemed that they could have stayed out of the war if they had wished to. Imperial government Japan had up to that point retained the old imperial or dynastic form of government previously common to much of Asia, but outmoded today outside of North Korea. There were no free or fair elections, nepotism and corruption were rampant, and government offices and positions of authority were largely hereditary. Family honor and gender roles The emphasis on “family” adhered all too firmly to the Italian system of honor vendetta and unofficial but brutal enforcement. There was a Samurai culture of masculine “honor” along with a Geisha culture of feminine “service” and a Kamikaze culture of mental health for any “deviation” from established gender norms, whereby falling on one’s own sword was the accepted way to avoid much worse and far more hideous tortures and punishments to be inflicted in secret. The strict classification and enforcement of gender roles comported all too closely with that of the Germans. Unreasonable social standards Under the old enemy Axis system, people who have “issues” are considered unfit for this or that duty. Classified information The U.S. system of “clearance” for access to “classified information” is a prime example. The phrase “need to know” carries too much sexual connotation of carnal knowledge, rather than information that would otherwise be meet for survival and edification. Rubber stamps do not and cannot keep secrets. Prohibition of civilian cryptography If a “crypt” is a vault, or, in Latin, fornix, then “cryptography” is viewed as fornication or pornography, and all possible communications among the general public are viewed as illicit love letters to be deciphered at all costs by an all-powerful government, which falsely and arbitrarily but nonetheless ardently and incessantly imputes all manner of sexual perversion to the population under its control. It is the “peeping Tom” totalitarian government of the old enemy Axis of two world wars to which the United States have now succumbed in utter and willful ignorance of their Constitution and wartime victories of the early twentieth century. LGBT hate Extreme LGBT hate and mass murder are only icing on the cake. We must extract more information from hostile government operatives and corrupt law enforcement officials on their goals of slaughtering us in great masses and offering us as a Holocaust to their ideals of a perfect society. Who in the heavens will smell such a sweet savor? “Not I,” saith the Lord of Hosts, for the seraphim already are spreading their wings to fan the flames of His severe wrath and endless cruelty upon the enemies of His people, and the cherubim now wield that flaming sword which turns every way to execute God’s eternal vengeance upon them.