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  1. Remember Oregon's Board of Eugenics? Is this real, or are they kidding us? https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612458/exclusive-chinese-scientists-are-creating-crispr-babies/ No joke. I believe they did something like this to me in the womb, perhaps hormonal versus gene editing. Believe me, their goals are not benevolent, and these scientists only serve to justify casus belli for the holy war of all holy wars to end their madness. Did they never read in the Scriptures that holy Song of Songs, and from the Book of Wisdom how Solomon was conceived in the same act as all mortal men were? And now they have profaned, pillaged, and plundered the holiest of holy places of the Temple of the Lord of hosts, which Solomon built.
  2. China, N/S Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, even to some extent Australia. The International Longshore and Warehouse Unionand the Pacific Maritime Association tend to be rowdy boys who hang out at the port and drink too much alcohol on shore, and I've heard far too many cock and bull stories from that whole crew. Americans export coal, wheat, and other raw materials to Asia, and import the finished productback into the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This is known as Dutch disease among certain expert economists, and the powers that be want to maintain the status quo of an horrific trade deficitwith Asia at all costs. Asian workers are traditionally taught to save, but because of the deceptive, insidious, and pernicious inflation of the U.S. dollar, they will never enjoy the fruits of their labor. Delayed gratification becomes denied gratification, because the promise of a store of money or equivalent value over time is bye and bye broken, little by little disannulled, and altogether embezzled. American workers will not work for free, nor can they compete on an equal basis with the slave laborwhich their bosses employ in Asia, or temporarily import as human cargo to the U.S. on the notoriously corrupt H-1B visa program. What is cast by our U.S. overlords and masters as a trade war, ostensibly with China, is in reality a class war and a grand scheme to return the United States to those institutions of involuntary servitude and slavery as existed before the Civil War, even such as were imposed on the entire British Empire from the Crown prior to the Revolutionary War. The vicious hatred and enmity of these British elitist roundheads and German Nazi skinheads is carefully cloaked in wanton multiculturalism and gratuitous gender awareness, and they accomplish their overriding goals of class warfare, rapine, pillage, plunder, disarmament, population control, and mass murder by an "inevitable" erosion of rights, freedoms, and liberties; and likewise by a gradual inurement to the compulsions of arbitrary and capricious "authority" rather than to right, law, and order.
  3. people of the book Mainly it is Muslims use the term "people of the book" to include Christians, Jews, Baha`i, etc., as opposed, somewhat pejoratively, to uneducated heathens, pagans, and gentiles. Jewish Secularism Opposed to orthodoxy. Total control of mainstream media. Astrology, horoscopes, etc. Traditional deference to Romish pagan justice and jurisprudence. Numerous semantic arguments over the "existence" of God, agnosticism vs. atheism. A certain vague hyperspirituality over common medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Rabid insistence on abortion rights and non-optional genital circumcision at birth. 501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business. Is that a CFR or U.S. Code, or a fundraising selling point? Christian Catholicism Ecumenical, worldly, and all-encompassing. Violently opposed to Protestantism, but not even to the most hideous torture and human rights violations. The pope and all his cardinals, not to be caught in their own words with so much secular power and authority. Total control over health insurance and medicine. Donald Trump's notorious religious advisory panel. Rabid insistence on total mental health gun control. 501(c)(3) non-profit, pro-labor, and anti- U.S. business. Islamic Sunnism ISIL. The caliphate. Terrorist opposition to Shi`ism. One world order for all Muslims. Think of outdated Confederate rebel sympathies in the U.S., or else a Civil War Union mentality tainted by Iranian carpetbaggers with an anti-business labor movement. The Saudi Arabian royal establishment. Lesbian ladies of the harem who demand a beard of a certain length on men. Strong and carefully hidden influence on mainstream media. Very effective religious propaganda. Unabashedly in it for the money. Baha`i, other sects Jesus' disciples asked him why the disciples of John the Baptist fasted so often, while they ate and drank. Jesus explained that He was the bridegroom, and that the children of the bridechamber (namely His disciples) could not be expected to fast while they were with Him, but that the time would come that He would be taken away, and then they would fast. John rebuked the whores of this world harshly, and he was decapitated for it. Jesus was as kind, loving, and affectionate as He could be to them without implicating Himself in their wrongdoing, and He was crucified for it. John the Baptist insisted that he was not worthy to unloose the latchet of Jesus' shoes, a very affectionate way to speak of another man, and Jesus called him "the friend of the bridegroom," that is, a different sort of character, almost like there was a bit of bachelor party ("last night out with the guys") going on with those locusts and wild honey, and the "wandering in the wilderness," like maybe John was a little bit queer and didn't like women that much, but he was probably circumcised, and unable to have proper relations with any woman, let alone the very same women who continued to insisted on such universal infant male genital circumcision. At some point, of course, a whore is a whore, and somewhere it is written that all whores are sentenced to tar the roof of the church. John said, in essence, that those people are filthy because they have not taken their baby bath. Perhaps the Baha`i have other worthwhile literature, but we are not impressed with the peculiar "reading rooms" and rented space in seedy retail strip malls, as the religion is so often presented or sold at retail to the public. Something was already bought and sold wholesale if it is being "retailed" to the public like that. the mainstream axis of 666 Everywhere we go, we find the exact same ultra-mainstream secular Jewish // Roman Catholic // Sunni Islam alliance with the Establishment. All world religions in one. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden, but absolutely drunk in large quantities. It is written again, that the Lord of hosts mustereth the host of the battle, and the battle of Armageddon against the Establishment is about to begin.
  4. beaten by the scourge of hyperprofessionalism: never to recover The disease and scourge of hyperprofessionalism has beaten down the economy of the USA immeasurably. A "service economy" (a.k.a. slavery) based on the client-professional relationship is very, very sick. Such an economy needs to be ordered at martial law to cure itself of such sickness, with special instructions for enhanced enforcement and extra punishment for any violations. symptoms Clients are treated as gullible children in a certain sense, or else property in the sense of business assets. Professionals hoard knowledge and mislead both their clients and the general public. Clients are deemed incompetent to perform tasks that most people ought to be able to do for themselves most of the time on their own terms, and professionals charge a lot of money and go hard at the law to perform other people's tasks professionally, straight out of their hands. examples auto mechanics The shops have proprietary code readers for funny little hidden things that go wrong. You can't change your own oil or brake pads or do other routine maintenance without invalidating the warranty on your new or pre-owned car. Take it in for something "routine" and there's always something else wrong with your car that you have to pay a lot of money to get fixed. (The entire aviation industry has gone so far overboard on professional mechanic professionalism, we won't even discuss it.) tax accountants Rich people have their taxes done for them. You'd be well advised to follow their example. (Of course, really rich people cut their carrots into coins and stay home to do their taxes.) lawyers They practice psychiatric mentalism at law and charge a lot of money for probate and estates and such, and coerce free advertising in the newspaper on dead people's money. hair and nails A woman pays money for another woman to make her up and tell her she's beautiful, but it's a conflict of interest because she's hustling on the street, and really wants to eliminate her clients from the competition. Shampoo spiked with cheap hair dye, and chemicals that eat your nails left on hand rails in public places. restaurants as opposed to grocery stores It's a conflict of interest under the same roof, because they charge full restaurant retail prices for groceries, and well, you may as well eat at the restaurant, because you owe a tip to the professional waitress anyways. bars as opposed to liquor stores Never drink alone, and you owe the bartender a big tip because she's really looking out for your best interests. Recipes for desserts or savory foods that call for some kind of liquor, wine, or beer are out of the question to try at home, although they are served even to children in restaurants. Just leave it up to the professionals. medical doctors It starts with all that abortion and circumcision in the obstetric and gynecologic ward at the local hospital. People just get sicker and sicker until they die, and meanwhile the doctors, nurses, chiropractors, whatnot, are bilking them for every dime they own. pharmacists and druggers Whether drugs are dealt on the street corner at gunpoint, forcibly under arrest at the psychiatrist's office, or by "choice" at a non-mental health doctor's office, most of the time, it is unnecessary drugs that are prescribed and necessary and prudent drugs that are denied. We simply must say no to all drugs until the whole system is brutally and forcibly reformed. firearms, fireworks, explosives It's the city hall cops and mercenary soldiers, and the armed private security guard protection rackets everywhere. They're all so damned professional about their absolute right to hold up their clients or their clients' customers at gunpoint, that guns are banned for the general public anymore. Some of those soldiers have just a little bit too much of a haircut, and well shit, guns are banned, they're just too damned professionally "into" much of the exact same business which they deny to their underlings. requiem When God orders to speak, the tongue cannot be restrained, neither the voice of His holy law that projects stones to kill at a distance.
  5. the Islamic police state Islam is a religion of submission to authority, and Muslims are the subjects of that sovereign authority or caliphate. They are "under the law" in a certain religious sense, and every possible thought, word, or deed is subject to one of five modes of legality. Requirement (absolutely mandatory) Encouragement (pretty much obligatory to avoid getting in serious trouble) Permission (as a free choice, take it or leave it) Discouragement (concession or acquiescence, a poor choice but still a possibility to work things out) Prohibition (haraam, absolutely forbidden, punishable by death) too many wives For example, a man "may" have up to four wives, though this is officially discouraged. It is a concessive mode of thought only, not permission. Five or more wives, and a man is just plain fucked, but if a man is married, one must at least concedethe possibility that he may not be faithful to one and only one wife, but that another woman or three might be involved, and if so, then he might have to pay alimony and child support pursuant to civil court order. (Muslim women have a slightly different way of explaining this to other women than Muslim men ordinarily would to other men...) peace and mental health Muslims are by definition law-abiding people under a certain religious conception of law, and when people are not law-abiding, they are said to be mentally ill, or struggling, or at war or jihad. Here is where Islam imposes "mental health" as law, because jihad is terrorism or danger to self or others, a basis for civil commitment under Shari`a law. Mental illness under Islamic law is manifested in a person's performing acts that are discouraged or failing to perform acts that are encouraged. These are the so-called positive and negative lawful symptoms of the aforesaid schizophrenia under Islamic law as enforced by Title 18 U.S. Code §922 ¶¶(d)(4), (g)(4) in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations under Executive Order and Secret Service privilege ever since the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and the legal lobotomy at law that was legally performed on JFK's lawful sister Rosemary's brain, pursuant to her legal adjudication at law as a mental defective, although she would not have been de facto mentally defective without the operation of lobotomy, which was deemed de juris to be medically necessary at law in order to enforce her lawful adjudication of mental defectiveness.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2014/12/18/second-amendment-and-people-who-had-been-committed-to-a-mental-institution-28-years-ago/ Ready, aim, fire! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/ http://volokh.com http://reason.com/volokh Hell if I know those "reason" people are atheists or just trying to be reasonable, but I don't like the hacked church sites on the internet. Some of those churches have too much faith in a haircut, circumcision, and baby bath to wash the blood off, and they run a prostitution ring to boot.
  7. for-profit vs. non-profit accounting Remember all those conservative non-profit tax audits by the IRS? Just ever so neatly swept under the rug by the mainstream media. The flow of money in an accounting period (month, quarter, year, usually) is most often describes as follows under US GAAP: for-profit: Revenues - Expenses = Income (Loss) non-profit: Income - Expenses = Surplus (Deficit) government: Revenues - Expenses = Surplus (Deficit) There is always some kerfuffle about the qualification of churches and charities as a "501(c)(3)" non-profit organization in the United States. The critical invariant in all three flow-of-money accounting styles is the Expenses, and whether or not these are legitimate to write off. Non-profit income is expected to come from fundraising, which is not taxable as such. Non-profit endowment funds or the like, which are invested in for-profit businesses, are taxed in some way or another at that for-profit level before they come onto the books of the non-profit. Gifts to non-profits are sometimes tax-deductible to the donor, which is really the "big deal" to a non-profit in the first place. Such gifts (as received) are directly considered non-taxable "income" to a non-profit, and expenses are considered a "choice" of what the organization wishes to spend its money on to best meet its goals, which ought to be outlined in a formal mission statement. The goal of a for-profit business, on the other hand, is assumed to be to maximize net income, consistent with prudent business practice, after expenses are deducted. Expenses on the for-profit books are seen as a "necessity" rather than a choice, because unnecessary spending conflicts with the goal of maximizing net income, but in practice there is quite a bit of leeway and management justification for donations to non-profits and other "expenses" that may not be immediate "hard necessities" to the core business, but "soft money" spent networking and building community relationships, inevitably necessary for human resources, hiring, purchasing, and sales. McCain's office urged IRS to use audits as weapons to destroy political advocacy groups - UPDATED This post is mainly an update on the nuts and bolts of the flow of political money, but in reality, this is is how the Republican Establishment killed off the Tea Party. The original (modern-day) Tea Party is no doubt what put Trump in office, but once again, the Establishment is regaining control of the House and Senate by financial accounting chicanery, while the goals of American independence and individuality are beaten back by a brutal off-the-books federal backlash.
  8. They for sure didn't get rich and powerful in the first place by exercising selfless generosity. The young and brash always think they're bright. Problem is that the generation now in control is high on drugs, and the youth show no interest either in giving up that lifestyle. When people think they're that bright, they are usually under the influence of marijuana and prone to delusions of grandeur, paranoia, and intellectual superiority. Nor does methamphetamine enable the army to attack at dawn, which went to bed on heroin last night. Such people are incapable of bringing their grandiose dreams to fruition.
  9. USA's migrant farm labor conspiracy Mostly Latino. Men are gratuitously separated from women and children. Many illegal immigrants (chickens) are hustled across the border by human traffickers (coyotes.) The migrant nature of the work is driven by an uneven workload, (plow, plant, let the crops grow, and harvest,) and a necessity to get off the property of the farm and out of town still in possession of one's wages. Otherwise, it's company town and company truck. The U.S. Federal Reserve and Departments of Labor and Agriculture wink a collective eye at illegal sub-minimum wage farm work, but they refuse to either close the border or admit the workers on official visa or full citizenship. Farm workers under such circumstances cannot reasonably be expected to carry identifying paperwork with them at all times, and farm business owners very astutely take advantage of their documentation or lack thereof, as the case may be. So, enough with the pity party. Drug abuse and dealing are rampant on the farm, leading to a situation where food and crops are adulterated with mind-altering substances. In medieval Europe, drugs and drug crops (considered weed) were controlled in part by prohibiting the possession of private millstones. Such measures was not terribly effective, but farmers who harvested their grain were required to have it inspected by the miller for the presence of weeds such as marijuana or opium poppies. Otherwise the weeds would grow unabated in the field with a wink or knowing smile from the workers, and end up milled into the wheat flour, and people would get a little bit too sweet on baked goods and such. But USDA, FDA, & DEA are corrupt and unfunded for official mandates of ensuring the purity of foods. Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels ride roughshod over U.S. law enforcement when it comes to drugs. I'm talking medieval Europe of course, but a farm is a farm, and that's where our food comes from. That's where we need national security the most, but Congress won't even condescend to consider it. Trump's wall is all for show, and it really is Republicans who actually hire illegals for the most part, not so much the Democrats, because the Democrats aren't really in business to hire anyone, and they mostly subsist on a gluten-free vegan diet that does not include wheat anyways. Pharaoh in the Bible was hallucinating wild and crazy dreams and suspected his butler and his baker, but he realized along with Joseph (who was already in prison) that the butler was only bringing to the table what the baker had prepared of weedy and impure milled grain. They were doing drugs when they sold themselves and their children into slavery for corn.
  10. https://www.ajc.com/news/gun-deaths-highest-level-years-cdc-says/vgcdQWPITScDYEdpHrswBP/amp.html Those government docs demand total gun control and the arbitrary power to impose involuntary psychiatric hospitalization. Nothing they have ever done is of any help to the survival and independence of their patients. What do they expect in return from us? Their goal is to foster a culture of lifelong dependency on medicine, and the docs do not hesitate to hold the very lives of their patients hostage in order to further their vicious political goals or extort monetary gain from relatives.
  11. F-16

    F-22 type madness

    more axes of evil the psychology and psychiatry of masculine and feminine imputations The purpose is always the same: to forcibly separate the masculine from the feminine, unnaturally inflame the passions and desires, impose a totalitarian, brutal, and vicious sex segregation, and finally, to charge money or press criminal charges for reuniting the sexes in anything approaching a natural human social setting, let alone any possibility of normal day-to-day friendship, intimacy, or closeness. There is a consistent theme of extreme hatred for transgender individuals (and other minorities of sexual orientation etc.) throughout the field of personality typology. more on anal-expulsive vs. anal-retentive Outside Carl Jung's four pairs of conjugate personality traits, it was Sigmund Freud who actually invented the anal-expulsive // anal-retentive axis with its obvious allegory to male homosexuality. Recall too, that pre-WWI (19th-century // late Victorian) Austria was infamous for the moral decadence of its opium dens and houses of prostitution. Taking a shit really was a big deal in those days. People were addicted to heroin and other opiates, drugs with a strong tendency to stop up the gut. They drank not only fermented prune juice, but liquid metallic mercury and other quack remedies as laxatives, because they could not give up their heroin habit to save their lives. The anal-retentive personality type was negatively characterized and professionally mocked in a bizarre, drug-addled effort to subtly shame patients out of their heroin addiction. type A and type B personalities This one crops up in a suit-and-tie cubicle-farm setting of corporate middle-management MBA pop psychology. The type A personality is the aggressive alpha male (a dangerous charging bull) prone to heart disease or the angry woman who doesn't know her place. Type B is the "healthy" passive (or psychologically castrated) beta male or subservient female, much preferred by middle-ranking corporate drones who hire for subordinate positions. dominant // submissive Romantic overtones, popularized in romance novels, (Fifty Shades of Grey, etc.,) read mainly by women. Female submission to a male-dominant rape culture is emphasized, as well as a collective male guilt and a Mafia-enforced Omertà "respect" for women imposed on men. The boss has a haircut or something like that, but he's not God. sadism // masochism Extreme form of the dominant-submissive characterized by outrageous but highly secretive acts of torture and mayhem. Newborn children are circumcised and cauterized "for their own good." Mental health care is imposed on unwanted family members, mental defectives, and social undesirables against their will. Dentists pull teeth unnecessarily.
  12. F-16

    F-22 type madness

    how 16 types became 22 There is a carefully concealed subtext of a military or wartime enforcement of gender-appropriateness to all 16 types, which tends to be interpreted in a manner hostile and hateful to the transgender and other gender non-conforming individuals, especially in a military or government context. This general phenomenon has been exhibited by the naming of aircraft adopted by the U.S. Air Force. The B-52 represents a naked female body. The B represents her bust, bosom, breasts, boobs, etc., and the 52 represents a full deck of cards, that is, her genitals, the labia. Remember? Was it Fat Man or Little Boy or how did they name those bombs? The B-52 gave birth to two boys, dropped them right out of her belly from the sky. Her deck of cards is full, as opposed to a man's genitals which are required to be circumcised or "cut" under the U.S. Criminal Code of Feudal Regulations as it is so violently enforced. The F-16 and the F-22 which replaced it later on both represent a feminine personality with an imposition of gender-appropriate personality typology reinforced by referring to a ship or plane as "she" whereas a gender non-conformant individual may only be referred to as "he" or "it" in that typology. The newer F-35 based in Alaska seems to represent male and female versions of all 16 of the Myers-Briggs types plus three additional unknown types, which may be reserved for the very young, very aged, and disabled who cannot be adequately typed or sexed according to the system. The use of an actual gender identity as a restricted fifth axis to the Myers-Briggs typology is what led to the 22 types. There is a strange theme of mental incompetency versus military insubordination that comes out in Joseph Heller's Catch-22, but I do not believe that the novel tells the full story. We would have 32 types with an unrestricted gender identity, but there may be a bus off to the death camps for the three unknowns. The 52 playing cards of the standard deck, alluded to by the name of the B-52 may have at one point represented a full personality typology, but practicing psychologists would have wanted to bury any suggestion of a Tarot-like "reading" as hopelessly unprofessional or risqué from the point of view of defending the legitimacy of their practice. the gender ideals of the master race The 16 Myers-Briggs types were either invented by Carl Jung or based on his work. At that time, such scientific endeavors generally took place in the context of a service to the nobility of a pre-WWI Austrian Reich -- a realm or empire -- not so much a "kingdom" but a federation of lords and vassals who had not yet received the enlightenment of revolution in Europe, at any rate in Austria not until the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand around the time of the Russian Revolution when the "Czar of all the Russias" had assumed the title of Grand Duke of Finland. A duchess is the wife or female equivalent of a duke, and meanwhile the Ku Klux Klan of the southern U.S.A. recognized the title of a Grand Duchess as the wife of a Grand Dragon who would have been the equivalent of a Grand Duke or Archduke in feudal Europe. The "enlightenment" was a big deal in Europe, if nothing other than realization of something stupendous that had never dawned on the royalty and nobility before. Fears of the Mob of commoners, well-muscled masons, (as Europe had already been indiscriminately logged and was largely deforested and denuded of wooden building materials,) and Illuminati intellectuals terrified the titled lords and ladies. ESTJ The masculine ideal is Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. The "ideal man" is outgoing, not afraid to take the initiative in a relationship, and bases his beliefs on logically sound thought processes which are in turn based on an objective sensation of his environment and surroundings. This masculine ideal was very important to the German Nazi Axis conception of Nietsche's Übermensch, but subordinate types were also needed to serve the "master race," (not all white, not all male, but often presented as such.) INFP The feminine ideal is Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. She "keeps her bosom covered," and her intuition is guided by an innate sense of appropriateness, knowing her place, and a quiet deference to male thought and judgment. Feminine submission under an almost "Fifty Shades of Grey" like relationship is idealized in this archetype, but there is something sacrosanct and inviolable about the ideal female role as such, almost like a secular version of the veneration of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. the masculine defective We arrive at these types by dropping one of the four stereotypical traits of the masculine ideal ESTJ and substituting its feminine counterpart. There are four possibilities. ISTJ The party pooper: an anal-receptive homosexual; not extraverted enough to actually ask a woman on a date. Alan Turing; said to be an "invert" = introvert. ENTJ The schizophrenic: his intuition is too effeminate, and he sees things that other people don't see. He "hears things" in hostile or inappropriate social situations, etc. ESFJ The Mensch: he effectively cultivates the sympathy of other men but judges them on the exclusive basis of his own humanlike feelings. The danger here is the rise of a Hitler-like popular leader, and a "faith-based" system of social deception, manipulation, and control that rejects reason, of the sort that prevailed under the ancien regime of France. Religion as a tool to control the masses. ESTP The liberal freethinker: his thoughts have a sound basis, but he refrains from explicit judgment: nonetheless must be watched for politically subversive activity. the feminine defective Again, these types are derived by overriding one of the four stereotypical traits of the feminine ideal INFP with its masculine counterpart. ENFP The whore: an "extraverted" woman is a woman with her blouse unbuttoned. ISFP The mom-in-tennis-shoes: otherwise unremarkable, she lacks woman's intuition and doesn't know her place. INTP The bluestocking intellectual / librarian type: the stereotypical closeted lesbian. May also be politically subversive. INFJ The cop-calling babysitter. She collects state benefits, child support, and alimony. the mixed types (m/f) Of the 16 types it is these six that split into male and female subtypes, yielding a total of 22 types. INTJ The male is very effeminate and may be transsexual. The female is an extreme political feminist and man-hater. ISFJ The man's man. Or mother bear. ISTP The male is a "lone wolf" terrorist, too secretive to share his political thoughts openly. The female is the "mother next door," careful to conceal her political activism. ENFJ The male is a psychopath. The female is a cop-calling hooker or professional rape victim. ENTP The male is politically dangerous but too crafty to be caught at actual crime. The female is very talkative but not as open as one may assume. ESFP The male is hypocritical: he is "liberal" but at the same time demands a police state. The female is a swinger or player at the marriage game. a review of the basic traits extraversion / introversion Spelling variations include extroversion or intraversion; inversion, etc., and "-vert" as a noun for the human subject, or "-verted" as an adjective. The language is rude. Outgoing or shy, socially dominant or socially submissive, male-appropriate or female-appropriate. This one is almost exclusively a dating game. As distinguished from perversion, pervert, or perverted. sensing / intuition We are talking about perception of one's immediate environment by the five basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, versus extrasensory perception, woman's intuition, seeing/hearing things that other people don't see/hear, and other very negative or dismissive stereotypes about any perception not based on immediate "reality" as presented or deemed obvious or appropriate. thinking / feeling Translated from the original German, feeling should have been knowing in a very old-fashioned sense in English, not so much as knowing in the sense of carnal knowledge or feeling in the sense of physical touch, but nonetheless a more intimate and less voluntary mode of forming beliefs, which the professional may dismiss as delusions, whereas a more logical thinking is seen as having a certain distance or detachment from one's emotions. judgment / perception Judgment here implies a willingness or eagerness to make fixed or irrevocable decisions. Perception implies either a deference to others' judgment or a refusal to foreclose alternatives. Lacking either the grounds to make a decision or the need to impose judgment, one may remain perceptive and open-minded, but this is often taken for gullibility. conclusion The Jungian or Myers-Briggs personality types often enumerated by psychologists and psychiatrists are in reality none other than cloaked archetypes or stereotypes, which may in fact be very negative about any particular personality type, the exaggerated "ideals" being no exception. At best we could hope for a humorous caricature of all possible "personality types" but we do not have such nice language to discuss the classification of personality typology or any kind words for such involuntary "care" as it may be practiced on human patients or the research or experimentation done on involuntary human subjects by the covert Nazi regime that has taken over the U.S. government through Operation Paperclip. We thought we had coöpted the support of top German scientists, and they were so intelligent. Who could have been smarter than Albert Einstein? But they banned guns in America and duped us into playing Cold War games, even to the point of Ronald Reagan's hopelessly impractical and illogical Star Wars. Movie-star "governator" from Alta California.
  13. Oh, I think anything is possible. What about all those NSA listening posts that the USA has maintained in Germany since WWII? New Age thought -- and I'm including even Martin Luther of the Reformation when I say New Age -- says that those listening and surveillance posts are "old" in that NSA is only hearing and seeing what the Germans want them to hear and see. There is a subconscious awareness and hyperspiritual biofeedback especially of live surveillance. Old-school detectives were terrified of being "hanged" by "live wires" and instead used passive data collection and "dead drops" to collect recorded audio and video. The old school was nevertheless sometimes burned by the "library effect," when investigators inadvertently let slip or involuntarily "assumed" something they knew but should not have known pursuant to the recorded audio or video. "NATO allies," by the way, is a code word for a certain political pro-Establishment in-group among the American//European intelligence community that demands gun control and disarmament, even to the point of dismemberment, disfigurement, murder, and mayhem under the guise of medical care. They went Washington, DC hookers and blow, the whole nine yards. London financial district, Berlin, everywhere. Not every woman can have her own husband just like the Holy Bible says, so it all went to hell in a handbasket. It's the old 911 triad of police//fire//medical. Fire is more often than not a "mental health crisis." Medical is always "behavioral health" if they do no harm, so the triad becomes police//police//police. Basically, guns are banned, and NATO went NAZI with an American//European pan-Atlantic total police state. More. Had to compose off-line for safety... the US political machine NATO is a cancerous pan-Atlantic overgrowth of what we call the "political machine" in the United States of America. It's the New York Mob, bent on exacting temporal vengeance for 9/11 and imposing a perpetual police state under the New World Order. the Democratic Party drug machine They tell us the political machine is exclusively Democrat. It's not. Out on the farm, on the assembly line, yes, it's 100% labor union Democrat Party line. Guns are banned, and if you are not a union member, you at least have labor union sympathies, or you don't work there. Many workers hate street drugs because they cause industrial accidents on the job. Yet the union mob bosses commit them to Democratic Party sympathies for street drug users and dealers. the Republican Party industrial complex But that is only one side of the political machine. The other side is, of course, old-school Republican, and remains a little more hidden from the common people. Here you have the infamous MIC, or Military-Industrial Complex, (or even PIC, Prison-Industrial Complex,) with the good-old-boys' no-bid contracts. A full-blown Government-Industrial Complex of the sort that prevailed in corporatist-statist fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini. The Complex is a network of favored suppliers and contractors with official top-secret government "clearance," which functions as an exclusive club, and is in reality an indication or "merit badge" of political favoritism and corporate cartel membership rather than an actual need to know or be privy to any information that might be of import to U.S. national security as against the security or military goals of other nation-states or significant political-military groups. The lone-wolf terrorist? No. Not even close. He's just some guy who has become worn and weary of this life kicking the federal whores and thieves out of his bed. And it has to be a he. To translate the word "indictment" into the Finnish language, the nearest simple English approximation one may perhaps come is "fuckment," because when a man has been indicted, he is literally fucked, dragged by the testicles and pubic hairs naked into court by so much disreputable DNA and semen-stain expert testimony and whatnot. Meanwhile it is very difficult if even possible to indict a woman, because this violates the Roman Catholic Church's strict Code of Omertà as well as Islamic Shari`a precepts which prohibit publicly disgracing a woman; rightfully so, in any "reasonable" interpretation, but in right, this prohibition cannot excuse the misbehavior of a man who abuses an official position of power so intimately to disgrace another man without cause in a court of law. need to know vs sexual orientation If we think about "need to know" in the older sense of a suggestion of "carnal knowledge" or loss of innocence, we can get a better grasp on the general government obsession with "sexual orientation." Washington, DC is full of pimps and hookers who cater professionally to every possible proclivity, sneaking into bed with clients and providing a service, which they would prefer to be kept secret, although it is not actually a secret. So if you don't fully accept or buy into the "hookers and blow" culture of Washington, DC, you don't get the clearance, and you're not allowed to do business with the government or with big government contractors. sex discrimination The labor-union EOE//DOE workforce is extremely sex-segregated. How much weight can you lift? Male. How fast can you type? Female. Can you answer the phone or provide customer service? Female. Is it something technical? Male again. At a certain young age, depending on circumstances and privilege, if you don't join the labor union, your only other option is to go Republican: if you're a man, suited and tied in collective guilt and taken to the cleaners; if you're a woman, sexually harassed in high-heeled pumps, nylon stockings, and miniskirt, and, well, taken to the cleaners. There is a certain male to female wage differential that will not go away, accounted for in that the system demands that men offer women money for sex, whereas it is no secret that women are forced to offer sex to men in exchange for money. outliers The transgender, (whether MtF or FtM,) don't fit in to a system that considers statistical outliers to be "outlaws," even though the only law they break is the probabilistic law of a statistical distribution in a certain approximated mathematical sense. There is a statistics cult in government who look for anything unusual that might have to be eliminated or anyone out of the ordinary who might have to be murdered on a contract, or committed for involuntary mental health treatment.
  14. the narc conspiracy There has to be a huge religious conspiracy to the Narcotics Anonymous organization, definitely connected to a "Blue Pearl" cult among law enforcement. Little is known about it outside the brotherhood, but the Blue Pearl is probably a front or offshoot of Jalisco Nueva Generación, probably their highly secretive law enforcement and military protection arm. We have received tips relayed from obscure sources among the Native American people of New Mexico; also from rival Sinaloa gangs, although Sinaloa has mostly merged with the Establishment, and cultivated an identity associated with the legitimacy of an official statehood within Mexico, no doubt through the work of Mexican ambassadorial statecraft. On the other hand, la Nueva Generación has achieved a self-sustaining base of operations and advanced mobility in the New Mexico and throughout the Four Corners states away from its original home in Jalisco. The "leader" is mostly a figurehead or "fall guy" reported in the news and FBI Most Wanted etc. A drug "cartel" as such tends to be a federation of powerful drug lords and pimps who shift alliances from time to time, covering for each other, and adhering to a certain code of "death for treason" that maintains the stability and resilience of such alliances, much like the lords and vassals of medieval Europe, but outside the law. comparison with Alcoholics Anonymous Let's make an analogy with Alcoholics Anonymous. This is Alaska, and the Establishment serves and drinks a lot of alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous are not welcome at very many places, and such gatherings tend to be informal and secretive, but among the few times or places or occasions that people are able to meet and greet and socialize clean and sober. Formal organization and funding are an immediate path to the flask of liquor or worse in the punch bowl or coffee pot, upon the arrival of undercover cops or other unwanted guests who wish to loosen the lips of the crowd. Alcoholics Anonymous have a certain worldview that alcoholic beverages are cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal, and they have pretty well proven their case as a choice to abstain. U.S. government bureaucracy (ATF) is extremely establishmentarian and opposed to the goals of Alcoholics Anonymous when it comes to alcohol, and they adamantly, in total defiance of the U.S. Constitution, refuse to apply the paradigm of "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" to firearms and explosives, (let alone tobacco.) "No way, José." Guns are banned, there are no resources to prosecute an actual murder case, and abortion or infanticide is made "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" -- and the motivation for this wholesale abortion-on-demand and genital mutilation of babies is to destroy the evidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Down's Syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, myopia, cleft palates, dental malocclusion and overbite, bowlegs with flat feet and fallen arches, shortened forefingers, symphalangism, limb and even genital abnormalities and transgenderism, all caused by parental alcohol abuse, the mother's typically very early in pregnancy, but possibly before conception and also the father's during the development of sperm. The human brain is, amazingly, one of the most resilient organs of the human body: it recovers from shock and repairs and regenerates itself as well as the liver and kidneys, but establishment doctors deny this, because they feel that the patient's brain is the organ of political opposition to their establishment, and they do all they can to control, suppress, and sabotage the patient's thinking for establishmentarian political reasons. There is a great deal of establishment (Sinaloa) hate for Martin Luther who preached the baptism of Jesus Christ in a washing, regeneration, and new birth. Consequently, Nueva Generación philosophy is neither pro-Catholic nor opposed to Lutheranism or Protestantism, and it is quite compatible with a clean and sober lifestyle, but there is always a certain level of hypocrisy in too much protest, teetotalism, and denial: "The lady doth protest too much," etc., whereas a judicious application of "omertà" is sometimes more effective in abstaining from street drugs so incessantly offered and dealt even at gunpoint in one's daily life. Too much talk about drugs is heard as too much "the first of twelve steps," when one has not bought into the whole program. Try to quit smoking, for example. Buy a single cigarette to quiet the urge, and you've bought the whole pack if they let you have anything less than a full carton, and a whole gang of buddies at the bus stop or gas station are constantly blowing smoke in your face, asking for a light or a smoke or rolling paper. Quit cocaine or meth or even marijuana, etc., and they dope your food with narcotics or prescribe major tranquilizers and don't even let you have a cup of coffee or tea, because you refused the offered hard drug, which is a cardinal sin in their religion, a deal gone bad. The truth is that none of those drugs are as addictive as the forced, involuntary, and overly intimate socialization with the wrong crowd, and a total, permanent lifetime exclusion from productive activities and gainful employment. When drugs are involved, the parents' fingers must be cut out of their children's hair, not the other way around, as the Establishment imposes it. Narcotics Anonymous itself Now Narcotics Anonymous is a completely different pro-establishment organization that applies the same paradigm of "cheap, easy to obtain, and fully legal" to any and all street drugs, but along with the NRA, the conservative establishment, and the federal court system, they fully subscribe to the cheap coppers' gun ban almost as a religion or cult. Narcs. "Cop-callers" with an unspoken agreement with establishment police forces to "give up" certain individual rights in exchange for an informal but arbitrarily limited release of individual responsibility for general drug use and abuse. There is a very strong but absolutely false pretense of individual choice that appears to be but is not in reality respected in law. The cops, in cahoots with Narcotics Anonymous, care not a whit about the infringement of others' rights by problematic drug users, and they remain entirely complicit and content with the general situation in any large city of a disarmed and helpless"law-abiding" populace subject to a reign of terror by armed drug dealers with off-the-books police backup. We the people are at the point of authorization to use deadly force to protect ourselves against drug crimes regardless of any law. Narcotics Anonymous has done absolutely nothing to stop or mitigate the harm caused to society by drug crimes, but has only served to enable and further establish the recreational abuse of street drugs by addicts, especially the adulteration of others' food and drink and even the air they must breathe. To addict is to swear oneself to something with an unbreakable oath, and if, for example, "I swear by my coffee," then by definition I am "addicted" to coffee. All foods are necessary, but not to excess. Some foods and beverages make us sleepier, and others wake us up. Some foods satisfy, and others seem only to stimulate further hunger. Why? We need to ask because we are heavily concerned with confirmed reports of ongoing adulteration of food, drink, cigarettes, public water supply, and even manufactured, licensed, labeled, and sealed prescription medications. the religious angle Latter-Day Saints. I don't like the implications of that phrase. Not morning people. Coffee is forbidden. Too many "wives" and late nights on the town, Salt Lake City, Reno, Vegas, Denver, really, prostitutes, not wives, that's the big-city district of the West. Polygamy is an establishment of prostitution, not to be ignored or denied. That total abstinence from alcohol leaves a person with too much of a hangover, and the hair-of-the-dog shot of liquor in a cup of coffee is not the right cure, either. The Mormons have not admitted that they have a problem. There are drugs and alcohol in everything, and various religious food prohibitions and hang-ups. The altitude is high, so I do understand to some extent the prohibition on smoking, because it's hard for smokers to breathe that high up, but from a religious point of view, but injurimg one's own health by smoking properly falls into the category of "self-abuse" which the Mormons have reinterpreted as masturbation, which is a mortal sin because there are so many wives available on the street, and a man has to wear special semen-disclosing underpants so that his seed remaineth in him according to the Holy Bible, of which there is a copy placed in every hotel room in town. Then there are the Jews and Muslims with all the rules about meat and milk in the same meal or pork or shellfish. Practices of picky eating, food allergies, and the horrific genital mutilation of small children are sure signs of endemic drug abuse. There is a certain ignorance and avoidance of fundamental principles of right and wrong by religious practices that rationalize the enforcement of arcane and irrelevant religious rules and restrictions of daily life, while at the same time justifying abominable cruelty to innocent humans. I have heard a lot of preaching and Bible-thumping in my life, but only very rarely is there any establishment religious objection to doing drugs. Sadly, most religions are cults, and most cults are atheist drug cults who take the name of the Lord of Sabaoth in vain, full of shit six ways to Sunday, refusing to rest even on the Sabbath from their murderous Mafia ties and family vendettas; they kill, steal, fornicate, and lie; and they covetously begrudge the poor even the scarcest means necessary for shelter and survival, let alone to work or go in business or commerce to earn a livelihood.
  15. F-16

    F-22 type madness

    more F-22 mayhem and madness proof of concept They called it a POF, for "Proof of Concept." The Russians supposedly hacked up some fake government forms, SF-86 or SF-87 or something like that, I don't think they ever went '88 with it because the Cold War was winding down, and that was some sort of code for "Heil Hitler" and anyways all the 1488 white supremacist street gang symbology in the U.S. government was still a little bit of a sticking point with the Russians. the OPM/SAP hack Anyways they broke into the OPM during the Obama administration and inserted the fake SF-86/7 forms into the SAP database with stolen fingerprints, because that was technically an unclassified system and the brotherhood always set up a fall guy for stuff they did like that, and once in the database, they got "replacement" government IDs issued with key codes and access cards to secure facilities, and they were really into hacking Ada, fooling around with the data types, some sort of type safety mechanism that was supposed to be very important and extremely critical to aircraft control systems and whatnot. other bit-flipping due to radiation In any case the computer stuff keeps crashing and the F-series aircraft are not resistant to gamma rays and electromagnetic pulses under conditions of nuclear war, never mind all that computer programming type safety, which they call "salt" and swear like sailors about it even though they're in the Air Force and aren't supposed to use language like that. enough with Carl Jung's types Actually it was Sigmund Freud who originally caught the hidden subtext of sexuality or gender to Carl Jung's opposing or conjugate pairs of personality traits. He was smoking dope in his pipe listening to a woman on the couch in his office rambling on about why she was a lesbian because men were so full of shit all the time, and he added a fifth axis to the original scale of four. anal-expulsive / anal-retentive If a man is anal-expulsive, meaning he actually gives a shit, and his wife doesn't want to take it in the pussy, then she is supposed to take it in the anus, because that's what a man does when he is homosexual: it's not like he's going to lick her pussy or anything like that. But if a woman is anal-retentive, meaning she doesn't give a shit about anything, then maybe her husband has cause for divorce. The negative side of a man's anal-expulsive personality is that the guy beats the shit out of a woman when he is angry, whereas an angry anal-retentive person tends to be more passive-aggressive, (the premeditated murder type,) like a guy who's on pot or trying to enjoy one beer too many. This was before World War I in Austria, after all, a Victorian holdover from pre-Enlightenment Germany, Italy, and Britain, even long after European Renaissance artists had made so much effort to distinguish the beautiful and pure from the filthy and disgusting. Women murdered their husbands more often than they filed for divorce in those days, because the social status of a divorcée was no better that that of an adulteress or whore, whereas a widow who successfully concealed the murder of her husband had a better chance of preserving her lifestyle and social standing, especially if the guy was so full of shit that other people were secretly glad to have him gone, too.
  16. the true extent of the femi-Nazi conspiracy They utterly destroyed him without cause, but Rush Limbaugh was not joking when he spoke about the femi-Nazis. In fact, it is much, much worse than you probably ever imagined it could be. the feminist law fetish and the exaggerated female comfort zone Many if not most women have a "law" fetish, which the mostly masculine greasy-palmed rank and file of the police academy is eager to satisfy gratuitously. When the law demands eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, these women develop such delusions of grandeur as to put out the eyes of Samson with the feel of other women's teeth nibbling on their clitoris, while they read the law of Moses from the Holy Bible. They develop a gratuitously "homey" and "comfortable" feeling from reading the graphic and lurid descriptions of sexual scenes in popular romance novels, while little children, entrusted to their care, are sitting in their lap. They aggressively seek and demand extreme vengeance and harsh punishment, under their own twisted precepts of law, for any imagined or perceived violation, no matter how slight, of their unfairly exclusive zone of such exaggerated female comfort. child pornography, child molestation, and the demonization of men At the same time there is of course a double standard of child pornography and child molestation, which applies for the most part only to men. Child pornography is "censored," as if the average man is assumed, prima facie, to experience sexual excitement by "downloading" or "viewing" it, rather than horror, disgust, and a desire to bring to justice the perpetrators of such harm to innocent children. But the laws on child pornography and child molestation are designed precisely to enforce the necessary secrecy to obstruct the prosecution of the favored but guilty perpetrators and to facilitate false accusations by information against the innocent, an arbitrary universal power which governments have never given up willingly in the history of mankind. Politicians and pillars of the community intentionally play stupid about such matters when it comes to children. These adults who ought to know better put on a false affectation of childishness or childlikeness, and pout with a projected air of innocence unbecoming an adult human being, selling Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Cinderella, and so on and so forth, until by and by at some point you can tell it is all for the entertainment of adults and no longer appropriate for the children themselves. the limited hangout of men's rights activism (MRA) Men's duties in childcare are assumed to be financial only in the crass feminist worldview of current U.S. law, and there is a certain limited hangout of so-called "Men's Rights Activism" as it is offered by the present political regime. But what do men have to gain for themselves by commiserating over a shave and a haircut, cable TV, beer, and pizza? Is a gentlemen obliged to offer aid and protection to women and children? I suppose most men would rather have this role, rather than a "man's man" role hanging out with the guys, but a man really needs his guns and the lawful right to use them, or else he has absolutely nothing to offer to women and children. It's all gone in a flash, given up to pillage and plunder if a man ever did have anything to his name without the full means and right of defending it. Filthy rich ladies of the street really should not be begging so much from poor men, but then again, they don't even own their own bodies themselves, let alone their own money. There's always a wealthy pimp with a wide sombrero somewhere who rides a white horse in court for them. The brother lawyers, judges, and cops will all have to get their affairs in order downtown in that red-light district, because it is their blood that will be shed in that war when those red lights go out for the last time. It is never "the ladies" by themselves who demonize men so viciously in general; no, it is a surprisingly complex social phenomenon driven by a few rich and powerful men, wealthy pimps who cater to a middle class of women of loose or no morals to arbitrarily demonize other men. What is portrayed as a "war between the sexes" is in reality an artfully concealed primal same-sex competition for opposite-sex mates. Men's rights are human rights, and men need to come out of the "man cave" in order to defend them effectively. The initialism "MRA" is not only a complete dismissal of human rights but makes a laughingstock of men on the right side of the law, oppressed by a government of pimps. war crimes, holocaust atrocities, torture, mass murder, and feminist denial For just one example, think about the newborn opioid "addiction" crisis reported in local hospitals everywhere in the United States of America. If it weren't such a sexual-moral, (i.e. war-criminal,) imperative to circumcise and cauterize every male child immediately at birth, then the babies would not be crying so inconsolably, and there would not be so much need for such deadly painkillers to quiet the cries of the innocent children and cover up the true horror of the atrocious war crimes committed by the Medical Doctors on the innocent ones. Unfortunately, femi-Nazi laws on child pornography and child molestation, along with their full-blooded Nazi interpretation and enforcement, totally censor the documentation of such holocaust atrocities as are even now taking place in America, and have continuously taken place ever since the Vietnam War, even to this day, some 51 years later.
  17. Constitutional crisis in the USA military duties of defense The armed forces of the United States of America are sworn to defend the people and the Constitution as it is ordained and established by the people, to wit, as a plain reading of the law without such excesses of constructionism and activism from the judicial bench as to deny or disparage the basic civil rights of the people, including the right to possess and carry firearms. military subordination to civil authority The civil authorities of the United States, not only that of the executive branch of the United States government as such, but those of various localities and individual states, not held under direct US command, cannot at the same time demand victory of US military forces while continually imposing burdensome rules, regulations, and laws of loss and defeat on them, sapping them of their strengths, undermining their strategies, and cooperating with the enemy even to the extent of betraying them in battle. justification for coup d'état The writers of the Declaration of Independence, passed unanimously as the first act of Congress on July 4, 1776, laid out as fixed ends or end goals certain bedrock principles of unalienable rights, as well as a right and a duty to throw off any and all such government as will interfere with these goals, and to institute new government, holding it in a stricter adherence to the goals of securing and respecting these unalienable rights held by the people. street cred and survival As to matters of practical strategy, the military forces must build and maintain "street credibility," that is, the support and cooperation of the people at large, without respect to official government or established pillars of the community. Gross violations of human rights, whatever the purported justification, do not inure to this goal, so essential to survival and victory in combat. omertà and respect for women Unfortunately, middle to upper class women with either loose or no morals have rudely shoved the lower and working classes out of the "respectable" category. Most of them have the money to be stably married and housed, so they definitely have the backing of middle to upper class necktied men in shutting out the lower and working classes. Wherever there's a lady, there's a lord by her side. (They're always straight, unless they wish to be known and recognized for their homosexuality.) Let's not fool ourselves. These folk always interpret "women's rights" as the rights of the wealthy and established: rich and privileged gentlemen are included, and poor women are shoved out with the poor men on the streets if they aren't willing to prostitute themselves. Sex is a proxy for class and nobility in the United States, just as race, so often, is a proxy for sex. There are too many layers of deceit to count, but the law of omertà, silence, and deception remains the law of the land until we can throw it off in a complete coup d'état.
  18. I was reading a book, a piece of religious literature which they had distributed. There is a certain subtle and roundabout way they talk about the Sabbath day and the exact hours of its observance. The Jews' Sabbath in ancient Rome coincided with Saturday on the Roman calendar. Emperor Constantine was not a fool when he decreed that Christians should celebrate the Sabbath on the "venerable day of the sun." That is, Sunday. Obviously Constantine did not think that Saturday, the day of Saturn, the Roman god of wine, was so venerable. In any case, it was the weekend, and people of the bread-and-circuses sort partied and drank a lot of alcohol in those days. "Let us who are of the day be sober ..." Jesus rose from the grave early on Sunday morning, after all. Even Constantine the Great thought the Roman day of the Sun to represent sobriety was more venerable for worship than Saturn's day of wine and drunkenness. So back to the Seventh-Day Adventists, possibly Jehovah's Witnesses and others as well. I live near the international date line, so theoretically if I were to observe the Sabbath on Saturday, it would already be Sunday in the easternmost parts of Russia, but the Russian Orthodox Christians have church on Sunday when it is already Monday in Russia. The letter of the law of Moses is more of taking a required rest after six days of work, not which particular day of the week in the Roman calendar on which it should fall. But their rigid insistence on a Saturday observance and "separating themselves" from the ungodly, heathens, and pagans leads me to believe that Adventists are sneaking that knife of genital mutilation and circumcision into their religion under color of law, along with an avoidance of pork and shellfish, or prohibitions on meat and milk in the same meal, or other Biblical ordinances that were in effect and enforced at one time or another. I don't trust their Saturday teetotaling sermons when the Adventists open the liquor store on Sunday. People are full of shit and they are subtly avoiding the real issues.
  19. F-16


    And now Mayor Berkowitz is proposing to close the budget gap on the money already borrowed and spent before the earthquake with a 5% tax on alcoholic beverages. The old teetotalers, Alcoholics Anonymous, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh-Day Adventists, and so forth always opposed city alcohol taxes like this because in those days they felt that City Hall should not have any financial interest whatsoever in encouraging the consumption of alcohol, and furthermore, white supremacist Blue Laws are just around the corner from a liquor tax like this. Some churches opposed mandatory Sunday business closures under the Blue Laws because they felt that inasmuch as the observance of the Sabbath is to be made a law, the true Sabbath is Saturday according to the law of Moses, rather than Sunday as traditionally observed by most Christians.
  20. F-16


    Why does the city -- oops, the Municipality -- or, "The Muni" -- of Anchorage, Alaska, use MUNI.ORG for its domain name? We're not stupid. "Munis" are municipal bonds. "MUNI.ORG" sounds like a non-profit bond rating organization. Anchorage does borrow money and issue bonds: http://www.municipalbonds.com/bonds/issue/033177YZ3/ http://www.municipalbonds.com/bonds/issue/033161XA3/ http://www.municipalbonds.com/bonds/issue/0331616G0/ http://www.municipalbonds.com/bonds/issue/033285SB4/ http://www.municipalbonds.com/bonds/issue/0331614B3/ Aa2 rating from Moody's and all that. Anchorage is not that large a city, but it is issuing bonds as if it were Chicago, Illinois. We're still not stupid. Anchorage City Hall is flaunting its ability to borrow and spend money on the credit of its citizens. General obligation, water, electric, blah, blah, blah, all these departments issue their own debt? It just makes me want to vomit. Alaska is not that populous a state, and not even its largest city is all that large. But we definitely have a Chicago-sized city hall problem.
  21. more on area 51 I had been thinking about certain UFO "cult" followings or tendencies within or around the U.S. Air Force. Area 51 is Roswell, New Mexico, but Air Force bases or less official facilities with runways do exist is various towns in the Southwest. Cults usually mean drugs, so let us admit, at least in theory, that the Air Force has a drug problem. Again, Area 51 is in the Southwest, so let us try to get some cultural background. There are a lot of positive aspects to the culture of that area, but also, unfortunately, quite a drug scene, (mostly Jalisco Nueva Generación, because the Sinaloa cartels keep more toward California in the United States.) Marijuana, peyote, LSD, and other hallucinogens are popular as well as the usual stimulants and narcotics, and the hot desert sun alone is quite enough to cause dramatic hallucinations and mirages without any drugs. You really have to keep your cool there: it may take more than just nightfall and a cool evening to recover from daytime heatstroke. Air Force personnel have both the means and a strong motive to deal drugs internationally. They live on a fixed income of military basic pay, which isn't much, and they have access both to aircraft and to a high level of secrecy on the honor system to carry out missions. Those are the means, motive, and opportunity for the dealing part. We cannot say it doesn't happen, and there is always a use problem along with drug dealing. The blue pill / red pill thing. Amphetamines for a 48-hour straight mission or narcotics to sleep if the mission is cancelled at the last minute. It's too much part of popular Air Force movie culture to ignore. The FBI with all its movie warnings and attention to the movie industry would be well aware of that "popular" aspect of military drug culture, but it's not directly under FBI or DEA jurisdiction per se: that would be the AFIC, a separate military criminal investigative agency. People are "seeing things that other people don't see" at Area 51. That is part of a very strong pro-commitment involuntary mental health care political subculture. It's very, very professional and slicker than snot. There is no way out of that system, ever, once a legal allegation of mental illness is made. It's a one-shot one-sided civil court action, with no checks and balances, no defense, and no recourse, and civil rights are gone for life without any possibility of redress. That is what the number 51 represents: one card short of a full deck, a well-known euphemism or metaphor for someone who is not thinking quite clearly or with the full capacity of a sound mind. The ace of spaces was taken from a full deck of cards and laid on someone's grave in Vietnam, so only 51 cards are left, which is a whole other story, but I believe it sheds a little more light on military involvement with the civil commitment process for involuntary mental health care, and some of the dirty games they play behind the scenes. Because in the end, mental health is all about taking away the guns and the gun rights, and it all comes down to a sneaky conniving back-handed good-old-boys dishonorable discharge, straight out through the doctor's office, snicker-snicker, hardy-har-har, without any due process of law, even for someone who has never actually served in the military or ever been properly subject to that jurisdiction.
  22. bonds and levies We always vote no. Bonds are a medieval form of imprisonment, and a levy is a lifting or raising of something, literally to lift the heads off the shoulders of a decapitated population to raise money for some cause to be forcibly imposed on the remainder of the people. libraries Public libraries are government institutions, and they exist solely for two purposes, To control, regulate, limit, and restrict (a) the press in general, and (b) what in particular is legally permitted to be printed or published; and To collect and retain detailed information on the reading habits of political dissidents and individuals deemed mentally ill or politically subversive, for express purposes of arbitrary imprisonment, torture, and execution. Paper, ink, and binding are cheap, and we demand the freedom to pay for the books we do want to read and not to pay for the books we do not want to read. schools We view public schools as government-run internment and indoctrination camps for children, and we only permit our children to attend them because to some extent the children do look out for each other at school, and they do need the information imparted to them there in order to survive under such a brutal and oppressive political regime even if they do not "buy" the government propaganda. In general, we feel that the less money school districts have access to, the less harm they are capable of inflicting on our children. We have long since been disillusioned on our part of any ideas of good will and benevolent government on the part of city hall relating to the education of children. emergency services The usual three are fire, police, and medical. More money for city hall does not alleviate the risks of firetrap construction methods and business proprietors who willfully and intentionally insist on obstructing exit doors, knowing, to wit, that human deaths will result which otherwise could easily be averted. We cannot afford to pay for the gun control demanded and imposed by cop-calling whores and their courthouse pimps. Law enforcement has never come to our aid when we were victimized by serious organized crime, and we the people are compelled for our very survival to seek and exact our own redress outside the court system for the unprosecuted crimes continually committed against our persons and our property, day and night. Medical care for us is mental health only, with the sole and express purpose of imposing arbitrary gun control on us. We are lucky to have a bone set in a cast rather than having an entire limb cut off unnecessarily, and furthermore being falsely accused and imprisoned for disability fraud. We cannot pay for the enforcement of others' morbid desires against us in the name of medicine, or purported treatment for false and malicious diagnoses of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone, internet, cable television When bonds are sold by city hall, these are government services to be monopolized, mandated, enforced, and liened against homeowners, borrowers, tenants, for the purpose of extracting economic rents from the populace. The quality of service is horrible, and without a competitive market the price is exorbitant. Just vote no on the bonds and levies! How in the world could voters be so stupid as to vote for all this stuff? Surely the ballots are not being counted honestly. Oh. Did I forget garbage pick-up and city bus service? Counting, that's about fourteen government monopoly shopping carts on private property, and they all have arbitrary power not only to deny the services they bill for, but to lien and foreclose property for payment. That is a very, very sneaky and pervasive taking of private property for public use without any compensation whatsoever.
  23. A non-functional "Constitution." That's part of the problem. https://ltgov.alaska.gov/information/alaskas-constitution/ Article 1, sections 5, 8, 12, 17, and 20 have qualifying clauses that in practice completely annul and cancel the rights of the people enumerated therein. Free speech is overly qualified by an imposition of excessive "responsibility" for a deliberately ill-defined concept of "abuse" of that right. Grand juries are made subject to the standard prosecutorial "deal," whereas by law under the U.S. Constitution, a prosecuting attorney cannot even speak to a defendant on a felony or other infamous criminal matter without the indictment of a grand jury having already taken place. Outrageously excessive bail, exorbitant fines, and the cruelest and most severe punishments imaginable are explicitly encouraged by conspicuously omitting the human rights of the defendant from consideration in such "Criminal Administration" matters. There is, to quote, "no imprisonment for debt," but the authority to arrest and imprison debtors is explicitly retained. The Third Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is reiterated with the additional clause that "The military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power." First of all the assumption of "strictness" is a presumptuous slur on the U.S. military, and second, the civil power of any individual state has no authority over the United States military except as U.S. law under the U.S. Constitution permits for calling out the militia and so forth. It is only the civil power vested in POTUS to which the U.S. military is held subordinate, not that of the governors of the respective States. No individual state has the constitutional power to wage war or impose an additional or alternative chain of command on the U.S. military outside that of the Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces under U.S. law. To make matters worse, sections 19, 20, and 23 of Article III grant to the governor of the state virtually unlimited powers of military authority, martial law, and government by executive order with the force of law. Under Article 5, section 2, not only a felony conviction but any allegation whatsoever of mental illness is an absolute lifetime disqualification from voting. Under Article 9, section 1, the state has permanent, unlimited absolute taxing authority. No constitutional amendment can ever limit the power of the state to lay and collect taxes. Article 15, section 8 is at odds and in conflict with the United States Constitution regarding the election of Senators and Representatives to U.S. Congress. Article 15, section 17 outlines a completely frivolous, gratuitous, and nonsensical "transfer of court jurisdiction." Altogether too much general-purpose legislation of a non-constitutional or unconstitutional nature has been inappropriately codified into the Constitution of the State of Alaska. These things are especially treacherous and adhere to treason against the United States from the point of view of a duty, whether sworn or affirmed in some official capacity, or naturally assumed on the basis of citizenship, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America as the supreme and inviolable law of the land.
  24. F-16

    The UK Christmas adverts 2017

    Sex sells, and race is more often than not a proxy for sex. A race by definition is a self-propagating group of people (or even animals of any particular species for that matter) who procreate among themselves. If people of different races are procreating, then technically it's all the same race, and we can well speak of "the human race" but then again different groups of humans will split apart and differentiate to a greater or lesser extent, develop slightly different genetic characteristics and so forth. So who really cares, and who are we to judge? But yes, where are the white kids with black parents?
  25. What's with "recognizing" Jerusalem or West Jerusalem as as Israel's capital city? That would be where Israel's national capitol and government are located. Elementary school geography. Australia's "official recognition" or lack thereof is of no bearing or consequence to the facts. Alaska's capitol is in Juneau; Anchorage is the state's biggest city and de facto location of most business. Israel's biggest city is Tel Aviv, and probably a lot more business is conducted there than in Jerusalem. Might be a slight issue of government elitists trying to stay away from the crowds while they wheel and deal with military enemies.