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  1. Are you married to a cop? https://ibb.co/ZJpSHCR
  2. And the cops busted my place on a heavy-breathing plant-and-bust warrant for nudity and child pornography etc. Ironic because the cops themselves are the worst of the worst sex offenders around: Sex Offenders Were Becoming Cops. After Our Stories, Alaska’s Governor Wants That To End.
  3. I just ordered that book along with a bunch of others, and now that I look at it, I'm sure I've read it before. The book is, as the title suggests, a very critical exposition of the subject matters it covers. It does not paint a pretty picture of liberalism and communism. Several illustrations are of the type that might be considered "offensive" to some people for some reason or another. There are Holocaust concentration camp photos, a gross political caricature of a Jewish man and a Garden-of-Eden scene, like you might find in some Bibles. A Vietnam War protest and a photo of K
  4. The wise men from the East, who were ever so observant, knew the signs of the stars, when the King of the Jews should be born. That great sacrifice which was so unfortunate for Jesus was fortunate for Christian believers, and it is said that light grappled with darkness and death wrestled with life for three days and three nights, and Jesus attained the great victory that we should be co-heirs together with Him when He comes in His glory and in the clouds with great majesty.
  5. Talk to a psychiatrist, they tell you you're "hearing voices" which is abnormal. Talk to a preacher or Sunday school teacher, it's your conscience. Talk to a philosopher, people are Platonic friends and the females among them are having abortions. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/conscience/ For example, while some health practitioners raise “conscientious” objection to abortion and refuse to provide the service, someone’s conscience might demand the exact opposite, i.e., to perform abortions in order to respect what is conscientiously believed to be a woman’s right (Joffe 1995).
  6. Springer is a serious heavyweight German academic publishing house. I've read numerous books on advanced mathematics and related topics of pure science from Springer -- they're rather expensive, but that stuff is generally all absolute best quality. On the other hand, all recent medical journals on the "cutting edge" of surgical theory and practice have reverted toward Old Testament Jewish medicine. J Med Internet Res. 2019 Jan; 21(1): e11429. Published online 2019 Jan 18. doi: 10.2196/11429 PMCID: PMC6356187 PMID: 30664451
  7. Who owns the following government propaganda sites? militarytimes.com, armytimes.com, navytimes.com, airforcetimes.com, marinecorpstimes.com wavy.com, stripes.com, military.com, defensenews.com, breakingdefense.com fedweek.com, federalnewsnetwork.com, govexec.com, federaltimes.com, wtop.com, fedsmith.com, federalsoup.com afge.org, www.dpeaflcio.org/american-federation-of-government-employees fbiaa.org, socxfbi.org, fbinaa.org forces.net, cap.news, spaceref.com ausa.org, ausn.org, afa.org, mca-marines.org, ngaus.org cgauxa.org, cgaux.org, coastgua
  8. “And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.” -- Mark 15:33 That was no eclipse of the sun, to last three full hours from noon to three o'clock in the afternoon, counting from the first hour of the day at seven o'clock in the morning. Dark and heavy clouds are the more likely scientific explanation of the three hours of darkness when Jesus was on the cross. "And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;" -- Matthew 27:51 This sounds like the th
  9. I'm honestly not that concerned about cocaine, whether it's crack or freebase or hydrochoride or however it's packaged or marketed on the street. I don't think it's as addictive as it's billed in federal court either. If a cup of coffee or tea isn't sufficient for people to wake up in the morning, then that's more likely than not a symptom of persistent heavy adulteration of everyday food and drink products with heroin or other narcotics -- for which people are seeking an antidote when they risk arrest to purchase cocaine on the street. It's the same old scam the drug dealers, pharma
  10. https://royalcentral.co.uk/europe/sweden/sweden-will-soon-welcome-their-first-non-royal-highness-born-prince-or-princess-157025/ The ceremonial parts also include Te Deum, a religious service in the Royal Chapel. Due to the pandemic, it is now uncertain whether such a service can be carried out in a traditional manner. When asked by the Swedish press, the Royal Court says that one must look at the situation when it becomes relevant and that the infection situation at the time will determine whether it is possible to carry out the ceremony. The Swedish Royal Court’s information director Ma
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/meghan-markles-saudi-earrings-drama-194600181.html >>>... the Times reports [Meghan Markle] wore a pair of earrings back in 2018 that were allegedly gifted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman—who was recently found by U.S. intelligence to be responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. ... Meghan's lawyers say she was unaware there was any speculation that the Crown Prince was involved in Khashoggi's murder...<<< https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/03/politics/biden-administration-mbs-sanction-never-a-viable-option/index.html >>
  12. The Frankfurt School is communist, and enjoying a huge resurgence today at our expense. Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Eric Bronner 2nd Revised edition Published by Oxford University Press Inc, United States (2019) ISBN 10: 0190692677 ISBN 13: 9780190692674 >>>Critical theory emerged in the 1920s from the work of the Frankfurt School, the circle of German-Jewish academics who sought to diagnose - and, if at all possible, cure - the ills of society, particularly fascism and capitalism. In this book, Stephen Eric Bronner provides sketches of lead
  13. Stock Certificates Have Gone With the Winds of Change Transfer agents and brokers simply will not issue stock certificates, 8-K / 10-K forms, proxy ballots, or invitations to corporate annual meetings anymore, even though all these things are unquestionably the rights of investors. The Democrats don't see anything wrong with this situation. And another bad one is ConocoPhilips, which trades on the NYSE under the symbol "COP." I live in big oil country, and people tell me, "I don't work for the COPs." Yet the NYPD patrol cars are racing down Wall Street with red and blue flashing ligh
  14. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS The Second Amendment: What Are the Limits on the Right to Own Guns? Most U.S. citizens have a Second Amendment right to own and carry firearms, but that doesn’t mean all gun control is unconstitutional. In other words, most people can have guns, but if you're a criminal or mentally ill, you can't have a gun, and these lawyers will turn you in to the feds for even asking. And the feds will plant-and-bust with actual firearms and charge for possession, or gossip and spread disinformation and slander to family members and friends of the targeted individuals, and even
  15. Charlie Munger doesn’t know what’s worse: Tesla at $1 trillion or bitcoin at $50,000 The BIrkshire veep is right about Tesla and Bitcoin of course, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on or any room to talk with Birkshire Hathaway Class A shares of voting stock so obscenely overvalued at $375,000/share with a reported price/book of 1.38. The stock is an "alternative investment" -- too thinly traded at such a stratospheric price, Munger and Buffett may as well have taken it private because the investors aren't getting their 10-K's from the stock they're investing in anyways -- ought to
  16. I'm looking for small stocks, essentially "penny stocks" to invest a few dollars in -- I like to use any of the various "stock screeners" available online -- but I find companies are experiencing heavy losses in the small cap world, and I don't do blue chips. I look for companies with solid financials -- there are a variety of criteria to screen for -- but things are going to hell in a handbasket all over the place, and the market is really overvalued. The blue chips have too many accounting reserves and places to hide assets and/or liabilities and bring them out of hiding from time to ti
  17. Entire school board resigns after members get caught mocking parents >>>Members of a California school board resigned en masse after they were caught mocking parents during a public video meeting about re-opening schools shuttered during the pandemic. All four members, including president Lisa Brizendine of the Oakley Elementary School District board, resigned Friday, according to a Fox News report. The board members were caught on video complaining about parents who wanted teachers to return to their classrooms. Brizendine appeared to mock parents who “want their babysitters bac
  18. ETrade.com, other brokerage houses: brokerage accounts are arbitrarily restricted, closed. "One share" investments in stocks of interest for non-professional investors are no longer welcome. |> Extended hold times, longer than normal wait times for customer inquiries. |> The required financial reports on investments are not being mailed out. |> Proxy ballots for annual meetings are not being delivered to equity investors. There are too many red flags. There are questions they don't want to answer.
  19. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/18/sport/momoko-nojo-tokyo-olympics-spt-intl/index.html >>> When a 22-year-old Japanese college student launched an online campaign against the powerful Tokyo Olympics chief and the sexist remarks he made, she was not sure it would go very far. >>> But in less than two weeks, Momoko Nojo's #DontBeSilent campaign organised with other activists gathered more than 150,000 signatures, galvanising global outrage against Yoshiro Mori, the president of Tokyo 2020. >>> He quit last week and has been replaced by Seiko Hashimoto,
  20. It's that labor union. They're always on strike. They strike their children at home and their bosses at work. Now it's everyday working cops on the beat who do the same thing to me as an adult. Federal, state, and city cops. They're all in it together, with the same murderous hate in their eyes.
  21. HAARP is funded by George Soros and friends. Official Website: https://haarp.gi.alaska.edu/ The physical location is gated and locked, under CCTV and armed guard. On the state highway, but a long way from any civilization. No one else is nearby. They have everything they need to kill you, bodybag you, and dispose of any and all evidence before any outside authorities arrive. https://www.google.com/maps/place/HAARP+Research+Facility/@62.3910518,-145.133929,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x56b57b64d4be52d9:0xd229826eee007bd!8m2!3d62.3910518!4d-145.1317403 Do not even drive by. I
  22. It's a Japanese manga-style comic character female "doll." People of the district who are uptight about the political content for other reasons might see an opportunity to attack from a "child pornography" angle even if there is nothing objectionable about the images you post. Text can be offensive, but people ought to be able take things in context and ignore it if it makes them angry. They don't, however. The fact that they are banning people on Twitter and Facebook, as they did to me, indicates that they are going to be every bit as nasty, with a lot more clout, in a small-town courth
  23. No posting from Google account. There is definitely a crash coming. There is mass equity in the stock market, propped up artificially for the time being to allow smaller investors "in the know" to get out without panicking wealthier investors. But the equity cannot make it out of the market without crashing. The numbers aren't adding up for the financial reports of the companies whose stocks are sold on NYSE, NASDAQ, etc. Proxy ballots aren't being mailed out to individual investors. It's an "institutional only" market. People are going to lose their shirts in 401(k) retirement accounts, as in
  24. He's fondling and kissing little kids all over the place -- if you're conservative, you can't even talk to any of these people's kids, look at them, greet them, say at church, etc., or you end up in jail yourself for being a pedophile. That's why they shut down some of those churches. Liberals got in and took over the amen corner. Sicker than COVID-19 or any other disease by far.
  25. A duck. Un canard in French. The Jews won't eat duck because it isn't kosher. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitic_canard Hitler had a platform. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/platform-of-the-national-socialist-german-workers-rsquo-party https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/nazi-party-platform https://www.facinghistory.org/weimar-republic-fragility-democracy/politics/nazi-party-platform-politics-political-party-platforms Most of the points were reasonable and straightforward, if not inevitable responses to the societal problems of the