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    F-16 got a reaction from TheFox in Is the Swedish flag the new kek?   
    They're ladies, and quite the professional ladies at that, wearing the Coronavirus masks, and pressing social distancing charges against their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands.
    Just look for the masks on Etsy etc.
    Sweden has worst rape conviction record in Europe
    Meanwhile, Swedish men are sick and tired of appearing in court to answer all those lame-ass red-light district criminal charges. The judges must be throwing the district attorneys, prosecutors, and procurators out of court, because people don't even get a jury trial in Sweden unless it's a civil case regarding freedom of the press or something like that.
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    F-16 got a reaction from Martin Timothy in US House Quietly Passes AntiSemitism Amendment - Jews did 911   
    The key to “Ashkenazi” is the Nazi part.
    The way go on about how intelligent they are, it's a Nietzschean race of Übermenschen with a plan to take over the world, and the nations are nothing but cattle to them.
    It's the elitists on the Russian Jew side of WWII. The Protocols of Zion, the Commies of the Red Scare from the 1950s.
    No true bearing on Hebrew ancestry or descent, but definitely connected with the old guard Охрана from before WWI & the Russian Revolution as well as Stalin's Communist Party.
    It's that incessantly ardent demand for universal circumcision & so much witchcraft to enforce that peculiar manner of mutilation on the innocent ones at the hospital.
    The NAZI elitists from the German side were in cahoots with the Ashkenazi elitist Russian sect of converted secular Judaism, with an unwavering goal to corrupt the Israeli government and subvert all ideology of Zionism to further Russian & Polish goals of world domination through the Protocols of Zion.
    It's somewhat like the connections among Ku Klux Klan, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and Scotland Yard with Europol & Interpol.
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    F-16 got a reaction from McKenna77 in Hidden cameras in restroom   
    I remember when I went to college about the turn of the millennium, and the kids put hidden cameras in restrooms in the dormitory and classroom buildings. Then they would distribute the pics on the internet as pornography. Campus security and police just sort of winked an eye at it, like nothing wrong was going on.
    The bathroom bill petition initiative failed in Anchorage https://www.muni.org/Departments/Assembly/Clerk/Elections/2018 Election/Opinion -- Application for Initiative Petition 2017-2.pdf
    Sex in the restroom? Ugghh. I don't think so. People are drunk or they piss and shit and do drugs, shoot themselves up with heroin, smoke crack, pot, whatever. The females are so high on LSD and PCP and various date rape drugs that they are trying to urinate standing up.... Oh, we should pass a law, or we need a waterproof spycam in the toilet or something like that, oh, ahh errr, just squat behind a dumpster in a back alley somewhere -- oh, they caught you on camera --- Err, ...
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    F-16 got a reaction from Gnostic Christian Bishop in Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?   
    Many who profess such religions (or denial of the existence of God, as the case may be) are indeed idolaters, I am quite sure. On the other hand, such a diverse group all have their different reasons for their idolatry, and different idols they worship. There is no one cohesive scholarly theory to explain how all these people think or worship or refuse to worship.
    The name of God, or the literal spelling of the name of God, is sometimes called Τετραγράμματον in Greek, because it consists of four letters in Hebrew.
    There have been and still are strict prohibitions against taking God's name in vain, and this is partially where we get the expression "four-letter word" for a curse word or swear word. The Jews were forbidden from pronouncing this name aloud, and they substituted expressions for "the Lord" when they read the Scripture aloud.
    The name means "I AM THAT I AM" in Hebrew, and God received that name, because when Moses was commanded to speak to the Pharaoh, King of Egypt, all the gods of the Egyptians had names, but Moses was slow of tongue and uncertain how to refer to the Lord his God when speaking to Pharaoh. So Moses was commanded by God to pronounce that name in Hebrew, and that was the name of God when Moses was speaking to Pharaoh in the Egyptian language.
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    F-16 got a reaction from Gnostic Christian Bishop in The "Aryan heresy" and other white people's discontent with the Church   
    Religions exist, whether you believe in them or not. People always believe in some worldview or paradigm of how the world came to be and what will become of it in the end. Some beliefs are considered more religious, some are considered more scientific, and some are pseudo-scientific, esoteric, or absolute nonsense.
    This is the U.S. courthouse red-light district. Not religio licita.
    Very, very true.
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    F-16 got a reaction from Gnostic Christian Bishop in Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?   
    Right. That is all that should be enforced by human flesh-and-blood political power in any case. Too many people who don't even believe in a religion themselves use it as a tool to manipulate, use, and abuse other people.
    To the extent that there is a spiritual or religious law, that is something to which we answer our own Creator, not something imposed on us by other humans on earth.
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    F-16 got a reaction from Gnostic Christian Bishop in Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?   
    I am upset about this same issue. To the extent that a religion charges money, regulates marriage and family, enforces its rules as law, and encroaches upon the functions of the state, then yes, it is a fraud. At the same time, it would be a mistake not to take fraud seriously.
    If I wish or care to study the Bible, I need to be free to buy it at the bookstore alongside holy books of other religions and other non-religious thought.
    I am really, really sick of the reversion of the U.S. court system to a parochial childhood Sunday School level of ethics, which does not allow our country to rise above the institutionalized fraud of organized religion.
    Far too many people have professed Christianity or other religion and behaved abominably and mistreated other people in the name of their religion.
    I refuse to take offense at those who profess atheism and yet behave faithfully in their dealings with other people.