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  1. Hi. I see white cars with tinted windows appear out of nowhere. One of the white cars took me for a ride and my eyes tight close now that doesn't happen when in other cars I think aliens controlling me into the car with beams coming out of it and wind around it took me to another planet with a black tinted building and orange ground and white round light go by on 10 10 10. I always remember the date cause it like 10 10 10. I see it outside my address vanishing and in back street. As though it's following me. I also get banned from Ebay when not doing anything wrong just cause they know I got two address looks like by same person it cause i moved and needs updating. I also talked about something and my internet suddenly turned off as though someone didn't like what I'm saying and once in library this lady appeared out of thin air and wearing blue and gold symbol just like one train. Very strange. I wonder if they're following me. I don't know why.