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  1. i seek the truth about what is going on behind the curtain. i have been diving into the rabbit hole for some time now and i have learned a lot about what is going on and what is being kept from us but i want to learn more i already use tor but im not sure what sites to go to so i can find the information that i seek. i am also looking for someone that goes by the name TheDarkKing a friend of my recently spoke with this person and found out some amazing shit and i wish to speak to this person myself so i can learn what they know.
  2. has anyone been on the dark web
  3. I need any and all information about the off the books events going on at cern.
  4. thanks. i found this very interesting and i find it very unlikely that this man set himself on fire of his own free will
  5. I am seeking information on any and all conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Is anyone willing to share?