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    The name JAH is found in the King James translation of Psalm 68 of the Bible. It is a short form of what is now commonly pronounced Jehovah. It is commonly combined with the name RAS TAFARI, which was the name of HAILE SELASSIE before his coronation. RAS means “lord” or “king” and TAFARI means “fearless”. Of course the Rastafari movement, or movements (being quite diverse in belief and form), are designated by this God-name, it being the primary name under which they worship God. It should be noted in passing that the word “Rastafarian” sometimes used to designate Rastafari, mispronounces “far-eye” as “fairy”. Slavery brought the African people out of Africa, creating the diaspora. When official slavery ended they found themselves far from home in a racist society, a society lacking real spiritual values though it claimed to be Christian. The Rastafari believe that the Christian church has nothing to do with Christ The Nazarene, that it is corrupt and indeed anti-spiritual. The situation in which black people found and find themselves is exactly like that of the Jews in the “BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY”, under the yoke of an oppressor. What is it that is now called BABYLON? It is the greed of global capitalism, the toxic society in which we live, it is the situation of suffering in which black people (and all sincere people) find themselves. It is tyranny ruling by sheer physical force, Might makes Right, police and soldiers lording it over the people. It is the unethical empire of the Whore and the Beast, “the abomination of desolation”. It is the corporate shadow government, the insane hypocrisy of a society which permits all kinds of evil to the rich and powerful yet punishes the poor for meaningless so-called crimes such as the possession of GANJA. The thing the Rastafari seek, therefore, is to Leave BABYLON and Return To ZION. For some, especially more recently, this idea is metaphorical, seeking an end to the continuing spiritual and mental slavery of BABYLON, returning to ZION in a spiritual sense. Yet for others it is quite literal, seeking repatriation to ETHIOPIA. HAILE SELASSIE was an emperor of ETHIOPIA. It is said in the KEBRA NAGAST that the original Ark Of The Covenant now resides there, and thus the Ethiopians are now the true Covenant People of God. Many of the Rastafari believe that Haile Selassie was the Second Coming of the Christ, others that he was a great prophet. The anniversary of the day he visited Jamaica, arriving by plane, is known as “Groundation Day”. As Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie received the title: KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH (Which can be spoken as a type of Prayer or Mantra). It is therefore believed by many Rastafari that Haile Selassie is the “Lion Of Judah” of the BOOK OF REVELATION, who opens the Seven Seals of Apocalypse. Rastafari are widely known for the Reggae music some of them produce and for their consumption of GANJA (which they call “KALI WEED”). Reggae music has changed over the years, becoming Dancehall, Ragga, less and less spiritual. The real Reggae music though is the “ROOTS REGGAE”. This is conscious music aiming to promote spirituality and educate the listener about black history. Much of Bob Marley’s music was in this vein, however there are many, many, other Roots Reggae artists. This music is often profoundly spiritual, it may be possible to dance to it but it is primarily a way of getting closer to God. One less well-known subgenre of the Roots Reggae is known as NYABINGHI. This is also the name of one of the major groups of Rastafari, the oldest and strictest “Mansion of Rastafari”, from which the music takes it’s name. The word Nyabinghi is associated with Queen Nyabinghi, who led an anti-colonial rebellion and who is venerated as an incarnation of SEKHMET. Yet in Jamaica it also means “Death To The White (and Black) Oppressor”, though the Nyabinghi don’t believe in violence. Rather they believe that as humanity comes together in prayer, the oppressor will be destroyed by JAH, who is the only one with the right to destroy. Beating the drums and singing together they summon spiritual forces to bring about the end of the Babylonian Captivity. The Nyabinghi form of Roots music, inspired by these chants, is often prayerful and involving the repetition of Psalms, much of it is essentially hymns with choral vocals. It uses the Nyabinghi rhythms which are like traditional African rhythms, heavily syncopated and offbeat, rather than the more “rock” steady offbeat rhythms of most Roots Reggae. GANJA is considered a sacrament to Rastafari, as REVELATION says: “the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations”. Some consider it to be a special form of incense which drives away the negative energies of all the licentiousness and immorality on the planet. It is used primarily at “Groundings”, where they come together to pray and to “reason”. The “reasoning” is a discussion of Rastafari doctrines and how they relate to the moment, it is intended to illuminate everyone present and bring about a clearer and higher perspective on spirituality and the world. The Rastafari believe that the reason the GANJA is illegal (a prohibition which began with the US “War on Drugs”) is because it can open people’s minds to the realization of how Babylon is oppressing them and to true spirituality (rather than the dogmas of churches etc). Effectively the RASTAFARI teaching, the ROOTS REGGAE music and the GANJA, is a very profound living spiritual path for the present time. It is a relatively new movement, and thus still has much of it’s original vitality. In truth we are in BABYLON, and we must realize this and confront the situation. GANJA can show us just how twisted the whole situation is, uplift us and give us a great deal of spiritual strength and positive force (providing that it is used respectfully, even sacramentally). The ROOTS REGGAE music, particularly in combination with the GANJA, can tune us in with positive spiritual forces and help us to develop wisdom. We can at any time, but particularly when burning the herb, recite the name of JAH RAS TAFARI, which is a true Holy Name of God. We can also recite the name of the Indian God SHIVA, who is the consort of KALI and whose devotees commonly wear dreadlocks and smoke the holy herb. JAH RAS TAFARI Short Youtube Roots Reggae Playlist (7 Roots Tracks, 3 Nyabinghi)
  2. They're pretty much the same as the Vedic signs. I think that Astrology is one of the occult sciences. Anyway, what's the difference between pagans and "believers"? I think Divinity can be worshipped in many names and forms.
  3. “Seven of these raised two fingers each, and gave a double interpretation, saying, "If a man possessing such marks and characteristics continue in the household life, he becomes a Universal Monarch; if he retire from the world, he becomes a Buddha." And then they set forth all the glory of a Universal Monarch.” In the FOUR GOSPELS of CHRIST we see that Jesus is a Spiritual Leader. He refuses to be made a king: “When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone”. He clearly states “my Kingdom is not of this world”. There is a clear distinction between Spiritual and Political Power, a distinction which was valid at the time but has now ceased to be so. The Gospels represent the teaching for the AGE OF PISCES and we are now beginning the AGE OF AQUARIUS. Some will immediately object that during the AGE OF PISCES there was a great deal of mixing of spiritual and temporal power, the Catholic “Holy Roman Empire” for example. This, however, was the inverse of the kind of spiritual-political power that is coming in the AGE OF AQUARIUS, it was corrupt so-called religion corrupting itself even further in order to gain the benefits of political power, whereas in the coming age political power will become pure, be spiritualized. The PISCEAN theocracies were dogmas and inquisitions, while the New Age of AQUARIUS is about freedom and freedom of thinking. This whole situation is explained in the Gospel when it speaks of Christ’s temptations, the Devil offering to make him king of the world and him refusing. Some would interpret this as meaning that Christ was non-political, that no political teaching can be derived from the Gospel, yet this is not the case. Rather it is to say that gaining power in exchange for one’s soul can never be wise. This temptation therefore describes what happened with the Catholic church, who traded true spirituality for hollow dogma and built an empire upon it, upon fear and repression. It is clear in a number of ways that the FOUR GOSPELS represent the teaching for the astrological AGE OF PISCES, which follows the AGE OF ARIES - for one they take place just as the astrological ages are changing. Jesus calls fishermen as his disciples and they become “fishers of men”. He feeds the 5,000 with bread and fish. The PISCES fish is a well-known symbol of Christianity. In regards to the end of the AGE OF ARIES, we have the crucifixion, recalling Abraham’s sacrifice of the ram (Abraham sacrifices the ram instead of his son, God sacrifices His son instead of humanity). Yet there is another Gospel apart from the FOUR GOSPELS (and the writings of Paul, the Acts of the Apostles etc). This is the BOOK OF REVELATION which deals with the coming of the next age, of the AGE OF AQUARIUS which is now beginning. In REVELATION the Christ returns to purify the Earth of evil. He therefore becomes: KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, ROOT OF DAVID, no longer simply a spiritual leader, “King of the Jews” (who had no nation and were not nations). This also reminds us that the Gospels state that Christ is descended from KING DAVID, that he is of a kingly line. It is clear that the BOOK OF REVELATION is of great importance in understanding the way in which spirituality will manifest in the AGE OF AQUARIUS which is now arriving. It is a book which must not be understood literally, like in all of the Bible the wisdom is hidden in symbolism. Let’s look at the life of another great prophet, Gautama Buddha, Shakyamuni. Shortly after his birth it was predicted he would either become a great king or a fully enlightened Buddha. The Buddha turned the Dharmachakra, the wheel of Dharma, but if he had become a king he would have been known as Chakravarti, a name which means “wheel turning king”. So both are turning a wheel, one the spiritual and one the political. Buddha was born into a royal family, into the Shakya clan, a member of the warrior caste. Therefore he was by birth destined to be a ruler, not an ascetic. Many of us will already have heard the story of how Buddha left the palace, where his father kept hi surrounded by luxuries in an attempt to prevent him from seeing the suffering of the world and therefore renouncing the kingdom he was born to govern. Gautama however saw outside the palace walls, old age in the form of an old man, sickness in the form of a diseased person, and death in the form of a corpse. Finally he saw an ascetic and realised that he too could strive, like the ascetic, to gain freedom from the sufferings of continual death and rebirth, the sufferings of life in Samsara. Hence, the story goes, Buddha became a Buddha and not a Chakravarti, renouncing his Kingdom and going off to seek Enlightenment. The two possibilities seem to be mutually exclusive, which was correct in the time that the Buddha was born, 500 years before the Christ. In those times there were no political Revolutionaries, though the Buddha was clearly a spiritual Revolutionary. Brahma, who believes himself to be creator of the Universe, comes to Buddha telling him to submit, that there is nothing higher than him, Buddha refuses. The daughters of Mara come to tempt him, “sell out, sell out, we’re waiting for you”, Buddha triumphs. He refuses to accept anything less than complete enlightenment, just as the true revolutionary won’t accept some meaningless reform in place of a total social transformation. He declared a state of total revolution against Dukkha, suffering. At the time of Buddha, the prescribed means of gaining self-realisation was to leave society, to become a renunciate. Becoming a renunciate is one of, or some kind of synthesis of, the first three ways of self-realization taught to humanity; that of the Yogi, the Monk, and the Fakir. The other way, the way prescribed for the AGE OF AQUARIUS, is THE FOURTH WAY, to live in society, indeed to live in community, not to separate oneself from the world but to engage with it, to seek awakening within social life. Therefore the Buddha in his time would be an ascetic living in a forest, but in the present time not so. The Christ in the AGE OF PISCES, his kingdom was not of this world. The Buddha was the same, a purely spiritual leader. Why? In the Age of PISCES the MASCULINE and FEMININE were separated, as is shown in the PISCEAN symbol of the two fishes each swimming in opposite directions. That is to say that the spiritual and political were separated. This was necessary in order to bring humanity beyond the primitive theocratic social structures of the previous AGE OF ARIES. “Solve et Coagula” as the Alchemical maxim goes. Whatever the intent of the process, this doesn’t discount the fact that the AGE OF PISCES was a kind of dark age, an age of separation and division, sect against sect, nation against nation. This is now manifesting itself in APOCALYPTIC fashion as we await the cataclysm which will bring the AGE OF AQUARIUS fully into existence. The AGE OF AQUARIUS will be an age of synthesis in which there will no longer be separate sects with their various dogmas or nations with different systems. Every prophet gives some perennial teaching and some temporary “place and time” teaching, there are also esoteric elements in their teachings and their histories. In the case of Buddha we can say that the whole notion of him being potentially Chakravarti is an esoteric teaching referring to what Buddha becomes come the AGE OF AQUARIUS, the Jungian “shadow” which remained unmanifest, in a latent state, until these times. Because now we have reached the AGE OF AQUARIUS, things are different, the night has passed and the morning arrived. Christ is no longer the sacrificed lamb, crucified by the power of the state, he has become KING OF KINGS and triumphed over the empire symbolically known as Babylon. It follows, therefore, that Buddha isn’t only the Buddha now, he’s also the Chakravarti. If the Christ has become a King, so do all prophets because all prophets are manifestations of the Christ, in the sense of the LOGOS (Ego-Death, Spiritual Resurrection). The REVOLUTIONARY CHRIST has triumphed, and now takes power, the BUDDHA’s wholly spiritual revolution now becomes a political one. This is the descent of the celestial Jerusalem of the BOOK OF REVELATION, the “marriage supper of the Lamb” where the masculine and feminine principles (the spiritual and political), separated in the darkness of the AGE OF PISCES, are reunited again. Now this becomes clear, we see a whole new way of Spiritual Practise opening up before us. The practise of revolution has become the support of spiritual practise, in the struggle for justice and freedom on Earth we can find the best raw material to awaken spiritually. BUDDHA and CHAKRAVARTI are now one thing, a Unity, CHRIST is now KING OF KINGS. We can end by discussing how some of the concepts given by Buddha, the fundamentals of his doctrine, are entirely applicable to politics: INTERCONNECTEDNESS This is that we must realize that we are all connected as a human race, that the person working in an Indonesian sweatshop is a human being like us and not only that but we are in part responsible for their situation in so much as we do not resist (and often support) the corporations keeping them in poverty. Being Interconnected we are all One, whatever we do has an effect on the totality. We are all one family, all sentient beings are like our own mothers, and we should feel the same about the suffering of a person in a far away land as we do about the people around us. CAUSALITY Buddhist meditation is a means of realizing what is known as “Emptiness”. People sometimes regard this as some kind of metaphysical doctrine, a dogma, but this is not so, the great Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna said: "The Buddha proclaimed emptiness as a remedy for all doctrinal controversies, but those who in turn cling to emptiness are beyond treatment”. In fact it is more of a tool to understand things as they truly are and not as they seem, to understand Cause and Effect of which Nagarjuna said: “it is Dependent Origination that we call emptiness”. Some people who do not formally meditate are skilled in perceiving some aspects of Dependent Origination, Cause and Effect, whilst some people who meditate may fail to comprehend it. It all depends on whether a person is truly open, whether they allow themselves to see things as they actually are or whether they are confused and hide amongst theories. Acting politically follows from seeing the world as it truly is, the real Causes from which things arise. It requires understanding of the real relations between things, rather than the stories told by the power to keep the population acquiescent. In order to triumph politically, in order to make the world a better place, we must first go beyond these stories and see the real story, understand the factors which are creating so much human suffering on this planet. We must therefore seek the secret causes of things, to meditate upon things until we discover the reality beyond their appearance. Then we can develop the wisdom to act in terms of Cause and Effect, creating Positive Causes, destroying Negative Causes. Meditation in this sense becomes a revolutionary act. COMPASSION This is to not simply retreat into our small lives, ignoring the wider situation. Rather we develop the desire to take on suffering, to overcome not only our own but everyone’s suffering, to become what in Buddhism is known as the BODHISATTVA. This is a thought which is essentially REVOLUTIONARY, the thought known as BODHICITTA or “THE SPIRIT OF AWAKENING”. There are two types of Bodhicitta, Aspiring and Engaged, and struggling for political and economic justice is Engaged Bodhicitta.
  4. Ah. Thanks for the financial advice, would be a good idea especially if I was Venezuelan.
  5. The spiritual teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff brought to the West what he called “THE FOURTH WAY”, a way to spiritual self-realization within, rather than separated from, society. It is not in itself a religion, it is a technique which can be used by someone of any religion -“Respect every religion”, he said. An Armenian by birth, Gurdjieff wandered far and wide, eventually meeting, he claimed, with a mysterious spiritual organization known as “The Sarmoung Brotherhood”. The factual credibility of this (and the rest of his autobiography) is questionable, though it is certain he was indeed a wandering spiritual truth seeker. The source of his “FOURTH WAY” is unknown, very ancient. The other three ways are: - THE WAY OF THE YOGI (Intellect) - THE WAY OF THE MONK (Heart) - THE WAY OF THE FAKIR (Body) These correspond to the three centres of the human being, the Intellectual, Emotional, and Motor centres. Humanity also possesses a Superior Intellectual and Superior Emotional centre, which might be activated by reading some spiritual wisdom or listening to some sublime classical music. THE FOURTH WAY however doesn’t limit itself to one of these centres and doesn’t involve sequestrating oneself from the world like the other three ways, all of which tend to involve detachment from the life around us, solitude. This is in fact unnecessary because in social life itself we can find the material to become enlightened. The preliminary condition to understanding and practising all of this knowledge is that we realize that we are mechanical, that we are simply responding to stimuli with conditioned responses. Not only are we mechanical, but we believe ourselves to have a permanent “I”, a Self. In fact every desire is an “I”, from moment to moment the different desires posses us then make way for another “I”, each of them temporarily taking control of the Three Centres of the Body. The key to resolving this problem is self-observation. “Remember yourself always and everywhere” said Gurdjieff. One should observe from moment to moment the different sensations, thoughts, feelings, movements, surroundings etc., without identifying with them. Doing so we AWAKEN, set ourselves free from our mechanical patterns, from going through life like sleepwalkers. This is the essential of what is known as “the work” or “the work on oneself”. It is a process of spiritual self-improvement, or to put it more clearly “self-creation”. Gurdjieff stated that we do not in fact have a soul, something which survives after death, but that through the work we can create it. Samael Aun Weor, a later great teacher of THE FOURTH WAY, saw things differently. He says that we do continue to exist and in fact go through unlimited rebirths, however we do not Re-Incarnate because we are not yet the Incarnation of anything (a Being), we are simply a chaos of multiple Egos. We have what is called “Lunar Bodies” which after a certain number of Rebirths will be destroyed in a hell realm in order to free the Essence or Soul from it’s karma and eventually permit another cycle of human births to begin. The aim of the work, according to Samael, is to destroy the Egos and create “Solar Bodies”, coming to Incarnate the Being within us. Gurdjieff’s teaching we can in fact say is preliminary to that of Samael Aun Weor, in the sense that it deals only with only certain sides of THE FOURTH WAY. In fact there are a couple or a few quite important aspects which Gurdjieff either only hinted at or didn’t teach at all, it not being his duty or interest to reveal them. Furthermore Samael’s teaching, we can say up until now has only been explained partially by many of his followers or so-called followers, most of whom have probably simply failed to comprehend it. SAMAEL’S DOCTRINE - THE COMPLETE FOURTH WAY: PART I, SAMAEL'S OBVIOUS DOCTRINE ALL RELIGIONS ARE ONE "All religions are precious pearls strung on the golden thread of divinity." said Samael. It is possible to incorporate techniques from any and all religions into one’s practise. MEDITATION AND MANTRA Gurdjieff didn’t teach sitting meditation or mantra. His communities were based around labour, somewhat like in certain Christian monastic denominations. A maxim of his was “I love him who loves work”. The same thing is emphasized by Samael, that a person should be normal in the sense of having some kind of labour, normal work, not to retire into the dessert and contemplate. Nonetheless this does not mean that we cannot engage in meditative exercises, sitting meditation and mantra. These traditional techniques, as Samael taught, can be incorporated into modern life and provide the passive Yin to the active Yang of work and activity. THE ARCANUM AZF The Arcanum AZF is Sexual Alchemy, non-orgasmic Tantra with one’s husband or wife. This is to create “the superior bodies of the Being”. PART II, THE LESS OBVIOUS TRULY SOCIAL LIFE, SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS “To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints.” (PSALM 149) Samael’s teaching is known as REVOLUTIONARY GNOSTICISM. Many people like to define that phrase in accordance with technical terms, believing that “Revolutionary” simply signifies “beyond Evolution and Involution”. This is true in a certain sense, in the same way that we could also say that RE-VOLUTION means RE-EVOLUTION. Both of these definitions are correct in their own way, but we shouldn’t use them to escape from the intuitive and obvious signification of this phrase, that the Gnosticism is in some way seeking REVOLUTIONARY change, a totally radical transformation in both ourselves and society. Let’s define it: Revolutionary Gnosticism is the complete form of Gurdjieff’s FOURTH WAY. It is an Integral and Total, therefore both Spiritual and Political, Non-Violent Revolution. The Spiritual element supports the Political element and the Political element the Spiritual element. Many people who don’t grasp this believe they are Revolutionary Gnostics and that they are performing the work on themselves, yet are they in reality? Perhaps they work for a bank, a corporation, the government. This is counter-revolutionary and anti-human. It is unlikely that they devote much time and energy, or indeed any at all, to resisting humanity’s oppressors. Thus they live a totally average existence like everyone else in Babylon, except they engage in some spiritual exercises. In truth to live in Babylon like this is the existence of slaves, drones. Samael says that it is in Social Life that man becomes a God or a Beast, is he then just referring to everyday interactions between people? Most everyday interactions lack substance, are merely hollow formalities. It is when we enter into the substance of things, see the struggle for social justice, that we become Gods or Beasts, according to whether we fight for the good or for our ego. In order to self-realise we must embrace the struggle and take part in it, become conscious of the political goings on and of the perpetual struggle between oppressed and oppressor: “When a man is a Spiritual and Political Leader at the same time he wields the scepter of power. In the World of Interrelation, in SOCIAL LIFE, man can become a beast or a Genius. The Intelligence of the Universe in which we live, move and have our being, is totally social and deeply RELIGIOUS.” (SAMAEL AUN WEOR) Totally social and deeply religious. Are these so-called Gnostics then fighting on the side of the oppressed? Are they willing to be persecuted for standing up to the oppressor? Because it is exactly that battle, and the inevitable persecution that a person will experience, which provides the raw material for the work! Without making such a battle, the person isn’t fully working in THE FOURTH WAY, they are submerged in their illusions. Consider the example of dealing with anger. In THE FOURTH WAY we have to deal with our negative emotions, aspects of ego which consume energy that should be used for our self-realization. But dealing with anger isn’t so much about whether a person gets a little peeved when someone spills coffee on their new shirt, that’s only a small part of it. No, the major part of it’s a person trying to awaken and illuminate the masses even when the masses turn around and mock them, laugh at them, have no respect for all of the spiritual struggles they’ve been through. Can the person avoid reacting mechanically, with anger? Do they mock them just as they are mocked, do they take petty revenge? People speak about the Christ, the Christ says his followers will be persecuted. Yet unhappily many nominal Gnostics of THE FOURTH WAY, who don’t accept the social teachings, flee from the possibility of being persecuted. “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto Yourself” - would they like to live in a tyranny, under a dictator? Or would they like to be liberated from such oppression? We must comprehend, therefore (and this is of capital importance) that THE FOURTH WAY means living truly in society, being a part of the whole social existence of this planet. You do not live truly in society simply by having a job and a normal life - that of course is what the powers that be would like, they just want obedient workers. In actual fact even the hermit in the dessert is living more socially than the obedient worker-drone does. The hermit has rejected some social conventions, conventions which control the masses, conventions keeping them supple and docile at the hands of the dark forces who lord it over humanity. The hermit is therefore in fact more pro-social, in rejecting these conventions, than the drone living amidst others (“in society”)! THE FOURTH WAY is to AWAKEN. That is not just to achieve some state of bliss in meditation. It means to wake up to the Satanists running the show, the whole sick neon dream for a few and nightmare for the rest, the miserable pervert slaves of their own egos killing, stealing and lying their way to dominance over the whole Earth! We cannot have AWAKENING without questioning all the false beliefs which have been instilled in us, without smashing all the idols which the tyrants have installed in our brains, and our AWAKENING means little unless we profoundly LIVE IT. ELEMENTAL MEDICINE, SOCIAL LIVING “Each completed whole, each cosmos, each organism, each plant, is an enneagram. But not each of these enneagrams has an inner triangle. The inner triangle stands for the presence of higher elements, according to the scale of ‘hydrogens,’ in a given organism. This inner triangle is possessed by such plants, for example, as hemp, poppy, hops, tea, coffee, tobacco, and many other plants which play a definite role in the life of man. The study of these plants can reveal much for us in regard to the enneagram. (G.I. GURDJIEFF) Samael wrote quite extensively on Elemental Medicine. He gave many instructions on the use of plants to heal, pointing out that it is not merely the cadaver of the plant that heals, but the elemental spirit within it. Therefore the plants must be harvested correctly, sometimes used with particular mantras etc. He also stated: "Super-discipline and perfecting the physical body must be achieved through Natural Medicine.” A statement which unfortunately very few comprehended, which is perhaps why it is found in a short treatise named “For The Few”. Evidently he is talking here especially about the same plants which Gurdjieff mentioned, the plants with the “inner triangle”, that is to say a certain special type of Elemental Consciousness. The use of such plants is Shamanism, what Samael called “the Indigenous Ray”. Among plants used by Indigenous Shamans, perhaps the most important is known as “Yage” or “Ayahuasca”, which Samael recommended the use of in “Logos, Mantram, Theurgy”. This combination of two plants brings about states of highly enhanced consciousness, extremely useful in the work, and cleanses both the body and astral body etc., of negative and harmful forces. The Yage is used by various Indigenous tribes in the same way that in our culture one might go to church on Sunday. It is a teacher and a guide, helping them to live harmoniously together. It is Communion in a much more profound sense of the word than when referring simply to some bread which someone has performed a ritual over. Samael says that we must leave the cities and return to the bosom of Mother Nature, this means to return to the Indigenous life. It is a very simple kind of life, with a lot less distractions than in the life of a city. A boring life, actually, farming or building, exactly the kind of life the ego doesn’t want, day after day so little changing, not much excitement. “Like what ‘it’ does not like” as Gurdjieff said. Then to drink the Yage, which means to be humbled, to see profoundly all of one’s faults (and then of course one must do the work on oneself that the Yage demands.) All the time together, working and living together in community, “the psychological gymnasium of human existence”. The Indigenous life would seem claustrophobic to those accustomed to the individualism of life in Europe. There’s nowhere to hide, all you can do is overcome yourself or face the shame of not doing so. This is why Gurdjieff himself formed a community, as it provides an excellent structure (indeed by the far the best structure) in which to practise the FOURTH WAY. Yes, it is hard to live in community, very hard indeed sometimes, but it is Living. Indeed it is Living, in the most profound sense of the word, existing in a place beyond the destructive false community Babylon, and on the great adventure of returning to Divinity. So in conclusion, these are the two aspects of THE FOURTH WAY which the intuitive person finds in Samael’s work, the aspects which make it complete: Social Consciousness and Social Living. May this be of benefit to all sentient beings.
  6. “This is a reflection on the current situation in Venezuela and background history of the Bolivarian Revolution, the ideas of Simon Bolivar and their relationship with communism, capitalism and Western thinking by someone that has lived for 20 years in South America.” Marx was a man of theory, Bolivar one of action: 'All theory is gray, my friend. But forever green is the tree of life.' said Goethe. The European intelligentsia in Marx’s time believed that Latin America was too backward to undergo a communist revolution as it had not passed the supposedly essential stage of the emergence of industry and the bourgeois. Europe has produced a lot of political theory, many ideas, but a Eurocentric world view in which the only possibilities of social organization are the theories of European intellectuals is just another form of the colonial mentality. Bolivar, on the other hand, saw that Latin America’s situation, it’s problems, required a Latin American solution rather than some system imposed from outside. He was not a political theorist and he didn’t formulate the exact means of social organisation, this he left for later Latin American thinkers. He attempted though to achieve in practise his vision that the Latin American states should unite and form a great federation. This was much like Hugo Chavez’s vision as well, Chavez certainly wasn’t a European Communist and his Bolivarian Revolution was not a Marxist revolution. Now we see that Chavez’s revolution is falling apart, the country is in a terrible state and people are fleeing left, right and centre. Why has it fallen apart, what is the problem? For one we must look to Maduro, who clearly doesn’t understand how his egotism is playing into the hands of counter-revolutionary reactionary forces. It always happens when something like the Bolivarian Revolution is attempted, it is attacked from two sides: those who have fallen under the spell of Marxism-Leninism, the enemy within, and the capitalist powers (in particular the USA), the enemy outside. Thus the best intentions and efforts are sabotaged. This illuminating podcast deals with these subjects along with others relating to Latin America’s unique situation, providing fundamental insights that you won’t find in university textbooks, from someone who has lived and experienced the campesino life in various Latin American countries.
  7. This article was written by a former minister in the Chavez government and then translated from Spanish. In it we see how the present problems are due to betrayals of the Bolivarian Revolution by both Maduro and the right-wing opposition. Both are involved in the destruction of the country, which if it continues will eventually lead to it's resources being sold off to US corporations But there may be a solution.... "Following the Constitution, the only one that has the mandate to defend sovereignty, the Constitution and internal order, is the Bolivarian Armed Forces." By: Rafael Ramírez Carreño | Sunday, 02/03/2019 Our country suffers the onslaught of a deep crisis, economic, political and social, there is no governability, nothing works, we are isolated and threatened, we talk about war, we are on the edge of the abyss... ON VENEZUELA: Homeland before the abyss: two sides of the same coin.
  8. Well it's like Samael, and Gurdjieff said, humanity's consciousness is asleep and we need to AWAKEN. (Conspiracy Theorists say the same thing but they may have a slightly less holistic view of what constitutes awakened consciousness, not all of them practice meditation for example)
  9. "Ye shall know them by their fruits" A cult leader might manage to brainwash people into following his doctrine but wouldn't bring about anything positive in the long term. Though I do think that a lot of organized religion is effectively a cult, I mean, you would have to be brainwashed to accept dogmas so absurd... Like, Eternal Hell, for example.
  10. FOREWORD People are fascinated by the otherworldly and mystical. They go to priests and gurus who feed their appetite for it. If such a guru were to start to speak of political matters they would probably be a little shocked, after all it doesn’t sound very “spiritual”. Spirituality, what is it? Perhaps to talk about unconditional love and the cultivation of compassion? Perhaps to talk about the Christ and His suffering in redeeming humanity? Nice thoughts, thoughts which come with a warm glow, maybe even thoughts which inspire people to engage in spiritual practise. So not a bad thing. However it’s easy to get caught up studying all the occult mysteries and high doctrines of spirituality, losing touch with the actual reality around us. If someone is oppressed we say “oh it’s their Karma” or maybe “I will pray for them”. Rarely do spiritual people stand up and challenge the status quo, the actual elements of the system which are oppressing the people, keeping them downtrodden. Sure, some religious organisations actually engage in some charity, but nothing more than charity, which in itself does not bring about change in the system (good and necessary as it is). Effectively spirituality gives a person an inner force and clarity with which they can accomplish great things socially if they wish. Not only that, but through meditation we can develop the insight to see through the false doctrines and traps which captivate so many. Politics, on the other hand, brings spirituality “down to Earth”, grounding it in the realities of life on this planet rather than in dogma, concept, abstraction. POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS aids SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS as it encourages us to act, to live in deeds rather than abstractions and face up to the real situation of the world as it is. SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS aids POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS because it gives us inner force and clarity, saving us from becoming caught up in dogmas (like those of Marxism). Why then, is the combination of the two so rarely seen? All of us can think of at least one example in Mahatma Gandhi, but beyond this we might struggle. Evidently, there are forces on this planet hostile to the awakening of human consciousness. To the powers that be who seek to maintain their dominance, their riches and their empire, the people who are solely spiritual are not a great danger, they are usually too much dreamers. Nor are the people who are wholly political a great danger, they are usually disoriented and fight among themselves, and anyway their projects aren’t often fundamentally different to that of the elites when held up to the light. Dostovesky puts it as follows (you can replace ‘Christian’ with Buddhist, Muslim etc.): “We [the powers that be] are not particularly afraid of all these socialists, anarchists, atheists, and revolutionists; we keep watch on them and follow all of their doings. But there are a few peculiar men among them who believe in God and are Christians, but are at the same time socialists. Those are the people we are most afraid of . . . . The Christian who is a socialist is to be dreaded far more than the socialist who is an atheist.” So of course, those who rule over us do what they can to ensure we don’t AWAKEN, their task being helped by all of the spiritual people who are adverse to politics and want nothing to do with it, and all of the political people who want nothing to do with spirituality. The narrow-mindedness of such individuals serves very well the agenda of the powerful, and make no mistake, there are those among them who consciously serve that agenda. Thus we present to you this chapter of a work by the Latin American writer Samael Aun Weor, from the 1965 book “The Social Transformation Of Humanity”. The chapter contains a lot of very interesting and original ideas for the open-minded and receptive person. SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND POLITICAL LEADERS Spiritual Leaders are not more exalted than Political Leaders. Political leaders are not more exalted than spiritual leaders. Political Leaders and Spiritual Leaders represent two aspects of the same thing, such as Light and darkness, day and night, Spirit and Matter, etc. Political and Spiritual LEADERS are the positive and negative poles of the same force. The political and the Spiritual must balance each other in the two dishes of the cosmic scales. The Great Geniuses have the scales in one hand and the sword in the other. The Spiritual Leader when he does not do Social work becomes a useless Drone. The Political Leader without Spirituality is a RASCAL of the intellect, the Rascals are without Spirituality. When a man is a Spiritual and Political Leader at the same time he wields the scepter of power. In the World of Interrelation, in SOCIAL LIFE, man can become a beast or a Genius. The Intelligence of the Universe in which we live, move and have our being, is totally social and deeply RELIGIOUS. In life we all want Social guarantees with infinite anxiety, but unfortunately we make the mistake of demanding without thinking about giving back, the good that we do always seem colossal; the good that we receive, we always consider scarce. We are born to live with our fellow human beings, in cohabitation there is the redemption or condemnation of man. What is no good for the Individual, harms the Society, what is no good for the Society harms the Individual. Social Coexistence produces more advantages for man than any kind of Solitary life. Man is a political animal that does not know how to live politically. Man has been trained to live in society and he isn’t capable of living alone, nor does he have the courage to do so. When a man finds his partner, Society begins. The Law of the Society is each for everyone and everyone for each one, this reminds us of the four Musketeers when they said: “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”. Once someone surprised a Misanthrope laughing alone – why are you laughing if there is no one with you – they asked? Precisely because of that, the Misanthrope answered. If a man could go up to heaven to contemplate the whole marvellous infinity, he his happiness would be diminished by not having someone to share it with. We are born to unite with our fellow human beings and live in community with the Human Race. Outside of Society man is a beast or a GOD. In Social life the beasts and the GODS are formed. The HEADS OF STATE in ANCIENT TIMES, were Great Spiritual Leaders . The SACRED KINGS of the Archaic times were heads of Religion. AESCHYLUS said: A prosperous state honors the GODS, we say: THE PERFECT STATE is impossible if we exclude RELIGIOUSNESS. The HEADS OF STATE when they are not Spiritual Leaders call their own violence Law, and the violence of others they call a crime. ANTIRELIGIOUS POLITICIANS can only be sustained by crime and always kill anyone who can eclipse them. THE RASCALS always work in favor of the privileged minority, and when they work for the Majority, wanting to do good, they turn out doing a lot of bad. Governing means rectifying, the RASCALS do not like to rectify because they are too proud. One can be RELIGIOUS without belonging to any form of religion. Only the religious man is truly REVOLUTIONARY. RELIGIONS are the living foundation of all CIVIL SOCIETY and the inexhaustible springs of all WISDOM. All Religions with their GODS, DEMI-GODS, PROPHETS, MESSIAHS, and SAINTS, are the product of ILLUMINATION. RELIGIONS should become scientific and science should become deeply religious. There is FORMAL logic and DIALECTICAL LOGIC, the latter can scientifically demonstrate the falsity of DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM and the SCIENTIFIC REALITY of RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES. THAT, THAT, THAT which we call the TRUTH, can receive many names such as ALLAH, BRAHMAN, THAT, GOD, TAO, etc., etc., etc. Religions WORSHIP THAT and EXPERIENCE ILLUMINATION during their ecstasy in the absence of the “I”. THAT can not be defined, that is THE TRUTH, and this is the UNKNOWN from INSTANT to INSTANT. RELIGIOUS LEADERS can experience THAT and therefore are SUITABLE to do Social work and wisely govern the peoples. THE GOD of the Cannibals will be a Cannibal, the one of the crusaders a crusader, the one of the Merchants a Merchant, the one of the Thieves a Thief, the one of the Cats a Cat, the one of the dogs a dog, etc.., etc., etc., but the one of those who have really experienced it, is the TRUTH. All the Great Political Leaders of the powerful Civilizations that preceded us from the profound night of the Centuries, were also Great Spiritual Leaders. MOSES, MOHAMMED, SAINT LAMA, BUDDHA, JESUS, HERMES, ASHIATA SHIEMASH, GANDHI, etc., etc., they were geniuses of politics and spiritual guides. Who could deny that Moses was also a GREAT LEGISLATOR? Who could prove that Mohammed was not also a Social Worker and a Great Lawgiver? It is enough to read the KORAN to know that Muhammad was a Politician and Legislator, who worked honestly for his People. And what about the BUDDHA, the man who renounced the Wealth of the Court, the Beggar Prince? And what about the Master of Masters who initiated a new age? And what about his gospel? Reading carefully the Gospels, we find in them LATIN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM, which has as it’s bases the FOUR GOSPELS OF JESUS THE CHRIST. All the GREAT SPIRITUAL GUIDES were also GREAT POLITICAL LEADERS. THE POLITICIAN without RELIGION is CUNNING, GREEDY, DECEPTIVE, MURDEROUS, IRRESPONSIBLE, THIEVING, at the very least, sincerely mistaken – which causes much damage. ("THE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY - CHAPTER 29)
  11. Can’t be bothered to read this article…? You might find it interesting... Well, if not then you can just go straight to (where you’ll find free copies of the books that this is mostly about and some more articles by various authors) FREEDOM “It is stupid, terribly stupid, to choose intellectual demons so that, sitting in the chair of power, they can have the luxury of governing us. It is the height of absurdity to give someone the knife to cut our throat; and that, precisely that, is what we are doing. Unfortunately we have been really stupid to have been taken in by the beautiful speeches and the pretty promises of the deceptive and cunning politicians. We ourselves have raised our bad governments, each individual is guilty of electing the tyrants. The day will come when governments will no longer be needed, but now they are needed because we still do not know how to govern ourselves individually. When each individual is a government, when each one of us knows how to govern himself, we will no longer need anyone to govern us, then we will be free.” (SAMAEL AUN WEOR) (VERY) BASIC ORIENTATION There is no doubt that at the present moment in humanity’s history true democracy does not exist. Of course there are those who claim to represent the will of the people, we are even given a vote in order that we continue believing in the charade. It is true that we don’t (yet) live in total tyranny, in the West there is generally still a degree of freedom, we aren’t (yet) being herded off to internment camps for questioning the wisdom of those who govern us. There’s a lot of social stigma attached to holding non-mainstream beliefs, to questioning the ideals of the brainwashed masses (and we are all part of the masses, and all of us are to some extent brainwashed ourselves) but still there is some semblance of freedom of speech. What though is freedom of speech without freedom of belief? Do we believe what we want to believe, or what we are told to believe (overtly or with subtlety)? Unfortunately we have to face the sad reality that we are being brainwashed, that for the most part we see the things they want us to see. Anyone with any sense knows that the mainstream media is a joke, whether it’s supposedly left wing or right wing it follows and serves the agenda of the powerful. The alternative media? Perhaps it tends to comes closer to the truth, but if there’s useful knowledge in it, there’s also a lot of useless noise. Really until we free ourselves, spiritually and mentally, we are not free and nor will we be able to discriminate between fact and fiction. Until then we will be stuck in the vicious circle of our own Dualistic thinking, which can never really resolve problems. For a very basic example of this Dualism, the Americans have the choice between Republicans and Democrats, what kind of choice is this? On one side the cruelty of economic injustice and tax breaks for the corporations, on the other licentiousness and abortion. This is not a genuine choice, true democracy… TRUE DEMOCRACY “Democracy cannot be framed within a rigid mold. DEMOCRACY cannot be bottled. Democracy must flow freely with the gentle flow of Thought. We must point out that until now in Latin America, democracy is only a yearning, a hope, an ideal and nothing else.” Bringing about “authentic and legitimate democracy” is the goal of the spiritual teacher SAMAEL AUN WEOR in his two books “THE SOCIAL CHRIST” and “THE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY”. These books were written in 1964 and 1965 respectively, some time ago, so of course they are not completely current in all respects. Nonetheless they are filled with illuminating insights equally applicable to the present global situation as to the times in which they were written. Despite the majority of Samael’s work having been translated into English some time ago, these books were not until very recently. Unfortunately those practising the teachings of Samael seem to consider them spurious, useless or even harmful, and so they were ignored. ‘SPIRITUALLY AWAKENED’ PEOPLE Samael founded a political party called POSCLA (“Christian Socialist Party Of Latin America”) and these books contain references to this political party. He later disbanded this party, which leads some to believe that he was not in favour of political action. But in fact, in the last year of his life, he reaffirmed his support for the principles laid out in the books. As the popular saying goes, don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water”. We should not really be surprised. People who claim to be ‘spiritually awakened’ are often adverse to political truths, they prefer only to attain states of bliss in meditation, a state of comfortable apathy, not to experience the discomfort of facing up to the harsh realities of life for so many of the people of this planet. Harsh realities for all of us, in fact, because even if we are rich our lives are more joyless and grey than they would be in a less tyrannical world. Some ‘spiritually awakened’ people even work for the very Corporations which Samael, with vehemence, labels as instruments of the powers of darkness. Of course anyone with political consciousness doesn’t need him to tell them that... SPIRITUALITY AND POLITICS Spirituality and Politics are two poles of the same thing, says Samael. One without the other is incomplete. Indeed he referred to his teaching as REVOLUTIONARY GNOSTICISM. A non-violent revolution, a spiritual revolution, but a revolution nonetheless. Life, he says, is an integral whole, which must be understood in it’s wholeness rather than just from one side. Really this should be self-evident, for example a Buddhist can talk about Compassion, or a Christian about “following the Christ”, but if this doesn’t include freeing humanity from the suffering of oppression is this really Compassion or Christ-like love? (At this moment it is worth pointing out that Samael drew no distinctions between “true” and “false” religions, he believed that all of them contained the same basic eternal principles, even if these principles are no longer practised by the “believers” today. He called his political party the “Christian Socialist Party of Latin America” but said it could just as well be called “Buddhist” or by the name of any other religion.) PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Abandoned children on the streets of Latin American cities. People who can’t afford a stall at the market denied the right to sell their produce on the street. The legitimized banditry of customs duties. Religions building so many opulent temples when they could invest the money in providing shelter for the homeless. Latin America under the boot heel of the USA, the need for industrialization and self-sufficiency. Workers not being given a share of the profits of the company when by rights it belongs to all of them. Lands not being distributed to the people, unemployed wandering the streets of the cities when hands are needed to produce food. Workers failing to use the weapons of general strikes and slowdowns, not uniting to cast off oppression. Solutions to such problems as these, and many others, are dealt with in the books. THE INDIVIDUAL IS SOCIETY “THE SOCIAL CHRIST” and “THE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY” emphasize that we must deal with our own wickedness, our own ego(s), the demonic qualities in each of us. Society is a collection of individuals and hence, what the individual is, the society is. Samael gives the example of a country he visited which was ruled by a tyrannical dictator. He discovered that in the homes of the people of that country, men were dictators over their own families, over their wives and children. Samael wrote about the necessity of individual change in all of his books, it is one of the key points of his teaching that one must overcome the ego(s). Nonetheless this does not exclude what the introduction to “THE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY” calls “The revolution against the collective ego of the powerful”. THE TWO MONSTERS “LATIN AMERICA is a beautiful girl who walks the path of life, but two horrible MONSTERS lurk in the depth of the forest…, the names of those two Monsters are: CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM.” Samael’s work truly strives towards what Buddha called “The Middle Way”. Neither Capitalism nor Communism (nor dictatorship) can resolve the human social problem. Private Capital is an injustice against the workers and State Capital is also injustice, we must avoid either extreme. Only the spiritual person is truly revolutionary, and true economic and social Justice can only be attained by Spiritual Socialism. CAPITALISM “Money is like manure: it is not good unless it is spread. DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE can save America from falling into the Feline Claws of Communism.” Of course it is much easier for many people to hear criticism of Communism than Capitalism, because Capitalism’s true face is invisible to the well-off of the Occident. The Western countries are very opulent and the suffering they create for the rest of the world with their “free market” (corporate monopolization), IMF, WTO etc., is not directly visible and thus easily ignored or rationalised. The people say: “it’s a shame, but Capitalism will eventually make it all better” or “equality is not a good thing” (often confusing Distributive Justice with the lack of any kind of hierarchy). In truth, the workers should be owners of the means of production, not some distant capitalist. Small businesses should be aided and monopolies prohibited. The Corporations should not control governments through their economic might and lower the quality of life of Latin Americans just for the profit of shareholders. Nobody should own thousands of hectares of land, land should be distributed among those who are willing to work it. Samael says: “There is lots of money, the problem is that it is badly distributed and on the doorstep of the rich unhappy people weep. Today credit is only for the powerful and in this way the saying ‘To he that has a horse they give a horse and to he that does not have a horse they give a kick’ is fulfilled.” (AND THE USA...) We cannot discuss Capitalism without briefly discussing the major Capitalist-Plutocratic power, the USA… These days it seems that people judge one to be a sort of heretic or heathen when one speaks about the flaws of the Neo-Liberal (“Free Market”, essentially) economic system, which has been imposed around the world, with or without bloodshed, by the economists of the United States. Nor is it easy to make people understand the many terrible things the Colossus of the North has done, bizarrely even people of other countries seem to be patriotic about the USA! An example of America’s crimes is given by Samael: “However the doctrine of HITLER is not the Doctrine of the entire GERMAN PEOPLE. Really in Germany THERE IS a lot of COMPREHENSION and if they were cruel in the war, the NORTH AMERICANS OF THE UNITED STATES were worse. Terrible things were seen on the battlefields, when the North Americans understood that they were powerless against the GERMAN courage, they then dedicated themselves to bombarding defenceless cities and killing the elderly, women and children. The German soldiers were demoralized many times when they understood that their wives and children were being murdered miserably while they were fighting with the enemy in the BATTLEFIELD. There is no doubt that avoiding the battlefield to commit murder of women and children is cowardice of the worst kind.” Though Samael doesn’t go into further detail, one would imagine that he is talking about events such as the bombings of Dresden and Hamburg. Nor does he go into the other atrocities, wars etc., of the USA, when in fact the North American power did similar things in Japan, firebombing the cities - Tokyo was the most lethal bombing raid in history, nuclear or conventional. It is even said that before Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Japanese had already offered to surrender, the Americans dropped the bombs just for the sake of experiment then accepted the same conditions of surrender that the Japanese had already offered. Not to mention the things which have happened in Vietnam, in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars the USA made for the sake of resources such as oil or to try to lord it over other parts of the world and assert it’s empire status. The civilian casualties in these conflicts number in the millions, and the USA often acted with great cruelty, such as burning the soil of agricultural lands to render them infertile. Samael does mention the manipulations and puppet governments in Latin America, the Corporations robbing the people etc., these being of relevance in books which are fundamentally about LATIN AMERICA, about Latin American problems, not those of Europe or the East. As one of the books says: “The New Culture will be synthetic and Latin America, with its Christian Socialism which is essentially Latin American, will fulfil in the world a mission of synthesis”. It will be hard for many of the United States’ people to face up to this, but when we look without prejudice we see that the American Capitalist superpower is truly oppressive and inhuman. COMMUNISM A well-known joke goes “Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man, Communism is its’ opposite”. Communism in fact is worse because it takes away all religious freedom. It goes even further than Capitalism in indoctrinating the people and the youth and engages in all kinds of brutality. Samael devotes a lot of space, particularly in “THE SOCIAL CHRIST”, to debunking Marxism-Leninism, the theory of Historical Materialism. He offers a philosophical critique of Marx, dealing with Marx’s ignorance of Metaphysics for example. Communism is a thing to be dreaded, yet it’s cause is the cruelties of Capitalism and it can only be combatted by true Social Justice: “...the masters of CAPITAL prepare the ground and fertilize it so that the ABOMINABLE FLOWER of COMMUNISM will germinate in it.” “TO THE BATTLEFIELD” These two books take up the challenge of demonstrating to people the injustices of the present system, what a Socially Just world might look like, and even how we might achieve it. Admittedly they are works from the past, times have changed since the 1960’s. Nonetheless they provide a solid political orientation, offering much insight into many problems. Any sincere person reading this literature is bound to find useful and interesting ideas. The profound social consciousness of Samael, his comprehension of the dangers of this moment in human history, his original solutions to problems. He is not simply an intellectual intoxicated by a theory or doctrine, his solutions come from a wisdom beyond intellectualism, calling for “a new age in the august thunder of thought”. We invite you to read the books, to explore for yourself these terrains of consciousness and ideas. A FINAL NOTE Though the books deal slightly more with criticising Communism than with other systems, we must recognise that now the Soviet Union is fallen. At present the Colossus of the North (the USA) is in most ways the country posing the greatest threat to humanity. The UN also has a sinister agenda, also leads us to tyranny. They use things like climate change and terrorism to justify the progressive creation of an all-powerful police state, with such subtlety that the masses, distracted by decadent popular culture and the simple business of surviving, don’t notice. Thus they lead humanity towards a New World Order, One World Government, a (Communist, Fascist, Capitalist-Plutocratic) society of total technological control of the population. This is beyond the scope of this article, and furthermore an obsession with conspiracy theories, some of which are certainly untrue or exaggerated, can sometimes obscure more basic political facts. Some people love to talk about the Illuminati, but they don’t speak so much about Imperialism… So we will finish by saying, it is important to seek the essential of what is written, not to consider the contextual as absolute or vice versa. These books will prove very valuable to you if you do so, if you meditate. As Samael says in “THE SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY”: “THE TRUTH is not something still, STATIC, the TRUTH is the unknown from MOMENT to MOMENT.”
  12. "Onkelos said to him: What is the punishment of that man, a euphemism for Jesus himself, in the next world? Jesus said to him: He is punished with boiling excrement. As the Master said: Anyone who mocks the words of the Sages will be sentenced to boiling excrement. And this was his sin, as he mocked the words of the Sages"
  13. THE TALMUD The author searched in the BABYLONIAN TALMUD, translated online (, for the source of a number of supposed quotes from the TALMUD, all paraphrased, listed on an internet forum. This contained around sixty quotes in total, none of which were directly quoted from the translated text of the Talmud. At least three of the quotes were not found in the place in the Talmud they were supposed to be. Many others were either referenced wrongly (i.e. impossible to find in the online version of the Talmud) or referred to books other than the Talmud or books which do not in fact exist. Another three seemed ambiguous and I was uncertain whether or not they really had the meaning ascribed to them in the forum list. As the end result of this, there are quoted below a total of twenty direct quotes from the English translation of the Talmud, including one which was not on the list which I stumbled upon during my research (Avodah Zarah 26b). These seem to have roughly the same signification as ascribed to them on the original list, but I’ll leave it up to you to consider for yourselves what they signify in reality, surely there will be dispute about this and it is entirely possible that I’ve missed or misunderstood some subtleties. I hope this work will prove helpful to anyone in search of understanding. ------------ In a case when one found a lost item in a city where both Jews and gentiles reside, if the city has a majority of Jews he is obligated to proclaim his find. If there is a majority of gentiles he is not obligated to proclaim his find. (BABA MEZIA 24a) Rabbi Shimon ben Yoḥai says that the graves of gentiles do not render one impure, as it is stated: “And you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are man” (Ezekiel 34:31), which teaches that you, i.e., the Jewish people, are called “man,” but gentiles are not called “man.” Since the Torah states with regard to ritual impurity imparted in a tent: “If a man dies in a tent” (Numbers 19:14), evidently impurity imparted by a tent does not apply to gentiles. (BAVA MEZIA 114b) The Gemara asks: What does it mean that the Torah does not deem a younger boy to be like an older boy? Rav says: It means that the Torah does not deem the intercourse of one who is less than nine years old to be like the intercourse of one who is at least nine years old, as for a male’s act of intercourse to have the legal status of full-fledged intercourse the minimum age is nine years. And Shmuel says: The Torah does not deem the intercourse of a child who is less than three years old to be like that of one who is three years old. The Gemara asks: With regard to what principle do Rav and Shmuel disagree? The Gemara answers: Rav holds that any halakha that applies to one who engages in intercourse actively applies to one who engages in intercourse passively, and any halakha that does not apply to one who engages in intercourse actively does not apply to one who engages in intercourse passively. Therefore, just as one who engages in intercourse actively is not liable if he is less than nine years old, as the intercourse of such a child does not have the halakhic status of intercourse, so too, if a child who is less than nine years old engages in homosexual intercourse passively, the one who engages in intercourse with him is not liable. (SANHEDRIN 54b) The Gemara challenges: But wherever there is liability for capital punishment, this tanna teaches it; as it is taught in the first clause: With regard to bloodshed, if a gentile murders another gentile, or a gentile murders a Jew, he is liable. If a Jew murders a gentile, he is exempt. Evidently, the term liable is used in the baraita. The Gemara answers: There, in that case, how should the tanna teach it? Should he teach it using the terms prohibited and permitted, indicating that a Jew may kill a gentile ab initio? But isn’t it taught in a baraita that with regard to a gentile, and likewise with regard to Jewish shepherds of small livestock, who were typically robbers, one may not raise them out of a pit into which they fell, and one may not lower them into a pit? In other words, one may not rescue them from danger, but neither may one kill them ab initio. With regard to robbery, the term permitted is relevant, as it is permitted for a Jew to rob a gentile. (SANHEDRIN 57a) Rather, Rav Aḥa, son of Rav Ika, says that there is a different explanation: It is necessary only to teach the halakha of one who withholds the wages of a hired laborer; for a gentile to do so to another gentile and for a gentile to do so to a Jew is prohibited, but for a Jew to do so to a gentile is permitted. This case is less obvious than other types of robbery, as instead of taking an item from the victim, the robber withholds money that is due to the victim. (SANHEDRIN 57a) Rabbi Ḥanina says: A gentile who struck a Jew is liable to receive the death penalty, as it is stated when Moses saw an Egyptian striking a Hebrew: “And he turned this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he struck the Egyptian and hid him in the sand” (Exodus 2:12). And Rabbi Ḥanina says: One who slaps the cheek of a Jew is considered as though he slapped the cheek of the Divine Presence; as it is stated: “It is a snare [mokesh] for a man to rashly say [yala]: Holy” (Proverbs 20:25). The verse is interpreted homiletically to mean: One who strikes [nokesh] a Jew is considered as though he hurt the cheek [lo’a] of the Holy One. (SANHEDRIN 58b) And Rabbi Yoḥanan says: A gentile who engages in Torah study is liable to receive the death penalty; as it is stated: “Moses commanded us a law [torah], an inheritance of the congregation of Jacob” (Deuteronomy 33:4), indicating that it is an inheritance for us, and not for them. The Gemara challenges: But if so, let the tanna count this prohibition among the seven Noahide mitzvot. The Gemara explains: According to the one who says that the verse is referring to the Torah as an inheritance, this prohibition is included in the prohibition of robbery, as a gentile who studies Torah robs the Jewish people of it. According to the one who says that the verse is referring to the Torah as betrothed, as the spelling of the Hebrew word for betrothed [me’orasa], is similar to that of the word for inheritance [morasha], the punishment of a gentile who studies Torah is like that of one who engages in intercourse with a betrothed young woman, which is execution by stoning. (SANHEDRIN 59a) Rav Yehuda says that Rav says: One who marries his daughter to an old man, and one who takes a wife for his minor son, and one who returns a lost item to a gentile are all individuals who are the cause of sin. Marriage to an old man or a minor leaves the woman unsatisfied and is apt to lead to licentiousness. One who returns lost property to gentiles adds to the property that they stole from Jews. With regard to each of them the verse states: “Lest there should be among you a man or a woman…whose heart turns away this day from the Lord…saying: I will have peace, even though I walk in the stubbornness of my heart, that the quenched shall be added to the thirsty. The Lord will not be willing to pardon him” (SANHEDRIN 76b) Learn from this that the Merciful One dispossesses the male gentile of his offspring, as it is written with regard to Egyptians: “Whose flesh is the flesh of donkeys, and whose semen is the semen of horses” (Ezekiel 23:20), i.e., the offspring of a male gentile is considered no more related to him than the offspring of donkeys and horses. (YEVAMOT 98a) MISHNA: One may not keep an animal in the inns [befundekaot] of gentiles because they are suspected of bestiality. Since even gentiles are prohibited from engaging in bestiality, a Jew who places his animal there is guilty of violating the prohibition: “You shall not put a stumbling block before the blind” (Leviticus 19:14). And a woman may not seclude herself with gentiles because they are suspected of engaging in forbidden sexual relations. And any person may not seclude himself with gentiles because they are suspected of bloodshed. (AVODAH ZARAH 22a) “The Sages taught: A Jew may circumcise a gentile for the sake of making him a convert. This is to the exclusion of circumcising a gentile for the sake of removing a worm [murna], which is not permitted, as it is forbidden to heal a gentile.” (AVODAH ZARAH 26b) The inquiry was as follows: With regard to a male gentile child, from when, i.e., from what age, does he impart ritual impurity as one who experiences ziva? And Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi said to me: From when he is one day old. And when I came to Rabbi Ḥiyya, he said to me: From when he is nine years and one day old. And when I came back and relayed Rabbi Ḥiyya’s statement before Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, he said to me: Discard my statement, and grasp the statement of Rabbi Ḥiyya, who says: From when does a gentile child impart ritual impurity as one who experiences ziva? From when he is nine years and one day old. The Gemara explains the reason for this opinion: Since a nine-year-old boy is fit to engage in intercourse, he also imparts ritual impurity as one who experienced ziva. Ravina said: Therefore, with regard to a female gentile child who is three years and one day old, since she is fit to engage in intercourse at that age, she also imparts impurity as one who experienced ziva. (AVODAH ZARAH 36a) Rabbi Naḥman bar Yitzḥak says: They decreed upon their daughters that they should be classified as menstruating women from the time they are in their cradle, i.e., they decreed that from when they are young, gentile women are always considered to be menstruating. (AVODAH ZARAH 36b) One who uses the official anointing oil [that has been consecrated] to smear on an animal or vessels is innocent of violating the holiness of the oil, to smear on gentiles or corpses is innocent. Certainly an animal and vessels as it say (Exodus 30:32) "It shall not be smeared on flesh of man (Adam)…" and an animal and vessels are not man. One who smears on corpses is also innocent since it is dead it is called a corpse and not a man. However, why is one who smears on gentiles innocent? They are men! No, as it says (Ezekiel 34:31) "Now, you [Israel] are My sheep , the sheep of My pasture, you are Man (Adam)…" You [Israel, the subject of the verse] are called Man (Adam) and gentiles are not called Man (Adam). (KERITOT 6b) Rav Oshaya raised an objection to the opinion of Rav from the mishna: With regard to an adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old, or a minor boy less than nine years old who engaged in intercourse with an adult woman, or a woman who had her hymen ruptured by wood or any other foreign object, the marriage contract for each of these women is two hundred dinars. This is the statement of Rabbi Meir. And the Rabbis say: The marriage contract of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood is one hundred dinars. Contrary to Rav’s opinion, the Rabbis distinguish between the halakha in the case of the intercourse of a minor boy and the halakha in the case of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood. Rava said that this is what the mishna is saying: An adult man who engaged in intercourse with a minor girl less than three years old has done nothing, as intercourse with a girl less than three years old is tantamount to poking a finger into the eye. In the case of an eye, after a tear falls from it another tear forms to replace it. Similarly, the ruptured hymen of the girl younger than three is restored. And a young boy who engaged in intercourse with an adult woman renders her as one whose hymen was ruptured by wood. And with regard to the case of a woman whose hymen was ruptured by wood itself, there is a dispute between Rabbi Meir and the Rabbis. Rabbi Meir maintains that her marriage contract is two hundred dinars, and the Rabbis maintain that it is one hundred dinars. (KETUBOT 11b) Rava expounded another verse in similar fashion: What is the meaning of that which is written: “And more than these, my son, be careful: of making many books [sefarim] there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Ecclesiastes 12:12)? My son, be careful to fulfill the words of the Sages [soferim] even more than the words of the Torah. For the words of the Torah include positive and negative commandments, and even with regard to the negative commandments, the violation of many of them is punishable only by lashes. Whereas with respect to the words of the Sages, anyone who transgresses the words of the Sages is liable to receive the death penalty, as it is stated: “And whoever breaches through a hedge, a snake shall bite him” (Ecclesiastes 10:8), taking hedges to refer metaphorically to decrees. Lest you say: If the words of the Sages are of substance and have such great importance, why were they not written in the Torah, therefore, the verse states: “Of making many books there is no end,” meaning that it is impossible to fully commit the Oral Torah to writing, as it is boundless. What is the meaning of the words: “And much study [lahag] is a weariness of the flesh”? Rav Pappa, son of Rav Aḥa bar Adda, said in the name of Rav Aḥa bar Ulla: This teaches that whoever mocks [malig] the words of the Sages will be sentenced to boiling excrement, which results from the weariness of the flesh of man. (ERUVIN 21b) However, this reasoning is rejected: It is only Elijah who will not arrive on Shabbat eve, but the Messiah himself may arrive, for once the Messiah comes, all the nations will be subservient to the Jewish people, and they will help them prepare whatever is needed for Shabbat. (ERUVIN 43b) With regard to an ox of a Jew that gored the ox of a gentile, the owner of the belligerent ox is exempt from liability. But with regard to an ox of a gentile that gored the ox of a Jew, regardless of whether the goring ox was innocuous or forewarned, the owner of the ox pays the full cost of the damage. (BAVA KAMMA 37b) Rav Ashi said: The mishna issues its ruling with regard to a gentile customs collector, whom one may deceive, as it is taught in a baraita: In the case of a Jew and a gentile who approach the court for judgment in a legal dispute, if you can vindicate the Jew under Jewish law, vindicate him, and say to the gentile: This is our law. If he can be vindicated under gentile law, vindicate him, and say to the gentile: This is your law. And if it is not possible to vindicate him under either system of law, one approaches the case circuitously, seeking a justification to vindicate the Jew. This is the statement of Rabbi Yishmael. Rabbi Akiva disagrees and says: One does not approach the case circuitously in order to vindicate the Jew due to the sanctification of God’s name, as God’s name will be desecrated if the Jewish judge employs dishonest means. The Gemara infers from this baraita: And even according to Rabbi Akiva, the reason that the court does not employ trickery in order to vindicate the Jew is only because there is the consideration of the sanctification of God’s name. Consequently, if there is no consideration of the sanctification of God’s name, the court does approach the case circuitously. Apparently, it is permitted to deceive a gentile. (BAVA KAMMA 113a) Onkelos then went and raised Jesus the Nazarene from the grave through necromancy. Onkelos said to him: Who is most important in that world where you are now? Jesus said to him: The Jewish people. Onkelos asked him: Should I then attach myself to them in this world? Jesus said to him: Their welfare you shall seek, their misfortune you shall not seek, for anyone who touches them is regarded as if he were touching the apple of his eye (see Zechariah 2:12). Onkelos said to him: What is the punishment of that man, a euphemism for Jesus himself, in the next world? Jesus said to him: He is punished with boiling excrement. As the Master said: Anyone who mocks the words of the Sages will be sentenced to boiling excrement. And this was his sin, as he mocked the words of the Sages (GITTIN 57a)