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  1. So if it has to be ingested, what did this would be assassin think was going to happen? I wonder if they are going to attempt to trace the letters origins and find out who tried to pull a fast one.
  2. Dante848

    London Panorama

    I saw this on Reddit. Everyone was having fun trying to find things in the image. There is some very.... interesting things in the picture. You just have to look for them.
  3. I could see it. I saw a documentary about HAARP and it intrigued me. Honestly though, I could only see them effecting the weather to fight wars with it. So they can destroy a country without nuking it and making it look like their fault, but I don't see it being use to effect the people. But I could be very wrong.
  4. Completely agree. If it wasn't for the money the tobacco industry was tossing them, there would be no cigarettes. It's crazy how people still use these, or even how they are still legal, knowing what they do to you. It's obvious somebody is being paid, and there is no doubt in my mind its the FDA.
  5. This is another way to ensure us that life exists away from earth. Although, I'd be interested to see how they determine something like this for a planet so far. I know it's possible, it's just pretty amazing. Either way, I love hearing these stories, I hope we discover life outside of earth within my lifetime. Then I could die happy.
  6. I'm with Hope99 on this one, it is just like Bigfoot, you can say it's hard to find all you want. But after all these years and no evidence worth reviewing to even look at, it's probably not real. I think it's just a tale like others, interesting but not reality.
  7. Seems rather far fetched to base a connection off of how close holidays are. I don't think they are connected, whether or not its a conspiracy is another story. Even though this time around, I don't think it was. But I could be proven wrong.
  8. Wow, that was something to think about. Maybe you're right. Now that I think of it, atheism is defeating it's own purpose. I'm going to have to think on this one. Thank you.
  9. It's hard to say, because you see these videos and they convince you that the whole thing was staged, but that goes the same for debunk videos, many videos have been made to debunk the theory. Although, they all don't debunk certain things. It's a strange situation. And the general population (sheep) will never think twice about it being a conspiracy, which would be exactly what the government would want, if it really didn't happen that is.
  10. It's a good thing you figured out what is was, because going to bed knowing your computer just talked to you, it would be hard to get to sleep after that, and lets just say your dreams wouldn't be so sweet. That is pretty funny.
  11. I don't think people are getting stupider, I just think that stupid group has always existed, just like the intelligent ones have. I also believe that the educational system has little to do with it. It seems to me that real intelligence is the drive to learn and figure things out yourself. For example, I believe that if you give a stupid person an iPhone, the first thing they would do is download the Facebook app and start posting useless shit to get attention. If you gave an intelligent person an iPhone, the first thing they would do is download world news apps, or apps that enhance overall
  12. I put this in religion, because I know a lot of people look to faith to explain existence. But for those of you that don't, do you think we will ever really understand existence itself? Know where we came from or what our purpose, if any, is? It is something that really rattles your brain, just thinking about existence itself, and trying to understand it.
  13. I don't believe there is a Christ, so I don't believe there is an antichrist. There have been many evil people throughout history, but good has always triumphed. I'm sure there will be worst and worst people, but nothing like what the Bible claims the antichrist is. I also don't believe Jesus will come down and battle him.
  14. Sadly enough, many religious people believe atheists have no morals, and they don't believe in a higher power because if they don't, they can get away with anything. I don't think people are good because they believe that if otherwise they will be punished by god. That is absurd. People should be good because they are, they shouldn't need moral guidelines, and they shouldn't need somebody pressing a gun against their head, saying "Be good or I'll pull the trigger".
  15. "For instance, one order grants doctors the right (though not requirement) to ask their patients if they own guns.For instance, one order grants doctors the right (though not requirement) to ask their patients if they own guns." I'm guessing they can jack your insurance up if you own guns? A lot of people are saying Sandy Hook was a conspiracy to fuel this gun grab. Not saying it was, but they do have some convincing points. Also, the conspiracy isn't that the government murdered children, it is that the shooting never happened.