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  1. NASA is making studies on how to have sex in zero gravity.
  2. Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov's animal experiments.
  3. The Bronx New York human zoo exhibit of 1906.
  4. Archaeologist believe they have discovered sound recordings encoded in ancient artifacts.
  5. First Documented Person Born On The Continent Of Antarctica
  6. Here is the answers to 9 questions men secretly want to ask about women's boobs.
  7. New documents reveal Adolf Hitler was still alive more than 10 years after World War 2. Declassified CIA files revealed this truth about Adolf Hitler. The suspected Adolf Hitler pictures from the CIA files show him in his many different appearances unlike you've ever seen him before.
  8. You can watch this guy Galen lick a pile of highly radioactive uranium off the palm of his hand and ignite a chunk of plutonium into a shower of flaming dust. The guy also drank reactor cooling pool water for fun and liked to go swimming in the pool to relax.
  9. This guy made booze while in prison and tells how you can do it at home.