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  1. The fire was a controlled burn started by the emergency services who work with the government instead of serving the people. Grenfell Tower was owned by the Kensington and Chelsea council at the time and there were no tenants there are the time. All of the survivors are crisis actors paid off in one way or another by the government.
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    Grenfell Tower - the building was unoccupied and the fire was a controlled burn.
  3. First they said at least 11 dead, then at least 22 dead. Masonic numbers. But it could be a real event this time. Does anyone have any information?
  4. 22 people allegedly died.The alleged bombing occurred on 22nd MayThe alleged bomber was aged 22. Satanic Freemasons are obsessed with numerology, in which 11, 22 and 33 are considered to be master numbers. The mainstream media is owned and controlled by these people, so they can report whatever they like.
  5. Just about everything on the mainstream news channels is fake. So why should this be any different? Does anyone have evidence either way?
  6. The original Lady Diana had two children after which she was replaced by an actress(es) who became 'the people's princess'. The car crash was fake - nobody died. It was just yet another Illuminati Freemason hoax like all the other hoaxes they have been perpetrating.
  7. Judging from the footage of the fire, would you say that the fire was real or pyrotechnic?