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  1. Yes, your email can be intercepted by anybody that known how, but there were precautions that you could take if that was something that you felt like you wanted to prevent. But in the UK it is legal for them to read our emails now, which means that we have no choice. I have said this before, and I will say it again that I don't think that it is right for one human to have power over another, when we were all born to the world with the same right and at the same level. Forget what has gone on here to get you to where you are at.
  2. The one part of you post that I do see eye to eye with is that they will not stop until they think up a way of enforcing this upon us, whether we are comfortable with it or not. I whole-heartedly agree that whilst we sleep, they plan, and all the rest of it. They are very patient creatures - because human is too grand a word, despite them thinking that they are better than us. It is the nature of those who seek power to do so tirelessly, but as long as humans are ignorant to whats really going on around them, we will always be powerless against the powerless. We are more powerful than them a
  3. Guys, check out this URL. It is literally two hours old It looks like CISPA is dead... for now. How many times do we have to shoot down their schemes? Wasn't this CISPA thing forced onto us before, and we rebelled against it, and now they have changed the name to CISPA, and thought that they would try again. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/04/25/aclu-cispa-is-dead-for-now
  4. It's the whole problem, reaction, solution thing as David Icke would say. Come up with something that they want to shove down the public's throat, come up with a problem, and then give the public the solution, which turns out to be the very thing that they wanted to shove down the public's throat in the first place. The list of records that they supposedly are not going to be passing on is not enough for me to be ok with them passing my information on. I want to be the one who passes my information on if I want my information to be passed on. I don't get why we even have to fight for this si
  5. Victor, I don't know if it is legal yet or not, but it is not in place yet. They are planning to do so, and a lot of people are firmly against it. There is a site where you can apparently protest this from coming into play. I am not sure what the url is for that site yet, but I will be looking for it and if I find it, I will be posting it here, just so that more people can protest against it. This is getting ridiculous now. It is bad enough that some companies already pass on our information without our consent, and then we end up getting phone calls from those annoying companies that try to
  6. I have asked this question before, and the reason that people have given me is that you are not supposed to be able to tell the future - that only God is supposed to know the future and they you are essentially challenging him when you seek to know the future, which is just plain ridiculous in my opinion. It is clear to see that it is all about control and making people think that they must look outside of themselves - to God, this exterior being - for all of their answers. I for one will not fall for the fear mongering or the control aspect of it. I have several packs of angel cards, vibrat
  7. I have only just heard about this on a blog that I was visiting. I am posting this video here, so that more people are aware of what is going on and what they can do. As if it wasn't bad enough that it is now legal in the United Kingdom, for the government to real our private emails, this is now happening. In my opinion, reading people's private emails is the same as going to their houses and opening their mail. Here is the video on CISPA
  8. hey. you seem to know quite a bit about this topic. So I have a question for you. Do you know why Ouija boards attract the entities form the lower planes of existence? Other means of summoning spirits is not commonly known to attract such bad entities as a ouija board is, although other means are said to be able to invite dark entities into your experience too. But the emphasis is always on ouija boards, and I don't think that Hollywood has helped with its portrayal of them either.
  9. I actually cannot believe that this advert was allowed to go public. What is wrong with people? If I had driven or walked past this advert, I would have been totally creeped out by it. There is no need to resort to imagery like that in order to sell a pair of shoes. and them trying to hide their sadism by hiding behind Halloween, is even more annoying. Neo, yes gore does sell, but using it to sell shoes??? I am failing to see the correlation there. Usually a company that tries to sell trainers/sneakers will focus on how powerful the trainers or sneakers will make you. They don't show image
  10. I find it ridiculous how they can be so blatantly operating, banning foods and substances and then allowing others, and what is even more shocking is when people claim that there is nothing going on within the people run the government and country. It's the answer to why certain drugs are illegal and why other drugs aren't. It all comes down to money. I don't think that they should be shut down, but they need to be seriously re-evaluated. Perhaps an investigation should happen, but if we are to believe that the 'elite' have control over everything then they could pretend that they are invest
  11. I also like to interpret dreams, but I don't agree with the fact that if you dream about a fish, then someone in your family is pregnant, or that if you dream about death then that represents new beginnings. I don't think that there are set rules to dreams. They are very obscure and personal things, dreams are, and they are different for everyone. Giving one point of imagery one meaning and saying that it is and means the same thing for everyone is ridiculous to me.
  12. For all you know, OP, the energy and force that appeared to arch that object was your own and you were just not aware of it. There are so many things out there, but because we've grown up with the belief that if something moves without you physically moving it yourself, then it's definitely a ghost. It might seem stupid but the possibility that you did it is a possibility. Now with regards to the Cd's I have no idea what happened there. Do you have anybody else coming in and out of your house, anybody that could have done this?
  13. There is a lot of talk about aliens knowing much more about humans and the true history of humanity then actual humans do. We have been dubbed a civilization with immense amnesia. They also apparently have technology that we would consider supernatural technology. So apparently, some of these negative alien entities who seek power amongst other things, appear to us as God-like symbols such as Jesus and they try yo do harm that way, or they want us to believe that they are God based on the fact that they know so much. I have never experienced this myself though. It is just what I have heard.
  14. It definitely doesn't look right. I would like to know more on the background of the scientific research, or at least the scientific finding that come up when scientists take a look at the causes of spontaneous human combustion. It's also strange to me that it's almost always women who end up suffering from the awful fate, and not men. Maybe there is a link between the cause and that?
  15. I disagree with many of the opinions in this thread. I don't know if men can truly understand the overt and covert sexism that some women face, because they are not women, and it hardly benefits them to try to grasp it, even if they sometimes have daughters. Feminism isn't a hate movement in my opinion, although some women will take it a step too far in the name of feminism.