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    Army recruitment fail

    Army misses 2018 recruiting goal >>> Military recruiters have struggled to compete in a growing U.S. economy, with low unemployment rates and private companies paying more to graduating seniors. <<< Totally false. Too many of those "graduating seniors" are excluded from the workforce for life. "Too old" to begin a career at the age of majority. The economy is crap, the bread lines and the unemployment lines are growing longer and stretching around the block. The U.S. has lost its health insurance, and its circumcised little boys can't find jobs. And they wonder why our football players kneel when the national anthem is played. >>> Only about 30 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds meet the physical, mental and moral requirements for the military, and only one in eight are interested in serving. <<< Total fail. The age range of 17-24 is too narrow to begin with. Seven years from an able-bodied working career of forty years is not enough. The simultaneous recruiting of new graduates is a foreign system to which the U.S. Army has unfortunately succumbed in abject defeat. Army recruitment needs to be about preparing the country for war, not imposing a make-or-break rite of passage at a particular age. Leave the young-ass butt-fuckery behind and raise the age range. Physical? Stand on your own two feet, do a few push-ups, walk and run about without assistance? It can't be that hard. Nothing a heavy pack and an obstacle course (otherwise known as boot camp) won't cure. But oh, that's right. The new recruits "wash out" from boot camp. I don't believe in wash-out. It's not a race. Does the Army want those who left their teammates behind? The sergeant's going to get in trouble with the corporal for that, there's a new drill sergeant, and training needs to go on. Mental? Oh. We've gotta talk to a head-shrink, take pills and subscribe to a 19th-century Austrian philosophy which we supposedly conquered in World War I. Oops. I think we're on the wrong side of the war for that. The country that operates mental institutions and adjudicates people as mental defectives, for life, without recourse, in a court of law, is definitely on the wrong side of the war. It's the Nuremburg tribunals when that country is defeated in the war to end all wars. Moral? Soldiers are supposed to be killers. Ain't in prison at the age of 17-24, probably ain't done nothing too morally wrong to be a soldier. I care not for the opinions of religious chaplains who draw government payroll in a country that makes no law respecting an establishment of religion. The military only wants male. We all know that. One half are excluded right there. So 50% * 7/40 * 30% = ~2% meet the requirements. Of those 2%, only 1/8 are interested. So that leaves 1/4 of 1%. Books are closed. The Army's not hiring. Time to move on. Don't even waste your time. We're not even capable of winning a war with all that bullshit. Purple heart for a papercut in the office. Nothing to see here. Please move along.
  2. Bathroom Bill

    Cumputerized mental health records

    Alaska's Automated Information Management System (AKAIMS) In order to access the AKAIMS, Reports, and/or Support, there must be a signed Business Associate Agreement between your agency and the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health. Any computer used to access it must also have a static IP address that has been submitted to the state and added to the AKAIMS approved IP list. Without these, access is blocked. It's not even encrypted. The so-called Protected Health Information is therefore not intended to be particularly confidential or secret. Mobsters and Mafiosi do "behavioral health." Murder-for-hire is taking place on a grand scale. Psychiatrists are receiving giant kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. It's a Mafia Associate Agreement. Guns are banned. Patients are not getting access to their own medical records or opportunity to correct false information on them. People are being put to death under the guise of psychiatry and mental health. Individuals not known to do street drugs are dying of street drug overdoses. Individuals not known to be depressed or suffering from suicidal ideation are dying under circumstances of alleged suicide. Individuals not known to be paranoid are dismissed by law enforcement officers and prosecutors when they bring charges of criminal stalking, harassment, conspiracy to commit murder, and other organized crime. Victims of crime are accused of the very crimes they report, but with the facts distorted and turned against them in court. Murders are not generally being investigated or prosecuted except for some that happen to have been committed with firearms, and in cases where a decision to prosecute is politically advantageous for city hall. Marijuana is legal. Drug crimes are not prioritized for law enforcement or prosecution. People with known and untreated drug problems are working in the food industry, grocery stores, and farms. These are grave charges of serious war crimes which we bring. We are not joking In Swedish it is said of serious crimes, "Man väcker åtal." We say that the dead will rise from the graves to awaken these indictments against the living. We will not rest until every last patient of these doctors has been avenged a hundredfold, every faulty stroke of the surgical knife and every medication error is avenged a thousandfold, and our dogs dip their tongues in the blood of these doctors and run to and fro in joy and victory.
  3. Bathroom Bill

    Municipality of Anchorage

    CURRENT PETITION ACTIVITY ... In circulation: There are no petitions currently circulating. Not legally sufficient: 2017-1 Municipal Attorney's Memorandum 2017-1 Municipal Clerk's Memorandum 2017-3 Municipal Attorney's Memorandum 2017-3 Municipal Clerk's Memorandum Sufficient to be placed on the 2018 Regular Municipal Election ballot: 2017-2 Municipal Attorney's Memorandum 2017-2 Municipal Clerk's Memorandum 2017-2 Application and Initiative Petition Regulating access to facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms on the basis of sex at birth rather than gender identity. The ballot language for Proposition 1 will be substantially similar to the following: Proposition 1 Regulating Access to Facilities Such as Locker Rooms and Bathrooms On the Basis of Sex at Birth, Rather Than Gender Identity Initiative Petition 2017-2 proposes an ordinance that, among other things, would: (1) Require all multiple occupancy changing facilities and restrooms that are owned or operated by the Municipality to be designated for, and used only by, persons of the same “sex,” except: (a) for custodial or maintenance purposes, when the facility is not occupied by a member of the opposite sex (b) to render medical assistance (c) in the circumstance of a caretaker accompanying a disabled person for the purpose of allowing the disabled person to use the facility (d) for minors under the age of 8, when the minor is with a person caring for the minor, and (e) for certain emergency and other situations; (2) Provide that employers, public accommodations and other persons may establish and enforce sex-specific standards or polices concerning access to “intimate facilities,” such as locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, and restrooms; (3) Define “sex” as an individual’s “immutable biological condition of being male or female,” as determined by “anatomy and genetics at the time of birth”; an individual’s “original birth certificate” could be relied upon as “definitive evidence” of the individual’s sex; (4) Define “multiple occupancy changing rooms and bathrooms” as facilities designed or designated to be used by more than one person at a time where persons may be “in various states of undress in the presence of other persons”; such facilities would include, but not be limited to, locker rooms, shower rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms; (5) Declare a policy that persons using such facilities owned or operated by the Municipality have a right to “physical privacy” that includes the right “not to be seen in various states of undress by members of the opposite sex”; and (6) Delete the requirement in current Municipal Code that entitles persons to use restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms that are “consistent with their gender identity”; Municipal Code provides that a person’s “gender identity” means his or her “gender-related self-identity, as expressed in appearance or behavior, regardless of the person’s assigned sex at birth,” which may be established by medical history or, among other things, evidence that the gender identity is “sincerely held, core to a person’s gender-related self-identity, and not being asserted for an improper purpose.” Should the ordinance proposed by Initiative Petition 2017-2 become law? Yes No Translation into plain English: all the bathroom doors are locked, people are full of shit, shooting themselves up with heroin on the toilet, dealing methamphetamine and cocaine on the streets since all the coffee is decaf, served by the coffee girls with a shot or two of this or that or who knows what flavor and a little extra "preservative" in the milk for a "responsible" latte on the road. Oh, yeah, somebody shat behind a dumpster and the police were called and he was hauled by the scruff of his pants into jail, and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life for the crime of shitting behind a dumpster. Oh, yeah, guns are banned, they hate LGBT people, and there's an Army medic truck and a bunch of soldiers marching into town and the doctors are getting in deep trouble with the medical board for practicing psychiatry without a license, and it turns out the alternative midwifery practice is performing the same old C-section-and-circumcision childbirth, but with a knife even dirtier than that of the doctors in the circumcision ward at the local hospital. And they hold marches and beg for money on the streets to save preemie babies when they aren't making enough money off heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The Realtors who built out all that medical and hospital REIT property found out that they could make more money on mental health than they ever could on physical health problems, with the additional benefit that they could take over the property and finances of their patients after depriving them of their gun rights, and having them adjudicated as mental defectives in a court of law.
  4. Capo di tutti capi of "Signal 88 Security" = Alaska vanity license plate "S88 1" Offshoot of 1488 neo-nazi white supremacist gang. Hires out to Walmart, 5th Ave Mall, and other retail stores for security. Mandatory bag check. Older gentleman named "David" -- called me a "faggot," trespassed me from all commercial property under management, had me arrested on a stale store trespass warrant when I made a police complaint of robbery. SIGNAL 88 FRANCHISE GROUP INC. [Legal Name, Revoked] Alaska Signal 88 Security, LLC [Previous Legal Name, Good Standing] Signal 88, LLC [Legal Name, Good Standing] General Information Name Search If you are experiencing issues with Internet Explorer and the captcha challenge, please try Google Chrome or Firefox. We apologize for any inconvenience. Required Field Entity Name: File Number: or [This field is not case sensitive.] FILE NUMBER ENTITY NAME 4741503 SIGNAL 88 FRANCHISE GROUP, INC. 5662470 SIGNAL 88 FRANCHISES, LLC 5656580 SIGNAL 88 HOLDINGS, LLC 6334241 SIGNAL 88 OF CALIFORNIA, INC. 5662443 SIGNAL 88 OMAHA, LLC 5656589 SIGNAL 88, LLC To ensure everyone using the Division of Corporations search tools has the best experience possible, the Division strongly discourages the use of automated tools to search or mine data. We also discourage excessive and repeated searches that may have a negative impact on our systems and customer experience. Failure to use these tools in a responsible manner may result in the suspension of your access to utilize this service.