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  1. People find the word among the most offensive in the English language. Possibly related words: fire, fir, fur, few, fight, forge, frame, foment, far, feel, fierce, fuck ... There is a suggestion of the consumptive nature of fire, and of primal competition for scarce resources. Conspicuous consumption, a certain "lifestyle," altered documents, false accusations, crime in general. The many against the few.(Minorities.) The word "few" is suggestive of an enemy that has been decimated in war. "Far" is relative to a burden that is carried. The suggestion of homosexuality may or may not be relevant except as an insult intended to be suitably graphic and offensive when the real meaning of the word "faggot" is the hatred and rage so great as to be expressed in a desire to burn someone alive on a bonfire.
  2. The Satanic Temple sues Netflix for $150 million for using a statue of a demon god in 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' That, as stated, is not what I am finding fault with, but nevertheless, a great deal of harm is wrought in such total denial.
  3. Hoax / false flag? You bet! The usual human sacrifice for the Democratic Party gun control agenda.
  4. Some witchcraft involves astrology, which necessarily involves Satanism. Satanism is another word for oppositionalism, and a great deal is made of certain planets coming into opposition with other planets, the sun, moon, certain stars, etc. Nothing good is allowed in that system of beliefs without its opposite evil. Examples: "For every action there is a reaction." "There's a lid to every pot." A certain male-vs.-female sex hostility or "war between the sexes" in the popular culture. Odin, the Evil One, who threw his eye down the well to get wisdom, whose day is Wednesday, on the evening, diametrically opposed to Sunday morning when Jesus rose from the grave. Love and peace as cloaked language for rape and forcible disarmament in time of war and necessity. Family or Mob concerns as opposed to individual rights.
  5. A drop or two of Jewish blood, or Hispanic, Italian, Romanian, perhaps. Not all Germans had (or have) the blonde hair and blue eyes from generations of cave-dwelling in the far north. Of the nations, heathens, pagans, gentiles, no respect for Jewish law at all in any case.
  6. A SWAT team gassed a man to death in his home on the 8500 block of Shrub Court in the Muldoon neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska just before midnight Monday night the 5th of November, 2018, according to the Anchorage Daily News. There were allegedly complaints of a verbal argument and mention of a sword and a gun, which led to the execution by gas. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/APD-SWAT-responding-to-an-armed-barricaded-man-in-South-Anchorage-499751881.html https://www.ktva.com/story/39422815/swat-responding-to-man-with-sword-at-muldoon-home https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/crime-courts/2018/11/06/man-found-dead-in-east-anchorage-home-after-swat-team-deploys-gas/ This is first time I have heard of a "SWAT team" using war gas on U.S. soil. That was uncalled for, and on the contrary we have a strong casus belli and ample authorization to use any and all means of deadly force to defend our homes against such a military attack by foreign or domestic enemies. We cannot allow a Holocaust in America.
  7. You have to have to have your own server to pump out that much political spam. The total volume of the unsolicited bulk email exceeds the capacity of government servers. Pharmaceutical spam. Circumcise the boys when the are babies, and sell them V14gra, C!/\l!5, and L3\/!tr4 to get their cut-off dicks up enough to reproduce before charging them with rape.
  8. They have gonorrhea, because they didn't leave a big enough tip.
  9. Yep. They will have a show like Ellen DeGeneres (lesbian, secretly a man-hater) late afternoon or early evening on a certain TV channel, and later on it's NCIS, NYPD Blue, some FBI crime show on the same channel, where they put the "bad guys" - only the guys - away. The cops are queer: they can't pick up a woman for anything, no matter what, because they are so bewitched by Ellen DeGeneres and friends.
  10. https://nypost.com/2018/11/04/utah-mayor-killed-during-military-service-in-afghanistan/amp/ Go fund me, >$19,000 toward a $250,000 goal. YUCK! Mayor of North Ogden, Utah, population 17,000. On the National Guard at the same time. Was his military rank commensurate with his rank in the civil government of his hometown? Isn't the military supposed to answer to the civil power only through the Commander in Chief (POTUS)? Isn't city hall the wrong chain of command for the military? What about the other servicemen from the same town? Are their military orders being vetted through city hall? What about that new NSA facility nearby? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utah_Data_Center There is quite an "intelligence community" going on here, with a certain red-light district-friendly religious cult overtone to it, perhaps an off-branch of Mormonism with an obsession for government secrecy. Government employees have too many wives on the Internet. Time to clean up their act. A lot more going on here than they let on. What gives?
  11. The word "Goy" is Hebrew for "nation." Plurals in Hebrew are not that clear to me, but an ending like "-oth" or "-im" is typical for more than one of something. So "Goyim" are "the nations." A very contemptuous term in Hebrew. More or less what the Italians call the "Mafia." (Ironic, the other side of WWII.) Anyways, "the masses," in a very negative sense, to create fear among Jews. Heathens, pagans, gentiles. The criminal class. Unbelievers. The unfaithful, traitors, infidels. Goyim Defense is a defense of organized crime, and no, not in a court of law. Some people who call themselves "nationalist but not (necessarily) white nationalist" are essentially saying that they are Goyim and proud of it, that is, "of the nations" and not of the twelve tribes of Israel. Are they in a religious sense rejecting the God of Israel and reverting to their former heathenism? I am beginning to think so, because these are not the folks who have accepted Jesus in their hearts.
  12. It's the Indian H1-B Mafia. These outsourcing firms and their corporate clients prefer slaves to employees at will, and under no circumstances are they offering a path to U.S. citizenship for foreign workers from India. They ship them back home when the job is done, and they are not allowed to work in that industry again, not even in their native India. Workers with too much experience are seen as too smart for their own good, they start learning the ropes and they are not wanted anymore on the job. They are code cutters, code monkeys. There is no path to project design or management. That part is from the MBA side, because the big bosses (capi di tutti capi) don't want the corner offices on the floor to be too technically literate, either.
  13. Linguists do not think so. They place it in a different family altogether. But I recognize many native Finnish words in English and French, which are Indo-European. huone, huono = home, homely kuka, -kö, -ko = who, what, which; Fr. qui, que, quoi tuoli, istua = stool, sit luulla = to be deluded leipä = loaf minun = me, my, mine he, heidän = they, them, their, theirs hän = he, she seitsemän = seven vaimo = wife, woman meri = maritime, marine There are many more, but I fear to include words that are either not native Finnish or not true cognates.
  14. That's the "lifestyle." All that real estate faggotry costs a lot of money, because when a guy buys a house in S.F., he doesn't really own the land it sits on any more than he owns the neighbor man's butt. It's all part of the "deal." The Silicon Valley tech paradise commune. The Oakland Raiders.
  15. "People carrying malaria parasite already have a signature scent," researcher says They are stopping black people from Africa at the airport from entering Britain. They stink, according to these researchers, whether metaphorically or physically, who knows? What about that Blandford fly parasite or infection in England? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/swarms-bloodsucking-flies-leave-huge-12530790