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  1. Thank you for sharing! I think I have eaten all the foods you mentioned above. All the foods listed above are easily accessible and cheap to obtain. A lot of people live along the Pacific Ocean, like Japanese residents, Chinese residents, Americans in California, to British Columbians in Canada. Salmon is very much a part of the diet for people who live along the Pacific Ocean. So many things we eat are on the list you mentioned. What do we eat instead?
  2. I do not think vampires exist. According to urban legends, Dracula lives in Pennsylvania. Dracula's home is on top of a cliff in the middle of no where. I do not believe in vampires. I think people who drink blood are of a different kind. Myths and legends come from all of the place to teach people a lesson (i.e. do not go out at night). There are other legends like this.
  3. This is an interesting topic. Thanks for bringing it up. I am not sure if people are actually possessed. I think having a mental disorder and being possessed have some similarities. I am not trying to group everything together. Both possession and menta disorder deals with the mind. I think there are some things science cannot explain. I do not have enough knowledge about this topic to provide an in-depth discussion.
  4. I do not get it. How is he doing this from the inside? It does not make much sense. Is he able to do anything else in the embassy but work? From what I can see, the article only includes data on Europe and Afraica. Hm...
  5. I too do not know a lot of about Bitcoins. I think there is a lot of random hype about it lately. I think Bitcoin is another fad too. It is backed by nothing, how can it sustain in the future?
  6. Thank you everyone for sharing. I agree there are limitations to free speech that are vital to a society. It is probably better for people to not be protected under the law for things like bullying. But, is it? Do you think it is a slippery slope to banning speech in other forms? I think we have freedom of speech as long as we do not harm or offend other people.
  7. What do the people of Argentina think about the Iron Lady? Have you forgotten about the Falkland War? I do not know too much about the Iron Lady. Did she really kept her words during her political career? If so, I am impressed. Her interaction with the then President of China is rather intriguing.
  8. What is stomach lining? I did not know Aspirin causes stomach problems. I though medicine are supposed to heal the problem area(s). I have heard of many people who take Aspirin to treat stomach pain and ailements.
  9. I do not think there is a fountain of youth. If such a thing ever becomes accessible, I would probably not utilize it. I do not want to be a lab rat. I have to see/read reports, pictures, experiments and reviews before I put anything in or onto my body. A foundation of youth sounds like a good idea but I am not sure if it is a realistic/practical idea.
  10. There is a reason why the government started social programs for the poor. During the depression, the state was closed to collapsing. People looted and there were many riots due to the poor economic condition in the USA. If it was not for the social programs, there would have be castrophe. At least, that is what I learned in history class. I think private charities are usually at a disadvantage in helping the poor.
  11. There is a lot of research done by scientists, psychologists, neurologists, philosopheres, and other researchers in this area. I think stress is a symptom or reaction to traumatic events. I mean of course stress is related to sickness or illness because there is no separation of the body from the mind. In order for the mind to work, it depends on the body and vice versa. The body is influnced by the enviornment (i.e. the food we eat) and what we put into our body is affect the nervous, digestive, and other system. Drugs are so effective because it plays with the nervous system. When you are st
  12. The concept of money is a human artifact. I guess it is best not to put all your eggs into one basket. It is good to have alternative methods to protect your family. I feel like everything we have could be taken away from us. There are news reports about bad ingredients in food. There are reports about crime, which threaten our safety.There are reports about diseases which are contracted from people. Why don't we all lock ourselves in a cave?
  13. What about human trafficking? I think for some people, it is considered modern day slavery. What about people in abusive relationships, who cannot get out of their situation? The definition of slavery changes and varies a lot throughout history. Not every system is perfect. There are loop holes for people to avoid/get around punishment.
  14. Again the victim is caught in the cross fire. The children did not do anything to deserve to be treated like that! Nutrition is an important part of education. Kids need to have a full stomach to have the full capacity to learn. I do not see the point of making the kids dump the food in the garbage because it wastes food, time, and energy. I do not blame the employees because they usually enforce the rules.
  15. I think this is probably a common issue. There are flaws in every social system. Nothing is perfect. I think it is unethical of people to scam or con anyone. The test for being accepted into a benefit program has legal, social, political and psychological remifications. I think I am seeing trends/similarities in most of the conspiracy theories.